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  1. Always have your cellphone camera on when talking to the police

    This is exactly what fascism looks like. A uniformed and armed (I think) cop turns up on your doorstep and starts questioning why you are posting opinions about the dishonesty of politicians.

    Sure this is Australia, but we know this sort of bullshit is happening here and that the government is hell-bent on introducing hate-speech (thought-policing) before the election. The stinking pig of totalitarianism wearing ‘politeness’ as lipstick.

    If you see a cop turn up at your door and you are a keyboard activist – turn the phone camera on and preferably have someone else video the conversation as well.



  2. State-sponsored Climate Fraud

    How do we know Global Warming is a fraud? Because governments around the western world are always getting caught removing any facts that disprove the lie. Australia is particularly clumsy in this regard – their weather service has already been caught several times in the past deleting (they call it homogenising) exceptionally low temperatures within hours of them being recorded in their ski resort areas.

    However, SkyTV Australia has caught them at it again on an even more egregious assault upon the truth .

    The internet never forgets.

    The problem I have is when there are so many examples of data falsification – why does even one person believe in the AGW nonsense? The human race is de-evolving. The age of reason is over. The age of lies is upon us. It’s going to end in tears.




    Why don’t people vote in elections for Auckland Council?
    Todd Niall05:00, Mar 02 2020

    Today’s topic on stuff. No problem with the topic though it is interesting to note that their survey i showing a huge preference for online voting.

    The crap bit of the article is at thend. (isn’t it al;ways).
    No justification for what it says at all.
    Just a stupid fucking half educated woke fucking jurno with no respect or his work or the people who paid for his education.
    See what he says.

    ” This month presents a perfect opportunity to start exciting and motivating Aucklanders about their future, and with an almost three-year wooing period before the next council election.

    Councillors will start deciding the changes needed to slow global warming, and put the city on a more sustainable path with climate change action not just about science, but about improving the quality of daily life.

    Few issues will be as politically challenging as this one. Council spending priorities must change, Aucklanders need to be persuaded to change how they get around.

    Early indications are that last year’s consultation on the council’s Climate Action Framework has drawn a strong response from the young, Māori and Pasifika communities.

    These are the people that history tells us are least likely to vote in a council election.

    Will Councillors over the next three years, heed the voices of those who will inherit their legacy, and perhaps attract more and lasting political engagement?

    Or will they hear the voices of the past’s traditional voters, the property-owning, older and wealthier Aucklanders, many of whom may be less enthusiastic about embracing a more climate-friendly lifestyle?”>/


    The least climate friendly lot would be the ones he is promoting.
    He also doesn’t get that its ratepayers not the general riff-raff that pay the rates.

    Where does stuff find these “writers”.



  4. The Surpreme leader will force her subjects to be injected with Covid-19 vaccine, when it arrives.

    Mass medical experiments are trivial for someone who was seriously considering seizing peoples homes to establish concentration camps.



  5. Winston Peters calls agreement between United States, Taliban a ‘major step forward’

    Foreign Minister Winston Peters says the US-Taliban peace agreement is a major step forward, as the government considers the implications for New Zealand troops.

    The US and the Taliban signed the peace agreement today in an effort to end more than 18 years of conflict.



    • The government could throttle back on the immigration valve.
      Free up land.
      Stop local councils charging 5-figure sums for the connection of utlities.
      There’s so much that could be done to once again enable a working man to pay off his house and support a family on one income. (That’s what is needed to create a self-sustaining New Zealand society that doesn’t have to be permanently on immigration-based life-support.)



  6. So the brave Finns that took on & won against Russia are reduced to this for defence.

    My home town has launched a 2,5 million euro project called Safe Oulu that aims at combating the (migrant) rape crisis.
    This is where the money goes. ….

    Click on blue arrow on any of those videos, all the same.

