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  1. God Lord, imagine if the supervisor had got it right. All the numpties out there wouldn’t be allowed to vote. Gone would be the Greens, Labour, and all the rest including half the Nats.
    What’s not to like about that as a result?



  2. I have just been catching up with yesterdays Have Your Say and see that Capricorn One asks. ” Can people in Retirement Homes vote?
    What about Dementia Homes?
    If so- Do those ‘nice people’ from the Labour Party come and show them which box to tick?”

    A small yarn in reply to Cap.One…
    A few years ago, a Detective in a provincial town was called back to duty on Election Day Saturday to investigate a complaint that a 65 year old IHC woman had had sex the previous night with an IHC care giver. (The new woke legislation describes it as “sexual exploitation of person with significant impairment” CA 1961, s 138(1) )…in the good old days it was “sex with a subnormal woman”

    In essence it means that the woman is so mentally impaired that she cannot give informed consent, which is the test for whether an adult on adult sexual crime has been committed – or not.

    The woman had been brought to the Police Station by the IHC Supervisor who explained that the ‘victim’ was a mentally subnormal woman as defined by statute.

    The woman was questioned by the Detective and made it quite clear that she was a willing party to the previous night’s events. In general conversation, the Detective queried what she had been doing before being brought to the Station…she proudly informed that she had just voted in the General Election…

    “Who did you vote for?” the Detective asked…..with a broad smile she re replied “Helen”.
    She explained that “Helen” was the woman whose very large photo hung on the IHC workshop wall and that she had been driven to the polling booth by the same Supervisor who had brought her to the Station.

    The Detective concluded that as Parliament and the IHC supervisor considered the ‘victim’ mentally able to make an informed decision as to what Party would best run the country, then she was certainly capable of giving informed consent to having a bit of the whatever..

    How about a law concerning, The Political Exploitation Of Person With Significant Impairment or if you are Old School…Political Exploitation of a Subnormal Woman.



  3. Posted late last night.

    It should be asked about NZ’s kindness & well-being god mother, if she means to lock up NZ again.
    Not for CCP virus, but to aid the good health of criminals by repealing the 3 strikes law.

    Seems to be the further out come of “restorative justice”.
    One of the reasons why Labour & Greens will remove 3 strikes law,
    To consider that NZ may have less if any prisons, defunded
    All part of the defunding of the police eventually.

    The people we will lock up, will be ourselves.
    Our prisons will be self funded, by; ourselves.

    Public safety is a binary.
    You cage gang members or you cage 8-year-olds at risk of being hit by a stray bullet.
    You cage muggers or you cage the grandmother lying on the pavement with a bloodied head.
    You cage rapists or you cage the women they rape.
    It comes down to who matters more.


    A well written article, when one weighs up yesterday morning’s link.
    Where Ardern:- “And yes, that includes repealing the three strikes law”.



  4. Arty goes to the Beehive and asks to see Cindy.
    The guard snapped to attention and said “She lost the election”.
    “Thank you”, says Arty, and wanders off.
    Next day, Arty arrives at the same time, and asks to see the Cindy.
    The guard snap to attention and says “She lost the election”.
    “Thank you”, says Arty, and wanders off again.
    On the very next day, Arty arrives at the same time, and asks again to see Cindy, only this time the same first guard is on duty.
    He says ”Didn’t you come here yesterday and the day before asking the same question ? Weren’t you told that she has lost ?”
    Arty smiles & says “I know – I just like hearing it over and over”…..



  5. NZ Election 2020: Farmers voice their concerns with Jacinda Ardern

    “There’s a lot of disillusionment and worry out there amongst farmers about these freshwater changes and everything else that’s been heaped upon them – it’s not so much what’s in it, it’s the timeframes for it.”

    Ardern responded by saying some of the timeframes were quite long, to which Lewis said: “Some of them are quite short, too”.

    Lewis said the government’s track record had turned people off.

    “It’s quite hard to get buy-in from farmers at the moment in the meetings we’re having in halls and things because they all know someone who’s been really affected, dumbly, by the low slope map as well … that’s a shocker, it is a massive issue.

    “It is really turning people off.



    • The bullying of farmers by the state will not have a happy ending..
      The area I live in is one, where pastoral farming has pretty much disappeared replaced in the main by corporates .They are mostly offshore owned.producing wine and wood.
      Farmers options are clear ,Subsidised forestry does not need fenced waterways etc and with the ETS are out producing sheep and cattle financially anyway.

      Welcome to a pine nut Chardonnay diet.



