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  1. Holy Crap I saw Cindy on the TV last night and tried to watch what she was on about and managed about 20 seconds ,seriously the stress of her job is taking it’s toll she is noticeably stoop shouldered and looking haggard ,what she needs is the people from the Herald to start working with her fulltime because they have the knack of photoshopping the creature into appearing like a 16 year old girl on her way to the school prom .
    FFS Shane Reti gets the deputy leadership of the hopeless National Party and what’s the first f- – – -king thing he does ? He trumpets his Maoridom “I’m just a Maori from the North” he said this morning.
    The Nats are a spent force and I predict big problems for Collins and her new “Native” deputy in the near future and right there is our problem , 120 useless self obsessed entitled agenda and ethnicity driven Fuckwits that will run around screaming “the ship is sinking, the ship is sinking” when the shit hits the fan in 2021…



    • Thanks for the advice revtech. I agree. It is fascinating to watch. The NZ media are under the same dark spell as the USA msm refusing to investigate The Left who can do no wrong. We cannot survive as a society where lies and obfuscation is accepted as truth for the benefit of the few.



      • This is about a massive projection of power.

        Half the species is terrified of a common cold. This is about terrifying the red-pilled, the people who are attending lockdown protests and commenting on YSB.

        This is about sending a message so strong, so clear that the red-pilled learn their place and accept their fate.

        First there was the bald-faced murder of Epstein – that was to a test case, if there was no outcry against something like that, that was so obviously (do I have to say it again) not a suicide – then the NWO knew that they could get away with anything. ANYTHING! Like clumsy voter fraud and voter suppression.

        If Trump’s legal challenges are thwarted and Kamala Harris is installed in the White House after Joe has a stroke or something – what then? What happens in a USA where 71 million patriots have seen proof (no matter how hard the big networks and big social tried to censor it) that:
        – voting is not real, it’s meaningless
        – they do not live in a democracy or a republic after all
        – they have been lied to all their lives
        – the future holds the destruction of the nation they love(d) so much
        – they are going to be humiliated for wrongthink
        – their jobs are going to be exported (again) to China
        – sons and daughters in the military are going to be sacrificed in endless foreign conflicts so the people who rigged this election can get even richer

        If the ballot box is meaningless (and the NWO have done everything they could this election to prove that it is) then how long before the population starts behaving like they are occupied by a hostile foreign power?



    • Paul Keating, Former PM of Australia

      ..”.A soufflé doesn’t rise twice”

      Notional rewoke after 2002 but this time the talent pool is certainly not of a Napier street puddle on 10/11/20.
      It is veeeery shallow.

      They remained woke and are stumbling around like zombies that have not slept in 18 years.



  2. Group calls out Auckland art exhibition of neo-Nazi flags, white nationalism symbols

    Opponents of an Auckland art exhibition which featured neo-Nazi flags and symbols of white nationalism have received an apology from one of the exhibition’s co-facilitators, but say it doesn’t go far enough.

    “I regret in the strongest way possible the display of images and symbols related to terrible violence inflicted upon marginalised communities in the name of art. I recognise now this was a form of platforming fascist symbols. I apologise whole-heartedly for any detraction from the strength, mana and resilience of those people and for any pain that the exhibition caused them.”

    He also acknowledged that he would not work with Nina Power in the future, and said he would meet with the communities he had harmed face-to-face.



  3. Covid – a boot heel in your face. Forever! Coming for your pets next

    Having established that Covid gives the NWO an excuse to lock-up healthy people and destroy all nation’s economic wealth and steal elections – the NHO fascists are stepping up the pace.

    Many people enjoy (some rely on) the companionship of their domestic pets. Clearly the New World Order of fascists have decided that the rabble can’t be allowed to have anything that provides solace and so in the next 18 months it seems that the narrative is being prepared to eradicate cats from society in the Western World.

    In Denmark, a cull of 100% of the 17 million farmed mink population is underway. The reason, species jumping of Covid (a disease so deadly that you only know you have it if you get a test). Apparently minks can turn ordinary indetectable Covid into a super Mink-Covid that will be a disease so deadly (that you only know you have it if you get a test to tell you so).

    And now somehow miraculously, we’re being told that cats (felines) are just like minks (mustelidae) which they are not, yes they have whiskers and four feet and eat meat – but that’s about it. We’re more like pigs than cats are like Mustelidae.