    Must have been many long committee meetings, well paid chief executives, safety & health, trans-gen, psychologists etc. etc.. with sumptious pies, etc…to cost that much to make that.

    Do not laugh too much, as money is spent in NZ on similiar projects. 🙁



    • Cripes , he is an ugly bastard that Foie gras .
      I seldom watch the Teev so saw him on my sister’s Teev a few months ago.

      He has very puffy skin and looks one Mars bar away from a heart attack.
      Given he was a media trougher then became a Parliamentary trougher I have zero respect and zero concern for his health.
      My sister, who is a TV junkie and will watch anything including those awful ‘reality’ shows, says ‘surely you have seen him before; he was on TV for years’
      What can you say? One man’s poison is another sister’s meat.
      Hell, That came out wrong!!



  7. The equity being pushed through out states, and I am sure you will see that is what is being pushed through out and customized to NZ., in so many ways, and at such a cost.

    Many good issues and points bought up in this article.

    Rather than confront behavioral differences, bias training now labels attitudes and habits associated with America’s “strive and achieve” culture as unconsciously racist.
    Bias training used for teachers in New York City’s public schools includes a slide on the purported characteristics of “white supremacy culture” from the book Dismantling Racism: A Workbook for Social Change Groups.
    At the top of the list is the quest for “perfectionism,” which gives “undue focus to the shortcomings of someone or their work.”
    Other characteristics of white supremacy: a “sense of urgency,” “worship of the written word” (because it prioritizes documentation over relating to others), “individualism,” and “objectivity” (because it supposes that nonobjective viewpoints or emotions are bad).
    The presentation also dismisses the possibility of reverse discrimination, as it “equates individual acts of unfairness against white people with systemic racism which daily targets people of color.” (Of course, affirmative-action programs that disadvantage white and Asian students are, by definition, “systemic.”)
    As a student counselor in a Boston-area grammar school observed about that institution’s bias training, “What we’re trying to have teachers see here is that white people have benefited their whole lives from white supremacy.”


    The more we know of these things, and the thinking, that is “feelz”, then more effectively can questions and points be raised to point out some of that “absoluddddtellyy” silliness.



  8. John Armstrong: Cometh the hour; cometh the Minister of Finance?

    With New Zealand’s not-so-long-ago “rock star” economy suddenly in peril of hitting the rocks, Grant Robertson could be excused for asking what he has done to deserve finding himself staring at not just an economic downturn, but conceivably a full-on recession just as the country is poised to go to the polls.

    There has been much talk in recent days of “perfect storms”. Well, storms do not get any more perfect than the one now buffeting the Labour-led Government. This storm has added a fresh dynamic to the way in which the Government functions.



  9. I hope no one has shares in a cruise ship industry company. I see one has gone diverted into Tauranga with 7 sick people. I’d expect interest in going on a cruise will nose dive very soon, if it has not happened already.
    I was shown a graph yesterday for bookings on airlines ex USA to China for out to the end of April —down 90% on last year..



    • Would this be the EU getting away from Trump, whose many actions are on average disentangling the USA from being a “police force”.
      The authoritarian EU would love to be the new world police, and any actions to take the focus off its own mounting problems.

      #article 5 trending on Twitter in the hours following the attacks, after Omer Celik, spokesman for Turkey’s ruling AKP party, indicated to reporters in Ankara that he was looking at requesting formal NATO protection against Damascus and, by proxy, the Russian air force.

      “We call on NATO to [start] consultations. This is not [an attack] on Turkey only, it is an attack on the international community. A common reaction is needed. The attack was also against NATO,” Celik told Turkish media.

      Article 5 of the NATO treaty says an attack on one member is an attack on them all.

      Many mixed up things going on with this sabre rattling as this article attempts to explain.



    • From Ross12’s link:

      Asked about the EU’s proposed new slush fund which they call “the Peace Fund”, Snr Borrell replied:

      ………..“The Peace Fund will be able to provide equipment….”

