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  1. Morning all on this beautiful summer morning, off to our local extra big market this morning, where I believe Santa will be in his grotto, again, during the day enjoying all the little kids. They are so delightful, what a wonderful time of the year.



  2. Be nice if the control freaks would just piss off and find something useful to do. Like teach parents to supervise their kids instead of having a distracted life.
    How Ministry of Education’s new food rules will change what you can put in kids’ lunchboxes

    The Ministry of Education has announced it will make changes to what foods can be served up at early childhood education (ECE) centres across the country, to the delight of teachers.

    But it’s parents who also need to be educated.

    The guidelines come after a Rotorua toddler was left severely brain-damaged following a daycare choking incident in 2018.

    One person was not supervising the kid as they should have been.
    Shit happens.

    Now the team of 5 million has another set of woke rules imposed.



  3. Viking I too am constantly amazed that anyone of my generation actually lived through the 40s 50s 60s and perhaps even the 70s as we dd not have all these rules and regulations about what we ate or how kind we had to be etc etc etc. How did our parents keep us alive? The human race should have been wiped out with us having parents who did not know how to feed us, let us play on the street or any of the myriad of rules and regulations surrounding bringing up children today. No wonder they of this generation are all snowflakes with a department to regulate even what children are fed.



    • Go back another generation.
      My grandparents came for Scandinavia, the Shetlands, and Ireland, A tiny bit of English(thank goodness.)
      The earliest one I know by family history was in early 1800’s whaling done the west coast South Island. Three wives Two died in child birth the third a Maori Lady. Would tell you more but just can’t prove the genetic line.
      Others from the Shetlands. Kids from that family came out here and their mother followed much later. Came on a sailing ship in her later life. One my Gandmother.
      The Irish ones are interesting. The Father was in the rRoyal Artillery and went to Sebastopol , returned to be sent to NZ and finished up in Wanganui. The family followed him out and he was one who gained the 10 acres if he remained in the army for period of time. His wife become the first “maternity carer in Wanganui, Their grave is down by the river in the left footer territory. Their daughter was my Great Grandmother who had 12 children, one of whom was Alfred Shout VC winner at Gallipoli.
      My grandad was Swedish and jumped ship In Wellington Harbour. Left home at 14. Never naturalized. His hands were curled up so couldn’t hold a rifle so was sent to Featherston Camp as a cook (which he was and a good one). There my Dad was born No.3 right in the middle of the flu epidemic. (He had damaged lungs all his life and eventually died from that. Never complained, worked like anything and built the forth largest business of its kind before he sold it.) His older brother had polio with 2 years in hospital, finishing up with calipers and a hiunch back. His next brother was put in a orphanage because there was no money during the depression. ( incidentally, when the war finished the personal at the Featherstone camp were told, Your works finished don’t come tomorrow ,your pay finishes today. Govt. didn’t care. well was broke anyway.) Their sister got through and the youngest brother is here in Tga at age 94, still lives with his wife in their own home.
      They grew up in Trenthan and Lower Hutt Petone. Life was bloody tough.
      I can never recall my Dad complaining, signed up for WW2, sent home from the Desert and started a tiny bakery in Lower Hutt.
      Just got on and did things. Left school at 13 to go to work because there was no money. Never complained was a do it kind of a guy.
      We had a great growing up. Never went without but never got all we wanted neither. When I went to work it was hard work and I worked a shit load of hours, put up with lots of shit imported pomms and all that.

      I often laugh at the things we did and things they did. I grew up around fathers that had been to war. Looking back I can see how some were actually very traumatised but there was no option but to get on with their lives. There was less pressure of course then.

      But its interesting when you look at the Labour govt’s of our time.
      All are pacifists, none of them except Lee ever went into the services and thus to active service. While I see no need to fight other peoples war (which is probably why I like The Don!), I do think we need to stand up and be counted to protect our own sovereignty.
      Pacifists don’t.

      To me personal responsibility and learning are the two continuos things in ones life. I never stop learning. Learn something new everyday. Something that you or someone around you can benefit from. Teach others.