    At some point we have to wake up to the great truth told by Voltaire during the French Revolution

    “those that can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities”

    First it was your freedom to earn a living and associate, 2021 it’s going to be your right to own a pet, 2022 it’ll be removal of the right to own property and the year after it’ll be your right to life!

    This fucking nonsense has to stop or we’re before you know it we’re going to be putting people in gas chambers again. What a fucking pathetic species we are.



  4. A brief glimpse of what Kiwiblog used to be – DPF does a fabulous analysis of the voter fraud situation

    It seems that the analyst in David Farrar briefly surfaced, he has done a genuinely comprehensive breakdown of the electoral situation in the US re the fraud.

    I’ve been following the non-MSM news on the election closely and honestly Farrar has produced a masterpiece – it’s just about neutral and it is hugely informative.

    Got to give credit where credit is due (I’m surprised his moderators haven’t deleted it).

    Anyway – a big thank you Farrar for doing this – here is a link to it



  5. Should our doctors look like us?
    If you assume that all men and women of all races and culture are of equal ability, then surely it is reasonable to force institutions to produce graduates in ratios that reflect contemporary society.

    From the Herald:
    “Preferred minority groups now take a majority of the places in our two medical schools – but it’s still not enough to make our doctors look like us. Just 120 of the 257 places for domestic students entering medicine at the University of Auckland next year will be available for “general” students, after allocating 77 to Māori and Pacific students, 52 to regional and rural students, five to students from decile 1-3 schools, two to students with disabilities and one to a student from a refugee background.
    “At the University of Otago, only 82 of the 199 places for domestic students entering this year from first-year health sciences were available to general students after giving preference to 55 Māori, 31 rural students, about 20 Pacific students, about 10 students from decile 1-3 schools and one refugee.”

    I can understand the warm feelings of a self-identifying Maori being treated by a self-identifying Maori doctor. And a disabled woman might feel more comfortable being treated by a doctor in a wheelchair. But where do you draw the line? How far down do you split the identities to ensure that doctors mirror the population?
    On what basis do you prioritize one attribute over another? Does gender trump religion? Does skin colour trump gender? How do you judge? Who writes the rules?

    Why not simply allow the best, brighest and well-adjusted students to become doctors?
    Who is behind this drive for equality of outcome?



        • Let’s say that the medical graduate intake is based on the drive to create a medical profession that mirrors society.
          What happens if the medical outcomes over the following decade deteriorate significantly? What if medical accidents due to errors and poor communication significantly increase?
          Does the system go back to one based on meritocracy?
          Does it double down?
          Does it look for scapegoats?

          What are the outcomes of changing any system to “mirror society”? Are the results better or worse or really no different? Any examples?



    • We’ve just gone through this. Our daughter just missed the cut for med at the end of her first year. With excellent marks. She slogged her guts out, and had to watch those with less effort and achievement get accepted ahead of her. She was determined to do medicine though, so slogged her way through a degree, again with excellent marks, before finally being accepted into med. It’s grossly racist and unfair. At the end of the day, I don’t care what my doctor looks like, as long as they’re competent, and I can relate to them.



    • If traditional doctors tend to be similar (meritocratically selected high-achievers with a fairly uniform professional approach) then you would expect society as a whole to grow used to dealing and interacting with “the typical doctor.”

      What happens when the medical schools start turning out 31 different flavors of doctors instead of plain vanilla?
      The chances are that you will have to deal with a totally unfamiliar type of doctor almost every time. This may make it harder for less-adaptable members of the public to cope.
      It may make the situation worse. It will be much harder to “match” the patient with the “correct” doctor.



        • At the practise I’m enrolled at I can see my own doctor provided I’m prepared to wait for about six weeks for an appointment. Other than that you get who you’re given with a two week wait.

          If it’s an emergency you may as well skip the medical step & go straight to the undertaker. Emergencies are triaged by any one of a trio of fat, useless, incompetent, know-all nurses.



          • The community services card knocks the visit price from $50 down to $20. Didn’t qualify before with the rentals, but they are sold. At 20 bucks, I go more often. The chemist next door is not charging for prescription now after losing customers to countdown supermarket!



