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  1. So, I’m standing at the bar waiting for the barman to notice me and order a drink.
    Another guy beside me with his gorgeous wife doing the same.
    I mumble a couple of pleasantries and the fella responds with an American accent.
    “Here on holiday”?
    “No, I live here mate.”
    “You from Australia then?”
    “No, New Zealand”
    “Awwwww I’ve always wanted to visit Noooo Zeeealand have heard so much…..blah blah” you get the drift.
    Long story short.
    Mark Wahlberg. 👀



  2. “ Gun crime on the rise despite tougher laws” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”police believe around 90,000 banned firearms have not been surrendered” is there any connection between these 2 statements? ,Yes you moronic fcukwit NZ police force there is .



  3. Misuse of public money on Productivity Commission

    ROB MacCULLOCH: Misuse of public money on Productivity Commission

    Ardern’s Government misused public money by instructing the Productivity Commission to pursue its own Social Agenda irrelevant to Productivity

    The Head of the Productivity Commission, Ganesh Nana writes, “As the year ends, I reflect on the work of the Commission and am proud of what we have achieved. The completion of the A Fair Chance for All inquiry was significant. We … made insightful recommendations recognizing the strengths of communities already addressing & successfully alleviating persistent disadvantage” and then he finishes with this: “I am proud of the way the team have responded to the news of our disestablishment – with dignity & professionalism”.

    Therein lies the reason why the Commission was wound up by the new coalition. It wasted taxpayer money. Its mission (& own name) was never about increasing fairness & alleviating disadvantage – it was meant to be about increasing productivity. The Ministry of Social Development writes reports about fairness & disadvantage – it was not the Commission’s business. Its mission was to find ways of getting more output – more GDP – for given amounts of inputs, like hours spent working. The Commission’s report has a huge focus on well-being, but NZ is ranked in the world’s top ten in terms of surveyed measures of well-being, like “life satisfaction”, and Māori levels are similar to non-Māori. The Commission’s report confuses well-being with income.

    The Head of the Productivity Commission, Ganesh Nana writes, “As the year ends, I reflect on the work of the Commission and am proud of what we have achieved.

    fucking wanker.



  4. An “Independent Electoral Panel” has recommended that Maori Seats in Parliament, be entrenched into Law.


    Fortunately the new Government has already rejected some of the Panels recommendations, hopefully they will reject entrenching Maori Seats into Law as well. When the Panel define what a Maori is, then at that stage, the Panel may have a valid argument but without knowing what constitutes a Maori, then there is no reason to have a Race Based Seat in Parliament.

    But who makes up this panel appointed by the last Labour Government. Oh that’s right, people who are sympathetic to the question. No wonder they came up with this recommendation.




  5. A serial trougher, John Tamihere claims Saturday’s Moan festival at Turangawaewae was a rebuke to “A Rogue Government”.

    Really, “Rogue” (definition – a dishonest or worthless person). Aaahh, no Johnno, a duly elected Government by the people of New Zealand. Rogue it is not.

    It seems Mr Tamihere does not either understand the English Language nor what a Constitutionally Elected Government can and can’t do and that it is elected not only on it’s policies but to carry out the will of the people. It is not there to feather the nest of entitled Troughers whose considerable source of personal income may be under question.




  6. Stuff’s daily news podcast, Newsable, can reveal Luxon sat down with Ardern before the summer break to talk over her position as New Zealand’s senior representative to the global initiative tackling violent extremist content online.

    A spokesperson for the prime minister confirmed: “Christopher Luxon met with special envoy Dame Jacinda Ardern just before Christmas to discuss her work.

    Luxon must be bloody braindead. FFS.



  7. 🐑 This very “twee” ad, all created by the Australian Meat Levy paid by the farmer, to generationally lever & enhance Diversity, Eauity & Diversity. 🐑 💩
    The devious way to unify for “Invasion Day” 🙂

    The Generation Gap | 2024 Lamb ad
    3 mins : Jan 7th 2024 :

    Hey Aussie, put another shrimp on the PR barbie.
    Do not let the government pull the wool over your eyes.
    Leave the fence & just open the gate for 💩 to flow

    Officially can not wish another “Happy Australia Day” so enjoy the lamb, steak & prawn. 🙂



    • Just seen this comment elsewhere:
      “You took a cocktail of god-knows-what in your arm using a brand new technology whose track record is lots of dead animals made by a company that has paid more in criminal fines than all other companies put together in the history of corporations so that you could avoid getting a seasonal cold, and then you got a cold? Don’t BS me bro!”



    • This is the reason why the government does not care or want to know why their good citizens are dying off,

      United Nations 21st March 2000
      Replacement Migration: Is it A Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations? ……

      … pg 55 / 177 …. Scenario 5) ……. The total number of migrants needed to keep the potential
      support ratio constant until 2050 is extremely large in all countries (see table IV.4).
      It is 700 million for the European Union and nearly 1.4 billion for Europe.
      It ranges from 60 million in the United Kingdom and 94 million in France to more than half a billion in Japan and in the United States, and 5 billion in the Republic of Korea.
      In 2050, the proportion of the population that would be post-1995 migrants or their descendants would range from 59 per cent in the United Kingdom to 99 per cent in the Republic of Korea. ….


