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  1. Imagine if you will, a strange, bizarre world where a virus appears that is so deadly and contagious, you have to be tested to even know you had it, a pandemic is declared while hospitals sit empty, people who are perfectly healthy are considered to be “infected”, everybody wears strange masks and stand 2 metres apart, coughing and sneezing in public are considered a crime and the media thinks that old people dying is somehow unprecedented, it is then you realise you have entered the Covid Zone.



  2. Did anyone watch the interview of Jamie Lee-Ross and Tory O’Brien?

    I understand its gone viral.

    IMO it was quite remarkable – Jamie looked truly the statesman.

    And Tory? She is the face of MODERN FASCISM.



  3. I see Mr Watson is off to jail.
    What fun for him.

    A United Kingdom court has sentenced New Zealand businessman Eric Watson to a four-month jail term.

    TVNZ reports a High Court judge in London found Watson in contempt of court for withholding information about his assets from philanthropist Sir Owen Glenn.

    Watson’s legal counsel has requested to apply for an appeal and requested that the sentencing not be immediate.


    In an October 2 decision, Lord Justice Christopher Nugee said it was “demonstrated how blatantly Mr Watson lied to the Court of Appeal” about the state of his assets.

    Yea well one hopes the Judge will not allow the appeal to the slippery bastard.



  4. Another week and another closure of Aucklands train network after so many 100s of millions have already been wasted on it. Close it down tar seal it and turn it into either a dedicated truck or Uber/bus roadway



  5. The mailman who had been on the same route for 10 years was leaving the job. He had made many friends on the route and decided to put a note in their mailboxes informing them. Many on his route came out of their houses to wish him well and some even gave him an envelope with a card and/or a gift.
    When he walked onto the porch of one house, the door opened and a young woman in a sheer nightgown invited him in. She took his hand and led him upstairs to the bedroom where she undressed him and they had wild sex. Afterwards she led him back downstairs to the dining room where there was a sumptuous lunch laid out. As he was leaving, she handed him a five dollar bill.
    “Why are you doing this for me?”, he asked. “I’ve never even seen you look out the window when I was delivering your mail.”
    “When I got your note, I wasn’t sure what I should do”, she replied.
    “My husband is older than I and knows more about how things should be done so I asked him.
    He said, “Fuck him, give him 5 bucks.”
    “The lunch was entirely my idea.”



    • Covid has served its purpose.
      Every old person in New Zealand was frightened into voting for the Mad Queen.
      Any talk of this strain of the flu will quietly disappear now…It won’t even be in the news within a few weeks.



      • Fair assumption and the warmer weather will help but we may follow the countries in the North experiencing a second and third wave of Covid and NZ may follow come April 2021. Whatever do not forget this Pandemic was caused by the CCP so quietly stop supporting China by not buying their goods, works better than tariffs.



        • I’m really panicking about that second and third wave of this scary, scary disease -NOT – that is so deadly you need a test to know if you have it or may have had it in the past and still did not know. For over 98% of people.
          The R rate is closer to 1.5 and not 2.3 as originally projected.
          This makes a huge difference in multiplier effect at, say, even 4 generations out.
          The death rate of those who actually catch it is less than 2 per 1000.

          So bad that 17 really old people died six months earlier and the NZ Govt added in another 5 people who never even had covid just to get the fear and panic levels up.
          A disease so deadly more Millions of dollar$ have been won in Lotto this year in NZ than died of this disease.
          More people die on the roads in NZ per month than have died from this average strain of corona flu.
          Why is the effort not put into safer roading instead?
          The tax take for roading year on year is higher than that which is put back.

          You can get in fear of a flu virus Freethinker, and not realise that there are possibly more than a hundred strains of similar virus in your body that your immune system has dealt with but my money is on and has long been on this being a political matter and not a medical matter.

          The Ministry of Health in NZ has been weaponised against you. Clearly it worked.

          Most sport gear is made in China. I’m not giving up sport.
          You can spend where you wish but the chances of avoiding Chinese goods is near impossible.
          I’ll sticking with living. Without fear.
          I’m not going to hate on Chinese people just because of a propaganda campaign, just as I did not suddenly hate on Iraqi people in 1990 because of a propaganda campaign.



