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  1. NZ First and Greens fighting for survival, trying to kill each other off amid Green School debacle

    The James Shaw political pile-on is off the charts after Newshub revealed he strong-armed ministerial colleagues to get funding for the controversial privately-owned Taranaki Green School.

    NZ First leader Winston Peters is calling it one of the worst things he’s seen in his political career and is warning of “repercussions” over the funding, while National says the Greens should be ashamed and that Shaw must resign.

    Newshub revealed on Tuesday Shaw’s office emailed his ministerial colleagues strong-arming them with an ultimatum, refusing to sign off on projects in a $3 billion infrastructure fund unless he got dosh for the controversial Green School.

    Shaw told Newshub on Wednesday he “didn’t hold anybody to ransom”, but Peters sees it differently.

    “If you can’t win by logic and by reason and by the soundness of your proposal then that’s no way to behave,” the NZ First leader told Newshub.

    “It’s pretty bad. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Maybe it has happened but not in that naked, inexperienced way.”

    National Party leader Judith Collins has called for Shaw’s resignation.

    “What we’ve seen from James Shaw is absolute rank hypocrisy,” she said on Wednesday. “I thought he was going to resign yesterday.”

    “Oh, there will be repercussions,” Peters said. “I’ll leave it to the people of New Zealand to decide whether that’s the proper way to behave.”



    • I had unease over the “shovel ready” project list prior to Mr Shaw demonstrating there were dodgy aspects. It is no longer just speculation. I still do not accept that after exposure of the Green School one, the Labour Finance Minister said it still would go ahead as there was a contract. There is also a contract with the people of New Zealand bur that seems to have been overlooked.

      It should not have gone ahead.

      I heard an apology from James Shaw on radio where he listed several groups yet excluded the general taxpayer. Yes, I think the people of New Zealand will decide. Iam pleased the Parliamentary session has ended and closed a sorry chapter in the history of Government in New Zealand.



    • Hypocrisy is the lifeblood of that mob.
      The guy who assaulted Shaw last year on 14 March- the day before the Brenton Tarrant event – got nine months jail for a first offense.
      If he was brown …probably not. But he was white.

      But lying Angry Andy says people do not need to go to jail. (gulags yes, jail no)



  2. Fascism just across the ditch – in the next few weeks we’ll see this here

    Do you want to see what Covid Cindy’s mad marxist mates in Victoria Australia consider to be a real dangerous criminal? Well click the the link below!

    But first a warning, you may expect to see big burly gang members, covered with tattoos in a dingy seedy gang house. Or maybe you expect to see tech billionaire robber barons planning to shut down the voices of millions who they don’t approve of. Or maybe you expect to see other billionaires running international criminal enterprises coordinating well-funded, armed Marxist insurgencies in western democracies across the globe. Or finally, maybe you are expecting to see the worldwide pedophile network enjoyed by the super-rich and super-powerful being taken down!


    But no! It’s a video of a 5′ 1′ tall frumpy working class pregnant mum! That’s who the Victorian government and their increasingly Gestapo police force view as the real Enemy of the State. Clearly, she is such a terrifying criminal mastermind. Clearly, they think that she is a flight risk – someone who has a vast criminal support network that will shelter her and whisk her out of the country on a superyacht or in a government sanctioned charter flight. Why else would they do an early morning raid? Why else would she be immediately handcuffed (maybe it’s for the safety of the half dozen officers it took to bring down this clearly violent and threatening “thug”). There are no other explanations for doing this at a time calculated to be in front of her very young kids – they need to know and see that CRIME DOES NOT PAY in Reichsfuhrer Daniel Andrews Victoria – no matter what the psychological damage to them is of seeing their mum dragged away in handcuffs. Clearly she was of such a terrifying threat to the community that all health considerations to the unborn child she is carrying had to be dispensed with and the scheduled for one hour later ultra-sound could be ignored (Fur ihre Seicherheit!) as this dangerous, rampaging, psychotic criminal gets turfed in a high security cell.

    So …. what was the crime this obviously terrifying individual perpetrated?

    She made a Facebook post about an anti-lockdown protest march!

