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  1. Replace it with Labour Day. Cindy says she has been listening to NZ’ers but Kelvin Davis yesterday said Matariki was something the Labour Maori caucus had been pushing for. More unicorn dust from the mad queen. Has she again misread the tea leaves and annoyed the public instead of impressing them with her feelz?

    Question of the Day: Do you support making Matariki a public holiday?

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she’s listened to Kiwis and will make Matariki a public holiday from 2022 if re-elected.

    “As I’ve travelled around New Zealand I’ve heard the calls for Matariki to become a public holiday – its time has come,” the Labour Party leader says in a statement on Monday.

    Do you support making Matariki a public holiday?
    yes 49%
    No 51%



  2. Ridiculous new holiday from ‘Liebour treating New Zealanders like children’ according to David Seymour. Hope could they possibly think this is a good idea? They are wrecking the country with their give away benefits, printing money and now further pain for the business owners. Tourism industry benefits FFS. Short term benefits perhaps definitely long term pain. Seems to be a lolly scramble and who can afford a lolly scramble now in this time of Liebour



  3. Ahh finally some truth about Covid

    The vanguard of the NWO, the people who want to destroy nations, who want to put themselves above all other governments, who want to rule over the world, who don’t care about democracy – well they’ve finally started rolling out the communications about why nations are over and why we need a single, “benign” (hah) unelected government that knows best.

    If we comply, the deal is obvious, the oppression of Covid will stop and we’ll go back to treating it as what it really is – a nasty flu.

    If we don’t comply, then the deal is equally obvious, fear will be ramped up and we’ll go in and out of an endless cycle of lockdowns, freedoms will be taken away and economies will be destroyed.

    https://twitter.com/UN/status/1302593895029714944 (men are to blame for everything – says the male head of the UN)

    https://twitter.com/UN/status/1276305172113874950 (the UN Charter is the answer to everything – WTF)

    And what do we know about Covid Cindy ….. she just loves the UN!



    • Roads aren’t a priority for the col. Anyone who has driven anywhere will acknowledge their maintenance is in an awful state. It is obvious road repair work has been sidelined while crystal gardens in a green school has become more important than the necessary infrastructure to keep our economy moving.

      Truckers demand billion-dollar spend to fix ‘dilapidated’ roads

      “Maintenance bills [are] going through the roof year on year,” the veteran operator said.

      His business, JD Hickman, keeps 85 trucks on the road but when he recently stumbled over a bundle of tie-rod ends, which can wear out due to constant use on bumpy roads, in the workshop, he thought, “Hell, I didn’t realise how bad it was getting”.

      “It’s just the roughness of the ride – the potholes, the digouts,” Hickman said. “You create a judder bar at every repair if you like.

      “Just affects all the steering joints, tears the shock absorbers off our trailers – you’ve got to see it to believe it.

      “And of course the customers’ goods in the back get a good milkshake … so it’s not good for them either.”



  4. Audrey Young comes up with this gem ($50m well spent):
    “One day does not make a campaign, but Day One of the restarted campaign has to go to Labour, hands down.
    Jacinda Ardern’s promise in Rotorua for a new public holiday to mark Matariki not only has popular appeal, it immediately put her opponents into a negative frame.”

    So National announce a well thought out policy to address one of the most significant health/crime issues in the country, Labour announce a Maori holiday, and Audrey judges Cindy the winner, hands down. FS.

    And for today’s blinding policy announcement from Labour:
    Election 2020: Labour to take aim at banks fees in small business policy today

    You’ve got to be friggin kidding. Labour are going to get the economy running by reducing bank fees? This is a joke. Obviously they’ve accepted they’re incapable of delivering anything, and after the last three years of failure, realise they’ll create a rod for their own bank if they promise anything tangible.



  5. Apologies for reposting from Kiwiblog:

    “… [New Zealand’s] borders may stay closed for years…”

    So we are now like Cuba, but with an additional risk of civil war.

    Wonderful. Such kindness.

    Aren’t we lucky an unelected doctor is in charge! He’s competent to sort this mess out.



    • “… [New Zealand’s] borders may stay closed for years…”

      There goes the tourism and fat-fee paying international (Chinese) student markets. I don’t know when I will be able to take a quarantine-free vacation to Japan. Maybe by the end of 2022 if I am lucky.



    • Maybe Bloomfield and those computer gamers from Auckland University should look at this ( a cut and paste from a comment on UK online mag.”

      “UK MSM Publication: Expert says coronavirus ‘as dangerous as having a bath
      A number cruncher crunches the numbers and makes some interesting conclusions

      “Mr Harford, who writes for the Financial Times and presents BBC Radio 4’s More or Less, told The Sun : “Covid-19 currently presents a background risk of a one in a million chance of death or lasting harm, every day.
      “The risk of death alone is one in two million.
      “Simply existing in a country where the virus is suppressed but circulating is not so risky. It depends on age, gender, geography, behaviour and much else.
      “But on average it is similar to taking a bath, going skiing, or a short motorbike ride, and considerably less risky than a scuba dive or a skydive.””