          • https://www.theepochtimes.com/china-watchers-sound-alarm-over-harassment-of-new-zealand-professor_3543832.html
            The Thousand Talents Plan was rolled out by Beijing in 2008, and is China’s most prominent state-run recruitment program. Hundreds of similar operations exist at the central and local government levels, aiming to attract promising overseas Chinese and foreign experts in the fields of science and technology to fuel China’s innovation drive. The CCP plays a central role in executing the recruitment plan.

            “By accessing universities or tech companies in states with an advanced technology sector like New Zealand, the PLA can get a foothold within the international network of scholars working on a given subject area,” the paper states.

            “New Zealand commercial and educational links with PLA-affiliated organizations and individuals raise national security, as well as reputational, ethical, and intellectual property risks. Some of these links potentially breach New Zealand’s international commitments and domestic laws.”
            Follow The Money, The Trail leads to China



  6. Coronavirus: Donald Trump labels Anthony Fauci ‘disaster’

    “Fauci is a disaster. If I listened to him, we’d have 500,000 deaths,” Trump said on a call with campaign workers which the campaign allowed reporters to join.

    Speaking from his signature hotel in Las Vegas ahead of two rallies in Arizona, Trump said Americans were fed up with pandemic restrictions.

    “People are saying, ‘Whatever. Just leave us alone.’ They’re tired of it. People are tired of hearing Fauci and all these idiots,” said Trump, whose rallies include many supporters not wearing masks and standing shoulder to shoulder at odds with the guidance of Fauci and other public health experts.

    “Fauci is a nice guy. He’s been here for 500 years,” Trump added.



  7. A question for all the farming/rural folk on here.

    Do you give any credence to the idea that plenty of people party voted Labour in the rural electorates to try to keep the Greens out of Parliament/ Government ? ( I am very doubtful about it)



    • Sadly it appears to be true. Looks like Fed Farmers put the word out that they can work with Labour if the Greens are kept out of the mix.

      NZ Election 2020: Farmers hope Labour’s success could mean less power for Greens

      Hoggard said farmers will be watching carefully to see what Cabinet positions are filled by whom, when the new Government is finalised.

      “We now have a vacant Minister of Foreign Affairs,” Hoggard said.

      “Now David Parker is, you would assume, one of the people in the running for that. So if he becomes [minister of] foreign affairs, we’ll have someone new in the [Ministry for the] Environment and certainly when you’re new in a seat or in a position and you’ve got some concerns with the old person’s position it’s very much easy to walk back on stuff. Whereas if they’re your ideas it’s a lot harder to walk back on them. So how the Cabinet shakes out will determine a bit how things move forward.”

      Although New Zealand’s rural communities traditionally vote National, a number of normally solid blue seats turned red this year, including Rangitata, which was won by Jo Luxton, East Coast, won by Kiri Allan, and Wairarapa, won by Kieran McAnulty.

      Hoggard gave those MPs credit for winning their electorates, saying they had “really engaged” with Federated Farmers and had “done the hard work” in their communities over the past few years.



      • Thanks WG.
        I hope I am wrong but I think Hoggard will find he has been taken for a ride. There is no way the Greens will lesser influence. H1 has said in politics you have to have long term relationships when talking about the Greens involvement in the Government.



          • Parker is a self serving smarmy prick with no visible redeeming features.
            He stood for Leibour in Epsom about 2008. I took pleasure defacing his signs esp the one in the front yard of some some University twats down the road.
            She was steaming.
            I did express great concern that his could happen in OUR street.
            Oh noes. What is the world coming to?

            Snails leave a snail trail
            Twyford leaves a fail trail
            Parker leaves a trail of slime – not to be confused with snails.



    • There was an increase in ACT voters too in many rural seats.
      I know of some that turned to ACT.

      Although rural there are many more than farmers, District Councils, Regional Councils, that is a whole bureaucracy and their contractors.
      Schools in some rural towns are mini industries. and so are major employers.
      Trucking, Carrier, companies can also be a major employer in a small town.
      Lifestyle blocks where their income are not really based on agriculture.

      In some rural towns, have quietly been settled by retired folks from the cities.
      Particularly these, are often shocked at how much they have to pay in rates, as after all their house is very relatively cheap after cashing up their city home.
      Some have come, like single mums as the rent is cheaper.

