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    • It’s all a huge scam – this US DOJ guy is laughing at all the sheeple

      Honestly, anything that suggests that face-masks are all about bending the populace to the will of the government is just “DISINFORMATION”.

      I’m sure this is just DISINFORMATION too.

      It’s weird living in a world where you know you are being lied to about everything, but the vast majority of people around you are drinking the KoolAid.

      It’s enough to make you question your sanity (but of course, that is what the NWO monsters want!)



      • It’s enough to make you question your sanity

        To be honest, I’ve been questioning my sanity over the last year. I’ve found myself in a world which seems to have gone mad and I’ve had to ask myself repeatedly if it’s really me who has gone off his rocker? Maybe I’m the one who’s stark staring mad and not the other way around?

        Food – in a world where agicultural chemicals, refrigeration, packaging and preservatives etc have vastly improved humanity’s access to food, people are turning their backs on our wonderful advances, going ‘organic’ and actually saying that modern food is ‘bad for you’.

        Climate change – Despite there being absolutely no rational evidence of AGW, almost every country and government in the world is blatantly pretending that humans are creating catastrophic effects on the planet’s climate (and actually the whole planet in general).

        Plastics – One of the most beneficial inventions of modern times, these products are now almost universally reviled as being ‘evil’ despite plastics being the vital component of almost everything our civilisation produces, from food pachaging, medicines, consumer goods, technology and even our houses and furnishings.

        Travel – In an age of unprecedented worldwide travel available to literally billions of people, the world has decided that aeroplanes, cars, and trucks etc (except bicycles FFS) are ‘bad.’ This had been happening well before the irrational Wuhan Virus panic, but now the moves to literally throttle humans’ ability to travel are real and they are being actioned on a worldwide scale.

        Gender – Men and women are no longer men or women and if somebody wants to pretend they’ve invented another gender it’s ‘bigotry’ to tell them they’re deluded.

        Covid – Enough said. What’s the point i repeating it all? Same with Medicine. Race. Education. History. The list goes on and on. And on.

        I honestly don’t think I’m just an old fart who can’t handle change. What we’re experiencing isn’t simply ‘change’ It is literally the beginning of the downfall of our whole civilisation. It goes exactly counter to every rational thought process and it seems to me that we’re literally under attack. But by whom? What the fuck is going on here?



        • I wet out to dinner last night with friends and have to agree with you, at the moment I often wonder about myself Eurokiwi, then I think no I am not wrong, this is all crazy shit happening in New Zealand and around the world. I cannot believe the people with TDS its unbelievable how some people read one side of the story (ferald and tv1 news) and that is absolutely it for them. What Paddy Gower says must be correct as far as they are concerned, he is a reporter. Are they waiting for the big crash to come and hit them personally before they think maybe they have got it wrong? God help NZ so many are like this. Thank goodness I am at least old and won’t bear the brunt of this stupidity for years and years.



        • Up is down, right in wrong, left is further left and right are now left. They tell you not to believe what your eyes see, it is the very opposite.

          They know we know they are cheating, stealing and lying to unsettle us and have set up the Ministry of Truth with Chippy telling us they are the one and only true source of information. “Be kind” has become control. They are shifting the ground under our feet to unsettle our belief system. Don’t believe their lies.

          Believe your own inner compass and sense of integrity of what is right from wrong. Use YSB to keep yourself grounded with other independent thinking and questioning Kiwis. We know what is right, our own personal commonsense and life as real New Zealanders has taught us right from wrong.



    • Well that is of course, the NWO “plan” they want to use insane Marxists (like Covid Cindy) to:
      – destroy the capital foundations of western democracy
      – wage a culture war on the nuclear family concept that underpins western civilisation
      – destroy Christianity (which has been a powerful and enduring obstacle because it is so effective and durable in building strong community cohesion)
      – force the populace to understand that they are no better than serfs (though psychological warfare of pointless lockdowns, pointless face-mask wearing)
      – commence the de-population agenda through compulsory GMO vaccinations (spike up HIV, impair fertile women’s ability to have children (vaccines have the potential to prevent placenta forming), mercury poisoning)

      All so that through all these massive crises, nation states collapse and a One World government can be brought in – which will in effect make everybody equal as a new proletariat/serf/wage slave class to serve the neo-feudalistic NWO overlords (who can then return to enjoying their perverse child abuse pastimes without interference).