      That’s one of the reasons I still work. I could retire and do what? Get fucking borred.
      Every day in our place we are doing something we might not have done or learnt before.
      We do what you would call a very mundane job but everyday is different. My staff are inspired by those differences and we have new things on the drawing board for next year.
      That’s our goal
      Making things better for people every day.

      So you can see why I don’t have much patience with a lot of the whinging and complaining and woo is me shit that infests people today.



    • As long as kids are not in danger they need to be allowed to make mistakes and deal with the consequences so they know not to do that again. Constant bubble wrapping of children will cause this snow flakery is going to get worse. We need to build resilience, problem solving and independence in the young instead of whingers and protesters. Dear leader thinks it is kindness, it is not.



      • I was conscious of the danger of bubble-wrapping my children, so I sent them to the local decile-4 high school.
        A colleague of mine was determined to give his two sons the best education. He bought a house in the Grammar Zone so that he could send his boys to Auckland Boys’ Grammar. He was convinced that they would make good contacts and be exposed to the highest level of education. His sons would soak up all this goodness…
        What he didn’t expect was the incredible development of his sons’ sense of entitlement.

        At my friend’s dinner table. “Tim’s father bought him a new car for his 17th birthday, Dad. Where’s my car?”
        At our house. “All I can give you is a roof over your head, food, and clothing. The rest is up to you.”



      • Very well said WG, but try telling that to the snowflakes and the woke out there, you will be lambasted with Climate Emergency that puts fear into people (sheeple) if nothing is done, ending the world as we know it !~



  4. Construction of major Manawatu Gorge highway underway providing certainty for local business

    Construction of a major highway in the Manawatu Gorge is getting underway.

    The road is replacing a stretch of State Highway 3 that was closed in 2017 by a number of large slips, forcing motorists and truck drivers to use steep and windy alternatives like Saddle Rd.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Friday broke dirt on what will soon be a major construction site.

    “A sod-turning wouldn’t be the same without a massive gaggle of politicians,” she joked.

    Yeah right.
    wouldn’t turn up here to get our road underway.
    7000 cars a week use tat road, tga to Katikati have that each morning but we still have a fucking cart track for a road.
    It was about to go when the bitch got voted in and the useless Twitford cancelled it.

    No privileges for this part of the team of 5 million.



  5. At the same time Speaker Trevor Mallard was being sued for defamation, he changed the rules so other MPs could also have theirs covered by the taxpayer without disclosing it publicly.

    National and Act leaders yesterday said they no longer had confidence in the Speaker after he revealed he’d cost the taxpayer more than $330,600 settling a case after incorrectly calling a former Parliamentary staffer a rapist.

    It has also now come to light that the rules for when MPs can claim legal costs when they’re being sued were expanded by the Speaker in August so damages and settlements can come from the public purse.

    Those applications have to be signed off by the party leader, the Speaker and chief executive of Parliamentary Service.


    Slimy dirty bastards. chuck them oput.



  6. I’m admitting to suffering from a serious psychological problem, this morning I genuinely tried to sit down and watch Ardern being Interviewed by “but,but,but,but” Campbell about why She hasn’t instituted a single one of her committees 47 recommendations on ending Child poverty,,,, 25 seconds, that’s how far I got into a 10 minute interview, FFS I’ve got terminal JADS ..aaaahhhhhhhhhhh..



  7. Trevor Mallard certainly put his bloody great feet in his mouth and called out the wrong person.
    This was a crime and he has had to back down, which he has publicly given a Clayton’s apology!
    But he has done a bigger crime, by quietly altering the rules to protect his bank account.
    As far as I’m aware he was the only politician that had a courtcase, were they were under investigation, so he changed the rules to suit himself only and save his cash!
    So he quietly beavers away in the background and changes the rules so the poor bloody taxpayer has to front up with their own bloody cash to pay the man that Mallard maligned! The man won!
    “”Changing the rules was premeditated bloody corruption and that is the biggest crime!””
    That is why the speaker of the house needs to removed from his office and sent home!
    If Jacin-Duh, protects his sorry arse, it certainly shows up her and labour to be willing parties!
    It’s never the crime that gets you! It’s the cover up!
    This is premeditated corruption of what is meant to be the highest court in the land!
    Labour has taken us into a banana republic in only three years three months of goverment!