      “… When you go to fight, you have to have war equipment.”………….

      For some reason his inanities reminded me of this quote:

      “War is peace.
      Freedom is slavery.
      Ignorance is strength.”

      ― George Orwell, 1984



  10. Cruise ship with Kiwis on board met with fierce protests at Réunion Island, despite no coronavirus

    A cruise ship in the Indian Ocean with Kiwis and Australians on board has been met with fierce protests and diverted away from two countries, despite none of the passengers having the coronavirus COVID-19.

    The Sun Princess docked at Réunion Island – a French territory in the Indian Ocean off Africa’s coast – at the weekend, but were met by protesters, local media reported.



  11. Lol, dickhead alert


    “Several nights a week I’m out running around dinnertime, and when people have their windows open I can smell what they are cooking.”

    The absurd request has racked up over 1000 shares and almost 10,000 likes, with vegans and meat-eaters alike wondering how the person thought their demand would be accepted by their neighbours.

    “As a carnivore bbq chef, it’s always hard for me this time of year when the weather starts warming up and vegan runners start running by windows,” wrote one person.

    “‘I don’t want to be a stereotype’… Sir, we regret to inform you that ship has sailed,” wrote another.

    “Vegetarian here. This guy sucks,” wrote another.



  12. I see AGW fan boy Tom Steyer has dropped out of the Democrat presidential candidate race after dropping $200 + million into the effort.
    Maybe he now realises that climate change is not a big issue with US voters.( Then again maybe he does not realise this.)



  13. Their arses covered by the WHO with platitudes?
    So did the UN figure & cover arse holes too?

    The researchers alerted Beijing of their findings — and on Jan. 3, received a gag order from China’s National Health Commission, with instructions to destroy the samples.

    Rather than hunkering down to contain the virus, Wuhan officials went ahead with their annual potluck dinner for 40,000 families.
    A clean break with the UN should be done!
    Who in NZ can make that decision if other countries look at making that move?
    I would even accept a “Captain’s Call”. 🙂

    makes a clean break with the U.N. over this developing scandal, we can anticipate a proposal for a global tax to finance the “global health infrastructure” that the Trump critics claim he has decimated. It turns out that Dr. Tedros was a member of the “High-Level Task Force for Innovative Financing for Health Systems,” a group which recommended global taxes for the U.N. They call them “solidarity levies” on airline tickets, tobacco and currency transactions.
    They probably want some of the money “in solidarity” to go to China.

    Expect more hysteria that is designed to divert our attention from the source of the disease – Communist China. Trump’s critics don’t want lives saved; they want lives destroyed.

    Such a stuff up by China, WHO & UN to cover their ‘arses’ & continues to keep the gravy train flowing to them.

    For immediate starters the current fee that we pay to the UN should be stopped and diverted to any of the CoVid-19 health and economic costs in NZ.



  14. It seems that there may be no problems about the spread of CoVid-19
    A ‘cruisy’ life, just like how he drove his car, travels around, and orders to home quarantine?, just voluntary are they not? well?

    ~ Qungli Wen, 24, is supposed to be in quarantine after spending time in China
    ~ Chinese national managed to get back into Australia to face drink-drive charges
    ~ While ordered into home detention he ventured out to a Melbourne court
    ~ His lawyer wouldn’t shake his hand such was his fears of contamination
    ~ A magistrate expressed concern about Wen being at a nearby cafe while at risk


    Life is good, may be a sniffle for him, no conviction, and the rest of Melbourne have to wonder for a while if he was contagious.

    Some will be very good and careful about the self quarantine.
    Others, well,….. can you really trust them?
    Do they understand the implications, or will the consequences for others just be collateral damage?, Like collecting his car insurance?



  15. What a “convolution” of a scheme set up by World Bank

    ….. By far the riskier of the two bonds is “Class B,” which sold $95 million in bonds (compared to $225 million for the less risky “Class A,” explained above). For Class B, if the disease crosses an international border and if there are at least 20 deaths in that second country, the investors’ money will be paid to developing countries dealing with the outbreak.