      • The problem is that there are more people in District Councils, Regional Councils, Ministry of Primary Exports, & all those bureaucracies clipping a ticket, from the land.
        Plus numerous small NGO’s like SPCA, Concerned Citizens of whatever etc.. that in all, would near out number directly farmers.

        Do they really care about the “golden goose”, that only lays an egg once a day.
        Do they really understand what happens if they kill it seeking more eggs.

        The all “believe in living fulfilling lives, and the by product of that is increased productivity”,
        Sounds like a sustainable enviro virtuous circle,
        “A value driven approach to economic success”. and so those “principles are embedded into New Zealand”
        HIdden behind that is the Agenda 21 and now Agenda 30, following rulings from the UN.

        They believe the farmers will sell, die out, their children’s education filled with those agendas, so they will at least move on.
        Corporates, crony capitalism, who owns who, will do the selling and buying of each other, trading in cronyism, Just follow the money.
        The well being of the people pffft. …. Go catch a train.



        • Thanks S , agree with your comment.
          In some areas of NZ there are now similarities to rhe “ 18 th century highland clearances “ of those who were in the road of progress.Ironically that clearance was to make way for sheep.
          Now the plan appears to br getting rid of sheep to make room for grapes ,forestry and small holdings.



  6. The interviews have been done in New Zealand.
    The vetting has sort of been done. “Comrade’
    Agreement seems to be reached by the panel, as you handle well the life & death decisions.
    The final decision will be at the end of the week.

    A sociopath goes for a job interview (Tracey Ullman Show)
    2 mins 46 seconds. : • Jul 16, 2016

    Welcome to the Bank of New Zealand, spend and enjoy another 3 year term.



  7. FFS, Have I been asleep for months and woken on April the 1st again ? the moron that runs Tourism Aotearoa reckons we must encourage more people to seek employment in the tourism industry, what planet does this POS reside in doesn’t he know that his industry has just lost 10s of thousands of jobs ?
    Oh well at least I can look forward to a huge jump in the activities in my sex life if we have a labour/Greens cabal ,although I’m not sure being bent over my bank balance and gang raped by those bastards will bring much pleasure ,to get pleasure from that sort of stuff you gotta be a labour party life member or at least be involved in planning young labour underaged piss ups.
    We are truly F – – -Ked.



  8. A law change means hundreds of prisoners who are serving a jail term of three years or less will be voting in this year’s general election.

    “We might physically remove people from their communities, but they don’t lose interest in their communities. They share all the same concerns, interests and worries that we do,” prison director Deborah Alleyne says.

    Many of the inmates have been watching the debates and keeping up with the news.

    Legislation passed in June means prisoners serving a term of less than three years can now have their say.



  9. Taxpayer funding?

    Universities are being urged to help returning foreign students pay for their two-week stint in isolation hotels.

    The universities have indicated they were prepared to consider some help but won’t make any decision until the end of the week.

    Allowing 250 foreign students back into New Zealand is a drop in the bucket compared to the nearly 30,000 studying here last year, before Covid-19.

    Universities New Zealand chief executive Chris Whelan said he hoped it was just the beginning and the numbers increase quickly.



    • Just your usual scum shit from a lying bint.

      I have this recurring nightmare that Labour and the greens will grind this country into ground.

      If I happen to see the Commie chics ugly buck toothed mug on TV again I will scream.



  10. ‘Going to get worse’: Economist’s dire warning for renters as interest rates plummet

    “All power to the consumer – it’s great to see a domestic player throwing one across the bow,” economist Cameron Bagrie told The AM Show on Tuesday. He’s one of the economists picking interest rates to go negative soon.

    “Mortgage interest rates are headed lower. The Reserve Bank is being pretty firm in their desire to get borrowing costs down. They’re offering the banks cheap funding.”

    Bagrie says this will lock many people out, who’ll be stuck renting – which is now likely more expensive than being a homeowner.



  11. Do the Jacinda fans really believe this or is it the Prime Minister’s way of gathering votes under false pretenses.
    You would have to say this story is more likely have begun through our most honest and transparent Government in their words , something the media can’t even agree with . I bet there’s no fact checking on this story as it comes from the media and they think they are always right.



  12. I see KB has another piece on the polls for the US election predicting a Biden win.

    But how does this work ?

    ” There are 64,000 less registered democrats in Pennsylvania since 2016 and 158,000 more registered republicans. And yet the pollsters are showing Joe with an 11pt lead, a larger gap than any candidate has had in the last 7 presidential election cycles? The math just does not work. ”

    I think the Democrats are committing elder abuse. Take a look at this photo of Biden. The poor guy is really suffering.