    (This is the most bewildering time I can recall. I imagine how I feel at this second is how it felt to be in Germany in the early 1930s watching how the rise of the Nazi party. It’s so obvious. The hysterical following of a “supposedly” charismatic and benevolent leader down the road to ruin – I’m aghast that my fellow NZers don’t see the obvious signs)



    • I must admit when I watched that video, I was absolutely gobsmacked. I am not anti police per se, but those two fuckers deserve every bit of shit they get heaped on them. Its not like this woman is a n ISIS terrorist. Mark my words, planning a bombing in Melbourne, if you are a Muslim would get less attention. And this is the future Andrew Little wants with his Hate speech legislation. I dont have Facebook but this needs to be shared far and wide as much as possible,



      • It’s a terrifying prospect all right ROL. Your little post has already gone way past the threshold to see you locked up in the gulag for:
        – counter-revolutionary thinking
        – white supremacy
        – Islamophobic hate speech
        – inciting violence (your posted contained the word “planning a bombing”) – oh fuck now you fucking made me to it too!
        – threatening police officers

        And Ed is in trouble too now. He provided a platform for your sedition. We’re all going to lose some weight in the gulag together some time soon 😭



        • it’s all good. They will send Paddy Gower to interview us in clink looking for our admission of white supremacy group thought.
          I am of the type who is white, old, male, conservative in thought and actions, and one who doesn’t give a shit about these soy boy cops out the doing the leftie fuckwits bidding.



        • And people get upset when Arderne is compared to Goebels. Wake up people, the Left have no compassion. Its think and act like them or die. The riots in the USA are the same. That Hero Kyle Rittenhouse was putting out a fire in a dumspter and that provoked the whole fiasco. (Can’t say I am unhappy a pedo and a another low life are rotting in hell. ) Reasearch Germany in the 1930s or Stalin’s Russia. Its the same shit with a sprinkling of false smiles and “Be Kind”. I hope there is a revolution in Victoria and that commy scum premiere gets tarred and feathered and the Nazi Goons who arrested her get vilified by the people. Fuck them.



      • ROL says
        ‘I am not anti police per se’

        You are bit slow there ROL.
        and you a teacher?

        This has been festering for a long time in NZ.
        25 years.
        The last 4 years it has been to the fore and the last two years the main play.
        Just look at 2019.
        The cops behaviour after giving Brenton Tarrant a gun licence then arresting people who watch videos in an appalling bit of retrospective legislation.
        Retrospective legislation is ALWAYS bad legislation but something Liebour do, and like to do .

        In October 2019 the cops let the Antifa run riot and destroy property in Wellington central – their response to citizens – Stay home, it is not safe.
        Not Safe! If not, why not.
        Defund the bastards if they will not do their job.

        Playing guitar and getting all funky with illegal land occupiers in Ihumatao but raiding the home of Dieuwe de Boer with 12 armed officers because he made a submission on the firearms amendment legislation that they did not like.

        Actively harassing the owners of the Downtown Wellington New World store and actively engaging in opposing relicensing of alcohol licences for existing businesses who employ people; then actively encouraging neighbours to do the same. This is not their role.

        Defund the pricks if they have so much time to do this and not go after actual criminals.

        Then, less than 2 months after the Wellington Antifa event the incompetent pigs – for that is what they are – wanted to arrest the helicopter pilots who used their fecking initiative, risked their own lives, and saved lives at White Island.
        There are not words strong enough to describe that fuck-knuckle activity and that is in the last year.

        Prowling in their cars around lines of good citizens lined up two metres apart outside in all weathers to do their food shopping in supermarkets.
        Wake up. The Stasi is here and has been for while.

        If people of NZ have not worked that out well before now then yes, they are slow.
        And drive slow. 1 km/hr over the speed limit and you get pinged.
        But if your house is burgled while you are out exceeding the speed limit by 1 km/hr don’t call the cops.
        They are not your friend and will not help.



      • The police need to take a good hard look at themselves. Do they really want to piss off the segment of society that generally approves of the police and at the same time expect to appease that segment of society that already historically despises the police?

        What the police reap with pissing off the right is they will get no refuge. They will have no support from anyone.

