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  1. Heavens. I laughed at today’s YSB cartoon.

    He doesn’t look it – but he’s a very wise man 🙂 Is that you, Arty?

    My thought for today: There is no deadly virus, this is all just a low-IQ scheme by Jacinda and ‘the swamp’ to put fear into the hearts of even lower IQ people.



  2. “This year the first group of six departments will commit to reaching carbon neutrality by 2012… Over the next year all other departments will develop their plans. In 2012 all public service departments will be on the path to carbon neutrality.”

    – Helen KKKlarKKK (14/02/2007)

    Now what did Jizzy say yesterday in parliament about 2025? Is this more low IQ shit for folk of even lower IQ?



  3. A new catch limit and licensing rules are on the cards for next year’s whitebait season in an attempt to become more sustainable.

    Following the end of the 2020 whitebait season earlier this week, a set of new regulations are in the pipeline as fish stocks decline across Hawke’s Bay.

    Forest & Bird freshwater advocate Annabeth Cohen said the proposed suggestions of licensing or a catch limit could be in effect by 2021.

    “We could have some new rules to protect our fish like licensing, so the Department of Conservation knows how many people are fishing,” she said.


    Good luck with that annabeth.
    They can’t get that to work with fishing nor with trout fishing so its just another attack on white males.

    The black males will continue to do as they please as they do now.

    Convince me otherwise.



  4. Four nasty little short arses singing the p[riases of one we are glad to see gone.
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern paid personal tribute to former Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Winston Peters tonight at a function at Parliament, saying he had been by her side during tough times.

    Not one of them tall enough to reach the top shelf without climbing over someone else.


    Now fuck off and go fishing and invite Mallard to go with you.



  5. Politician in denial caught with his pants down.

    Anti-gay Hungarian politician József Szájer resigns after being caught attending 25-man orgy in breach of COVID-19 rules

    József Szájer, an MEP (Member of European Parliament) from Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party, quit on Sunday after he was caught breaching Belgium’s strict lockdown rules to attend the gathering.

    On Saturday, police found 25 naked men at the gathering, including Szájer and two diplomats from the EU, Belgian newspaper La Dernière Heure reported.



  6. The maggot Peters ends up with the legacy he deserves but OMG I’ve actually found myself thinking it may have been better to have the POS in government to keep the mad hatters in line, what’s the World coming to ?
    FFS some fucking Idiot has bid $4500.00 on a face diaper signed by the horsefaced creature, Fuuuccckkk.



  7. https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6213530282001

    The truth about Morrison and China and ‘the swamp’. (Clue: it’s not Chinas fault – it’s the traitors within.)

    Here in Nova Zeelandia (our first name) we are being played biggly by our own side: NZ’s REAL enemies are Jacinda and the bureaucracy, Phil Goff and the councils and council staff all over NZ, and their class allies (fucking teachers etc).

    And if Boris Johnson the Eton Classists graduate is going to announce coronavirus ‘prevention’ measures which will suddenly throw hundreds of thousands of non-state workers out of a job (and give pay raises to themselves), could someone please tell him to at least pull a fuckin’ comb through his hair!

    Same goes for our very own pink-hair clown with the funny American-Indian name change.



  8. There seem to be a lot of people from the de’Nile saying there is no evidence, but this shows them up.
    All said under oath.

    #ArizonaHearing: “Are you willing to say under oath, that you’ve seen the connection to the internet, that you’ve seen it gone offshore to Frankfurt, Germany?”

    Col. Waldron: “Yes, our “White” hat hackers, they have that traffic and the packets.”
    1 min 1 sec.
    I had to refresh a number of times, to get to the tweet.

    “The packets of bytes” will pop up as verifying the truth of an election fraud.

    Trump since the election, has been quiet, but I get the feeling, he is just quietly flushing, and seeing what springs up for more attention. Probably exceedingly busy, getting the info, seeing how it plays out, watching how others play their hands, or show up just what they are really about.

    In the meantime, NZ academia ,media, and some bloggers, just follow around in their own echo chambers, whilst simultaneously trying to sound authoritative, bringing new issues to support the agenda.
    That maybe all right in part, but such a total closing of minds to any other information, to consider other possibilities.
    It would seem they have no principles other than seeking to be able to put their snouts in a trough too.