    Although no second country has recorded 20 deaths at the time of writing, Iran, Italy and South Korea have all recorded more than 10 with the numbers rising steadily in recent days. Other conditions for this bond include that there are 250 deaths in the origin country (already long since passed in China) and that 12 weeks have passed since the original outbreak (a condition which will be met on March 23).

    In the terms of both bonds, it is stipulated that coronavirus outbreaks count as one of the diseases covered. ……

    …… an economist at the World Bank for three decades, said it was absurd that discussions for a second round of bonds for what is known officially as the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF) had begun, as they were effectively “designed to fail.”

    “Early action against outbreaks is imperative, because it is both more effective and less costly. But making the bonds attractive to investors meant designing them to reduce the probability of payout,” ……

    ……. The World Bank’s bond sale was 200% oversubscribed, meaning investors saw moneymaking opportunities with the high-yield returns on offer. Most buyers came from Europe, and included specialized catastrophe bond investors as well as asset managers and pension funds. …..

    …… set to mature in July 2020 …..

    …… estimated last week that the spread of the virus to regions outside Asia would knock 1.3% off global growth this year, the equivalent of $1.1 trillion in lost income. ….

    So some are more ahead, some lost some spare cash, and others are more dead in the roulette wheel of fortune.
    Follow the money, the graft, the corruption.



  16. National leader Simon Bridges describes Government’s coronavirus response as ‘subpar’

    “Subpar” is the word National leader Simon Bridges used to describe the Government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, as New Zealand officials grapple with the first confirmed case.

    “We’ve been saying right since the start – and it still seems to be the position on airport screening and self-isolation processes and other matters – we do seem to be sub-par,” Simon Bridges told Magic Talk.

    The Opposition’s health spokesperson Michael Woodhouse said over the weekend he was concerned that officials weren’t tracking down everyone who came into contact with the infected Kiwi.

    He said someone on the flight who had flu-like symptoms wasn’t told to self-isolate.



  17. The Emu War, also known as the Great Emu War,[1] was a nuisance wildlife management military operation undertaken in Australia over the latter part of 1932 to address public concern over the number of emus….

    The machine-gunners’ dreams of point blank fire into serried masses of Emus were soon dissipated. The Emu command had evidently ordered guerrilla tactics, and its unwieldy army soon split up into innumerable small units that made use of the military equipment uneconomic. A crestfallen field force therefore withdrew from the combat area after about a month.[13]




  18. Police investigate Al Noor Mosque threat, Muslim community calls for vigilance

    The Christchurch Muslim community is urging its members to be extra vigilant following a specific online threat to members of the Al Noor mosque.

    Newshub has chosen not to show the image but it was taken outside the mosque and posted to an online message board.

    Anjum Rahman from the Islamic Women’s Council said the image was sent to her on Monday morning by someone who’d seen it on an encrypted site.



  19. “They are starting to get more and more desperate,” she wrote. “This shows that we’re winning.”

    Even though young Greta seems to be thriving on the attention these men are being vilified.

    Newspaper names and shames grown men threatening violence against Greta Thunberg

    “But most of the more furious ire was reserved for Greta Thunberg herself… These comments came in their thousands, day and night, filling Facebook pages and groups – faster in greater volume than anyone moderating those pages or groups, or Facebook itself, could hide or delete.”



    • Imagine if the “alt right” forced a brainwashed mentally retarded child with profound mental health issues- to promote hate and division.

      Then claim any opposition was an attack on a little girl.

      Such disgusting dishonesty.



      • How is that poor young woman going to cope in the months to come when schools are closed, folks keep away from mass gatherings/conferences and the media forget all about climate change?