        On a personal level, I have in the past helped the police when apprehending the dangerous. I will do so no longer. They’re on their own. My desire to help them died in the aftermath of the Ides of March 2019. They’ve done nothing to encourage me to reverse that decision.



    • I do not wish to see legislation enabled in New Zealand that enables this mindless terrorising of people in their own homes for such trivia. This is about a social media posting.

      The official action is not even near being proportionate. It is over bearing and not necessary.

      As for handcuffing a pregnant woman wearing her pyjamas in her kitchen while her children look on…unbelievable. Heavy duty entry with a search warrant…no, not even close to reasonable.

      That is a government that is out of control and out of order. Australia does not need that nonsense. It is not wanted here.



  3. Hey Nasska, got one out in the barn?

    Toyota hunting for Hilux utes from 1980s Barry Crump adverts

    Toyota is trying to track down the lead actors from a series of 1980s TV ads that featured Barry Crump and his city slicker sidekick Lloyd ‘Scotty’ Scott careering cross-country in a ute.

    The TV commercials were for the Hilux, and now the company wants to find the two original bush-bashing river-running trucks that featured in those ads.

    One is a red 1982 Hilux, the other a 1983 model in yellow, complete with red and black stripes

    “We think we may have found the yellow ute, we know it was sold on Trade Me just over two years ago, so the team have been out on a big hunt,” Davis said.

    He thinks the yellow Hilux could be in the Wairarapa. “It sounds like it’s got the original registration plate on it, but whether it’s roadworthy or not, we’ll soon find out.”

    Davis is optimistic that it’s drivable, but the question is whether it is legally drivable.

    The original red Hilux driven by Barry Crump in the commercial has not yet been found, Davis said.



  4. I believe the police state thought police is coming and very soon to New Zealand. It is incredible how this country has changed for the worse this year. Well since Winestone had the power to choose who he was going with and chose the mad queen and her sycophants. People are anxious all the time now just how lie bour like them, lining up at supermarkets like Middle Eastern Bloc countries in the 50s through 90s, this is now the norm in New Zealand, we are having to watch what we say and do now. PC crap, wearing masks to turn us all into looking alike, and listening to the lies and worse, some even believing them at 1pm daily, from total incompetents who think they are conning the majority of the people. Its like the 2 minutes of hate speech in the book 1984, only this goes on for far longer. Roll on Election Day If Liebour get in again we are doomed to a life as seen in the post DP put with his post this morning. Vote Act or National has never been so important.



    • Remember the wine-box laws that Whinny brought in, they are the very start of injustice in NZ, they are why you are guilty till you prove yourself innocent in NZ court.
      They are also why you cant get a trail bye jury for anything below high court charges.
      Also according to the first piece of anti-terrorist legislation in the 80s if the government declares you a terrorist entity they can detain you with-out trail indefinitely.
      This is all in violation of the magna-carta supposedly the foundation of our legal system, read (unwritten constitution).
      About time we had a written Constitution and a written bill of rights, about time the police where shown to uphold our constitutional rights, not protect the crown, about time we all had HUMAN rights again, its about time for a change of Government, a change of Rules regarding election financing and a Republic with an elected leader not a morally bankrupt un-elected inherited from England monarchy.



  5. That filthy CCP are behind all the crap going on in lockdown fever in NZ ,especially the installation of facial recognition technology that is being done as we muddle our way through this totally overblown virus B/S.
    Ardern is a fucking power crazy socialist and this police overeach is already being carried out right now in our country.
    The smooth talking C- -T has got more than enough support to gain power again in October and shortly after hate speech laws will be enacted and YSB will be no more..
    Who could have guessed at Xmas time last year we would be witnessing the downfall of our country in 8 short months.
    Facial recognition in NZ would have been political suicide just 18 months ago ,and now ,Ho Hum,who cares ?



  6. New Plymouth is going to be the home port of the new navy freigher/tanker HMNZ “New Zealand” (by a maori name), so the council was deciding whether to except the privilege. It did in the end!
    Amanda Clinton-Gohdes, yer, another double barreled high muckety, muck Karen is all upset about the wording. She thinks it’s glorifying war!
    The charter includes Drums beating, band playing, colours flying, bayoners fixed, swords drawn.
    No mention of the maori wars at all but Karen takes offence!
    Councillor Murray Chong, said he took offense at people around the table that took offense to the charter!



