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  1. Wow I wasn’t expecting this sickening sight as I went on ysb this morning. Wow, all those white people attending this racist crap. Her PayPal address there for the white people to pay into what a scam FFS



  2. Have a read of this and tell me if this sounds familiar

    From Wikipedia, the definition of Totalitarianism – read through this and tell me if this sounds like your country?

    I had to snort with frustration at the familiarity of this part of the definition:

    “Totalitarian regimes are often characterized by extensive political repression, a complete lack of democracy, widespread personality cultism, absolute control over the economy, massive censorship, mass surveillance, limited freedom of movement (most notably freedom to leave the country) and widespread use of state terrorism.”

    I think activists need to shift our mocking of the mask-wearing compliant members of our society..

    We need to point out that Covid Cindy has weaponised two things:
    – hypochondria, and
    – Stockholm Syndrome

    The latter is particularly important as it explains the bizarre adoration of Covid Cindy. Stockholm Syndrome is a common coping mechanism for victims of kidnappers/oppressors they form emotional attachments and feelings of trust or alliance with their oppressors. Sufferers from the syndrome often side with the oppressor.



  3. There is nothing to fear but fear itself.
    Well that’s what is true but when you take advantage of your own fear to rip off others for financial benefit then we should qustion the motives of the organization.

    Driver fails VTNZ full licence test on the spot due to ‘dirty’ front seat

    A Hamilton woman was left in tears after failing a full driver’s licence test as soon as the testing officer opened her passenger door.

    Letticia Pevy, 38, has held her restricted licence for the past 16 years but work requirements meant she needed to have her full licence.

    The mother of five had prepared. She even went through a practice test with the AA on the Monday before sitting the test on Wednesday, August 26, at VTNZ Frankton.

    Yet the testing officer failed her on the spot. The reason? A dirty front seat in her black Mazda multi-purpose-vehicle. The licence officer cited it as a Covid-19 risk.


    Really, see for yourself.
    More bullshit from our maorified NZTA.



  4. 2021 Conspiracy Theories – just in case Covid Cindy wins the election

    We must all bear in mind Ghandi’s admonishment about how oppressors behave with those they are oppressing:
    “First they ignore you
    Then they laugh at you
    Then they fight you
    Then you win”

    With the excesses of Covid Cindy’s CoL getting more and more extreme by the day, it is important to take stock of where we are in Ghandi’s cycle of Oppressive behaviour. There is now a growing voice in our communities, concerned about Covid Cindy’s morbid disregard for everything but the Covid issue. The voice is so loud now, that the fascist CoL and their paid for propaganda MSM outlets that the “Ignore you” stage is well and truly passed.

    We’ve now moved into the second stage “they laugh at you”. That’s why we’re all of a sudden hearing that every dissenting voice is a ”Conspiracy Theory”. It’s a way to make a joke of serious concerns and anyone voicing them.

    So as the only way to prove to the most gullible in society that over time the creeping totalitarianism is actually happening is to stick a stake in the ground. Therefore it’s time to start plotting the course forward from where we are now and starting to take stock of the things that WILL happen if there isn’t a change in the way our country is being run. And given that most people in NZ seem to be embracing Stockholm Syndrome I fear they may be too conservative.

    Here are my top six predictions for 2021:

    1) Capital Gains Tax will be implemented in 2021. (We know Covid Cindy has said it won’t come back and did that to assure the electorate ahead of the 2020 election) but it’s clear to me that Covid Cindy is doing everything she can to destroy our economy and make the welfare state unsustainable. CGT is a key component of any strategy to destroy an already crippled economy.

    2) There will be compulsory rent controls and punitive additional taxation levied on landlords. Once again, much of ordinary, decent New Zealanders’ capital is tied up in rental properties. The best way to destroy the savings and the security of middle NZ is to crash property values and destroy people’s retirement income. Increasing dependency and increasing unsustainability of the welfare system.

    3) Covid will continue to be the stick that is used to beat the population into submission. Quarantine facilities will morph into concentration camps. Politically annoying voices in the community will be forcibly tested for Covid, found to be positive and then isolated and silenced by permanent isolation (to protect the community).