            • Whats that card Sooty??, 🙂

              Decades ago, the one time when I really needed the community card, I could not get it.
              Had to book a lot of medical doctor costs up on the credit card with high %
              The Over Draft was already in major bank cautionary terms.

              Next year, when I did not really need the the card, then I applied (based on last year’s income) , more as an health insurance and bit of revenge, and got it, though I did remain very much healthy. A win / win play. 🙂

              Then the taxes paid became eye watering, as becoming a bit better based, but slowly things became better balanced.
              So I still paid my dues.



          • The same here nasska.
            Another way of getting a 2nd opinion. 🙂

            Though they do seem to follow a formula.
            Still it allows how different they can see things.

            Some have a good reputation.
            Some are very good on some things, such as minor surgery, but useless on diagnosis.
            Others have a reputation on mistakes being buried.

            Overall just try to minimize the visits, but sometimes, needs must.
            Then to consider a stitch in time saves 9, and if it keeps you walking, life then stays good.

            Always good to get a referral, from the local medical system if needs to go to E&D.
            Also go by ambulance, stuff the cost, and be unattended,
            The one thing they do not like doing is sending you home alone.

            You are then a few notches up in E&D who will try & send you home,
            But the travel by ambulance, has burnt your bridges, and you are across the Rubicorn. 🙂
            The real Doctors then will turn up a day or 2 later, and then serious consideration is done.
            Strangely then I am admitted to a ward, having not sent out for the hearse.

            Then a what would be classed as minor, though very critical for me, gets things sorted, now all healed up and back to work, to pay the tax.
            Nor am I collecting any pension or benefit yet.



            • Well put Simpleton. My major bitch about the system is having to explain medical problems to a fat, condescending bitch with a Weetbix degree in cultural safety.

              If I can make it through the door, have money in my pocket to pay for a consultation & ask to see a doctor, that’s who I want to see. No woman, to the best of my knowledge, is discriminated against on the basis of gender if she wants to become a doctor. They take the easy way out, become nurses, then pretend to be medical professionals.

              I don’t have to explain problems I have with the Land Cruiser to the boy who sweeps the garage floor before I talk to the mechanic. Why the fuck does medicine have to be kept user unfriendly?



              • I’d say your med centre needs to be better organised. No problems at our med centre seeing our allocated GP as long as can wait a day or two for the appointment. See the nurse for BP check a few times a year.



    • I have never met one maori patient who asked to be treated by a maori – the PIs at middlemore prefer the white doctors. The medical course is brutal and not for the faint hearted- like the job once you qualify. That’s why all my children are doing commerce degrees – I call bullshit on the rural doctor entry and the incredibly racist selection process. Do those graduates look after their own? Does anyone check?



  6. The Nats to canvas their base for what went wrong:

    cancel RMA to cut regulations,
    enforcement of law and order
    restructure social welfare. Healthy people need to work
    removal of politics from educational institutions

    ‘The left don’t own social good’ – Dr Shane Reti explains why he’s a Nat

    “The left don’t own social good and so I’m a Nat because for a long time I’ve believed in principles that are inherent with the National Party, principles of equality of opportunity. That’s why I’m a Nat, because I believe in the principles.”



  7. National don’t get much right these days but good on them for acknowledging Armistice Day on their Media pages.
    Deafening silence from the Left…No surprises there.
    I saw many of their side screaming abuse at war veterans and protesting at an Anzac Day parade I attended in Auckland a few years back. Made my stomach churn.



  8. Has anyone heard back from ACT if they wrote in response to the appalling newsletter the other day?

    I replied and have heard nothing.
    A retraction from ACT would make sense.

    By ACT (and the other parties ) taking this stance of interfering in another country’s election basically says other countries can interfere in our elections.

    ACT is off the reservation at this point.
    Too many newbies with too much time on their hands and for some a massive salary increase plus expenses.



    • I replied to the original Free Press email and then followed it up last night with another strongly worded email to David Seymour directly. No response and frankly I do not really expect one –seems to be the way MPs act these days.



    • Well I will give credit where it is due, they did respond. ( I think they might read a few blogs !!!) The response :

      “Dear Ross,

      I’m sorry to hear that you feel we denigrated President Trump. That wasn’t our intention.

      Yes, no state has certified, but this is just a rubber stamp. Yes, there will be some fraud, but not enough to change the outcome. We’re trying the look at the situation objectively.