      In the North Island in particular, are all maoris registered on the general roll?
      I know a number who are not, to my initial surprise.
      Just like a maori living on a block of land, does not mean it is maori titled land, and have been surprised it is under European title. I think that is done so the owners may have more control over who can inherit, and done many years ago.

      Dairy farm workers, are more itinerant, and with young families, so some attractive points to vote Labour?

      Just what is the demography of a rural electorate, as the numbers of farms have been reduced.

      Fonterra farmer share holders only number about 12,000, and would another 1,000 cover the other companies?
      Sheep & Beef farmers only get over 9,000 farmers.

      All direct animal Farmers barely add up to an electorate.

      Then there is horticulure which seems to be over 8,000 and viticulture etc..
      so in just looking found this

      Farmers are becoming a rare breed, and some of those in the above link will double up as many arable would be on a sheep & beef & dairy. The 1 sheep and the 1 beef cow counted as a farm is bemusing.

      wg I do not think that Fed Farmers put the word out to vote Labour.
      Duncan Garner’s panel man, who supposedly was always a National voter. suggested that last week.
      Not sure whether he is the source, but that seems to have gone viral, into the reasoning of people.

      Fed Farmers is just to not make an entire feud. Just being pragmatic, in trying to work in, influence the government to be more practical.
      And I am one that does not trust the upper echelons of Fed Farmers either as some have.

      Nor do I trust how those journalists write up a person’s comments, as they ask their leading questions, and try and frame their journalist opinion, agenda, meme into their write up into some else’s answers.

      What is done now, is done.
      Just the jockeying for position, to have some influence, if possible.



      • ……”Sheep & Beef farmers only get over 9,000 farmers.”…..

        I reckon that figure is well out. Not every farmer, big or small, belongs to Federated Farmers.

        Beef & Lamb NZ report 25,113 sheep & beef farms in 2012. The Dept of Statistics advise “Combined beef and sheep farming continued to be the most extensive agricultural activity in 2016 for most farms. There were 29,655 farms that had at least one beef cattle and or at least one sheep in 2016, but this number was down 29.4 percent from 42,015 in 2002. ”

        Numbers may be reducing but many smaller farms are absorbed into larger ones when they hit the market.



        • The trend is down as with amalgamation and other systems of farming like wine, kiwifruit, etc…

          Not from Fed Farmers.
          For 9165 farms
          Shows the main types of commercial farms.
          Beef & Lamb get their money as one of those fees on the work kill sheets, so should be reasonably accurate from that view.

          Talking to NAIT official first thought it lined up about 10,000. but I put to him the 12 000 dairy, so closed at about 20,000 but then realized the 1 cattle beast life-styler is included as a PICA. Still no real idea.

          I think any smaller, and you are getting into an area where that farmer has other income, another job,
          Then there is a number of farms, where the wife comes with income. Teachers, nurses, secretary, etc.. that can be found around a surprising distance from a centre.
          Some muck in well on the farm as well, and quite a few do not.
          I have sometimes think that though they may be a loving couple, the husband remains silently cucked, but enjoys the farm and children doing well and pleased to get out with they “boys”



            • Probably true. The worst thing is that these blocks are usually situated on highly fertile, flat river plains surrounding cities. Think Palmerston North, Napier & Gisborne.

              Generally they’re farmed by wankers who reckon horseshit & a 40Kg bag of super every five years covers maintenance fertiliser requirements. One day we’ll wake up to the danger such sprawl offers to the primary exports of NZ Inc.



          • ……”the husband remains silently cucked”…..

            Objection!!!! I owned & ran just over 300 ha but the wife worked as an office manager in town & apart from vehicles/rates we lived on her salary. Surplus farm income was directed to paying down debt & setting up a few small investments.

            Occasionally SWMBO donned her itsi bitsy steel capped boots & helped with mustering or whathaveyou but normally I relied on contractors or neighbour labour swaps for what I couldn’t handle myself.

            As an aside Statistics filter out farms not registered for GST so generally speaking life style blocks don’t skew the figures.