      And things are progressing swimmingly as it looks like the last major obstacle in the complete destruction of the US of A – is on track with a Harris presidency (poor old Sniffer Joe will be forced to step down due to Hunters’ corruption).

      Nothing to see here – move along!



  1. The First American Civil War (1861-1865) was over slavery.

    The Second American Civil War (2021-2021) will be over slavery.

    In the First American Civil War the slaves were blacks and the masters were mostly whites. In the Second American Civil War the slaves were net taxpayers and the masters were mostly whites.



    • The eggs are put on display this month.

      Electors may be picked on the Monday, and then received on the 23rd December but not officially counted until January 6th

      So it would seem like a long time a hatching, before the real count.

      Remember it is the mainstream media declaring dates, declaring positions, to pressure & force the public to accept.
      Particularly to push for “concession”, which is ok if it is all clear cut.

      The current President remains until the inauguration on January 20, 2021 j
      Ruth Bader Ginsberg as simply stated, “The president is elected for four years not three years, so the power he has in year three continues into year four.”



      • “But none of these dates has ultimate significance in light of Congress’ detailed provisions for determining, on ‘the sixth day of January,’ the validity of electoral votes” – Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Bush V Gore

        So steady as it goes, still a lot of yo yo movements to go.

        Will all the eggs hatch?
        Will some of those chickens be aborted?
        Will some change gender as time goes by?



  2. A male National Party MP married a Labour MP. Unfortunately on their wedding night they had a major argument about politics & got into bed back to back. After a while his wife said, “ Darling, there’s a split in the Labour Party & if the National member would like to stand he’d have a very good chance of getting in.”

    “ Too late, “ he replied, “ the National member has stood as an independent & lost his deposit.”



  3. Good Grief thank F–K I didn’t drink to much last evening because turning on Al Jazeera first thing and the horror apparition of our foreign affairs minister being interviewed would’ve had me reaching for the sick bags.
    With this choice Cindy has us “punching above our weight ” yet again.



  4. Reposted from another blog. This will be the downfall of Mallard. I dont think he will get away with it this time. Ardern will get hit with shit splatter as well for signing it off. Chips and popcorn, time to top up..again.

    “I read that the rule change initiated by the speaker and which gives MPs indemnity against suit as well as exemption from the OIA, was signed off by the PM. I wonder what criteria were brought to bear when she decided to endorse the rule change.

    Did she give some thought to the fact that the timing was extremely convenient for her in-house protector?

    Assuming that there had been no prior debate, did she consider the decision to be a little rushed and maybe required more debate?

    And how could she possibly have considered it appropriate to give indemnities and anonymity to perpetrators of hate speech if they happen to be MPs?

    We will not get the answers. Just like the episode when there were allegations about a staff member in her office, she ducked for cover. It’s a party matter she said at that time – nothing to do with her.

    This time, with the ink of her signature a well dried endorsement of Mallard’s ethical perfidy, she says that the speakers office has nothing to do with her. AND he has after all, apologised and that should be the end of that!

    Kindness and forgiveness all round. Sad that the victim has serious health issues, possibly consequential, but is unlikely to see a brass razoo of the taypayers dosh.

    In the immortal words of Windsor Davies (Battery Sargeant major Williams)- How sad. Never mind”



    • Trump has power, whether he remains as President, or not.
      The power of free expression, free thought.
      It is when the people back him, showing their power. 🙂

      Despite academia, media shrilling other wise.

      In the USA system, that seems to be what convinces Judges who live in academia, media bubbles.



      • Simpleton, It’s normal for ex POTUS’s to remain quiet about the new presidents policies but thanks to the Black Tracker Obumma opening his cavernous trap Trump is free to say what he wants and it’ll be plenty..



  5. This from Robert Barnes –prominent US lawyer

    Robert Barnes
    Any lawyer who takes “standing” as a serious & legit legal doctrine is not a lawyer I ever take seriously as a legit legal thinker. Standing is a judicially invented doctrine that is just a bogus excuse to play Pontius Pilate & evade decisions judges want to avoid making.



  6. Just tried to share this. Guess what.

    Your content couldn’t be shared, because this link goes against our Community Standards

    If you think this doesn’t go against our Community Standards let us know.

    Fake book run censorship.