  6. Labour are lying- This ‘Matariki’ Holiday thing is nothing to do with ‘what the people want’/ ‘tourism’ etc
    What’s the point of another holiday when you have the whole bloody Country and it’s Economy permanently locked down anyway??
    The only reason The Mad Queen is doing this is to further pad her CV for her dream job at the UN….



    • Stalin told his inner circle one day “You don’t have to treat the proles well”. Then he went and got a chicken and storted violently tearing the feathers off the poor bird. After a few minutes of this abuse, he put the poor traumatised creature down and then threw a few kernels of corn on the floor. The bird immediately calmed down and started pecking the corn up.

      Stalin looked around the room and said “People are like that, you can do anything you like to them, so long as you give them meaningless comfort afterwards”.

      That’s the cynical, ugly, vile thinking behind the Matariki Holiday idea.



    • I wouldn’t be too sure about that. Look at what happened to our other UN darling. She got the DCM from them after pissing off all the old boys.
      I cannot see Cindy towing the line there. Saying “I am the worlds darling” will quickly wear thin after they get to know how she operates behind the scenes.
      Helen will have muddied the very murky waters for Cindy.



      • I live in hope that The Mad Queen will be offered a role there and then whoosh off with her Royal Family (First Class-Caviar and Champagne for our Queen of course!) never to set foot in this Country again.
        Then the rest of us can start piecing our lives back together, and cleaning up the wreckage of what this deranged Megalomaniac has done to our Country…



  7. A test of freedom, real freedom for journalists, that is for real journalists that investigate and expose things.
    OK this is in Canada, but surely NZ has other similiar good laws, that we can also use.
    How much do our NZ so called journalists comply with their political masters.
    Here is the example of the police, having their strings corruptly pulled, but this time, the beginnings of major repercussions, that will reflect back on the individual policeman, and expose the higher connections into politics.

    “POLICE STATE: Canadian journalist arrested on the street for breaking story on crooked mayor”
    32 minutes 38 seconds. : • Premiered 18 hours ago [7/9/20]

    This was interesting, the journalist had been served with a trespass order, however he only stayed on the public foot path way. Ezra Levant, and his lawyer also came along.
    3 private security vehicles & security guard tried to move them along, but NO.
    Police called in, that is 5 cars and about 6 police, that perhaps should have stayed on their job, investigating real crime & a shooting where the murderers are still on the loose.
    Interesting take the legalities of where the police got things wrong, and where the points of law are.

    Back grounder, $600 million spent on the media by Trudeau, so the politicians feel they are protected.
    Must be some more money around, as the police seem to want to protect the corruption of politicians.
    Who directs these cops, from on high?

    Some points of law to pick up on, showing the over reach of the cops, overstepping the mark, and then what they think is a back down, but is a “wrongful” arrest was made, to be tested in the courts. The arrest reason was reduced to serving a $65 fine.
    Possibly some things we can learn from too, in this corrupt incidence.

    How much is this like in NZ, that is unchallenged? first by our journalists, and then backed by corruption of the upper level of the police.



    • When we look at Canada we’re looking at our future. Cindy is using the same playbook that Trudeau did with the media – he made a massive cash injection to the media before the last Canadian election – buying the same biased, supportive coverage that Covid Cindy gets here. And he snuck in to power again.

      I’ve been saying for a while now, democracy has been destroyed by the left.

      If you have a choice between two basically identical unrepresentative parties ….
      If you don’t have a free, independent, unbiased, questioning media…
      If there is unfettered freedom to pass draconian intrusive laws because of a flu outbreak……
      If the people can be locked up in their homes under threat of persecution because of the state….
      If the party in power can limit the ability of anyone to campaign freely in an election….

      .. then you don’t have democracy anymore.

      So the really important question is …. so what’s the alternative? What’s the successor form of government.

      In the US it’s easy. The Trump family takes over like the Lee’s have in Singapore. In NZ – we don’t have a hero to look to!



      • Thanks DP.
        My thoughts too,

        If you don’t have a free, independent, unbiased, questioning media

        I have kept track of Ezra Levant, and the development to “Rebel News”, over the past decade, when he started battling their Human Rights Commission for Free Speech & won.

        Also how Tommy Robinson started, matured through knocks of life, but stayed true to message on “Freedom”, and inspired by Ezra Levant, started his “TR News”

        Mark Steyn also must be mentioned, for his acerbic writings, pulling the curtain down on the ones who shadowy hide their agendas, and fought also through Courts, Commissions for Freedom.

