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  1. 800 Kiwis want to come home for emergency family reasons and only 15 have been granted a space, the rest have received a big, fat NO for a space in a Covid quarantine hotel. The organisation on this is a total cockup. Not kind Cindy!

    The West Indies cricket team have breached social distancing during their quarantine.

    Question of the Day: Should the West Indies cricket team be sent home?



  2. ED, Haven’t had one of those since Y2K morning,, You gotta have a laugh at the wily fox Putin he reckons their Vaccine is 92% effective ,My guess would be anybody in their trials that showed a negative reaction would be Siberia bound never to be seen again, I suppose he realized he just wouldn’t get away with proclaiming 100% success so settled on 92% to beat the old foe the USA.



  3. I can understand why the Democrats are winning the US elections.
    While Republican voters will brave bad weather and crawl a mile over broken glass to vote, this is nothing compared with Democrat voters.
    Not even death can stop Democrats from voting!




  4. Made a birdseed feeder. Upside down wine bottle,12mm gap under it.
    Been out for two weeks and the birds are emptying it in one an half hours.
    Can have a dozen birds on the feeder and a dozen on the ground picking up.
    Only small birds. No minors or bigger.



  5. Hey weren’t you going to fix this, Cindy? And how’s that emergency housing waiting list coming on.

    “New Zealand’s median house price was almost 20 per cent higher in October than a year earlier, the Real Estate Institute’s latest data shows, dashing expectations of a post-Covid housing market crash.”



  6. Peter Williams is talking the disaster of NZ paying carbon credits on Magic Talk after Jimmy Shaw informed the nation in a speech yesterday of our obligations to the CC Accord. Some nutters phoning in believe paying $billions to the UN won’t cost NZ’ers anything. When actual scientist phone in with real climate information the nutters get abusive.



  7. David Seymour unleashes on Reserve Bank governor Adrian Orr, calls him a ‘liability’ taking ‘perilous’ risks

    The Reserve Bank has announced a new lending programme – offering to pump another $28 billion into the economy over the next couple of years through cheap loans to banks.

    Seymour said the country was monetising its debt, avoiding hard choices and instead giving itself artificially low interest rates.

    “Currently the Reserve Bank’s irresponsible approach to liquidity of the New Zealand dollar is inflating asset bubbles, it is meaning a generation of young people watch the future get further away from them as a result and that is a recipe for political dissatisfaction and unrest,” he said.

    “They are not new ideas, but actually old ideas that have failed in a costly way before.”

    He said ACT was the first to defend the Reserve Bank’s independence, but it was now using its remit in ways not originally intended.

    “We have a Reserve Bank that has engaged in the most unconventional monetary policy since Robert Muldoon was in charge,” Seymour said.



    • It’s a house of cards he is building. Robbo is in full support of Orr. It’s a teetering house of cards. Fine if you can afford the mortgage but what happens when you are over leveraged and you lose your job?! It’s not going to end well for many.



      • WG,
        Seymour makes sense.
        Debasing, or inflating the NZ D carries huge risk for New Zealanders.
        What is needed is stability.
        Playing with the OCR and printing money will lead to a loss of confidence in the dollar.that won’t be reversible.



      • Fire alarm went off and they all run out on the street!
        You would that they have thought of that wouldn’t you!
        Ideal way to get you drugs in quarantine!
        Maybe residents to the front door and quarantine to the back door.
        Can’t be fucking hard to think of shit.



  8. I just had a look at the new Notional Party rankings.
    A far better ranking for sure.

    Melissa Lee who brought down Clare Curran has moved to top 10.

    Paul Goldstein moved down to 13.
    He is overrated. Nothing in his career in politics of over 13 years makes him stand out.
    He wrote a book on John Banks and when elected to Auckland city council in 2007 Banks made him Deputy chair of the Finance committee with no experience.
    The new fella Bayly is actually a chartered accountant.

    Goldstein wrote a book on Don Brash for the 2005 election – believed to have been paid for including by Alan Gibbs.
    Then Goldstein wrote book on Alan Gibbs – who paid for that. Who even bought a copy except his mum? If he has Two Mums like Jimmy TM he could have sold two copies!!
    Goldstein has few useful attributes – pleasant chap though -and Kung Fu guru, well Tae Kwan Do – so I had better not say much more.
    He was in PR prior to politics. Like Michelle Boag!

    Bridges at no 7 is about where he should be.
    Nick Smith at 23 in better placed. Very bright but too flakey and unreliable.
    ‘Cold Toddy’ Muller at 19. High enough for him. Bloody Party Wrecker. More than a crusher!!

    Andrew Bayly sounds like a 100 x better offer for leadership than the former Air NZ employee who lived in reflected glory- Chris Luxon.
    I don’t think an endorsement from John Key – who soyed out Notional – is a positive.



  9. Fun with numbers:

    1. Look up the reported covid death rate.

    2. Now look at total claimed infections and the number of deaths.

    3. Work out the real % and compare.

    Bonus fun:

    1. Read how the USA is the worst.

    2. Check the global per capita deaths and see the woke alt left nation of Belgium is the worst and the USA is not in the top 10 countries.



  10. Gisborne District Council has voted to install two controversial replicas of Captain Cook’s ship the Endeavour in the region.

    One replica will live in Tolaga Bay, and the other will go to the Tairāwhiti Museum, if it agrees to take it.

    The council received more than a thousand submissions on the question, and heated opposition from almost all local iwi.

    The decision has divided the East Coast community for almost a year, and councillor Sandra Faulkner was happy to be over and done with it.

    “I can’t believe that we have managed to spend this much time debating a piece of public art when we have so many other things going in our world right now that deserve our attention,” she said.



  11. For those of you interested in the ‘smoking gun’ when you wonder if election fraud is possible here, the answer is yes.
    The voting machines used in the US elections are owned by ‘Dominion voting systems’ and manufactured by Smartmatics.

    Digital tool developed to promote youth vote in New Zealand

    The Market for Voting Machines Is Broken. This Company Has Thrived in It.

    Dominion “got into trouble” with several subsidiaries it used over alleged cases of fraud. One subsidiary is Smartmatic, a company “that has played a significant role in the U.S. market over the last decade,” according to a report published by UK-based AccessWire.
    Smartmatic’s chairman is a member of the British House of Lords, Mark Malloch Brown, a former vice-chairman of George Soros’ Investment Funds, former vice-president at the World Bank, lead international partner at Sawyer Miller, a political consulting firm, and former vice-chair of the World Economic Forum who “remains deeply involved in international affairs.” The company’s reported globalist ties have caused members of the media and government officials to raise questions about its involvement in the U.S. electoral process.




  12. Ardern says she wants to ensure first home buyers can get into the market, as prices soar

    “We want to ensure that our first home buyers can get into the market. That is something that is top of mind for us,” Ardern said today.

    National’s Nicola Willis called the increase in house prices “utterly unsustainable” and said it “puts at risk the home ownership aspirations of tens of thousands of New Zealanders”.

    She said National would work with Government to reform the Resource Management Act, which addresses such issues.

    Property investors now need a 30% deposit after ASB hikes LVR



    • Just how thick are our elected representatives? Anyone who managed to hold onto a crayon at primary school knows that the last 5% of supply of any given article dictates the price. It holds good for everything including carrots, seafood, meat & houses.

      It’s simple. If you want to encourage immigration, if you want to fill the country with workshy refugees & encourage the poor to overbreed then you’ll run out of houses to accommodate them without aggressive new building.

      What goes on in the heads of the idiots we elect to lord over us?



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