      Yet this mentions the “Replacement” and when you see some numbers you can see it is “Great”
      It is said to be Conspiracist but this article is drawing info of the 1990’s commissioned by United Nations, who had to abide some time, as they eased in by the sly Tony Blair, Merkel, EU, etc had prepped the community to accept this as the new normal.

      So it is not the citizen of the country that decides, but this outside agency of the UN for this massive migration, that uses devious tricks in politics & technocrats bureaucracy that totally over reach.

      Note they can barely supply enough water, houses, sewerage, electricity, fuel, etc.. & still want to keep on expanding.
      Nothing is done well, and the per capita of GDP will keep reducing.



  8. Over half of bypass budget spent without a kilometre finished

    A little over a year after beginning construction, New Zealand Transport Agency has burnt through more than 60% of its budget for the Mt Messenger bypass Te Ara o Te Ata project in Taranaki without completing a single kilometre of road.

    Waka Kotahi has revealed it has spent $172 million so far on the 6-kilometre route on State Highway 3, which has a price tag of $280m.

    It includes two bridges of about 125m and 30m in length, and a 235m tunnel.

    It is estimated it will save motorists between four and six minutes of drive time.

    “To date we have carried out enabling works, drainage, temporary and permanent earthworks, procurement, land acquisition, environmental and ecological work and regulatory compliance that has contributed to the spend to date.”

    Waka Kotahi has spent $7.5m on a detailed business case, $52m on pre-implementation costs and $5.6m on land acquisitions.

    As of December, it had spent more than $106m on actual construction.

    More than $2m had been paid for site security.



    • Slowly, the history of rhythm repeats.

      …… Odoacer was a Germanic soldier in the Roman army who in 476 became the first King of Italy.
      At the time, Rome used many mercenary armies from other nations, called foederati,
      who with the rise of Emperor Augustulus became frustrated by their treatment and status.
      These armies, led by Odoacer, revolted against Emperor Augustulus and deposed him in 476,
      and granted Odoacer kingship.
      Odoacer cooperated with the existing Roman Senate and elevated them to prestige,
      thereby stabilizing his power in Italy. ……


      Sultan Murad I of the fledgling Ottoman Empire founded the units around 1365.
      It was initially formed of Dhimmi (non-Muslims, originally exempted from the military service),
      especially Christian youth and prisoners of war, reminiscent of Mamelukes. ….
      ….. As Janissaries became aware of their own importance they began to desire a better life.
      In 1449 they revolted for the first time, demanding higher wages, which they obtained.
      Similar scenarios took place a number of times during the following centuries.
      As the Janissaries were amassing more power and wealth,
      they gradually turned into a corrupt and largely useless caste,
      wielding an influence akin to that of the Roman Praetorian Guard.
      Finally, Mahmud II succeeded in forcibly disbanding them in 1826. …..


      Sold, to the highest bidder, …… but what what was sold. ???



      • Alaric representing the hired unpaid Visigoths (Romanians) sacked Rome in 410. The end of the Western Roman Empire.

        When you can’t raise an army from locals and resort to mass immigration, you’re screwed.



  9. The age of entitlement
    Andrea Vance

    January 21, 2024

    OPINION: Dear politicians, your personal problems are not ours.

    In the best-seller, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F…, Mark Manson coined the term victimhood chic to define the state of social media and pop culture.

    Sobbing influencers, armchair diagnoses, therapeutic language, TraumaTok, over-sharing celebrities. The victim is the hero of our entitled age.

    This performative victimhood has also seeped into our politics, accompanying any political failure, rule-breaking or wrong doing.

    Drink driving smash? Kleptomania? Sending unsolicited sexually explicit images? Bullying staff? Unseating a leader and plunging your party into five years of chaos and instability?

    Like Z-list reality TV stars, mental health is the PR management tool of choice for a politician in a sticky situation.

    Sharing demons is now the quickest way out of any political crisis: abandoning responsibility for poor behaviour and delegating accountability.




  10. “A Harvard University-affiliated teaching hospital is seeking to retract or correct dozens of papers authored by four of its top researchers — including the hospital’s CEO — following a probe into allegations of data falsification.

    The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston has already initiated six retractions to papers and 31 others are in the process of being corrected, the hospital’s research integrity officer, Dr. Barrett Rollins, confirmed to the Harvard Crimson.

    The latest accusations come just weeks after Harvard University president Claudine Gay resigned from her top post after she was embroiled in her own plagiarism scandal.”




  11. Thomas Cranmer
    By now it’s no surprise to learn that Ardern is an opportunist motivated to promote her own brand on other peoples’ dime. Last year, a Labour MP recounted to me a story relating to Ardern’s first wedding planned for 2022.

    Labour MPs were in their caucus meeting when the whips said that they wanted to discuss something after Ardern had left. Once the PM had exited the whips advised caucus that as had been widely known in the news JA was engaged and they needed to get gifts for her. There was no opt-out, everyone had to get gifts. The whips had decided that the best way to do this was to ask people to get gifts in groups based on their caucus committees eg one gift from Maori caucus, one from ethnic caucus, one from Pasifika caucus etc.