    • On the TGP there were a number of people on a thread wondering why Team Trump were not aware of this being likely to happen and they were not prepared for it. (But the thread was really about how pissed the average person is and many of the comments tell similar stories relating to friends and work colleagues being really annoyed or at least those people who realise what is going on.)

      I made the following comment:
      “I believe Trump has known for several years something like this could happen. He did not sign the Sept 2018 EO for nothing.
      Earlier in the year he kept talking about the mail-in-ballot issue all the time.
      Did they recognise the size of problems of the voting and tabulating machines –maybe not.
      They went to a lot of trouble to get the server(s) from Frankfurt. They clearly intend to use the information gained but WHEN? ”

      I got this reply to that comment:

      “Trump has done a lot to secure our country.
      GITMO he refurbished that and built new holding facilities [to be filled soon]
      Barr reinstated the Federal Death Penalty
      The President just signed an EO authorizing the use of the Firing Squad and Hangings. Which is the appropriate sentence for Treason as in the Constitution.
      The President has removed obstacles in case the Military is needed when the truth comes out [it will]
      He has been preparing for this since he took office…people just weren’t watching or listening.”

      Is the reply correct –we’ll have to wait and see.



  9. My wife has a serious mental problem – she buys the NZ Herald and watches that mother-and-son show on TV at 7:00 pm. I forgive her 🙂

    Anyway, one of the stories which distracted me from my Sumerian study was on child poverty in NZ. Revealingly it showed the inside of a ‘poor’ persons ‘home’. There was no comment on the fact that EVERY SINGLE WALL HAD BEEN PUNCHED IN.

    Second thoughts: should I punish my wife, and if so how. And if it goes wrong can I stay at your place for a couple of nights (motels are full of bent-over coronavirus-ridden cricketers praying to their Black GOD.)



    • It seems to be just a routine now.

      I helped some one with a house to tidy it up.
      Every door had been fisted or booted.
      Walls had been masked over with posters.
      Those workers had been there for less than a year.
      There had been, ‘was’ new wool carpet, was gone over with different carpet cleaner companies about 3 times, to assure new people, that at least it had been sanitized.
      The young kiddies, 2-6 years old seem to be ok, so one may guess, that the violent streak was taken out on the house.
      Found in the glove box of 2 of the cars, that we disposed of, an accumulation of fines to about $11,000 stating still unpaid. Probably never will be.

      He actually had a good paying job during that time.
      Mike Hunty would be right, about the supposed colonist oppressed victim//

      WEF & UN “You will have nothing and you will be happy” where Ardern aspires to in her “povertical” guile. yeah right.



      • I have been a landlord but never again thanks. Presented with clean and comfortable houses a large percentage of tenants wreck the joint and disappear owing rent and leaving a pigsty. Taking them to the Tenancy Tribunal was a 100% win for us but try collecting what you’re owed! No teeth to the tribunal at all.



  10. Some more interesting stuff about Singles Day” in China

    “Another outtake from Singles’ Day was reinforcing how much of a drawcard entertainment is for shoppers. Tmall saw more than 500 million players – yes, you read right – to their cat game, helped by the lure of small prizes. Similarly livestreaming, which is as much about entertainment as shopping drew in the masses. Austin Li sold ¥3.4 billion ($520 million) worth of goods and Viya ¥2.9 billion ($440 million) just on the opening of 11.11 pre-sales on 20 October. The takeaway from that is whether selling online or in traditional retail, Chinese consumers respond well to being entertained. “



  11. Sooty@0841

    While agreeing with the sentiments, what to do if being ‘jabbed’ is a condition of your employment? No vaccination; No work!!

    A very difficult one, especially for those who are the sole bread-winners and with young families.