  20. ANZ ordered to pay customers extra $29.4 million after interest calculation botch-up

    ANZ has been ordered to pay some customers $29.4 million after botching up interest calculations between May 2015 and 2016.

    Around 86,000 accounts will be affected by the settlement announced today, ANZ says.

    In 2018, the Australian-owned bank admitted an error in its loan calculation that it was misstating the amount of interest on loans.



  21. Billionaire Republican buys major Twitter stake, may oust CEO amid GOP concerns of bias, reports say

    A billionaire Republican megadonor has purchased a “sizable” stake in Twitter and “plans to push” to oust CEO Jack Dorsey among other changes, according to new reports, raising the prospect of a shocking election-year shakeup of the social media platform that conservatives have long accused of overt left-wing political bias.




  22. Dear Imbeciles

    Riddle me this:

    If we are able to stop the spread of Covid-19 then why cant we stop the spread of all the other cold/flu pathogens that kill far more people?

    Tell us how you think the common cold can be finally stopped?



    • ……”Tell us how you think the common cold can be finally stopped?”……

      It probably never will be because the virus mutates so often. The point is, with coronavirus no-one seems to know anything about it or if they do they’re not letting on.



      • No no no.

        1. Covid-19 is just another strain of coronavirus.

        2. Coronavirus change and mutate all the time. Which is why flu vaccines are constantly changing.

        3. Covid-19 is all around the world and can not be stopped or contained. It’s just part of the existing coronavirus family now.

        Its here to stay and most of us will be exposed to it.



  23. It would seem from Ed’s chosen meme for today’s “Have Your Say” that his first encounter with the sacred herb left him somewhat confused. Has he not read the Good Book?

    ……”And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”…..

    Genesis 1:29



    • You weren’t a Bible Bashing, Stoned Out, Fence Cutting, Marae Burning, Head Chopping Ruatorian Rastafarian in a previous life Nasska? The times I had that scripture quoted to me by a salivating, scribble faced, rope headed moron were many…



  24. So who is watching?
    Swap rates today have plunged woth 5 year tates at 0.8%.
    Fear is stalking New Zealand’s financial markets.

    We are the first to open this week, and swap rates have taken a pounding, sinking to record lows.

    The two year swap rate is currently down 16 basis points from the Friday close, to just 0.70%. Remember at the start of the year this was 1.26% and at the start of February it was at 1.13%.

    The five year swap rate is currently down 13 bps, and the ten year is down 11 bps, both to new record lows.


    NZ /Us dollar way down.


    ANZ economists see the RBNZ swooping in to stimulate the economy by cutting interest rates this month and then again in May, as the risk of a recession looms; Other bank economists call for calm and more targeted govt spending
    ANZ economists are forecasting a 50-point Official Cash Rate (OCR) cut as soon as March 25, followed by another 25-point cut in May, as they see “clear risks of a larger slowdown or even recession”.

    We are in for a rough time.
    Bright spot is that any exporters getting thier product away the dallors makes it better.



    • This needs to happen Viking,
      From an anonymous economist:

      The Federal Reserve, and the System it’s tied to, is in no position to ‘pay’ people to use currency and expand the market/financial supply.
      They’ve got 30 different wars going, they’ve got illegal immigrants to move around and pandemics to spread. They need more money. The need more reserves. They need more liquidity.
      President Trump is about to drive the Fed into negative interests rates, dry up their cash flow and start assuming control of the money supply, while at the same time auditing and valuing the hard financial stock of the US treasury, in a monetary currency/asset coupling inaugural implementation..
      In layman’s terms, the President is using existing US monetary policy to legally bring down the Federal Reserve as a currency manager/reserve banking system and re-couple the US dollar to internal US commodities/assets, which lead to the US Treasury taking control of currency printing for the converted dollar backing assets.
      The new’ Federal Reserve Bank’ liquidity will once again be the financial worthiness of the US Treasury and nothing more. The dollar will have a real and recorded wealth.
      President Trump, the stable genius, is bringing down the Fed and putting it under the US Treasury, just like he took the CIA and put it’s responsibilities under the NSA/MilIntel, even though on paper the CIA still exists, a shell of what it once was.