            Cucked my arse. Real women do it with farmers! 🙂



    • Gut feel is unlikely but can’t see a more plausible explanation. National failed to support its natural core base of Farmers/Small Business/Landlords/Firearms owners. Here’s a hint Judith, whatever nasty legislation Labour/Greens have or will enact promise to repeal/ammend possibly some retrospectively, National will likely ignore but perhaps ACT will and become the largest opposition party.



    • Cactus Kate all fired up, some parts with good reason.


      However I disagree on her point about the farmers voting Labour to stop the Greens and so deserve to be tax inflicted.

      The wealth tax, despite Jacinda’s denial, did seem plausible, really, until possible merge with Greens.
      Just knowing the antipathy of David Parker! Then there is the ignorance of farming and espousing of Climate Change by the other Labour MP’s.

      However knowing how things may twist, to consider “land taxes” “carbon taxes” water control with “taxes” then the most heavily hit are farmers, and they know that.
      Act were not going to be part of any of those taxes, and nor National.

      It is the people who will be barely effected by those taxes, and will receive some amelioration in many different ways that were tempted and voted Labour in many of the small towns & life-stylers.

      I feel it is a meme with an agenda that has been put out, and played around with by journalists.
      Ultimately to make farmers scape-goats for what is to come, and they deserve, nay need to be taxed even more, and so more easy to isolate and remove any one who may ally with farmers on certain points.
      It is a way to break up that lobby, that is actually much more than the so called “farming lobby”
      A way of getting people to divide, and so easier for pick off and keep others onto the long term march to the goals of socialism.



    • I think you will find Rosco that there was a switch.
      Oddly the poll figures were remarkably close this time in NZ esp the final Colmar Brunton.

      The CB was 3% out for Nat/Lab and very possibly a switch over of that 3 and a bit percent from Nat to Lab.

      Entirely plausible.
      What was interesting was the party vote – the real makeup of Parliament was in Lab favour.
      But also the electorate vote. So many Nats lost their seats.
      That is the curious bit.
      It possibly indicates that people simply do not understand MMP.
      It is a weird and seldom used system and some countries that have tried it dropped it after 2 cracks.
      Abania- smarter than NZ – dropped it.

      This is of concern that people do not understand the electoral system.
      I would suspect many – well over 10% do not understand the wasted vote factor.
      They sort of ‘know of it’ but do not akshully* understand it.

      However MMP certainly lived up to expectations – More Maoris in Parliament




      • I think it is as simple as they scared the hell out of people and basically brainwashed them with the fear mongering. I don’t think the leaking would have affected the average voter.

        We are seeing the same games in Australia –despite it being shown that Andrews is a lying, backstabbing bastard many Victorians still think he is doing a good job. Similarly in Queensland and WA. In WA they are all living a relatively normal life so they do not care about what the politicians are doing and so the PM can play it to his advantage until the next election.

        So being elected on that basis is not really a solid base going forward. People say Ardern and Key are the same, being popular and good on TV etc. There is a major difference –Key, no matter what you think of him, was able to get things done and had some good management ability. Ardern has shown us she has neither — I will continue to say when you look back on the Covid management, the Govt. was reacting to pressure all the time, hey never made proactive moves , which not good management at all.



    • Like you I doubt it very much.
      Look at the way forestry horticulture (Grapes) , and other land use has changed the face of a lot of provinces.
      Pastoral owner operated farms are disappearing.
      Corporate ownership and management is now most common.
      Feds seems happier with the big boys.
      And most family farmers make up their own mind.



  8. Despite the clusterfuck that was the election bought and paid for with fear and taxes, I remain of good cheer.

    This was written about the US but I consider it applies to me. Maybe to us all…?

    My mom told me ‘count to ten’. When I found Jeffers’ admonitory poem (quite a few years back now), I substituted this for the ten-count.

    Sometimes I recite it out loud when the cretins congregate around me. The sideways looks alone are worth the price of admission 🙂


    That public men publish falsehoods
    Is nothing new. That America must accept
    Like the historical republics, corruption and empire
    Has been known for years.

    Be angry at the sun for setting
    If these things anger you. Watch the wheel slope and turn,
    They are all bound on the wheel, these people, those warriors.
    This republic, Europe, Asia.

    Observe them gesticulating,
    Observe them going down. The gang serves lies, the passionate
    Man plays his part; the cold passion for truth
    Hunts in no pack.