  7. Large fire engulfs workshop in Auckland, firefighters on scene

    Emergency services were alerted to the blaze at a campervan business on Richard Pearse Dr in Mangere at around 5am and it quickly escalated into a fifth-alarm fire.

    “The building had a large fire in the rear which has quickly spread through the building. It is a large building. Nearly 80 metres by 100 metres. There is campervans and various workshops and things inside the building,” said Area Commander Auckland City Richard Twomey.

    Nineteen fire crews battled the blaze and speaking to media at around 7am, Twomey said it was contained. Fourteen appliances – including three aerial appliances – and 70 staff were at the site at the time.

    Thick smoke from the fire drifted across to cover parts of the motorway and the road has been closed between Ascot Rd and Amelia Earhart Ave. Montgomery Rd between Richard Pearse Dr & Rennie Dr is also closed.



  8. Recipients for Darwin Awards – survived this time.

    Shots fired at police during ‘extremely dangerous’ pursuit in Whangarei

    Two men are in custody after a dramatic, and at times high-speed police pursuit around the streets of Whangārei on Wednesday night where shots were fired at police from a moving vehicle.

    The car was tracked around Whangarei for some time before being spiked in Onerahi.

    The vehicle eventually stopped on Tarewa Road and the two occupants of the car were arrested without incident.



  9. Grant Robertson, Labour and Paul Goldsmith, National make pitch for their financial direction of the country

    Grant Robertson admits there’s ‘more to do’ in Government’s economic response to pandemic

    National’s Mr Goldsmith said the big difference between his party and Labour was that under National they wouldn’t borrow money to buy jobs.

    “The critical part of the story is it’s private sector investment that creates sustainable jobs,” he said.



  10. Woke at 4 this morning thinking about the Victorian Police and the arrest and handcuffing of the pregnant lady – I sincerely hope “organisers” will continue with Saturday’s protest which if encouraged could spread across a lot of towns in Victoria. My suggestion would be for each march to be led by all current members of the local RSA.



  11. Don’t give in to the propaganda.

    The mule-toothed communist was not born in Morrinsville.
    She does not want the association with Murupara to be too strong.
    She was born in Hamilton hospital and the family lived in Murupara for about her first eight years.
    Then they moved to Morrinsville.
    It was much closer to the Mormon Temple in Hamilton, you see.

    Not that there was much godliness in Murupara where there were some pretty dodgy cops and where Louise Nichols grew up.
    The early 1980s were bad enough but when the forestry service was retracted it became much worse.

    Stand tall. Let it be said:
    Brenton Tarrant; Murupara; Brenton Tarrant ; Murupara Cindy.
    You have to wonder what sort of Cop Ross Ardern was with all this crap going down in Murupara.
    Early onset glaucoma??



    • There is nothing unusual about these complaints, this shit is as common as though out small town NZ, predatory practices are the norm among the Plod, they rape and plunder at will, protected bye there colleagues and the judges, havnt you noticed how they are always treated far differently than normal citizens bye the courts, with a higher standard of proof needed for convection’s.
      No smoke with out a Fire, take off the blinders and realize that you are human cattle to these fukkers and their political enablers.
      Nuthin truer than WWG1WGA
      Because United we can stand but Divided we will all fall.



  12. LOL! 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    Jacinda Ardern voted second on list of world’s top thinkers

    The global trophy cabinet swells for the NZ prime minister with a silver in the UK magazine Prospect’s ranking.

    While you might not guess it by listening to, say, Mike Hosking, the star of Jacinda Ardern continues to shine bright in the international firmament.

    Not only has the Nobel winning economist Joe Stiglitz judged the Ardern-led response to Covid-19 to be the best in the world, now readers of the British magazine Prospect have ranked her second in the world in a list of the world’s top 50 thinkers for the Covid-19 age.



  13. This Green school crisis keeps on giving – Chippie lied.

    Green School funding: James Shaw contradicts Chris Hipkins on implicit approval in leaked video

    In the video clip, Shaw tells members that Hipkins “wasn’t intimately involved in the decision” but gave it tacit approval in a conversation.