        We need more, to find & support our own here in NZ, like “Investigate” and journalists like Mike Morrah.
        Then there is a curmudgeon;- ED of YSB. 🙂 with jokes too. 🙂



  8. A rich man and a poor man are talking about what gift did they give to their wives.
    The rich man says that he gave his wife a ring and a benz.
    The poor man asks why did he give the benz.
    The rich man replies that if she didn’t like the ring she may drive the benz and go and get it replaced.
    Now what was your gift asks the rich man.
    The poor man replies that he gave her a pair of slippers and a dildo.
    The rich man with an amazed look asks why did he give her a dildo
    The poor man patiently replies that if she didn’t like the slippers she can go and fuck herself.



  9. Julian Assange loses bid to delay extradition case

    Assange, clean-shaven and wearing a suit at Monday’s hearing, formally declined to be extradited. He has been presented with a new, wider superseding indictment issued by US authorities in June, which contains 18 alleged offences of conspiring to hack government computers and espionage.

    The judge rejected his lawyers’ application for the case to be adjourned until January to allow them more time to consider new US accusations.

    “We’re simply not in a position to gather the evidence necessary and respond to the case that has only emerged in the last few weeks,” Assange’s lawyer Mark Summers said.



  10. What a fricking joke ,some Maori academic says “different IWI celebrate Matariki at different times so they’ll have to agree on a single day to make it a national holiday”. LOL Maori IWI’s agreeing on anything hasn’t happened since those fucking stars were first gazed on by their ancestors in some far off land thousands of years ago ,this Myth we’ve had shoved down our throats for fifty years has done nothing to help Maori because every year things apparently get worse FFS.



      • Please, if speaking English refer to its English name. The Pleiades. I have no problem in a holiday celebrating the rising of the Pleiades. Why this specific constellation gets a holiday, and not others is beyond me. But if we are going to celebrate more holidays, how about one for each constellation in the Zodiac……



    • Bit like the 3000 year old myths that are used today as justification for a bunch of Europeans claiming “Israel”

      Yeah I know “that’s different”

      It’s different because Maori settled here first. And we don’t need to even believe a sky fairy gave it to them.



      • To be fair not even the ancient Israelites with the their fable about parting the sea could have topped the Maori crap about Maui fishing up the North Island. The current mob of Godbotherers would be stumped to come up with a yarn that featured volcanos wandering around the countryside.

        Imagine how the early missionaries felt after banging on for hours about the Resurrection only to be completely outclassed by the local tohunga’s tale about Tāne separating the Earth & the Sky.

        They knew when they were beaten. 🙂



  11. I can imagine four possible scenarios by November.
    1. The Ardern regime continues in power, and Biden is the POTUS with the Democrats controlling the House and Senate
    2. The Ardern regime continues in power, and so does Trump with Republicans controlling the House and Senate
    3. National / ACT coalition and Biden is the POTUS with the Democrats controlling the House and Senate
    4. National / ACT coalition and President Trump is the POTUS with the Republicans controlling the House and Senate

    Will the Republicans take back the House? Will they lose the Senate to the Democrats and make Trump a lame duck?
    Will Labour govern alone? Will NZ First cut a deal with National and ACT?



    • So many questions. One answer is that Biden won’t be sworn in as POTUS in January, Harris his VP would take the oath as Biden retires for obvious medical reasons. But, that won’t happen either because President Trump will be re-elected in November once all the “rigged election” protests by the losing democrats is eventually put to bed!



    • Can you imagine the media hysteria if the Party is toppled and Trump elected ?

      Less amusing will be the murders, rapes, arson and rioting, of leftists. I believe they will openly declare civil war in the USA.

      Against – democracy.



      • The “… the murders, rapes, arson and rioting, of leftists.” will be confined to Democrat-run high-density urban areas that are dependent on trucking companies for their food and the utilities companies for their electricity, water, gas and sanitation.

        It is not hard to bring an urban center to its knees. Kea, you of all people who lectures us about the noble farming folk of Cambodia will know this.



        • Yes. Supermarkets, feeding the thrice cursed urban reactionaries, work on a – just in time – model. They only carry about 1 or 2 days food.

          I advocate a global farmers boycott to educate the urban ant farms.




    During hearings of the Joint Parliamentary Law Enforcement Committee last Friday, the Australian Federal Police advised that the Covid lockdowns have provided a ”rich enviroment” for Paedophiles and their abhorent activities.

    They are also advised the lockdowns have resulted in an over 100% in crimes commited by paedphiles.




  13. Shit, don’t tell Ardern, she will make it permanent. It means her members don’t need to wait for the Youth Camp lottery, for some action.

    Ardernites will molest your kids, given the slightest chance. The CoA has even declared it lawful for Party members to do so.