      I hope you will reconsider your support for ACT.” From the Chief of Staff.

      Of course they denigrated President Trump !!

      Lucky I got the bit from TGP which I linked below before the reply came in —so I sent it to them !!!



      • I have heard nothing.

        First time I have made a political donation.
        I dont see myself crossing that line again.
        Also glad I did not take any membership.

        I would rather have donated to Fred Hollows or St John ..and that is tax deductible.
        We live and learn.
        It was always high risk bringing in so many new people on a ratio of one incumbent.
        It is not 10 times the firepower that Seymour had last year.



  9. So these voter fraudsters can be found in New Zealand.

    Honing their skills to get away with major voting fraud, here in NZ.
    So how much did they get away with in NZ elections?

    Voter fraud caught again in Bird of the Year competition …..
    ….. About 1500 fraudulent votes have been cast for …..
    ….. In 2018, one person voted for the shag more than 3000 times, while in 2017 fake email accounts were created to bolster support for the white-faced heron.
    In 2015, two teenage girls tried to rig the results in favour of the kōkako. …..


    These little fraudsters in training, and no accountability for being a fraudster.



  10. Bread & Circuses set up for NZ.

    ….. cricketers in the team had “repeatedly broken managed isolation rules”. …….
    ….. given certain exemptions from the managed isolation rules which apply to everyone else. ….


    The privileged, playing the game of cricket.

    Essential workers? nahh have a circus. 🙁



  11. Keep the money printing presses at full speed…

    The Reserve Bank has stepped up its backing for the economy with a new lending programme for banks at rock bottom interest rates.

    The central bank’s monetary policy committee has held the official cash rate (OCR) at a record low 0.25 per cent, as expected, but said a new Funding for Lending Programme (FLP) is ready to be rolled out next month.

    “The committee agreed that monetary policy will need to remain stimulatory for a long time to meet the consumer price inflation and employment remit, and that it must remain prepared to provide additional support if necessary,” it said in a statement.

    It reaffirmed that it would continue its quantitative easing through its $100 billion government bond-buying programme.

    It acknowledged that the economy had rebounded from the disruption caused by the Covid-19 related lockdowns more strongly than expected, but the outlook was still uncertain in New Zealand and overseas.



  12. National’s new shadow Cabinet: Andrew Bayly shoots up the ranks, Paul Goldsmith loses finance

    Andrew Bayly has shot up from number 16 in Collins’ last reshuffle to number three. He becomes shadow Treasurer with a focus on revenue, and also picks up the infrastructure and statistics portfolios.

    The finance role shifts to Michael Woodhouse who also picks up transport and becomes Deputy Leader of the House. Woodhouse was stripped of the health portfolio in Collins’ previous reshuffle after he failed to inform the Government of leaked COVID-19 data he’d been sent.



    • Goldsmith was so far off being capable for the Finance role it was ridiculous.

      I see Shane Reti is a Mormon.
      I guess half the Notional caucus time now is taken up in prayer.

      There is such a low talent pool in Notional now.
      We criticise the Labour Cabinet – rightly so – but in reality if Notional had to form a Cabinet in 2020 they would be so far off what was available in Notional in say 2011 to 2014.

      The irony is that Notional had a lot of talent in that period but wasted it .
      This in itself would mean talent is not going to be drawn to it.

      It still scares the crap out of me that a daft clown like ‘Cold Toddy’ WhoWho could get paid (I did not say earn) $800k pa at Fonterra.
      Apologising for a MAGA hat. What a chump.



  13. Any day now folks:

    “you’re so smug and self satisfied and so damn wrapped up in your delusional little world you’ll never latch on to the simple fact that I am just the vanguard of a political movement that is going to wipe Progressives off the face of the earth. They’ll disappear like the Dodo birds did.

    I am spearheading a force that will grow from hundreds to thousands to millions and you will be gone.

    That is the way its going to happen and if you had half a clue you’d know that to be the truth.”



  14. Reserve Bank caught ‘completely off guard’ by strong housing market – economist

    “As recently as the August monetary policy statement, they were forecasting negative 7 percent house price inflation for the year ended December 2020,” said Westpac chief economist Dominick Stephens.

    “They’ve been facing a bit of a conundrum recently. They’ve had to reduce interest rates to prevent inflation dropping away but that has sparked a house price boom and the lift in prices is causing widespread concern around society and is also a threat to financial stability.”