      Absolutely brilliant.



  25. A conflict of visions.
    Constrained vision:
    Good things happen automatically, but when bad things happen, it’s somebodies fault.
    Unconstrained vision:
    Good things happen naturally, whereby, institutions and civilizations make bad things happen.

    Thomas Sowell. 2018.



  26. For the first time in years I watched TV news. I was trying to see where imbeciles get their paranoia from.

    1. Covid-19 is deadly


    2. The biggest fear is heaps of people have no, or mild, symptoms.

    Bwaaaahahaha 🤣
    The biggest fear is people DON’T get sick.



  27. Why is Shane upsetting Socialist Cindy? Clearly he is electioneering for NZ First’s benefit, not for the COL.

    Jacinda Ardern slams Shane Jones’ ‘racist’ rant about Indian students ruining New Zealand academic institutions

    “If you want another million, 2 million, 3 million people, we should debate it and there should be a mandate, rather than opening up the options, unfettered, and everyone comes here from New Delhi,” he said, arguing that New Zealand needs some kind of maximum population policy.

    “I think the number of students that have come from India have ruined many of those institutions.”



  28. IF ONLY…….

    ‘Good morning, welcome to “WINZ”. We’re here to help you financially if you’re on a low income or not working, support you into work and help you find housing.’

    “Press ‘1’ if you speak English.”
    ”Press ”2” to disconnect until you can.”



  29. David Seymour threatens to strip Young ACT’s name amid plan to sell drug paraphernalia

    ACT leader David Seymour is threatening to strip Young ACT of their name, as the youth wing of his political party plans to have drug paraphernalia for sale at a university event to promote their new policy.



  30. Meet the 19-year-old ‘anti-Greta’, who warns Thunberg’s ‘alarmism’ must be stopped

    As Greta Thunberg brought her climate awareness campaign to the UK last week – speaking at a rally of some 25,000 striking school children in Bristol – on the other side of the Atlantic, Seibt, dubbed the “anti-Greta”, was propelled onto the world’s stage in Washington, making an appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and firmly positioning herself as the new darling of right-wing climate sceptics….




  31. Jimmy: Ah, Jesus. I got a great high cooking here, don’t bring me down.

    Jesus: On the contrary, Jimmy. I’m here to bring you UP – with dope. No, not your brand of dope, but the straight dope! You think hanging with those reefer fiends are cool? I don’t think you realize how cool God can be.

    “Reefer Madness” 1936



  32. Religious zealots who believe they can beat deadly virus with prayer. Nutters.

    Brian Tamaki’s coronavirus comments slammed as ‘dangerous’ by Anglican vicar

    Tamaki told his regular Sunday service in Auckland that God allows “epidemics, pestilence and famine” when people have removed or replaced him from their beliefs.

    He offered his followers what he called a “Ps 91 Protection Policy” taking his text from Psalm 91, which says: “You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday.”

    South Korean Cult Leader Faces Murder Investigation Over Church’s Role In Coronavirus Outbreak

    City officials in Seoul have asked prosecutors to charge Lee Man-hee, the messianic founder of the Shincheonji Church, along with 11 other church leaders, with murder after a member of the church became South Korea’s biggest “super spreader”, infecting dozens of others and kicking off the country’s outbreak in earnest just as public health officials were beginning to suspect that the virus was fizzling out.



  33. MetService records have confirmed what many in the North Island already know: It has been a very dry summer.

    The records for Whangārei airport show just 70mm of rain fell on the drought-impacted city from December to February, the driest summer since the “exceptional drought” of 1945-46.

    The rainfall was less than 30 per cent of the average summer rainfall in Whangārei.

    Looks like the climate ain’t changed much after all.



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