    4) Gun control will be extended to anyone expressing a dissenting voice about the way the government is handling any issue. Speak out against the government and you will be disarmed. Fail to comply with the ever increasing oppression in the name of Covid control – you will be disarmed. Anyone attending any form of non-left wing protest – you will be disarmed.

    5) Surveillance will increase in the name of contact tracing. We will be required to be tracked any time we leave our home and hand in hand with this compulsory vaccination will be introduced involving a fast-tracked and untested vaccine. Anyone refusing to take the vaccine will be locked out of participation in any aspect of society. If you do not consent to take the vaccine – you will not be allowed to work you will not be allowed to enter any commercial premises, you will be in effect outlawed by exclusion. You will be un-personned.

    6) Draconian hate speech laws will be introduced giving effect to widespread blanket censorship. The definition of hate speech will be relatively narrow, but will extend over time to anything that the government deems to be unacceptable.

    Feel free to add your predictions.



  5. The build up of this Critical Race Theory last century, and the insidious effects it has had in laws and judgments.
    This article is not too long and exposes the basis of this as being unreasonable.
    The more we know, the more effective we can question, challenge, deride, joke and mock and have it put down!
    Alex Kozinski is a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.
    Bending the Law : November 2, 1997
    Are radical multiculturalists poisoning young legal minds?
    ……. The radical multiculturalists’ views raise insuperable barriers to mutual understanding.
    Consider the ”Space Traders” story.
    How does one have a meaningful dialogue with Derrick Bell?
    Because his thesis is utterly untestable, one quickly reaches a dead end after either accepting or rejecting his assertion that white Americans would cheerfully sell all blacks to the aliens. ……
    ….. Traditional liberals in law schools all over the country are shaking their heads, wondering what hit them.
    Whereas 10 years ago one might have had a fruitful discussion with faculty members and students about justice, equality, freedom, responsibility and merit, such Enlightenment concepts are now considered a bit quaint and a bit dated — like stale granola.
    While traditional liberals still dominate the law schools in terms of numbers, they are mostly a cowardly lot, unwilling to risk their peaceful careers to tell the alarming truth to the world outside.
    In writing this book, Farber and Sherry have taken a personal risk.
    If those of us outside the academy fail to take heed, we will not be able to say we were not warned.


    One can click through and read the 1st chapter of that book, which gives a good start about Critical Race Theory.
    “Beyond All Reason”
    The Radical Assault on Truth in American Law

    To fight this effectively, we need knowledge of what it is about.
    It is absurb, but the public have been trained and are drinking this “kool aid”.
    Who would have believed how far it has come, and now the effects it has, that has spread in so many different ways, that is socialist, cultural marxist ways into main stream governments and public life.
    It needs to be totally put down, so it can never arise again.



  6. Cindy being very cagey about when we’re going to see their tax policy. When asked by the Hosk, and also Corin Dann, she said “we’re releasing policy every day this week”. So obviously none of that will be related to tax. Dodgy cow.



  7. Aargh trying to explain how bloody dangerous this Government is to an elderly female relative over the weekend.
    “Ooh I think Jacinda is just lovely” etc etc
    My wife and I were explaining the economics of inflation to her and pointing out that her meagre pension might not be able to but a loaf of bread after a couple more years of Jacinda’s Economic madness!
    “Ooh dear Jacinda would never let that happen…She is just too lovely and kind”



  8. More fuck ups from the Col. Yachties were told in April there would be compassionate access into NZ waters during cyclone season but now access has been denied.

    COVID-19: Urgent plea for New Zealand to shelter yachties trapped in Pacific as cyclone season looms

    “We’re putting out an appeal to New Zealanders – to Kiwis and to your Government – to please be compassionate. Please understand that this puts people’s lives in danger.

    “We’ve got an isolation protocol so when the boats first leave – they will be in isolation, in quarantine. We’re willing to take COVID tests before we leave if that’s available in the departure ports.”



    • They should have let them in automatically, they pose no danger and pour heaps of money into the economy particularly in Whangarei and Opua where it is desperately needed. I see on newshub you can vote on this, when you vote they have a picture of some huge floating gin palace. This is obviously an attempt to distort the vote and a good example of what fifty mil buys. The left would rather bring in scum from the dodgiest parts of the planet than help out the genuine people. Say no to Cindy the HO.



