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Fake News Jihad: Hamas Rocket Hits Hospital Parking Lot, World Goes Apeshit

It’s a hospital with just 80 beds.

Q: How did 500 people die in a parking lot?

A: They didn’t.

Hamas: 5 dead, zero children after we misfired a bathroom-made rocket that landed into a hospital parking lot… Al-Jazeera: add two zeroes, say 40% were children, blame Israel for launching it and the US for providing it!

European embassies are under assault in Lebanon after an airstrike at a hospital parking lot in Gaza has left hundreds dead. Hamas is now orchestrating a global disinformation campaign while Hezbollah has been caught planting explosives along the Israeli border.

Even anti-Israel sources are now admitting it was a failed missile launch from Gaza. So was the entire story fake? No hospital was hit? It was the parking lot? I guess we have to question even the number of reported “deaths” then also.

First daylight footage released of the damage done to Al-Ahly hospital.

How did 500 people die in a parking lot? pic.twitter.com/bYwEWlXodb



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  1. How did 500 people die in a parking lot?

    Very easily because the avowedly anti-Israeli MSM WANTED ‘them’ to die so that they could use the ‘supposed ‘Blood and gore’ to both give them fantastic ratings (‘If it bleeds it leads’ was the old saying) and to prove to their readers/ viewers that they are totally ‘impartial’ purveyors of ‘All the news that is news without fear or favour’

    That in fact they are heavily biased against both Jewish people and Israel (And it shows) is, of course, a matter of very minor consequence…



  2. Komata, I tried TV 1 & 3 this morning just to see what they are reporting on, FFS on 3 they were reporting on the Worlds loudest cat purr and 1 had the crew cracking a joke of some kind at the expense of the stupid untalented Maori hosts idiot mistake the day before, meanwhile the entire planet is on a trajectory towards armageddon.
    No wonder the average NZ’r is as dumb as fuck about what’s happening in the world around them..



  3. Catturd ™ ; @catturd2
    Of course they did. They’re all propagandist trash publications. …
    …. all uncritically spread Hamas propaganda that hundreds died in a hospital explosion.
    Our media is fundamentally broken. ..


    In 1808 an adage matching Swift’s was printed without ascription in a Boston, Massachusetts newspaper column titled “Thoughts:–
    “Falsehood,” says one, “flies, and truth comes limping after it.”
    If a lie be believed sometimes only for an hour, it has accomplished its purpose, and there is no further occasion for it.


    The job was done in that hour, and sewed the seed deep to develop & maintain pressure, in the name of the good benign systemic humanitarian purposes.

    ….. less than a day after angry crowds gathered outside the U.S. embassies in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Yemen, screaming “Allahu akbar” and expressing rage over the bombing of a Gaza hospital by Israel that turned out to be the bombing of a hospital by Palestinian Islamic Jihad. …..
    ….. what would Old Joe Biden’s woke military or security forces do in the face of a genuine challenge?

    … the bomb threat in Buenos Aires …
    …. Turkey, an enraged mob tried to storm the U.S. military base ….


    The traditional support is bought into lock step with the lovely peaceful but fiery protests.
    And how & when will our New Zealand report these incidents?

    Some countries have vastly increased their humanitarian aid to Palestine, all triggered by some of these events.
    “Danegeld”? from their own people or their devious politics.
    Reward that systemically feeds through to Hamas. A reward that feeds into “Do it again”

    …. .. humanitarian funding to Gaza from €25 million to €75 million. ….

    As the top-up from Canada, & then how it is redistributed to Hamas as a “profitable” reward to the ones who did the attack on Israel.

    Also the top-up money from New Zealand, has been done, ;– and the ongoing plea for even more ‘humanitarian’ aid for Palestine.
    Now the Winston Peters who signed NZ up to the UN Global Migration Pact can not deny Palestinian refugees.
    Reinforcements for the NZ Free Palestine from the ‘River to Sea’ as well supported by Marama Davidson, Menendez March, Chloe Swarbrick of the Greens, plus Te Pati Maori.



  4. Of course the rockets being fired can not be far from a Hamas Command Central.
    This is old hat, [2014] for any journalist or more importantly any editor in New Zealand media to find & report.
    Why not ? ? ?

    [2014] ….. The answer is that reporters write what they can, ….
    ….. But it’s the job of editors, sitting thousands of miles away, at a very safe remove from the battlefield, to note that dispatches were produced under pressure, or that key information was removed by a government—as nearly all mainstream media outlets do when battlefield dispatches pass through the hands of the IDF censor.
    A good editor might attach similar notes to dispatches from combat zones controlled by terrorist organizations.
    He or she might also decide that reporting only the news that Hamas deems fit to print from Shifa Hospital isn’t actually reporting at all:
    It’s propaganda.