  8. Sooty, If they are admitting to $330,000 you can bet your house it’s more than a Million, that festering POS Mallard shouldn’t be in our parliament he’s corrupted and a straight faced liar, to be fair if all the liars in that shithole were removed there would only be the cleaning staff left to run our Country.



    • Not a good look for our saviour princess if Mallard stays on as speaker with the National and Act party’s climbing all over him and rightly so.
      The prick needs to go immediately otherwise this will make the princess and all of the Labour party corrupt in the eyes of the voting public !~



    • You may be right revtech. It’s difficult to imagine his victim accepting Mallard’s Claytons public apology and its timing, without the soothing salve of a hefty confidential payout. The victim’s career is in tatters and he seems to have come out with nothing but his legal fees. When Mallard has admitted he was wrong, ruined your reputation and bullied you into ill-health, would you really walk away for legal costs only? Would you have allowed that non-apology? Maybe the figure of $1.5m being bandied about earlier in the week is closer to the mark after all?



      • Cindy, Leader of the Labour Party talks about kindness. Good grief she announced her “kindness” agenda during her self-promoting speech at the lefty-loving UN. Then she allows NZ’s 3rd most politically powerful representative and long time Labour Party member, a known bully to slander and bully a lowly worker… Cindy then denies any knowledge and dismisses any responsibility to deal with her bullying Speaker as none of her business.

        The shit is about to hit the fan. As leader of Labour and prime minister that makes it your responsibility Cindy. Whether technically true, that is how NZ’ers will see it.



  9. Sister Anne gets out of bed, dresses and heads to the canteen for breakfast.
    On the way, she meets Sister Mary and Sister Lucy.
    Mary says, “Ooh! Who got out of bed on the wrong side this morning, then?”
    Confused, Sister Anne continues and meets Sister Jane, Sister Pauline and Sister Gloria.
    Sister Gloria says, “Ooh! Who got out of bed on the wrong side this morning, then?”
    Irritated, Sister Anne walks on and meets Sister Helen who says, “Ooh! Who got out of bed on the wrong side this morning, then?”
    Now truly angry and confused, Sister Anne reaches the canteen to meet Mother Superior. Sister Anne, forgetting her manners says, “If anyone else asks me who got out of bed on the wrong side this morning, then? I’ll be furious.”
    Mother Superior says, “I was merely going to point out that you have the Bishop’s boots on.”



  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFMyrny9RDw
    Big tech is ‘coming after free speech’
    Paul Murray, Sky News explains Big Tech’s free speech agenda

    EXCLUSIVE: Facebook’s ‘independent’ fact-checking certifier exposed as Hillary Clinton supporter

    An outspoken Twitter activist critical of Donald Trump who brags about being on “team” Hillary Clinton is the supposedly independent expert in charge of who can become a Facebook fact checker.



  11. Freedom of speech is gone because only 1% of New Zealand’s population want freedom of speech.

    When the baby-boomer generation die the % of New Zealand’s population who want it will be 0%.

    From unfree speech to free speech to unfree speech in 3 or 4 generations.

    Alexander Tytler (d.1813) believed that “a pure democracy is a chimera”, and that “All government is essentially of the nature of a monarchy”.

    In discussing the Athenian democracy, after noting that a great number of the population were actually enslaved, he went on to say, “Nor were the superior classes in the actual enjoyment of a rational liberty and independence. They were perpetually divided into factions, which servilely ranked themselves under the banners of the contending demagogues; and these maintained their influence over their partisans by the most shameful corruption and bribery, of which the means were supplied alone by the plunder of the public money”.

    Here is the Tytler Cycle:





    • As it looks like we are heading into some decades of bondage under our Dear Leader, shouldn’t we be a bit entrepreneurial and start
      making money out of the Jacinda Cult?

