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Journalist Who Shamed Novak Djokovic for Being Unjabbed Dies Suddenly After Booster

A mainstream media journalist, who called for tennis star Novak Djokovic to be cancelled for being unvaccinated, has died of a massive heart attack just days after receiving his COVID booster shot.

Mike Dickson, a sports journalist who was in Melbourne to cover the Australian Open, collapsed and died after suffering a huge heart attack shortly before his 60th birthday.

The news of his unexpected death was first reported on social media post by his wife, Lucy, on behalf of their children, Sam, Ruby, and Joe:

“We are devastated to announce that our wonderful husband and Dad, Mike, has collapsed and died while in Melbourne for the Aus Open. For 38 years he lived his dream covering sport all over the world. He was a truly great man and we will miss him terribly. Lucy, Sam, Ruby and Joe,” the statement read.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: In recent times, Dickson gained attention for his critical views on Novak Djokovic’s stance on the COVID-19 vaccine. Through various articles, Dickson not only challenged Djokovic’s decisions but also highlighted the potential implications for his legacy and public image.

In one of his pieces, Dickson wrote, “MIKE DICKSON: Novak Djokovic could ruin his chances of becoming the GOAT by refusing to take the vaccine… it is a strange hill to die on for a player who is so desperate to be loved.”

Dickson wrote many articles, insulting Novak, and even said this. Again so grateful that Novak is such a classic act and retweeted Dickson’s death and said rest in peace. I love this man. pic.twitter.com/Any2nQwHsP

He also penned a Q&A article titled, “NOVAK DJOKOVIC Q&A: Why is the world No 1 so adamant about not getting the vaccine? How much is he giving up in the process? And more importantly… what happens now?”

His critical stance was clear in another article where he stated, “MIKE DICKSON: Novak Djokovic will remain a hero to some, but to many others he has TRASHED his reputation beyond repair… the world No 1 thought he could work the system, but it turns out favourable treatment only goes so far.”

Dspite their differences, Novak Djokovic displayed sportsmanship and respect by acknowledging Dickson’s death. The tennis star retweeted the announcement of Dickson’s passing with a simple yet poignant message: Condolences to Mike Dickson family [pray emoji] Rest in Peace

Meanwhile, Novak Djokovic faced heckling from an audience urging him to “get vaccinated.” Unfazed, Djokovic responded on the court with his signature prowess, smashing an ace to secure a three-set victory over Tomas Martin Etcheverry.

Watching Novak Djokovic serve an Ace after being heckled by the crowd “GET VACCINATED” is incredibly satisfying.

Remember they wouldn’t let the GOAT & one of the fittest persons on the planet play tennis because he refused several doses of an experimental mRNA Gene Therapy for a… pic.twitter.com/2YqMPkTOi5

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  1. “The news of his unexpected death was first reported on social media post by his wife, Lucy.”

    What Bollocks is this, an “unexpected death”? He must have been so full of himself that he did not expect to die.

    My understanding and I know I am pretty thick, is that death is something that everyone expects to happen to them at some stage, but not with this Geezer it seems. he did not expect to die.

    Like most journalist, I guess they and this bloke in particular consider themselves above God and will survive forever. In this like his advise to Djokovic, he failed in.



  2. Karma it is then – the thing is that one does not get the chance to say ‘Told you so” to him in between the initial attack and his death. Shame about that.
    Willing to be bet that everyone around him will not believe or say anything about the vaccination booster causing.
    ” The Cone Of Silence.”



  3. Pommy churnalists are often a special class of scum.
    Especially the ‘sports’ ones that comment about athletes who actually do the stuff.

    Yet most of the pommy churnalists have been very quiet on the massive, massive drug cheating by British cyclists who are often mediocre then suddenly perform really well; especially in big events.

    This prick, Dick-son, did not shift the needle on that special class of churny scum.

    Djokovic has been ranked No. 1 for a record total of 409 weeks in a record 13 different years, and finished as the year-end No. 1 a record eight times.[7]
    Djokovic has won an all-time record 24 Grand Slam men’s singles titles,
    including a record ten Australian Open titles.
    Overall, he has won 98 singles titles, including a record 71 Big Titles:
    24 majors,
    a record 40 Masters,
    and a record seven ATP Finals.
    Djokovic is the only man in tennis history to be the reigning champion of all four majors at once across three different surfaces.

    Another one coming up??? and could have been 11 AU already if not for lying scum churnalists who bullshitted about convid , then about the stabby juice.

    Djokovic grew up in a war zone and with NATO bombs being dropped on his homeland.
    Where have we heard of that before?

    Djokovic is a self-described fan of languages, speaking Serbian, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

    Q. How many languages does eh by gum Mike Dick-son speak?
    Ans. Who cares, he’s dead.



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