    My reply to them.
    Because it is not your call to decide what I wish to watch and share with my friends. Especially when we face the same threats in our country. Its time you decided if you are a mouthpiece for China, if you are run by the Chinese where you cant operate or if you are an American company with some shred of sovereignty and loyalty to the country you reside in and that makes you wealthy.



    • Able to watch it. Very good Viking,
      Some things seem to be shutdown, or shadow banned so difficult to find, actually I am finding more things shut down, and even much more difficult to find.

      Just like BLM so laptops are conveniently just “ideas” so not officially looked into, until now, after the election.

      The same Gordon Chang also expands on Rebel News linked to just below.

      A bit more indepth of the Canadian “chinese files”.
      The point that arises: incurably militant”

      China is “incurably militant” under communism: Gordon G. Chang with Ezra Levant
      6 mins 27 secs : • Dec 12, 2020

      More hostile, more belligerent, so no “hot line” for Chinese talks.
      All the expert diplomacy academia, media seem to position a “blame” on Australia for not understanding China, and loosing face, and shame problems. ….. yeahh right.

      So how deep is China in NZ,
      3 Confucius Institutes on University campuses.
      Many sister cities to partner with NZ & China to connect together.
      Labour, National, NZ First, and who else has received money or connections to keep a little distance, but still to make money?
      Like the ones supporting digital voting systems as Auckland with 2 sister cities in China, with Scytl, has trialed it, whilst others intensely keep their ‘systemic’ eyes closed.

      Every thing seems good in NZ, but just what & where is the influence of China Communist Party in NZ?
      A warning has been sounded by Anne Marie Brady
      Scroll down and maybe get to some of her more recent articles.
      Search her name, to find articles, that she has written.

      Who are New Zealand’s CCP compradors, wittingly or unwittingly.? …. eh Comrade, comrade.



  7. Here is the view on the SCOTUS decision from the Conservative Treehouse “editors”

    “An individual voter does not have standing to sue for election misconduct. (He/she is only one person and everyone cannot sue all the time for all elections.)
    An official who may be adversely affected, cannot sue before an election in anticipation of bad conduct because it is speculative (not ripe)
    An official who was adversely affected, cannot sue after an election claiming bad conduct because it is too late (latches)
    A state does not have standing to sue on behalf of its citizens to remedy other states’ bad election conduct (no standing)

    The result appears to be that no lawsuit involving the recent election cycle has been heard on the merits. Insofar as I am aware, the substance of misconduct claims have not been heard in court. (In fairness, there has been no decision on whether a state can sue itself for election misconduct.)

    The U.S.S.C has created a constitutional right to abortion from emanations and penumbras. It has told us there is latitude to provide jobs and college admissions based on race or sex. The high court has created a constitutional right to burn the flag.

    The Supreme Court, and other courts, have determined limits on constitutional rights to: free speech, bearing arms, freedom of assembly, religious worship, who can use which bathroom, whether the state can hang a murderer; whether men can compete in women’s sports; whether you can operate a restaurant, how hot your coffee can be, etc. ad nauseum.

    However, when it comes to the citizen’s right to make sure his or her vote counts and is not nullified by corrupt and dishonest practices, the courts have decided that it is imperative they restrain themselves from taking a position on the merits.

    They have thoughtfully informed us of constraints on them that no-one knew existed. The Friday ruling cites only a conclusion, but no reasoning.

    If a state sues, is it not representing its citizens? Isn’t that, at the root, the only function of a state government? Are the citizens’ rights to an honest vote not affected if another state runs a bogus election and the first state’s votes become nullified?

    Does a state not have standing to sue because the court anticipates it will not succeed on the merits? Why do courts ever bother to write legal opinions when they can save time and tell us the outcome they have in mind right away?

    My untutored mind is having difficulty figuring out just who, and under what circumstances, has a legal right to a fair election.

    It seems the current answer is: no-one.



    • Trump has added his name to the suit. He has been directly affected by the stealing of the election. He has asked Cruz to argue his case in the Supreme Court. Cruz has successfully argued every case he has had before the SC.



      • WG. Trump added his name BEFORE the SCOTUS made their decision, so it made no difference.
        I agree with your point that he is the main person affected and it should have blown away the technicality that worried SCOTUS.
        If I was an American I would asking the basic question –“What is the point of SCOTUS if it cannot uphold the Constitution ?”