  12. Electric cars.
    Will this stupid government, led by the thickest PM in our history, even think about building more power stations to power all the vehicles, that she wants?
    If we take just the government vehicles alone as an example, how many charging points will she have to install? One for every vehicle left at the office, probably!
    The shiny bums that take the car home, will need to charge their car.
    Do they do it at the office, when they get there. Will the government pay to install a charging point, possibly having to upgrade the powerline from the road, install powerpoint. Who even pays for power use to charge it. You will not be allowed to run the charging cable out to the street. Cars only come with a 2m cable.
    Or will they pay a couple of dollars more each week and make them take the bus to work, if they don’t have a secure off street parking?
    Then we have the problem of everyone coming home at roughly the sametime and whacking it on charge. At the sametime as mummy is cooking tea and the kids on tv, games and baths etc.
    So all the powerlines from the new power station will need upgrading down every street to need to be done at the sametime to power electric cars and all the consumer goods, that everyone in the public is buying as well!
    Let alone all the people working from home now.
    Then you multiply that by how many times for johnny public and all of their electricity needs!
    How many power stations do you think is needed to cope with the demand at what cost along with those upgraded powerlines needed to stop power shortages/brown outs?
    NZ can’t afford the amazing princesses largest!
    Tell her she’s dreaming!
    If a dumb truck driver can work this out, there are alot of dumb shiny bums out there drawing a large wage, that are absolutely bloody useless and need to be shot with a big ball of my shit!
    Sorry but wind and solar are not going to cut the mustard!
    Will we have to go to nuclear power or at least coal fired?



    • My wife read out report yesterday a couple in the UK who bought a Porsche EV , so presumably very expensive. They went on a trip which would normally take them about 2.5 hrs in a petrol car. It took the EV 9.0 hrs !!!



    • Sooty, your analysis is very rational and you make some very logical points about power generation, charging facilities and power lines etc.

      All these things would need to be thought out IF we were to continue to function as a FIRST WORLD DEVELOPED country.

      But the point you miss is that it’s NOT the aim of these Marxists, ecofucks and tribalists to run a first world developed country. The First Nation Republic of Aotearoa will in no way be developed. There will be almost no need for transport of any kind apart from Uber Eats and My Food Bag deliveries (easily electrified and run by robots), while the somnambulant population sit in their home detention living on an ever-dwindling supply of printed money handouts looking blankly at screens and pretending to ‘work’ from ‘home’.



  13. President Trump.
    Mentions tip of an iceberg, alleges, questions?

    “This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made….”
    46 mins 07 secs. : • Dec 2, 2020

    More about the fraud election.
    Mail in voting issue.
    Printing and mailing out ballots, with no accountability.
    Unconstitutional and could be against the law, so illegal points, like residency issues, discrepancies,

    Dominion voting systems, the switching.
    Who where are the votes counted?



    • President Trump posting this, seems to be a work around of the media.
      It does go over a lot of the ground, that has been covered before.
      Just note how this paper puts its view & taint on this.
      Though it does seem to report a fair bit of that speech, so simply ignore the journalist’s view.

      President Donald Trump has surprised the United States by posting a lengthy speech on his social media accounts, in which he repeats a deluge of baseless and disproven claims about last month’s presidential election.

      The prerecorded speech, which is 46 minutes long, was filmed in the White House. Mr Trump posted it without warning shortly before 4pm, local time.

      “This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made,” he tells the camera.

      “I want to provide an update on our ongoing efforts to expose the tremendous voter fraud and irregularities which took place during the ridiculously long November 3rd elections.”

      I think that this may be a quick way of putting his views out there.
      Also in part playing like a cat does with the mouse,
      For people to think on.

      Probably more heavy things to come, but to bring general people to understand why.

      The bottom line,
      Voter integrity, the most important issue.

      Whether as President or not, that voter integrity has to be achieved, for all, all of the country.



    • Who is going to enforce THE LAW?
      The FBI, CIA, NSA DOJ etc. have ALL proven that they don’t care.

      How, when will this happen?
      Trump has the Constitutional Powers to declare Martial Law if there is sufficient evidence of treason (eg vote manipulation).

      To carry enough of the population, as it will be a massive upheaval and unrest.
      We can figure all the things that will be said about Trump.

      The evidence, to be totally proven, beyond doubt, before hand, will all help.
      The sort out, hopefully is swift, and bringing more evidence, a few pleas of guilty if possible, with the turn coats.

      Is that where it is leading up to?



  14. Very interesting article on the US election fraud.


    I somehow think the Powell / Wood press conference and the President’s speech are part of well co-ordinated strategy to firstly get as many in the USA on board the “it was a steal” train and to get them “angry” about it. Then, secondly, to fire a warning shot across the swamp’s bow, so later they can say “we warned you, if you were listening”



  15. Coronavirus: Nine new COVID-19 cases at New Zealand’s border

    Nine new cases of coronavirus have been detected at New Zealand’s border, the Ministry of Health has announced – four of which are active, and five historical.