    “He did, sort of, give at least a verbal sign-off to the project,” Shaw said.

    “He did say that – assuming everything else being equal – as long as the funding partner is the [Taranaki District] Council, which it is, that he was okay with it.”

    Hipkins turned down RNZ’s request for an interview, but, in a statement, said he made clear to Shaw the funding would not come out of the education sector’s budget.



  14. I started having a look around the MSM to see if they are covering the Melbourne lady being arrested.

    This is how one Aussie MSM site covered it —effectively blaming the lady in the way they worded the headline.

    As an aside I saw this article while looking. These ba….ds are really trying to keep the fear up. Playing with their computer games (I refuse to use the word model) they are trying to convince themselves this as bad the Spanish flu. It just comfirms to me that this “crisis” is being controlled and manipulated by some serious players.




    • “A pregnant anti-lockdown protester, who live-streamed her arrest on social media, has broken her silence about the clip that seems to have divided the internet.” Lefty fucking news….

      Divided the ineternet? Virtually every comment I have seen vilifies the Nazi Police, and Daniel Andrews, and is fully supportive of the victim. I hope that protest goes BOOM and that Daniel Andrews is literally hunted down and persecuted by an angry mob.



  15. Hey, Ed, with the Charlie Hebdo killers about to stand trial, will you do what the magazine is doing and republish the images that sparked the slaughter? The same images that no NZ media outlet would touch with a bargepole, claiming religious sensitivity. But which would have revealed how unhinged the Muslim killers were. I guess some might object to republishing after what Tarrent did, but… freedom of speech should top that. Without free speech, we have no freedom. Yes?



  16. just received an email from the Taxpayers union saying that David Farrah from that other blog is speculating about how the new Liarbour Govt would be formed. If it wasn’t so serious, one would think he is a liabour supporter who has finally come out.
    I didn’t bother visiting to read it. Just proves I did the right thing in leaving when I did.



  17. Chris Hipkins accuses James Shaw of ‘mischaracterising’ their conversation over Green School funding

    “Ultimately, that was something the Green Party advocated quite strongly for and so it was one of their wins, if you like, out of the shovel-ready projects area,” he said. “It’s not necessarily a project that I would’ve prioritised.”

    Hipkins on Thursday responded to Shaw saying he was given “verbal sign-off” by Hipkins for the Green School funding.

    “I think that would mischaracterise the conversation,” Hipkins said. “I think I’ve been very public about the comments and the conversations that I had with James.

    “I said quite clearly to him that it was not a priority for us from an education perspective and that if it was being considered through a different process then that was a matter for a different process.”



  18. Paula Bennett reveals her new job after departing politics

    Outgoing National Party MP Paula Bennett is taking on a new job in real estate after her departure from politics next month.

    The former Deputy Prime Minister will join Bayleys Real Estate’s senior management team as a strategic advisor in the commercial and industrial property division two days after the October 17 general election, according to NZ Herald.

    Bennett was recommended for the position by former Prime Minister Sir John Key, who she said praised her at an event he attended with Bayleys’ managing director Mike Bayley.

    “I’d been talking to John and he said ‘Well, if there’s any set of skills I can just see you using it’s definitely in that property market’, and that kind of got me thinking and that got me talking to Mike Bayley and then we’ve kind of gone from there,” she explained.



  19. Jordan Buhler – Zoe’s brother – has set up a GoFundMe page.

    Hi everyone, as you all know my pregnant sister Zoe lee has gone viral due to police coming into her home and arresting her in front of her kids due to her creating a post saying she wanted to raise awareness for Mental health issues and suicide awareness during these hard times, she said she wanted to meet with face masks and social distancing, she was then dealt a warrant and arrested and told that she could be facing 4-15 years in jail for a post !! All money raised will go straight to Help Zoe lee pay her legal fees Thank you




  20. All San Francisco hair salons have been closed for 6 months because of Covid but it’s okay for Nancy Pelosi to go have her hair done. Then she blames the salon owner – unbelievable hypocrisy and won’t accept getting caught!