        • Oh okay. Thanks Ross. I thought it very elitist and arrogant of the SC to state “the people are not ready” for a reverse decision. Afterall, what do the US deplorables understand of such highfalutin decisions. //



    • Looking into my recently upgraded Crystal Ball and searching the obituary columns which now now exceed the coverage of sports I see so many prominent names that I will look at investment in undertakers as a future growth industry.



  8. Voices for Freedom. https://voicesforfreedom.co.nz/

    For those that haven’t come across this, Voices for Freedom is a new Auckland based group speaking out, initially about the loss of our freedoms around covid. It was founded by 3 young mothers who are concerned about what is happening to our freedoms in NZ.

    The link below is to one of the organisers Claire Deeks interviewing Ivor Cummins.




    • Flynns speech
      Starts in good speech from 4 minutes.
      Flyn’s speech concludes at 22 minutes.

      General Michael Flynn and Family Speak at Jericho March in DC 12/12/20
      25 minutes 40 secs. : • Dec 12, 2020

      To what is good, or what is bad.
      To weigh up the unknown, and to be fearless, looking for the truth.
      The rule of law, is at risk.

      Breath the fresh air of liberty, so truth will prevail.
      No one takes it away from him.

      Media supports, corruption & fraud,

      Trump circles over a number of times.



  9. I’ve just read on another blog a wank piece prattling on about the USA having 300k covid-19 deaths. The blog poster is wetting himself over this and he seems to believe that it’s a horrific catastrophe and everyone is going to die.

    I couldn’t be bothered opening an account with this (heavily moderated) blog in order to comment. But the blog owner calls himself a market (or some such) ‘researcher’ and yet he can’t work out that 300k is merely 0.09% of the US population! Less than one tenth of one percent!

    There really are some incredibly stupid people in the world.

    p.s. Can anybody guess which blog I’m referencing? 😂



  10. Articulates just very well just how certain battle ground states did very “unsafe elections” which should not be able to be certified.

    “Phill Kline Assembly Committee on Campaigns Election Fraud Told Wisconsin State Legislature Today”
    12 miins 07 secs : • Dec 11, 2020

    That Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook Paid 350 Million to use the Moneys Paid For His Choice or You Would Have To give it Back.

    It is only the media who says you must prove fraud. That is not true; as he explains.

    Also confirms that dates are not set in stone for if those “electors” or not are set in stone.

    Looks at how Zuckerberg contributions, to prepare a “Wisconsin safe election Plan”
    They do not have to answer to any body.

    The chain of custody for the drop boxes? but wear is it, and also in the other critical states.

    The election system, in how it is done, is not certifiable under Federal law.
    Can you have faith in the ballots, when the law, regulations were not followed.

    Makes so many good legal points, and communicates it well.



  11. I would like to know how many PCR tests for the virus are performed each day in NZ. If the false-positive rate is 0.5% and they test a couple of hundred people, the chances are that a couple of false positives will appear.
    The statement in the Herald “There are three new cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand, all in managed isolation.” should therefore really read “There are three new positive test results for Covid-19 in New Zealand, all in managed isolation.”

    There is a world of difference between a positive test result and a case of Covid-19. Don’t these journalists ever think about what they have written?



  12. Is anyone having problems with the YSB page images not showing on their browser?
    Nasska emailed me saying he is. Changing Mrs Holys browser from firefox has fixed her problem. We are now using vivaldi for mac.
    I see he has been visiting that other blog. It might be karma, teach him a lesson not to visit such an infected website and then come back here and complain. An old bugger like him should know you get what you reap in this world



    • Some images still load, like yesterday’s HYS.
      Some do load, others further back No.
      Others are slow.
      Todays HYS does not appear.

      Just noted that even the ones that did show, are not now.

      Noting that some one has been poking finger in the system,
      Noticd yesterday no avatars. either, of anyone.
      All stripped of the gloss.

      Beginning of the censuring?
      I thought it was my system.
      However I not that I have totally checked, and tallied up over the past few weeks, but just a few other sites seem to be clipped short, but just in little ways.



  13. I’m picking Ribena, milk arrowroot bikkies, motorcycle inner tubes and Churchills underpants, all test positive for covert 19.

    Coca Cola tests positive for Covid…
    An Austrian parliamentary member demonstrated the defectiveness of the government’s Covid-19 tests by showing how a glass of coke yields a positive result.