    You are not Catullus, you know,
    To lampoon these crude sketches of Caesar. You are far
    From Dante’s feet, but even farther from his dirty
    Political hatreds.

    Let boys want pleasure, and men
    Struggle for power, and women perhaps for fame,
    And the servile to serve a Leader and the dupes to be duped.
    Yours is not theirs.

    – Be Angry At The Sun, Robinson Jeffers



  9. Wealth redistribution will be cranked up.
    Watch the exchange rate, it is one of the most efficient tools to achieve this.
    Venezuela style currency debasing.
    NZD may fall out of bed
    Already talking up a negative OCR .
    Increasing interest rates is not anywhere on the table.

    So be afraid.



  10. The four big things the new Government needs to focus on, according to an economist

    The Government needs to take back control of the economy from the Reserve Bank, a prominent economist says, because the Bank’s monetary policy is driving up house prices and increasing inequality.

    “There’s opportunities, but there’s also a hell of a lot of work that needs to be done,” he told The AM Show on Tuesday.

    “Fix the mix – that’s bout fiscal policy doing a bit more, monetary policy less; right people in the right places – if you want to deliver, you’ve got to promote some people and that also means you need to demote some others; infrastructure needs to be at the epicentre; and some pretty hard questions asked I think in regards to education.”

    The Reserve Bank is in charge of monetary policy, and is largely independent. It controls things like the official cash rate (OCR), which was dropped to a record low in March to encourage borrowing and spending through the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “Things are getting a little bit more out of economic balance out of economic balance, social balance… Monetary policy’s doing too much of the heavy lifting,” said Bagrie. “What’s that driving? More income inequality and more unaffordable houses.



  11. Talking about the CCPs booming economy Don Mckinnon said “look successive NZ governments have been very careful not to upset the Chinese Leadership and because of that we will benefit from the now rapidly growing Chinese economy unlike our neighbors Australia and the USA”
    What a mealy mouthed Cowardly C—T that POS is, another failed MP that has crawled so far up the CCPs arsehole only his expensive sneakers can be seen….



    • The CCP publishes whatever figures suits it and not bear resemblance to actual’s so do not assume they are meaningful as I suspect they are stockpiling essentials in case of a War or Natural disaster (Check out 3 Gorges Dam). I will looking at China’s electricity production and Baltic Dry shipping rates to see if these confirm the figures albeit on a very gross basis.



      • Yeah the Baltic Index don’t lie. It can be misinterpreted but that is different. And downstream of the 3 Gorges the ChimCom Viricidals have sacrificed a lot of arable land – and pesants’ property – to take the pressure off the dam. Add to that, rotten grain in granaries – and a fucked-up full-scale food-crisis could not happen to a more deserving group of Communist bastards.

        Sadly, it’ll be the peasants who starve.

        Still, look on the possible bright side. If Xi and Co lose the Mandate of Heaven, they might get the Full Shang-Ming Fuckover.


        I’ll be cheering for the peasants.



  12. Cactus Kate’s review of the election.


    Good, but I do not agree with her about the age issue. I think political parties should be like a school staff room –filled with a mix of ages and experience which is continually “rolling over”. The younger ones that do nor cut it move on as do the older who are not contributing what they should but the mix should be kept in place.

    I heard Steven Joyce on Hosking’s show this morning. I did not realise he was involved with the review of the 2002 lose. He should be bought in again and ultimately replace Goodfellow, so he can oversea the needed organisational changes. A review is a waste of time if it is not acted on and acted properly and quickly.



    • Sounds like a crock of shit. Another anti male fabrication misreported by Stuffed.

      The slut should rot in prison for perjury.

      Fact is, the poor bugger was driven into the arms of another woman, and she thought she would teach him a lesson.



  13. Well said Melissa Lee!

    ‘I’m getting emotional’ – Melissa Lee tears up over National MPs voted out at election

    Lee added that she was “really angry” about unnamed National MPs telling MediaWorks they’re predicting a leadership coup.

    “I just think that people, New Zealanders will be very disappointed at us. We just look like politicians that can’t actually sort of keep it together.

    “Really disappointed whoever it is. Hopefully it will stop.”