    • ‘the Democrats are committing elder abuse’

      Well hell, at least it is one of their own
      And he has been a smarmy, deceitful, gropey prick for decades.

      I am more concerned about the abuse they want to inflict on the whole country,
      …and then on the whole wold with more wars and gun toting country invasions -on behalf of the true masters that Trump has held at bay for 4 years.

      Just to be clear, If there is any doubt…. I do not give flying fuck for smokey, gropey, dopey Joe and his well-being.



    • “He noted the defendant had 104 previous convictions between 2001 and 2018, including 29 for family violence, 35 for violence, nine for assaulting females and three for assaulting children, and had spent most of his adult life in prison.”

      According to Andrew Little such things all the fault of those evil ‘racist’ Police….



    • Its Colonisation what dunnit.

      so there you Saffer Wacist, ROL !!

      While there is name suppression of the criminal (to protect the victim, OK then) the judge is:
      Judge Gregory Hikaka
      Just helping out a bro, bro !
      The victims of colonisation have to stick together.

      At least New Plymouth (how long will it hold that name? ) are to get [non democratic] representation on the local council.
      Its not like democracy was much of a thing under the maori system.
      When a raiding party was charging into your village it was not like you could dial 1-1-1
      The men got ‘the chop’ -more than a vasectomy – and the woman were subject to this very treatment, as property.

      But hey, lets cast history in a lily brown shade, shall we ?
      NZ history, coming to a skool near yous fellas.



  13. Yet another white woman killed in her prime by an Indian shitlicker

    This week:
    “A New Zealand woman described as a “kind soul” has been killed in Melbourne, reportedly by her boyfriend.
    The body of Kate Bell, 31, was found in a Melbourne apartment on the weekend, according to the Herald-Sun.
    It’s alleged her boyfriend, Rahul Patel, 29, murdered her, the Herald-Sun reported. His body was later found in Melbourne’s CBD.”

    Locally in NZ:-
    Amber Rose Rush
    Christie Marceau

    ..and the Indian blokes kill lots of their own women when it does not go their way.
    Arishma Singh 2017
    -Ms Singh, also known as Archana Chand, was found by her parents lying on the floor of her bedroom “in a pool of blood” in the early hours of the morning.
    That is rather too common in cases of women murdered by Indian men- knifed to death in their own bedroom.

    add in
    Gurpreet Kaur 2016
    and many more

    In Counties Manukau police district:-
    “Four out of 14 women killed in the previous year were Indian. Assistant Commissioner John Tims asked the advisory board to give an insight into the cultural aspect of this data.”
    That is a high ratio.

    This has to stop.
    That number probably includes Sherine Nath -killed by estranged husband in January this year. (murder, suicide)

    These women are NOT being killed by those [evil, far right] white men !

    How the fecking Govt continues to import these pricks with a bonus of covid -loaded pricks that pay for a false covid negative test in India before ‘returning’ to NZ (or AU) is beyond me.

    If talking about this is racist, then F..it, I’m racist.
    Lets talk about it..and DO something about it.



  14. No early voting until the election in my town all of this week, I am so pissed off, a blue seat of course, I am on the phone to the electoral commission. Taranaki King Country, I would have to travel to Te Awamutu to cast an early vote, I am in Otorohanga.



  15. “Covid-19: Financial help for small Māori-owned business extended”:

    Well colour me surprised. Why the fuck not? Who wants a level playing field? Who cares about their competitors? Who cares about the rich pricks who pay for it? Why wouldn’t we just prop up a section of the business community who can’t look after themselves, while others go to the wall?



  16. “Attacks on our food supply continue at all levels: New Zealand has blocked farmworkers from entering, leaving crops to rot. Biden advocates mandatory COVID19 testing for farms, processing plants, and grocery stores, ensuring more shutdown of the food supply. Vandals hang bolts from corn, ruining thousands of acres of silage and potentially killing thousands of cattle in a “willful, specific act to harm livestock.” A massive — and full — grain elevator in Marengo has burned to the ground. Christian breaks down the latest sabotage on our food supply chain.




  17. Judith Collins says obesity is ‘generally’ a weakness, urges personal responsibility over blaming the ‘system’

    National leader Judith Collins says Kiwis shouldn’t blame the “system” for obesity, because it is “generally” a weakness that people need to take personal responsibility for.

    Massey University researcher Cat Pause, who describes herself as a fat studies scholar, labelled Collins’ attitudes to obesity “heartless” on Newstalk ZB yesterday.