    But then world & New Zealand media have sold out to a different agenda, to support a wicked ideology, to drain the New Zealand taxpayer, all based on their deviancy & lies.



    • simpleton@0749

      Re: ‘[2014] ….. The answer is that reporters write what they can, ….’

      Au contraire; Reporters write under the following ‘constraints’.

      They write what they believe their ‘Bosses’ and media audiences might want to hear (CREATING the narrative if you will).

      They write what they see before them (Although this can at times be a rare occurrence, often as a result of financial ‘influences’)

      They write on the basis (‘Filters’) of their own biases/leanings (Both political and Personal),

      They write what their EDITORS want them to write (And include the EDITORS biases as a result; and since ‘Editors are ‘god’ in such matters, often to their own detriment),

      They write what their media’s OWNERS want them to write (With the caveat that if they don’t they are unemployed).

      On the basis of the above, it will be seen that an ‘objectively-neutral’ reporter is something of a rarity…

      Thank you.



  5. The New Zealand media systemically follows the same lines on many other topics too.
    It is all there to find, at then very least to be argued about, but the New Zealand media are simply complicit in the various crimes, that they will not expose.
    That is except the minimal window dressing they put up, so that they can claim they are doing their job.

    May 2021 …. As to whether AP was aware of Hamas involvement with the building, Matti Friedman wrote in his 2014 Atlantic piece:
    “When Hamas’ leaders surveyed their assets before this summer’s round of fighting, they knew that among those assets was the international press.
    The AP staff in Gaza City would witness a rocket launch right beside their office, endangering reporters and other civilians nearby — and the AP wouldn’t report it.”

    Friedman claimed the Hamas militants would regularly “burst into the AP’s Gaza bureau and threaten the staff — and the AP wouldn’t report it.” ….

    Even worse, challenge it, & write a cover up!

    Die Media Die ! ! !
    And governments, you too if you continue to pay the dangerous charade.

    People can & will decide, in debating, discussion, & a more free flow of data, analyzing, information, to be worthily known as knowledge.



  6. To create more carnage & mayhem, the stage is set so that no way do Hamas fire on innocent fleeing civilians, travelling south to South Gaza on an approved Israeli safe highway.

    …. Reports are emerging that the Hamas terrorist group is preventing civilians from evacuating northern Gaza, killing innocent Palestinians who try to leave, and preventing American citizens from using the Rafah border crossing to escape to Egypt. ……


    So what will those surviving refugees report when in South Gaza?
    What will save their lives?

    For the Americans that were in Gaza when they get home, if they dare to speak out, & to what journalists? just what ones will be reported? & how will it be blurred, & mixed & reframed?



  7. Qatar based al jizzera.

    a piece of shit always and forever.

    They interfere in Western countries politics,
    They did a huge hit on Pauline Hansen’s party and the other main Australian parties – liebor, liberals (funny name syndrome) and country party all thought that was great. Idiots.

    Qatar that bribed massively to the the FIFA cup a year ago and western countries Kow towed to their demands
    Qatar is equally hated by Saudi Arabia and Iran
    Quite an achievement

    I would not let this trigger me
    and hey remember western media filth has been reporting the same shit about Russia for 21 months straight so a bit of even-handedness would be good,



  8. All NZ news agencies should issue an apology and have all government funding cut – for spreading fake news to promote terrorism.

    Urgent laws need to made to allow the execution of islamic terrorist supporters. The editors should be shot in the face. The whole green party should be machined gunned on parliament grounds.



  9. This guy knows what Israel is up against,
    He knows that Hamas since 1996 killed many Palestinians.

    Son of Hamas leader breaks silence: They must be stopped
    7 mins 18 secs : Oct 20, 2023 : #FOXNews

    He knows the money flows, and who serves who.
    Free Palestine from Hamas is his call

    He knows he can not convince the entire world of the truth,
    Needs to win the war against the Hamas brutality.

    Best lines in the interview:
    1) “By attacking Hamas in Gaza, Israel is doing a huge favour on Palestinian people”
    2) “It’s not the time to win public opinion, it’s the time to win the war” Mosab Hassan Yousef (Son of Hamas Founder)

    Will this be played on New Zealand mainstream media? …… Crickets. 🙁



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