  9. UK police hunt for man suspected of two-hour stabbing spree which killed one, injured seven

    Police said they were searching for a man in relation to a two-hour stabbing spree in the city of Birmingham, central England, early on Sunday, that left one man dead and seven people injured, two of them critically.

    The knife attacks happened in four locations in the city centre starting from 12:30am, police said.

    “We are treating all four of those incidents as a linked series,” West Midlands Police Chief Superintendent Steve Graham said.

    “We are searching for one suspect and inquiries to identify and then trace that suspect are ongoing.”

    He said there was no suggestion that the attacks were targeted at any section of the community or were gang related.



  10. The changing of the European past is continuing to gather pace. Soon there will be nothing left of the history that identified us. See this report form the Daily Mail about the offensive nature of Charles Darwin’s collections!

    Where will this end? .There will come a time when the only history will be an African-centric history and northern European cultures will be obliterated. Don’t believe me? Just look at the predicted global and regional population growth by the end of the century:
    By 2100 the three most populated cities will be Lagos (88 million), Kinshasa (83m) and Dar es Salaam (74m). Not one European or North American city will be in the top 20. (Of course, these projections are as reliable as any modelling, but they give a conceivable indication.)



  11. Reposting Braybots last night.

    CONFIRMED: The Leftist Atlantic Behind the Garbage Military Hit Piece on Trump — Is Owned by a Joe Biden Mega-Donor

    Steve Jobs widow.
    It wasn’t that long ago The Atlantic was bought by Laurene Powell Jobs — a huge leftist and Joe Biden mega-donor.
    So it all makes sense now.




  12. This article shreds what the Guardian wrote about Merkel’s successful immigration program and how it misleads to that conclusion.

    ….. The Guardian has proclaimed that Angela Merkel’s decision in 2015 to allow over one million migrants enter the country was a “gamble” that “paid off”, but the piece glosses over or completely omits many of the negative impacts the migrant have had on German society and also contains at least one false claim. …..
    September 05, 2020

    A damm good expose, and how it is all twisted and screwed.
    Most likely to show how good the UN Global Migration Pact is for you!; that was signed by Winston Peters, and supported by Ardern, with minimal “conversation” with the rest of NZ. 🙁

    So how much of that is going on with the likes of Massey Professor Spoonley, to cover things up in NZ?
    Amnesty NZ hiding things? and the ones in the devious Greens Party, + CoL.

    Knowing this, we need to know the truth, so as to more effectively counter their idiot ideological claims.
    And Ardern recently has had telephone talks with Merkel.

    “I talked previously with the likes of Angela Merkel and just some discussion over what was happening generally within Europe around people after travel and some of the issues there and younger people,” Ardern said.

    Would that also include exemptions for certain weddings, religious services, funerals, mask wearing exemptions and not to be enforced?

    Then how “Christchurch Call” could be more effective, as Merkel has strong censorship on Germans and “hate” speech laws?
    Will Andrew Little be given some Merkel tips about those?

    The last paragraph of that article shows how the numbers and loyalty to a host country pans out, and so really shows integration is not overall happening, with the glorified exceptions, being publicized, but truly at a dismal low percentage.



    • Out of interest, have there been any cases in the UK that anyone can remember where a native Caucasian (of English, Scottish or Welsh ethnicity) (we’ll forget about the Cornish) has gone around “stabbing a bunch of people”?
      I am sure the UK government has the statistics.



      • There was the infamous person in the 19th century known as Jack the Ripper. But given the influx of immigrants and the simple fact that ‘Jack’ was never identified it is not determinable with 100% accuracy that he was of English, Scottish or Welsh ethnicity.



          • All five murders no doubt were committed by the same hand. In the first four the throats appear to have been cut from left to right, in the last case owing to the extensive mutilation it is impossible to say in what direction the fatal cut was made, but arterial blood was found on the wall in splashes close to where the woman’s head must have been lying.

            All the circumstances surrounding the murders lead me to form the opinion that the women must have been lying down when murdered and in every case the throat was first cut.