    In footage from the meeting in Vienna Friday, FPO General Secretary Michael Schnedlitz brings a glass of cola to the podium, from which he proceeds to collect drops to use on an antigen rapid test being used on a mass scale.
    After going to the lectern and starting his speech, the politician sprinkled a corona rapid test with a few drops of cola. Three minutes later the test showed a result: It was positive. So Coke triggered such a result.
    After demonstrating a positive result, Schnedlitz goes on to slam the tests as a waste of taxpayer resources.



  14. Better late than never.

    Hunter Biden has been subpoenaed by federal investigators over his involvement with at least two dozen entities – including Ukrainian gas company Burisma, according to the Associated Press, citing a ‘person familiar with a Justice Department tax investigation.”




    • Well he was elected.
      The legislators seem to be ok with how elections of integrity cast & tally the votes.

      This carve-out is particularly unfathomable in light of the attempted assassination of two Los Angeles sheriffs deputies on Sept. 12.
      The suspect, long-time felon Deonte Murray, walked up to the deputies’ parked squad car and shot them both in the head as they sat inside. ­

      Bystanders cheered; anti-cop protesters continued the celebration later at the hospital where the deputies were on life support.
      Since the summer, officers across the country have been shot at, ­assaulted with lethal projectiles, firebombed and run over.
      That open season on cops will only get worse in Los Angeles with this declaration that officers’ authority may be resisted with impunity — a declaration that strikes at the heart of civilization itself
      Gascon undoubtedly subscribes to the false idea that blacks are under lethal threat from police shootings.

      And much more detail of just what is involved.
      Probably not even allowed to use fire hoses to wash the excrement of the streets, as fire hoses are so racists and threatening.

      We may laugh, as NZ’s crew are looking to in put in place more “free speech” laws, and so comply in full with the UN Global Migration Pact,
      more human rights laws, that others have to pay for,
      3 strikes law so judges can give more understanding sentences.

      Then as I posted late last night. such a kindly NZ judge,..
      Who allows this?
      Why do all these welcome’rs of refugees, who supposedly are super well paid, and compensated for are total failures, as they still agitate for more refugees to come, but in the mean time they want other peoples money to finance their “do gooding” projects.

      Money that would be of better value helping many more in those countries, and getting them to rebuild, if they believe in good.


      If justice was to be done, then surely some of those “do gooder’s” should be fined enough to pay for their own time in jail as their educational “work safe systems” proved to be a failure.

      Just as Viking’s post above suggests! @ 2:12 pm



  15. The follow is from the Herald. It does not appear to be behind a pay wall.

    “Mallard’s case was handled by Deputy Speaker Anne Tolley and it was considered that because the Speaker is the Minister responsible for Parliamentary Services, the same rules should apply as for ministers.

    The process for Mallard’s legal costs were signed off by Tolley rather than Cabinet.”


    Can any one even guess why Tolley would do such a thing?



  16. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhHL4f7lVRc (I Work, Therefore I Am (Life as a Salaryman) It’s 23 minutes’ long, and you can guess most of the content.

    My main point is: whay can’t a thinking teenager figure this out before committing themselves to a life on the treadmill as a salaried worker. It’s not like this is “secret knowledge.”
    Perhaps in many countries, once you have your mortgage and your children in private education, you are hooked by the system. Lose your job and you may very well lose your mariage, your house, and your children (of course, it depends on how shallow your wife is). The company has you right where they want you to be.

    Not the life for me. (Nor most of you, I expect,)



    • For the first twenty years of work I had three bosses. First was a farmer, 18 months, incredible teacher. Second was a publican, five years part time as a bottle store worker & bouncer, good employer. Third owner of a cartage firm, 18 years, fair employer & a great bloke.

      Yet, at 36 years of age, my first day self employed was the best & most satisfying of my life.



      • There is freedom, even joy & pleasure, but always
        The hardest boss to work for is your self.

        To measure your self, and cut accordingly.
        To know yourself, not only the good, but the bad & ugly, all have a cost to your self only.



    • Thanks Odakyu-sen.
      It sure shows the in tenseness of hours worked in Japan,

      Done similar, for the $ but could see the cost, so knew that that $ was too hard earned, so not easy come, easy go, but to try & put to a future plan.