    “It fits in line with a larger neoliberal project, which is about positioning individuals as being solely responsible for their own health and well-being, and suggesting neither the larger society nor the state has any role to play,” Pause said.

    In response, Collins said today: “Do you know what is heartless? It’s actually thinking that someone else can cure these issues.

    “We can all take personal responsibility, and we all have to own up to our little weaknesses on these matters.”



    • That is the right thing to do.
      Collins has to trash talk the bitch.

      The media filth will denigrate her whatever she says with the likes of Tova No’Brain and the Jezebel Too Much making shite up if they dont get what they want.

      Collins needs to Take it To the Limit with ol’ Lying Eyes Ardoom.
      The New Kid in Town, Collins, needs to knock out the complacency of the Peaceful, Easy Feeling that the media filth have and create some Heartache Tonight for the Witchy Woman Clark and her niece, wee Cindy.

      It’s time to soar like an Eagle and become an apex predator, Collins.

      Should have happened 2 weeks ago.
      You cannot play nice with media filth.
      Trump knew that from the get go.



  18. It’s not the only promise Cindy’s Labour party has broken 🙄

    Ardern defends broken fees free promise on visit to uni – ‘We needed to fill in that skills gap’

    The contradiction at the heart of Jacinda Ardern’s re-election bid was on full display at Victoria University, where students roared for a prime minister who has broken a promise to them.

    A ten-year goal to have 100,000 homes built within a decade was abandoned, and minister Phil Twyford demoted, after a dismal return of just a couple of hundred houses in two years.

    That long-running Labour policy, known as “Kiwibuild”, has become synonymous with failure, trotted out by the opposition National party at every media event as evidence of a government with delivery problems.

    On two of Ardern’s pet projects – Auckland light rail to the airport, and child poverty – the government also has little evidence of progress.

    An AAP FactCheck showed Ardern’s claims of improving child poverty statistics were misleading, and that the government needed more time to be able to demonstrate this.



  19. Jacinda Ardern and Labours manifesto for the following three years if Labour are re-elected but will her lies and deciet hold any water come Saturday 17 of October.
    Being able to lie about Housing, Poverty, Health , Tax and Transport in the last three years where you failed at over 75 % of what you promised which amounts to Political Fraud how the hell do expect the Country to trust you again.



  20. So why not some codes for seniors:

    ATD – At the Doctor’s
    BFF – Best Friends Funeral
    BTW – Bring the Wheelchair
    BYOT – Bring Your Own Teeth
    CUATSC – See You at the Senior Center
    FWIW – Forgot Where I Was
    FYI – Found Your Insulin
    GGPBL – Gotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low
    GHA – Got Heartburn Again
    HGBM – Had Good Bowel Movement
    IMHO – Is My Hearing-Aid On?
    LMDO – Laughing My Dentures Out
    OMSG – Oh My! Sorry, Gas
    ROFL…CGU – Rolling on the Floor Laughing…Can’t get Up!
    WAITT – Who Am I Talking To?
    WTFA – Wet the Furniture Again
    WTP – Where’s the Prunes
    WWNO – Walker Wheels Need Oil
    GGLKI – Gotta Go, Laxative Kicking in!
    DTAF – Don’t Trust A Fart



  21. Apartment residents not happy being made to share Covid quarantine hotel space. No so kind!

    Govt ‘acted unreasonably’ converting Stamford Plaza to Covid-19 isolation hotel – Chief Ombudsman

    While most of the building is a hotel, apartments on the top floor of the Stamford Plaza are home to around 300 people.

    Residents also raised concerns over the safety measures being brought in, including corridors being used by both residents and security staff monitoring the new arrivals.

    His investigation found residents weren’t consulted directly as a health and safety plan was developed, then they weren’t given the plan until more than two weeks after the hotel started operating as managed isolation.



  22. Wijohn – too immature to be a parliamentarian?

    NZ Election 2020: Green Party’s values questioned by ACT after candidate calls David Seymour ‘stank-ass leader’

    Wijohn was criticised in the comment section for attacking Seymour.

    “This kind of ad hominem attack is lazier than the people not voting, which is actually not surprising considering your generation and ideology.”

    The Green candidate shot back, “My generation and ideology will make whatever jokes we want about your white-supremacist-defending, interest-to-student-loan-adding, minimum-wage-decreasing, stank-ass leader.”

    A spokesperson for ACT said the remarks are in contrast to the Green Party’s values, which include an aim to “engage respectfully, without personal attacks”.



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