    Lee said she didn’t know who was leaking information to the press.

    “You just feel like an entitled MP and I think you just need to shut up,” she said.



  14. National MPs ‘disappointed’, backing Judith Collins and want leakers to front up ahead of ‘sombre’ caucus meeting

    “We keep looking outside ourselves and we go ‘it’s Jacindamania, it’s COVID, it’s all of that sort of stuff.’ But you know, as a party and a caucus, we have had a lot of things that have gone on in the last year that haven’t really helped,” Kuriger said.

    “I think there is no room in our caucus for anyone that is leaking,” she said. “I stand in front of staff yesterday as the whip and say, ‘look our resources are cutting down’. Some of them have lost their bosses. I just think some of those leakers don’t think about that sort of stuff.”

    Her message to them: “Just stop it, shape up or get out. Absolutely. We have got no room for that sort of behaviour. We are only going to win if we are a team. I am focused on 2023. Everyone who remains in that room needs to be focused on 2023. That’s where we have got to go.”



  15. Media is filth.
    Media are liars.
    Just as flys land on and eat shit, lying and manipulation is the role of media scum.
    Flys are more useful.

    Those above who quote Tova No’Brain are being played.
    Remember No’Brain was involved with Ross.
    He was THE leaker.
    I won’t watch the thing’s interview with Ross. Don’t care. Toxic is a nasty little tart.

    I would guess it was mainly a show to demonstrate to her fellow media filth that she has broken relations with JLR.
    Nothing more to read into it.
    It will be her cleansing in the eyes of her fellow mediatards.
    However, like a fly, No’Brain did immerse herself in, and eat, shit.

    Remember Toxic has run a campaign for over 2 years to destabilise Notional leadership.
    It does not matter who it is.
    It will not stop.

    TV3 is a 100% foreign owned pathetic old FTA television station that has gone into receivership 4 times in its 30 year history.
    It collapses not paying bills including the $22m to the IRD (our taxes) in 2013.
    To them, ethics is a county in England.
    ….and yet 15% of its income is from NZ on Air (our taxes) to reward the wanna be ‘comedians’ !!!

    The thing is to ignore it and play some scrabble, read a novel, feed the ducks, go to the pub, thrash the kids, anything but getting taken in by Toxic.



  16. Steve Bannon has co-ordinated with international media to spill the whole Hunter Biden/Joe Biden corruption saga contained on Hunter’s discarded laptop. Everything is coming out! Biden has pulled a “super lid” and hidden in his basement.


    EMBARRASSING Biden Rallies vs MAGA Trump Rallies! HILARIOUS! (video)



  17. Another Ihumatao. Private land claim. What you going to do now Cindy?

    Ngāpuhi protestors prepared to stand in front of bulldozers to stop housing development

    A group of 20 people have been occupying the site, which is situated on the headland known to local Māori as Puketiti, since Saturday.

    They’re trying to stop the construction of 17 houses by a private developer, after the commercial arm of the Far North District Council sold the public land in March this year.

    “We’re intending to camp or occupy on top of the maunga until we get a response or resolve the development,” Williams said.

    “We’re willing to stay up here even if they bring bulldozers up here, we’re willing to stand in front of the bulldozers, that’s how far we’re going to go.”

    He said the site was a wāhi tapu, or a significant cultural site.



  18. Labour’s top tax rate: Here’s how it will affect you

    There are currently four individual income tax rates in New Zealand: 10.5 percent, 17.5 percent, 30 percent and 33 percent. At the 2020 election, Labour promised to introduce a new top tax rate of 39 percent on income over $180,000, likely to take effect from April 1, 2021.

    As tax is often misunderstood, Newshub asked NZ tax and financial services leader John Cuthbertson how tax is calculated, and how the top tax rate would affect take-home pay.

    Working example: $200,000 per year with new top tax rate:

    CEO Sam earns $200,000 per year (gross). Based on current individual tax rates (see above) Sam would pay $56,920 in tax, leaving him with a take home pay of $143,080.

    With the introduction of the 39 percent top tax rate, Sam would pay $58,120 in tax ($1200 more) than under the current tax rates.