    Gutfeld on Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the hair salon

    Salon owner joins Tucker, pushes back on Pelosi’s claim she was ‘set-up’



  21. I think this is pretty important.

    Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim Signs Antitrust Cooperation Framework With Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and United Kingdom

    Joining Assistant Attorney General Delrahim in signing the Framework were Chairman Joe Simons of the Federal Trade Commission, Chairman Rod Sims of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Commissioner of Competition Matthew Boswell of Competition Bureau Canada, Chair Anna Rawlings of the New Zealand Commerce Commission, and Chief Executive Andrea Coscelli of the United Kingdom Competition and Markets Authority.


    Anna Rawlings



  22. Bloody useless lefties couldn’t run a bath.

    No money to staff children’s units at new Christchurch Hospital: ‘They will remain empty’

    New services to improve emergency and acute care of children at Christchurch Hospital will not open because there is no money to staff them.

    The spaces built for the three units in the $500 million Hagley block will remain largely empty when it opens in November.

    Senior clinicians said it was “disappointing” and that they and hospital executives were now working out how to mitigate the risks of overcrowding in the emergency department, and of having to channel more patients into hospital inpatient wards.

    The board chair, and the Crown monitor at the district health board (DHB), promised last month that services would not be cut under measures to find $60m of Government-ordered cost savings.

    This came amid mass resignations by executives, and vociferous staff protests.

    However weeks earlier, RNZ has now learned, the DHB told senior clinicians there was no money for extra staff for the two new children’s units, nor for the replacement observation unit in the Hagley hospital.

    This will most affect medical services to children, the elderly and mental health patients.

    The children’s ED “will remain empty”, acting clinical director of ED Dr Mark Gilbert said.

    In addition, staff have been told a new children’s high-care unit as part of Intensive Care faces the same fate.



  23. Good old fashioned policing

    Napier man, 87, who drove ride-on lawnmower to supermarket after car stolen gets help from police

    Napier local Ray Jane went to buy groceries with the only transport he had, a ride-on lawnmower.

    “He told me his car was stolen two days before hand,” Holloway told 1 NEWS. “I felt really bad for him, but I couldn’t let him drive into town on the ride-on lawnmower.”

    “I decided to help him because I thought about my own grandparents and what would happen if they were in the same position,” she said.

    After the supermarket shopping was finished, Holloway took Jane to file a police report on his stolen car.

    “Since then I’ve visited him twice and the community officer for his area has also taken him to the supermarket and checked in on him several times,” she said.

    “He’s a really lovely gentleman, and I think he was very thankful,” she said.



  24. “Robertson gave a closed-door speech to the Employers and Manufacturers Association on Thursday and the speech notes have been provided exclusively to Newshub.”

    NZ Election 2020: Grant Robertson tells business leaders National is risky and dangerous when it comes to economy

    Trying to hit them where it hurts, Finance Minister Grant Robertson is describing National as risky, dangerous and disorganised when it comes to the economy.

    Newshub has been given exclusive access to what the Finance Minister is saying behind closed doors to business leaders.

    Robertson gave a closed-door speech to the Employers and Manufacturers Association on Thursday and the speech notes have been provided exclusively to Newshub.

    In the speech notes he says, “I am going to tell you that your interests as business people at this election are at risk if we let a disorganised National Party take the reins of the economy.”

    “What is needed now, more than ever, is consistency, continuity and balance. And it is only a Labour-led Government that can give that at the moment and provide the maximum certainty possible in an uncertain world.”

    Describing National as “The Risky Alternative”, Robertson says National’s calls to move quicker out of lockdowns was “extremely dangerous” saying the party’s “inconsistency and disorganisation” would’ve led to wrong calls.

    Robertson told Newshub New Zealand needs consistency and certainty.



  25. Re the livestock transporter that seems to have ended arse up without care off the Japanese coast.

    There’s a photo on this link https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/single-crew-member-pulled-water-after-livestock-ship-two-kiwis-aboard-vanishes of the ship that suggests that 6750 cattle were carried on six decks above the waterline.

    At about three cows to the ton that’s a metric shitload of weight with little counterbalancing I can see. Who authorises these floating death-traps to leave port?



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