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The Uninformed Election That Has Become a Gateway to Chaos

By Dr. Guy Hatchard

Our health system has been all but destroyed

It has become difficult to see a GP, with waiting times commonly up to four weeks. More than 50% of main centre health clinics are now closed to new patients.

Emergency departments are overwhelmed with some ambulances waiting on the ramp for up to four hours with seriously ill patients on board. Excess deaths are continuing at high levels, but politicians like David Seymour, hoping to govern our country for the next three years, are in denial.

The media is going along with stories of mismanagement and staff shortages, but they are failing to mention the fundamental cause – the incidence of illness is up dramatically (see heart disease up 83%, while strokes, cancers, stillbirths, etc. are also up). Why?

It is not hard to find confirmation if you are prepared to look for answers in published scientific literature and overseas reports.

A meta-analysis published in Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics on 3 August has found a significant association between covid vaccination and cardiac-related deaths.

Figures released by the Singapore Government show a 51% decrease in live births and an increase in deaths. A study published in Obstetrics and Gynaecology on 14 July 2023 has found high levels of adverse outcomes among infants related to mRNA vaccine dose levels. US VAERS data confirms the risks of miscarriage and stillbirth are high following covid vaccination.

Clare Craig, former NHS pathologist, reports that Covid deaths are continuing at elevated levels in highly vaccinated countries, but have fallen to almost zero in countries with low vaccination rates.

Rates of sudden cardiac death among younger persons continue to rise. A report in the journal Vaccine: X indicates that vaccine-induced myocarditis cases can relapse months after apparent initial recovery.

These are just a few among hundreds of reports surfacing overseas and in the scientific literature that are being completely ignored by the New Zealand media and elected politicians. In Australia and some other countries, as we have been reporting, the high rate of vaccine injury has just become a topic that can be openly discussed. See HERE for comments from medical professionals concerning some of these injuries. The silence in New Zealand is deafening.

Just think about what this means for our future. Those standing for election among the major parties are:

  • Happy to tolerate manipulation of media content
  • Unable to learn vital lessons from the failures of pandemic policy
  • Mindlessly swallowing excuses offered by those to blame for deaths, including themselves
  • Unable to press the emergency button as people die in unprecedented numbers (and it is not from Covid)
  • Unable to grasp the risks of biotechnology experimentation

  The facile policies on offer from the major parties are mind-numbing in their naivety. The National Party and ACT want to deregulate biotechnology because they say it will boost the economy and health of the nation. Do they even read the newspapers? Read this tale of woe in Tuesday’s UK Guardian headlined ‘Sales at vegan burger maker Beyond Meat fall by almost a third’.

Consumers don’t want biotech food, they can’t afford it, and they don’t trust it for good reasons. It isn’t even profitable. Biotech food companies riding high on an investment bubble a couple of years ago are now worth pennies in the dollar. Many are even going bankrupt. Consumers are apparently asking questions and preferring safe, natural ingredients like chickpeas, a preference the failing biotech food companies ludicrously describe as the work of special “interest groups”.

Biotechnology experimentation is not safe, but it is proliferating with government encouragement. Even with the best intentions, accidents occur. See THIS report on possible unsafe testing labs in New Zealand handling typhoid bacteria. This is just an inkling of what might happen if the industry is deregulated as National and ACT are suggesting. In the USA, lack of regulation has led to the proliferation of unsafe labs handling deadly pathogens. Moreover, much of the work being undertaken is so highly dangerous it could wipe out mankind.

Of gain-of-function research, Kevin M. Esvelt, an evolutionary and ecological engineer at MIT, wrote in a 2021 opinion piece: “I implore every scientist, funder, and nation working in this field: Please stop.” Purposefully creating a pathogen that could wipe out millions of people – regardless of its hoped-for benefit – is “insanity,” global security and biodefense expert Dr. Laura Kahn told the author of a comprehensive article covering the topic.

Contrast this with the dangerous drivel being spoon-fed to the New Zealand public in support of crazy biotech experimentation. Last week Jesse Mulligan featured a podcast with an American English teacher (???) Ted Anton. Together these two poorly informed influencers manage to describe genetic modification as similar to, and as safe as, making cheese or jam at home. They promised us a bright economic future and a giant evolutionary leap that can be engineered as simply as driving a car. I could go on – the inaccuracies and unsubstantiated wild claims in this podcast include working cures for cancer-based on synthetic biology – they don’t exist, but we won’t know it if we trust Jesse Mulligan for medical advice – we shouldn’t.

From a published science perspective this is laughable and would remain so if it wasn’t for the fact that our politicians appear to be basing their projected policies on similar levels of misinformation. They are planning to lead us into an entirely imaginary dazzling biotech future. At the same time, they are refusing to discuss the adverse events that actually happened on an unprecedented scale during the pandemic, and are still happening.

This schizophrenic juxtaposition of events is coming to an election booth near you

If you are planning to vote for one of the currently elected parties and think that will change things, think again. Unfortunately, there is only one political party, with a chance of being elected, currently discussing the outcomes of the pandemic and planning to hold an independent inquiry, and that is NZ First. Whether we like it or not, that is the stark reality we face. Each of us will make up our own mind and that is everyone’s right. Personally, I am planning to vote for Winston. All the other parties currently registering in the polls appear ready and eager to lead us further down the dangerous, unhealthy, chaotic pandemic path we traversed.