    “I think this was really what caused people to be a bit annoyed that they were forced to buy gifts and expensive ones at that without ever knowing anything about the wedding. I don’t think most people cared about being invited or being at the wedding, but it was more that this was not an opt-in thing. You were TOLD that you must get a gift.”

    “I think the issue was that most people felt that they wouldn’t have given a gift of that much amount to their colleague even if they had been invited to the wedding. We were just forced to pay up in a typical Labour style. Just how they put a tithe on our salaries and deducted large amounts before it even got to our bank. Or how they put a tithe on our MP funds taking large amounts from budgets for the Labour Leader’s Office.”

    The wedding was obviously cancelled but the gifts were taken all the same (maybe JA donated them to charity, who knows).

    The Christchurch Call ambassadorship is just another Labour boondoggle that needs to be ended.




  12. In opposition to the open border disaster under the Biden administration, a coalition of Americans from all throughout the country announced the organizing of a major Southern Border Convoy and multi-city rally next month.

    “Active and retired law enforcement and military, veterans, elected officials, business owners, ranchers, truckers, bikers, media, and law-abiding, freedom-loving Americans” are invited to participate in three rallies across three states as part of the Take Back Our Border Convoy.




    • Known about for a year now, but called a glitch, supposedly sorted by tweaks.
      The were warned

      ….. [Doctor Peter] McCullough warned that nine studies so far have also concluded that Covid injections are triggering a spike in positive HIV tests.
      McCullough clarified that the shots are not giving people HIV or AIDS, indicating a false positive.
      However, he explained that the positive tests after receiving the mRNA injections are triggered because people are suffering from immunodeficiency. ….
      …. vaccine-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (VAIDS).


      Poor suffering 52 year old Fox News Megan Kelly, always boosting up, & getting more Covid & now diagnosed with VAIDS

      So it sounds they intend to cover by more tweaks to keep every one twerking 🙁



  13. Oh boy, those Houthi rebels are going to be shitting themselves.

    “New Zealand is deploying a Defence Force team of six “highly trained” people to the Middle East to help provide maritime security in the Red Sea.”



    • Saggy, if it the SAS that is being sent, then Te Hooti should be very worried. 6 of them would make a real mess of a great load of Camel Shaggers, before lunch, then there would be the afternoon lot to deal with and the SAS would not break into a sweat.

      Yep, Te Hooti should worry.



    • What, are they going there to build skewls and hospitals like we were lied to over Afghanistan?

      Stay out of other peoples fights.

      For a start US has been supplying armaments to Saudi for years to attack the Yemen people.
      Another US war. In effect.
      US illegally occupying Syria as well.

      It is about time these warmongers get back to declaring war so it is clear. US has not declared war since 1941 despite being NOT being at war for a mere 17 years of its 250 year existence.

      NZ should not be involved. Makes us a legitimate target despite a pathetic engagement.
      Should never have been in Vietnam, Iraq (1) Afghanistan et al



  14. The man who assaulted schoolboy witnesses to a drunken Auckland robbery, committed by two of Mana Party leader Hone Harawira’s nephews, will be re-sentenced after the Court of Appeal today quashed a home detention term.

    Wikatana Popata – who once assaulted Prime Minister John Key at Waitangi – was last year found guilty of two charges of assault and sentenced to six month’s home detention for the 2011 incident.




  15. The nephs are off the couch and causing trouble

    Some members of Far North iwi Ngāti Kahu say they are putting a stop to Doubtless Bay’s annual fishing competition and plan to block four boat ramps.

    “Our plan is to block off all access points to our moana,” Popata told Newshub.

    Event organiser Nick Ryan said the event is approved through the Ministry for Primary Industries and adheres to fishing regulations.

    Popata, meanwhile, has made a call to action: “I encourage all Māori to intensify our struggle on all fronts, to remind this New Zealand Government and its community members that Māori have ultimate authority over all our lands and seas.”

    “We have been lenient this whole time, we have been good to our community members, but they turn around and shit on us and don’t bother to consult us or include us in anything,” Popata told Newshub.



  16. Douglas Murray
    Iranian generals inciting UK students to plot to ‘kidnap or kill people on British soil.’ Even ⁦@BBCNews
    ⁩ is now reporting Iranian Revolutionary Government plots inside Britain.


    General Mike Flynn
    The more we dig into where the Islamic Republic of Iran is operating, the more we learn just how evil their regime is. They are a pariah nation operating on hatred and a sense of vindictiveness with no remorse nor do they care about any nation or person they hurt.




  17. Some may remember that I have mentioned the wellington area before the big earthquake in 1855. Today is its anniversary apparently.

    Today in 1855 after 8.2 quake, The rimutakas rose 6 meters, a 4m Tsunami entered the harbour and Lambton Quay was never going to be a wharf again.


    worth a read. Becuase the same will eventually happen again.
    The floor of the hutt valley lfted draining the swamp as it was. The waterfront from Petone to wellington. round to Mirimar all lifted. Before the earthquake the sea ran through where the airport is and the basin reserve was under water.
    Now they want another tunnel??



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