      We could organise Kindness Parades. and run Well-being investigations into our Neighbour’s activities.
      We could search through Journalist’s facebooks for evidence of wrong thinking.
      We could make false claims against. working people.
      We could sell framed photos of our Dear Leader and run checks to ensure each house has hung the picture on a living room wall.



      • When will every state school classroom be required to have a portrait of Dear Leader on the wall (to cover the microphone)?

        I see that the media in general and the Herald in particular swoon over her at every opportunity.
        When was the last time that NZ had such a personality cult?
        (nasska would probably know…)



        • …..”When was the last time that NZ had such a personality cult?”……

          In a political sense, probably only Michael Joseph Savage (PM 1935-1940) would have rivalled the Mad Queen. It helped that he headed up the first Labour government as NZ emerged from the Depression. He died nine years before I was born but many of my parent’s generation all but deified him. Legend has it that few houses in the Catholic/Labour stronghold of the West Coast would not have had his picture, draped with rosary beads, hung over the mantelpiece.

          Yet in the real egalitarian NZ of last century Don Clarke (1933-2002) as an astounding All Black would have given him a run for his money as a cult figure.



  12. We know that seasonal flu routinely leads to the deaths of hundreds of elderly New Zealanders each year. Some years the toll is higher, due to the particular flu strain of that year.
    Imagine that through hyper-isolation, mask-wearing and other measures, hundreds of elderly that would have passed away get to live for one more year. It would be like a build-up of fuel in a forest.

    What is the likelihood of a socialist government using a larger-than-usual die-off (due to the excess hundreds of elderly on the knife-edge of dying) as an excuse to impose a lockdown “for our own protection”?



    • Ross12..
      If you have not yet figured out the acronym ‘GEOTUS’ used by many of the commenters on the site…it stands for God Emperor Of The United States…

      One commenter the other day referred to the GEOTUS as “Donny Two Scoops taking care of family business”…can’t remember the context it was made in, but was funny as hell..



  13. I was not going to post this, as nothing really about US election. However, ….

    Red Pilled Elon Musk LEAVES California as RECALL Petition to OUST Gov Newsom SURGES!!!
    11 mins 21 secs : • Dec 12, 2020 Dr. Turley.

    ….. This starts at time of the summation of populism and what it means.
    The counter to “uni-party” partisan politics.
    Should start at about 08:54 – 10:53 , 2 minutes.

    To understand why and figure who of the elite recognize the danger of populism to themselves.
    Can some in NZ politics harness this?



  14. I don’t know why I visit KiwiBlog. The moderation is restrictive.

    (A comment about Covid deaths)
    “Deaths per million:
    United Kingdom – 908
    United Kingdom – 933
    Spain – 1018
    Italy – 1049
    Belgium – 1524

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 10REPLY REPORTDECEMBER 12, 2020 8:25AM
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    [My post] Context, please.
    1. What is the mean age of the deaths? (Would it be higher than the respective average age of death in those nations by any chance?)
    2. What percentage of the deceased had co-morbidities?
    3. Does “covid death” mean “death with covid” or “death due to covid”?
    4. What are the rates of false positives in the testing for the virus? (At a false-positive rate of 1%, you will have 10,000 of them if you test a million people.)

    It has been almost 4 hours.
    I wonder how many down-ticks I will get…?

    I swear, it’s like queing (Soviet style) outside the GI Pac n’ Sav during Lockdown 3. Who would vote Labour after that kind of treatment? (I guess a lot of people who are very willing to trade freedom for perceived safety,)



  15. I smell a rat after reading Farrar’s post on the ‘COVID’ deaths in the USA.

    Farrar is a professional statistician.

    The scam can be figured out on the back of an envelope with a calculator and a carpenter’s pencil.

    What the fuck?



    • From my above link, Dr. Turley’s utube, it is the challenge to the “elite’s” control.
      Their $, their lifestyle, and above all their supremacist wiles in supposedly knowing best.