Government officials have warned that NZ faces a bleak future. If Labour, the Greens, the Maori Party, ACT, or National get in, I agree. They all played their role in pandemic policies, roles they appear eager to hide and forget. So, I leave you with this thought: the authoritative Washington Post has noticed that society is falling apart. According to the Post, people have forgotten how to behave in social situations like going to the movies, attending theatres, meeting friends or even flying on a plane saying:

“Nobody’s quite figured out where everyone’s good manners have gone – and what is exactly causing the current collapse in civility.”

Now I wonder what might have caused that? When we mark our ballot paper, let’s not make the next three years worse.

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  1. The problem I have with National & ACT is not just about Covid in New Zealand.

    To consider that Luxon & Seymour, with no doubts, or thoughts, will just follow the UN agenda.
    One of influential keys to that is our Health, & being lined up by WHO into a binding WHO Pandemic Treaty.

    On Tedros, the WHO and taking over the world in the name of public health
    23 minutes 24 seconds : 14th August 2023 : German sourced & done with a steady English voice-over.

    So how come the crew at the UN have all agreed to Tedros to be in such a powerful position?
    Tedros promoted Robert Mugabe as ambassador for WHO, which proved to be a step too far for just a few.

    Will any Party in New Zealand question this, or like Winston Peters go along & signup as like to the UN Global Migration Pact.
    Do you believe Seymour, Luxon & Peters will bring anything up about how WHO sold them a not even “a pig in a poke”,
    Will they call the genocidal maniac Tedros out & call WHO out for the “shit sack” that it is?
    Fuck they do nothing like even look at Pfizer files, & see any problems.

    Our future is going down the tubes if that WHO Pandemic Treaty is signed, just as New Zealand complied with WHO Tedros for the past 4 years.
    I see no one of the main parties opposing WHO & Tedros, that can cause New Zealand to enact draconian health laws in the future.



  2. You cant stop it tho S1 can only slow it down at best, even by voting dnz or other freedom parties will just mean within a year or 2 theyll also become corrupted by un and wef agenda and theyre just more of the same.

    Like the saying goes “if voting changed anything they wouldnt let us do it”.



    • Well you can go down fighting (which you would if a group invaded the country) or you can lie back in the sun have your back rubbed by a prostitute and join the communist ranks where you will work in the fields doing manual labour for no reward or get thrown in a camp for reeducation for being insolent or such.

      Choose your future.



    • Thanks Iaasb;- Like you Iaasb, many decades ago I wrote as a young delegate, that the systemic bureaucracy have ruts, & their goal is to get your fresh clean wheels of new ideas, etc., into those tracks, so that you can make progress, that is to their goals.
      But as you well know those ruts can be very good, & even become a habit, but in certain conditions become a trap.

      That is where I do not give 2 stuffs of the supposed importance in getting new people in to supposedly invigorate the system.
      Whether young or old, it is the motivation, but more so, can they hold to principles.
      Are they capable as in noting what have they achieved & experienced?

      I have no simple answers, but just to be aware, not fearful, like how far up a ladder can you go.
      But experience notes,, just how is that ladder based, and what state of repair is it in.

      Pragmatism is ok at some point, but testing, pushing things, as you well know, when this is the only time when a little bit of power may, just may, open up a change, for others to see.

      Even to quietly note that the policies further developed, like that of DNZ, Groundswell has been taken whole by NZ First, with a Winston flavour.
      So how far will people in ACT or National take note of them? Are they even allowed too? or possibly be on a back burner to come out at another stage.

      Back to the WHO, it will be slow, but even Tedros could not have Mugabe continue as a WHO ambassador.
      It can be gently swept along with all the shit, but Facts, Evidence if totally denied can just keep piling up, like forestry slash in a cyclonic down pour. 🙂
      Who knows what the timing is, what actually triggers people, but if it is put out there, sometimes changes do occur, if people are prepared to work for it.

      I know a little as years ago we stopped the Meat Board, with its proposals of quotas for only the old companies. Despite much support, from the Companies, plus using Federated Farmers in support.
      But in one meeting of 600 farmers which totally surprised me in the turn-out they were stumped.

      There was a hell of a lot of time, travel, communication, spreading the word, in days of fax & photocopy machine & quiet back ground politicking to get the right chairman, mc, so all questions, so that the deadly aware questions could be asked.
      That is despite many other meetings that supposedly the Meat Board & meat companies had won approval, so that remit to hand over all the quota to the old companies was effectively changed.

      That is why it is not just the dog in the fight, but how much fight is in the dog.
      And to what will the win achieve?

      As in love & war, & elections, all is fair;- but beware, what issues & points raised may leave a very sour note, so it loses it influence.

      It is on election day, in the voting booth when that decision is finally weighed up, to how the ballot will be marked.
      All pre-election it is argy bargy, raising issues, concerns, persuading, noting polls, arguing in a hope that it will be a part of what is finally weighed up.



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