    The new cases are all in managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) facilities, with Thursday’s figures marking 15 days without a new community COVID-19 case.



    • I wonder how many of those nine new cases are false positives? I assume that they re-test within 24 hours to check if it is a false positive, and also check for symptoms (as evidence).
      One question. What proportion of true positives are asymptomatic?
      How do they tell in asymptomatic cases if there never really was a virus present and it was just a false positive to begin with?



  16. A summation by Dr. Turley of the live post with Lin Wood at the Georgia Rally.
    He effervescently enjoyed the points made at that rally.

    12 minutes 30 secs : • Dec 3, 2020

    Sidney Powell’s evidence will be presented to the Department of Justice, but will copy back up the evidence so it will not be lost in their “timeless” systems.

    A national populist renewal that threatens the ruling elite pragmatist that “knows best” which is at odds with the citizens, who are looking to bring back. a redemptive democracy that reflects the actual concerns of the ordinary citizens.



    • The filth pinned it on Watson because they thought he was dodgy and had done others things. He was an easy target as a loner and not with any preferred in-group. He’s in jail for being different, not for murder.

      The pigs disgust me.



      • Watson is a bit different….he sailed up the East Coast before the murders and stopped off at Gisborne enroute to Aukland…while in Gisborne he stole a dingy off Fred Lewis’ boat and a person I know retrieved the dinghy from him when he called into Tauranga…I think he might have been charged for that theft…

        Any way the point of this post…on his return from Auckland to Wellington he took on a young woman ( hitch-hiker or what ever yachties call them) who jumped ‘ship’ in the Port of Gisborne. I spoke to this women who told me that she was so scared of Watson, that she was not going to travel one nautical mile further with him….yes, she did explain why she was scared of him…



        • Interesting comment Toko. I’ve recently read both of Ian Wishart’s books. One ‘Trial by Trickery’ promotes his innocence & the later ‘Elementary’ argues that he’s guilty. Aside from confirming the schizophrenic nature of the author I’m still no further on forming my own opinion.

          Watson is strange fruit & anyone sufficiently naive to hang around with him shouldn’t sleep well. Certainly he alienated himself from most of the Sounds community by his actions & he had a strange attitude to women. For me his guilt or innocence comes down to the laboratory fuck up when the deceased girl’s hairs were examined. I simply don’t believe that two hairs missed on a previously examination would turn up on a second inspection. It is known as gilding the lily & makes the rest of the police evidence dodgy by association. Ditto the way they leant on Guy Wallace.

          As an aside, whatever Watson may or may not have done he was a superb seaman. Anyone who regularly takes on trips from Picton to Napier in a 24 footer & is still alive would rival Cook & a few similar adventurers.



  17. Photo released of police dog injured in Northland shooting

    While the dog’s injuries are severe, he “will fully recover”.

    “I’m very confident he will survive this, and go home and be active,” the vet specialist said. “The target we are working towards is that he will go back into active duty.”

    He added that Arnie is “pretty chipper” despite the extent of his injuries.



  18. At least you get to hear and weigh up what is going on.

    Front Page with Scott Goulet

    Lin wood Tweeted “PATRIOT ALERT: Information being received NOW that Communist China purchased Dominion Voting in October 8 for $400M.
    Efforts underway to verify.
    If true, this confirms other evidence that Communists intend to overthrow our government to get our precious land. NOT ON OUR WATCH.”

    Also, Scott talks about the November 30th Arizona election hearing was broadcast live for about 10 hours by a television station called NTDTV.
    At its peak there were 176,000 people watching online at the same time, 175 times more than Biden’s Thanksgiving Day speech.

    “$400M purchase of Dominion Voting by China?; Shocking discoveries of Arizona Hearing | Front Page”
    29 mins 33 secs : circa 5:00 pm NZ time Thursday 3rd Dec. 2020

    Arizona thinks it has certified the results, by the officials, Why the hurry? now they have signed, declaring their position.
    But legislature seems to have a different view. 🙂
    Pennsylvania legislature has confirmed its withdrawal of its certification.