      • Printing money may cause asset inflation, but it seems to force down interest rates too. People need to be able to borrow more money to purchase the inflated assets (typically real estate) and so the government pushes interest rates down so that the people can actually make their mortgage payments.
        Now that so many Kiwis are up to their eyeballs in debt, the government can’t let interest rates rise, or hundreds of thousands of people would be wiped out financially.



    • Pretty hopeless not but surprising for public ‘servants’ in 2020.

      Interest rates below 3% makes asset acquisition so much easier esp the asset class of houses.
      I told a friend a couple of months ago – why buy a second hand car when you can up the mortgage and buy a new car for virtually no extra cost.
      Now he is happy he did. New car; 4 years or so service and warranty , no WOF for 3 years and so on.

      Whatever the interest rates there still needs to be 3 things happen:-

      1) Free up land and stop the artificial shortage of land to build on.
      This is artificially created in a country that has low population density
      1a). Stop forcing new building to the most arable land around. The North facing Bombay Hills are some of the most fertile and well placed land for growth in the world (esp if there is intent to make food plant based)
      Taken out in the last 40 years from market gardens- Mangere, Upper Harbour and charging off to the Bombay hills

      2. Stop rules and regs that make house building expensive while simultaneous;y making them garbage ‘quality’

      3. Free up building materials supply and bring in competition (put BRANZ on Devils Island for 80 years with no comms and no hope)

      No-one has begun to address the issues.
      Notional created the RMA 29 years ago and has been govt for 18 of those years.
      They are to blame at least as much as anyone else.
      They are responsible for creating leaky homes where so much unproductive rework is required.

      Start working on solution knuckleheads.
      Public servants – jeez.
      Creating the conditions for stagflation and these numpties with MBAs and PhDs wont have a clue.
      Following Muldoon methods despite criticizing him so much.



  15. This is a great video. It is an hour long but well worth the time. It is a presentation by Dr Shiva Ayyaduri ( a brilliant engineer, mathematician etc.) He and his colleagues looked a 4 counties in Michigan for the recent US election. It clearly shows how they stole 10s of thousands of votes from Trump. Very clever algorithms in place. If this was replicated all over the country , Trump won by the biggest landslide you could imagine.


    PS. When Dr Shiva A was a teenager back in India. he developed the basis for email.



    • I watched this and it seems to make sense. 138,000 flipped votes in 4 Michigan Counties is phenomenal.
      I know wikipedia is corrupt but it essentially calls him a liar over the email invention claim and a conspiracy theorist.
      Does anyone have any other sources of information about the guy?
      Be interesting to see if anyone takes up their challenge to prove them wrong.



  16. Whats wrong with this sentence?
    “Without the push of pharmaceutical industries, awareness and knowledge about sexual difficulties in women (or people with vaginas who don’t identify as women) has not advanced in the same way as it has for men?”



  17. So Labour have stuffed up badly with the unavailability of isolation spots in quarantine for Kiwis needing to return home. If you have a family emergency to come back to NZ for it’s tough and a flat out NO! How many others are there? Very unkind of the Mad Queen, not amazeballs at all!!

    Woman dying of brain cancer begs Government for Covid-19 hotel spot for sister

    A Wairarapa woman who is dying from brain cancer is begging the Government to make an exception to get her UK-based sister into managed isolation on emergency grounds.



  18. The writer of this article seems enamoured with Chloe’s wacky economic theories! She has forgotten to value the taxpayer and rising prices feeds inflation. Try again Chloe.

    Chlöe Swarbrick ‘destroys’ free market ‘stan’ with reference to Adam Smith

    The Green Party MP shared a Facebook post explaining wealth inequality and how “a few people have more money than they know what to do with” while others work multiple minimum wage jobs. She attached an image of a tweet that says: “If only we hated poverty instead of hating poor people.”

    “Because we seem to value some people more than others. Because we’ve set up systems that enforce that.

    “We can end poverty in Aotearoa. We have the data, the reports, the experts and the community leaders all saying the same thing. Raise incomes. Raise benefits. End the erosion of dignity. Restore autonomy.”

    Swarbrick’s post prompted one user to comment: “Lol it’s like Chlöe just discovered the free market.”



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