  19. Karma strikes at the most inopportune times! 🤫

    Top US news personality suspended for masturbating in company Zoom meeting, thinking he was off-camera

    Jeffrey Toobin – a prominent lawyer and author who works for CNN and the New Yorker as a legal analyst – exposed his genitals and began masturbating during a meeting between WNYC radio and New Yorker staff.

    He had also recently released True Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Investigation of Donald Trump, about the lawyers trying to prosecute the US President.



  20. Ardern intends to divide our country on the basis of; race, gender, sexuality, physical features, skin colour, and what ever else she can dream up. People will be afforded different levels of consideration and rights, based on her edicts.

    So what’s new you ask? Well the difference is this will all become law. Severe legal penalties are going to be imposed on anyone that does not outwardly support this, or questions it.

    Marxists believe in violent revolution. And purges. It’s hard to achieve this when the population is united around shared values. As most people are naturally.

    Her plan is to turn us on each other and use this as justification for total control over every detail of our lives. Even our thoughts and words.



  21. Judith Collins says it’s ‘onward and upwards’ for National after devastating election loss

    A significantly smaller pool of National MPs emerged today from the party’s first caucus meeting after election 2020 slashed its electorate seats and party vote – but leader Judith Collins is confident it’s “onward and upwards”.


    The party is launching a review into the last term of Opposition and also into the campaign.

    Collins said the intention is to “reconnect, listen and think about the way forward”, and that it will not be “a once-over lightly”.



  22. Problem solved, but NZ’s loss, as we are run by big government decree.

    Due to concerns about stranded Cruisers seeking refuge during these frustrating times, the Director General Immigration Republic of Indonesia ….. ……
    that his department will process online visas for Marine Nautical Tourists entering Indonesia by Yachts and Vessels at Marina Del Ray Lombok Indonesia. …..
    ……… “This is Great news for Yachts stranded in the Pacific Ocean with the onset of the Cyclone Season fast approaching and no option for Yachts Caught in Thailand, Malaysia and other parts of Australasia [Oceania]
    Captain Raymond La Fontaine said” Every Year millions of dollars of damage is done due to cyclones on Northern Australia and with New Zealand thousands of miles south and closed to Yachts,
    Indonesia is the most logical, safe and economical alternative as the world largest archipelago is outside the cyclone and Typhoon zones of the world. …..


    Many helpful links, for visas, further information & advice.
    Well set up as “Marina Del Ray was built for this purpose”.
    I wonder if any New Zealand companies and skilled workers will be heading over there now?

    Even though it is by another countries big government decree, at least the could see a benefit for their citizens, if things are organized to minimize any pitfalls, whilst setting it for the future to be a good “pitstop”
    Will this build so in the near future, set up to be hosting an Americas Cup too?



  23. The Nats appear to be on the verge of outing the leaker.
    I wonder if this person is responsible for leaks going back a few years and if there is a connection with certain National Party supporters.
    The plot thickens.



  24. Labour will not be forming a formal coalition with the Greens

    Newshub can reveal Labour leader Jacinda Ardern will not be forming a formal coalition government with the Greens.

    Instead, the Prime Minister is planning a lower-level support arrangement, but there will be no negotiations because the Greens have zero bargaining power – Labour is powerful enough on its own.

    Labour now has 64 MPs – an outright majority – so the Greens are not needed to govern.

    The Greens won’t mention a coalition and they’re not going to get it.

    “We expect nothing,” Green Party co-leader James Shaw said, when asked if he expects there to be a formal coalition agreement with Labour.

    The Greens will be offered a little more than nothing but not a lot.



  25. Widow horrified at new allegations husband Ian Pullen was beaten to death in Australia

    Ian Pullen, 43, was in the Hunter region north of Sydney helping fight the bushfires in September 2018. Late one night when he returned to his accommodation, he was struck by a vehicle.

    Police arrested and charged 29-year-old Joshua Knight earlier in October, and on Tuesday his 30-year-old passenger Nicole Mason also appeared in court facing a murder charge.

    Hunter Valley District crime manager Detective Inspector Matt Zimmer told Newshub the vehicle returned to the scene “a short time” after striking Pullen.

    “At that, the male and female exited the car approached Mr Pullen while he was still alive, and struck him in the head with an object.”

    Knight and Mason had the chance to help, but police say instead they inflicted blunt force trauma.



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