  13. Can we expect a push for CC derangement syndrome from Discovery?

    MediaWorks confirms sale of TV operations to Discovery Inc

    The MediaWorks TV acquisition will be Discovery’s most significant free-to-air investment in the New Zealand market to date. It includes entertainment channels Three and Bravo, streaming service ThreeNow, and multi-platform news and current affairs service Newshub, as well as the further channels Three+1, Bravo+1, The Edge TV and The Breeze TV.



  14. No problem, it’s only taxpayers hard earned money he’s wasting.

    NZ Election 2020: James Shaw ‘exceptional minister’ despite Green School fiasco – Jacinda Ardern

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says Green Party co-leader James Shaw is an “exceptional minister” despite him backing millions of dollars in funding for a private school in Taranaki, holding another $3 billion in infrastructure funds to ransom.



  15. Denial is not just a river in Egypt. 🤥 🙄

    Ardern adamant child wellbeing improving despite damning report – ‘We are making a difference’

    The UN Children’s Fund rankings show New Zealand’s youth suicide rates are the second highest in the developed world, with 14.9 deaths per 100,000 adolescents, and only 64 per cent of 15-year-olds have basic reading and maths skills.

    The rankings also show too many children and young people in New Zealand are overweight and obese.

    Aotearoa was ranked 35 out of 41 countries for child well-being outcomes.

    On TVNZ1’s Breakfast this morning, Ardern also pushed back on the report being a reflection on the Government’s performance, saying it was instead due to a lag in data.



  16. Things we used to do when we were younger that are now considered dangerous:

    Play on a rope swing.

    Play on the beach without a lifejacket.

    Play outside after dark.

    Go outside without a hat or sunscreen.

    Have a smoke behind the bike shed at school.

    Climb a tree.

    Be an altar boy.

    Cough in a supermarket.

    What else have I missed?



  17. At least National are announcing their policies.

    NZ Election 2020: National’s anti-meth plan: Introduce ‘Matrix’ rehab course, ‘crack down on kingpins’ with tech intelligence

    It’s designed as a 20-week programme – estimated to cost $8 million a year – involving three sessions a week of two to three hours of group therapy, with a one to two year follow-up. Participants in the programme are tested for drug use weekly.

    A $50 million fund would be set up to pilot new or scaled-up whole-community harm reduction programmes, and 13 detox beds would be set up to ensure every DHB is available to assist with in-patient detoxing from meth.

    National would also increase funding for drug intelligence to enable Customs, police and health authorities to better identify drugs coming into New Zealand.



  18. I see dear leader has promised to make Matariki a public holiday from 2022. Thanks Cindy you vacuous cabbage, my company really doesn’t want to pay for a day off to celebrate a Subaru logo. Say no to Cindy the Ho.



  19. Judith is right, they can’t organise anything right. They have made border staff testing mandatory but still have a huge hole in the system with an exemption for airline crew who aren’t required to be tested yet.

    Health order making COVID-19 testing of border staff mandatory fails to convince Judith Collins

    A Government health order making COVID-19 testing of border-facing workers compulsory has failed to convince National Party leader Judith Collins.

    “I don’t believe it… I don’t believe these people could organise anything and that’s what we’ve seen,” she told Magic Talk on Monday. “They told us in July that this was happening – it’s now September and now they’re saying they’re doing it.”

    The health order, which came into effect on Sunday at midnight, requires all air and maritime workers, as well as staff at managed isolation and quarantine facilities, to take regular tests or else face fines of between $300 and $1000.



  20. Dear Braybots Nemesis,

    Police HQ think New Zealanders are idiots. They’re trying to claim that there has “never” been a speed tolerance!
    Read for yourself here.

    As practically every driver will know, this claim is contradicted by years of official statements from Police, which often reference changes to the tolerance threshold during holiday periods.
    Police do themselves no favours by letting spin get in the way of honesty and accuracy. They need to clear up the situation by either confirming that no change has occurred – that the public should not expect a fine for going a few kilometres over the limit – or admit to a change in policy.
    The Minister of Police, Stuart Nash, is still keeping quiet on this issue. But he can’t ignore it forever. Our petition to keep the 10km/h speed tolerance now has 13,600 signatures, and we’re examining his campaign movements so we can deliver the petition to him, in person, and hear his response.