    Showing up that fraudulent voting goes back with the algorithms to feed in pre-loaded ballots. to 2014
    Arizona seems like a good state to retire to. 6000 centenarians, plus so much more. so much mixed up extra ballots.
    So many ways of how to count a voter, to split to candidates.

    Who owns Dominion, and it seems to be revealing a strong CCP connection now.

    Newt Gingrich notes how there is a contempt for the law.

    Georgia, ignoring the Judges injunctions, and removed the server.
    Interesting contrast to what happened in Venezuela, just simply have a good burn out.

    The more Dominion tried to explain, the more lies it told,

    Certainly puts one off any connection to Chinese hardware and software.



  19. Was in the toilet block at a camp ground yesterday. The mens had no receptacle for used tampons. Who do I complain to about this blatant lack of diversidy and caring. Don’t they know that they have to be kind these days?



  20. Glenn Beck discusses the lack of media coverage of this amazing example of vote stuffing

    Audience GASPS When Colonel Explains Biden Vote ‘Spikes’ in Pennsylvania | Glenn Beck

    The audience listening to a hearing before the Pennsylvania Senate Majority Policy Committee couldn’t help but gasp when Ret. US Army Colonel Phil Waldron explained unusual vote “spikes” for Joe Biden



  21. Interesting site.
    Punch in New Zealand and take a look at how many national votes we took.
    Best one:
    November 27 1999: Reduction of seats in parliament from 120 to 99 Result “yes.”

    December 13, 2013: Partial privatization of certain state-owned companies
    Entered as:
    Teilprivatisierung gewisser Staatsbetriebe




  22. Just how much money was placed around the Gabriel Sterling, a Republican?
    The guy who came out about death threats. and was so angry,
    Of course the main media are running with it, but not investigating, what is behind the out burst, and seeming to pile in to blame Trump on so many angles.

    This is an extraordinary speech. Anger & despair & moral clarity from Georgia’s top election official
    Basically demanding Trump to concede and resign and speak out against threats.

    Then this connection, that obviously has increased pressure, and most likely fear too.
    But is he really Georgia’s top election official, and under what arrangement.

    Yesterday we reported on Lin Wood’s bombshell tweet about an almost $11 million grant award to the Georgia Secretary of State, Republican Brad Raffensperger and his accomplice Gabe Sterling.
    We wondered who Sterling even was. Now we have more.

    In a recent tweet Lin Wood zeroed in on an anomaly, or something much, much worse, relating to the Secretary of State’s Office and this almost $11 million transaction with the state of Georgia.
    Wood’s bombshell tweet refers to an April 15, 2020 letter to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) from Secretary of State Raffensperger, who is also Georgia’s Chief Election Official.

    4 mins 41 secs.

    Some how something is not as peachy or appears to be in Georgia.
    Has Gabriel Sterling thought of turning himself in?

    the use of a gmail account indicates that Gabriel Sterling CANNOT be a state employee, at least for purposes of this April 15 letter sealing the deal on $10.8+ million in Covid-19 money for the Secretary of State’s office.
    Or can he?
    Furthermore, Georgia already has an “Elections Director,” Chris Harvey, it says so right on the Secretary of State’s letterhead.
    Why wasn’t Harvey listed as the contact person in the letter to the EAC?
    Why does Georgia ALSO need a “Statewide Voting System Implementation Manager”? Are taxpayers paying for two state agency people to do the job of one?
    The public needs immediate clarification upon these issues, given that Sterling continues to assure the public and the media – on behalf of the state of Georgia and its Chief Election Officer, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his messed up, questionable, and clearly fraudulent election AND recount – that,
    Everything’s fine, move along, nothing to see here people.


    This has been picked up here in NZ in academia, media and a blogger, and extended on, that is only the angry rant, all feelz as he knows there are questions coming up, about money that flowed through. detail as per the lower 2 links.
    All to push how bad Trump, but with no consideration or weighing things up, unless it is a parody.



  23. Got sent this today

    “What’s the weirdest thing someone has done to you during sex?”

    “I found this homeless girl behind a dumpster today, .. So I took her home and gave her a bath.. She was pretty and things got passionate, So we started to make love. At one point I was shagging her so hard, the noises she made, you would have thought she was still alive….”



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