    • ……”her members don’t need to wait for the Youth Camp lottery, for some action”……

      The country’s paedophiles & assorted deviants will be lining up to join. For $5 pa (unwaged) they can fuck children & with a quick flick of their Labourcard ™️ be exonerated with name suppression.

      Next year they’ll be lined up at the school gates with puppies & bags of lollies. Michael Joseph Savage will spin in his grave!



  14. Labour and National trade jabs on campaign trail over business and economy

    Labour and National are trading jabs on the campaign trail – with Judith Collins saying the pledge to make Matariki a public holiday is “cynical” in the face of struggling business and Grant Robertson calling National’s policy announcements “chaotic and inconsistent”.

    Collins said it was “quite telling” after National released its promise yesterday to tackle New Zealand’s methamphetamine issue and Labour’s response “was to tell every small business and every business owner they have to pay for another public holiday”.

    “I actually think that’s really cynical, and by the way that doesn’t come in for some years.”



  15. Watched The Chase tonight. Learnt a new word, as you do:


    Of course I looked it up, well duh! Ok, it seems that The Chase added an ‘r’.

    “Tarantism is a form of hysteric behaviour, popularly believed to result from the bite of the wolf spider”

    Haha, fun times. But wait there’s more:

    The phenomenon of tarantism is consistent with mass psychogenic illness. MPI. What is MPI, but for our well known acronym here in NZ?


    Mass psychogenic illness involves the spread of illness symptoms through a population where there is no viral or bacterial agent responsible for contagion.[2] MPI is distinct from other types of collective delusions by involving physical symptoms.[3] According to Balaratnasingam and Janca, “Mass hysteria is to date a poorly understood condition. Little certainty exists regarding its etiology”.[4] Qualities of MPI outbreaks often include:[3]

    symptoms that have no plausible organic basis;
    symptoms that are transient and benign;
    symptoms with rapid onset and recovery;
    occurrence in a segregated group;
    the presence of extraordinary anxiety;
    symptoms that are spread via sight, sound or oral communication;
    a spread that moves down the age scale, beginning with older or higher-status people;
    a preponderance of female participants.

    Where is your wolf spider Cindy of the plague?

    Hahaha, Tarrantism. What a great word.

    Oh Cindy of the socialism
    Cure us of the Tarrantism

    Only you, the chosen one can do it
    Please, maybe consult your conduit?

    Ah look, about this thing she thinks……
    Please hurry JACK! Our country surely sinks!

    “Shush now, pleb! How dare you make me fluster!
    You know how I do love to filibuster!”

    I knew then, she spoke a truism
    And I knew too, we had communism…….

    Oh Cindy, you doll………….



  16. They talk of fears, as if you are the one with paranoia.
    Whether it is more or is less, so much conjecture, but the the number of letters of concern was 186,000 they gave out, to rectify the problem, in Australia.

    ‘The investigation has taken four months and required a highly technical approach to identify the exact amount of customer information in the 3.8 million documents stolen from the email accounts,’ Service NSW said on Monday.
    The agency said about half a million of the documents included personal information.
    ‘We are now able to focus on providing the best advice for approximately 186,000 customers we’ve identified with data in the breach.’
    Customers who have been affected will receive a personalised letter which they will have to show ID to collect and which will include exact details of the data about them which has been stolen.
    The letters will give instructions to resolve the security breach and complex cases will be assigned a case manager to guide customers through repairing the issues.
    Service NSW labelled the cyber attack ‘criminal’ and said they had referred the matter to police who have launched an investigation.
    The shocking revelation follows the discovery of more than 50,000 Australian driver’s licences leaked online in August.


    Would NZ systems be any more secure, while all the time now they cutting out cheques, and pressuring to a cashless society digital computerized society.

    Seems like some people have the right idea, do not get any license for anything, or down load what the government tracking system, that will also probably include ID parts.

    Even a massive deal was nearly done with million bucks in cash. 🙂
    Clausen with $1m, the other party with a “substantial” quantity of pseudoephedrine, a precursor to methamphetamine.

    “Parked on the side of a road in Takanini, Connor Clausen pulled in front of [a third party] but for one reason or another, although there were moves to deliver the $1m of cash at that stage, the deal didn’t go ahead.”

    Our government wants anyone dealing with over $10,000 dollars, cheques, eft pos, cash, etc.whether assets, vechicles, real-estate to go through their systems, under a drug terrrorist anti laundering scheme.

    Surely the government is endangering your security, that could totally wreck your life.

    I am also tired of people ringing up on my land line, like charity muggers, window cleaners, holiday homes, etc…
    So back to only using an answer phone, and will ring back later.
    I thought my cellphone was safe, but they have cracked that too, but any dodgy numbers are cut off now.
    Also any thing like email often is spammed to junk now, including accounts.



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