    Louis Houlbrooke
    Campaigns Manager
    New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union



  21. Where was this sex offender released to live?

    Parole Board acknowledges risk ‘on the high side’ for child sex offender released on parole

    Aaron Paul Laurence committed 65 offences between 1999 and 2011, including the indecent assault of a boy under the age of 12.

    He lured victims to his home with the promise of video games, and rewarded them with food, cigarettes and cannabis.

    “They were then abused and the results recorded on video and promulgated,” the Parole Board said in a decision, released today.

    Laurence was found to be in possession of about 31,000 objectionable images.



    • FFS. This guy will offend. I hope its the son or daughter of the twats that let him out. Paedophiles NEVER stop, no matter how much you try. They need to be removed from society so that children are safe. How one achieves that is open to debate, but they cannot ever be allowed to mingle in normal society. Fortunately my children are almost at the age where they are reasonvbly safe from paedophiles. Fortunately. i,e for the prospective paedophile because my anger would have no limits, no fucking resortative talk fests, pure and utter revenge, at their cost.



  22. Stuff has an interesting article concerning a North Korean defector.

    This person confirms no one has friends. Everyone was considered a comrade and expressions was looked down upon.

    The only affection anyone showed was for the supreme leader.

    Jesus Christ this sums up Cindy.



  23. What’s with the companies hiring wanky comedian’s to front their ads on the telly!
    Just because the ad company wets their pants, you don’t have to accept it!
    Use some common sense and ask yourself will the public laugh at me for the ad?



  24. I’ve just watched Fairgo so you don’t have to. I would have turned it off after five minutes but it was that awful I lost the will to live and couldn’t use the remote. I am currently receiving counseling from the top shelf.



  25. ACT newsletter

    Labour is in la-la land. With the economy in recession, they’re offering voters a holiday. It’s cynical, superficial, populist, and it treats voters like kids. But the mainstream media ooh and ahh, saying it’s ‘smart’.

    We need your support to push back. While the media coo over voodoo economics, a growing majority of voters are responding to ACT’s digital advertising.

    Will you help by donating to support ACT’s online campaign? Please click here to donate now.

    Businesses are fighting for survival, 70,000 workers have lost their jobs, our kids face a mountain of debt, and Labour’s first idea of the election campaign is a new holiday.

    New Zealanders don’t need another day off – we need Labour to take three years off.

    Another public holiday is a new tax on business – it will cost at least $150 million. We should be supporting innovators and job creators to rebuild our economy, not piling on new costs.

    ACT helped defeat Labour’s capital gains tax and hate speech legislation. With your support, we’ll hold them accountable again and let New Zealanders know that Labour doesn’t have a plan for recovery. Each dollar you contribute is another voter we can reach on social media.

    Labour is treating voters like children.

    It’s time to focus on the real issues facing our country and treat New Zealanders like adults. We need a clear roadmap to recovery so we can rebuild our economy and people’s lives. ACT is providing that plan.

    On Covid-19, we’d learn from the best in the world, with a coordinated response from an Epidemic Response Unit, treating other countries according to risk, using better technology, and committing to constant improvement.

    We would invest in SMEs and workers by reducing the 30% tax rate to 17.5% to get money in people’s pockets and by implementing a 12-month GST holiday to boost spending. We would bring back 90-day trials and hit pause on minimum wage increases and new regulations.

    We need to get our way of life back.

    ACT has set out a clear roadmap to recovery. Can you help us tell more voters about it? Every dollar you contribute makes a difference.

    Yours sincerely

    ACT Leader
    David Seymour

    ACT New Zealand · 27 Gillies Ave, Suite 2.5, Auckland 1021, New Zealand



    • Like you I received the email & after throwing a few more shekels in the pot I’ve come to the realisation that I’ve donated more to ACT 2020 than I have to all other political parties (read National) in the last 50 years.

      Win or lose & win he will……David Seymour performs as our only opposition party & deserves our backing.



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