      Whether in the academia, $ flow ‘studential’ harvesting,
      or the media’s $ in ratings,viewers, click-bait,
      Government departmental circuses.
      NGO income/subsidized,
      local council, regional government, local government clipping tickets in rates, levies, fees, etc.
      Consultancies, Pollsters, Shysters all round.

      ….. This starts at time of the summation of populism and what it means.
      The counter to “uni-party” partisan politics.
      Should start at about 08:54 – 10:53 , 2 minutes.

      Have a good laugh at what Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger morphed into or you would cry.
      Ardern is no populist, but just a camouflage for an agenda. …. eh “Comrade, comrade”,

      Can NZ find, one that brings truth? and keeps on repeating it in all its formulations.

      Trump at the end of the day, the power comes from the people, that for the moment is stymied by fraud, but not only does he battle, it is also the depth of the field that back him.



    • Farrar is now controlled oppostion and I think Mike Hosking is heading to the same place too.

      I think people closer to the political centre saw that Labour had access to the same tools as the DNC in the US to subvert elections and presented between:
      a) complying profitably (and moaning about little trivial things in the way that a controlled opposition is required to do to present the illusion of “opposition”)
      b) being on the outer and experiencing the full weight of the oppressive laws that will descend upon our freedoms over the next five years and losing your freedom and your livelihood (with constant attacks on your kids)

      I think they’ve both chosen a) – there is no other way to explain the tonal drift that has happened. But it is useful as it demonstrates how dark the future is for anyone who loves freedom, self-responsibility and independent thinking.

      RIP NZ



  16. God decides to destroy the world & calls the leaders of the three strongest countries to inform them accordingly.

    After that the Russian leader on his speech on TV says;

    “I have good news & bad news. The good news is that God really exists so we were right all the time to believe in him. The bad news is that He decided to bring the world to an end in one week”.

    China’s leader also makes a TV speech;

    “I only bring bad news from my meeting with God. He actually exists so it was our mistake not to believe in him so we will be punished for that in the afterlife & he’s decided to end our world in one week”.

    Biden in his TV speech says;

    “I am happy to bring you only good news from God. First I must tell you that I met him & can assure you that he actually exists. And second he told me that he will finish our work in only one week”.



  17. Holiday makers arriving in Queensland from 1am this morning did not need to quarantine, or do they?

    Passengers confused about quarantine requirements after Queensland opens border to NZ

    Queensland confirmed yesterday it would open its border to visitors from New Zealand from today, without requiring them to undergo quarantine, if they met certain requirements.

    The first flight since the new exemption left Auckland at 10am today and is heading for Brisbane. According to the airline, its passengers may still be required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival because it wasn’t a quarantine-free flight.

    That’s caught Karin du Plessis, whose 70-year-old mother is on the flight, by surprise. Her mother had come to New Zealand from South Africa, and has stayed in New Zealand for the past 11 months.

    “We know nothing, no. Yesterday morning, we woke up with the news my mother might not have to quarantine. We heard the news that it’s all open borders now,”.



  18. Queen’s royal family: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince Andrew absent from ‘New Firm’

    According to reports out of the United Kingdom, he may have got his way, with the Queen agreeing to a new core group to represent the monarchy.

    It’s been dubbed the ‘New Firm’ and consists of eight members – The Queen, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Earl and Countess of Wessex and the Princess Royal.

    Notably absent are royal renegades Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as Prince Andrew who remains embroiled in scandal due to his links to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, was also absent, but he retired from royal duties in 2017.



  19. In this yo-yo land, Scott Goulet remains unflappable & steady.

    UPDATE with news breaking out at 6pm after we shot the episode today: Supreme Court has rejected theState of Texas’s “Motion for Leave to File a Bill of Complaint.” However for now, I would like to point out to everyone that: The case is still pending!

    It was only the “Motion for Leave” that was rejected, and the case could be accepted if it were re-filed as a “Motion to File a Bill of Complaint.”

    So, please watch today’s episode, with this update in mind, and fear not, as we press forward and we weather this storm together.

    In this episode we will still discuss the big Chess Moves that have happened since the general election.
    It seems President Trump’s allies are taking actions, especially with three recent actions, that were taken to drain the Washington Swamp at a faster speed.
    So now all the swamp creatures deep in the Washington swamp are crawling out in a panic to escape.

    FBI reports 500,000 fake ballots; Sean Hannity: US in deep trouble if nothing is fixed | Front Page
    15 minutes 40 secs, : circa 6:00 pm NZ time 12th December 2020

    Note that SCOTUS did docket the Texas case.
    [Will the storm coming up be any less who ever puts up who ever for President?]

    A request for a special council to be appointed to investigate voting irregularities, as legitimate questions of voting fraud, remain unanswered.
    Trump’s tweets put some things about election integrity very succinctly

    FBI finds 500,000 counterfeit Biden ballots
    Massive & complex fraud.

    Hunter Biden, being hunted, but father is proud of Biden.
    BLM may be more than an idea on just any old laptop?
    Looking to set up another counsel to investigate, as taxes, basically follow money flow.

    Accidents or Inevitabilities ? As it seems other things come into play also.



  20. Newsmax on about the SCOTUS decision just after it broke.

    BREAKING TRUMP NEWS 7PM 12/11/20 [FULL] | Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Breaking Trump News Dec 11, 2020
    39 minutes 25 secs.

    Greg Kelly just keeps on fighting and seems to interview others that also have a lot of background knowledge of other issues that tie in.

    As one said, that the Supreme Justice, wants to preserve the integrity of the supreme court, he believes they have to depend on the public acceptance of their decisions, and they think the public is not ready for a decision that may reverse this election. So the other 3 fell into line.
    [There was me thinking, apply the law, and let the chips fall as they may.]

    A pollster that knows his stuff, his numbers, statistics, possibilities, probabilities and not just a “chancer”. 🙂

    Know what is wrong, but stand on principle, but there are threats, cancel culture, like the Lincoln project on any legal person.
    Other witness’s also being pressured doxed in many ways.

    More information still coming and being confirmed on the “counting machines” and other evidence becoming more firm. More access to Dominion voting machines has ramped up with “forensically” checking them, and the results are pending the lifting of a protective order to announce to all, particularly to the Michigan senate in deciding their electors.

    The Texas lawsuit and others are portrayed as seditious in a lot of the media. Irresponsible, undermining democracy etc..

    Pennsylvania Act 77 revising how elections are run was not constitutionally, and is still in court.

    Alan Dershowitz a top lawyer, says keep on fighting, but knows the points where Trump is up against it,
    A good realist of just what is involved.

    Craig Shirley, an historian. A realist, still do what it takes to fight now. Also to look ahead to position things with a shadow government to push ‘election reform’ by 2024

    More motions have been filed in state courts in the last hour or so, and more in play.
    None of the mainstream media can or will explain any of the issues that are involved.
    Biden might get it, on Monday but nor can he count his chickens either before then.
    Then Trump is finished, or is he? or will that election reform that needs to be changed be his next step.

    Electors may be picked on the Monday, and then received on the 23rd, but not counted until January 6th
    So it would seem like a long time a hatching, before the real count.

    Remember it is the mainstream media declaring dates, declaring positions, to pressure & force the public to accept.

    Apologies for length, as I had not really intended to note it, but once done,
    E&OE & subject to my ears taking in, paraphrasing, understanding with possible reinterpretations. 🙂

    It would seem that getting out, protest marching, getting the numbers up & at them, despite media hiding things, will give power to the President, power to those legal beagles, pressure on others opposing. That will give courage to others to do the right thing, like those Supreme Justices, and some State legislators.



  21. Who allows this?
    Why do all these welcome’rs of refugees, who supposedly are super well paid, and compensated for are total failures, as they still agitate for more refugees to come, but in the mean time they want other peoples money to finance there “do gooding” projects.

    Money that would be of better value helping many more in those countries, and getting them to rebuild, if they believe in good.


    If justice was to be done, then surely some of those “do gooders” should be fined enough to pay for their own time in jail as their educational “work safe systems” proved to be a failure.



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