      At one part, as mentioned, , the point of going out & seeking help, many do not realize that can seen as a mark down and a replacement will come in. Same as in NZ

      Any mental problems, or things getting on top of you, unrelenting frustration, even if temporary, and a 1 off, and if becomes known, is marked on with banks, credit agencies, police.
      The government seems to want to push people to open up to them, but can they really be trusted? as where are their allegiances, their manager? their department? other people?

      At the end of the day it is only you, that can re-position your self, to find a way to lower the stress, lower the hours worked, and make the most of other hobbies, breaks, changes of lifestyle, while easily said, only you can weigh up.
      It is how you put to a friend, or an anonymous acquaintance or such that may give some good pointers & guidance.

      The joy of talking to a stranger, and accepting an anonymity of each other, that is not being too nosy to identify each other does help in expressing problems, views, thoughts, blowing of steam, and understanding more of your self, and helping them if needs be.

      I dare say as speech topics are going to be noted down now, with new laws, then this will become even more critical.

      NZ is small, and the degree of acquaintance for years when younger proved surprisingly small, and even if you make a break to another social level, caste, business, community.
      Then when older, it can be surprising of just what others may be able to relate or know something about you.
      Though now I do notice that young people fortunately know less of one now. 🙂



  17. Sherwood Forest Socialism.

    Robin Hood hands over a stolen fortune to a pauper, “Here you are my poor friend”.
    “Wow, I’m rich!”, say’s the friend.
    Robins eyes narrow, “You’re what?”



  18. Sounds like personal bad decision making. Blaming colonisation is an opportunist claim.

    Waikato Mongrel Mob Kingdom Wāhine Toa lodges first-ever all-female gang claim with Waitangi Tribunal

    The Mongrel Mob Kingdom Wāhine Toa says the Crown failed to stop disproportionately high levels of harm and discrimination they suffered because they’re Māori, they’re women and they’re associated with gangs.



    • A good find there Viking,
      It will fire things up again, just who in NZ and now it looks like some CCP people connections.
      Your list and then this list….. hmmmm

      16 September 2020
      The names of 793 New Zealanders have been found in data leaked from Zhenhua Data to an American academic. ……
      ……. China Electronic Information Industry Group (CETC), meaning “it’s part of the military industrial complex in China”, Brady said.
      A specialist in political interference from China, Brady said the Chinese Communist Party was trying to cultivate relationships with economic and political leaders worldwide.
      The leaked data included lists of New Zealanders identified by the Chinese company as “politically exposed” and of “special interest”.
      “Only 10 percent of the data has been recovered, so there’s quite a few things we’re scratching our heads about,” Brady said.
      “But we can see the pattern here very clearly: many of the individuals on the list… are very clearly some of the most influential people in New Zealand.
      “There’s our senior court judges, there’s our former ambassadors and present ambassador to China, there’s China desk people… What’s really heartbreaking is to see our most senior politicians family members there.”
      “It’s an issue our government is really concerned about” – Canterbury University professor Anne-Marie Brady
      The Chinese intelligence gathering on New Zealanders and people from other countries was followed by plans of action, which was “very concerning”, Brady said.
      “It’s happening on a grand scale – there are about 2.4 million names.”
      “This is evidence, if any was needed, of the global reach of China’s efforts to use political interference as a tool of foreign policy.”
      The leaked data showed in-depth knowledge of New Zealand politics, she said.
      “There are names in there, you would have to have extremely intimate knowledge of New Zealand politics and who’s who and their family members and that’s not easily found.”
      The data could be used for blackmail or developing strategic relationships, Brady said.
      “[Family members] can be targeted, offered business opportunities.
      This is very much the pattern overseas, or other opportunities, or they get into trouble – blackmail, you name it.”
      Brady noted that some former National Party leaders, such as Jenny Shipley and Don Brash, had become directors of Chinese banks soon after leaving politics.
      She said the government needed to overhaul its China strategy, which was set in 2012, and provide better guidance for the public on dealing with China.
      “We need to inform the public, we need to inoculate them, so they can do the right thing when they’re engaging with China – particularly I’m thinking about our universities and our local government officials and there has been an inquiry into the New Zealand Parliament about some concerns there.
      “It’s an issue our government is really concerned about and they’re talking about it internally a lot.
      “Now, they need to find a way to upskill the New Zealand public on it,” Brady said.
      Labour MP Phil Twyford said he was “horrified” one of his family members was included in the leaked data from the Chinese company.
      “Am I concerned that anyone is harvesting information from the internet about the family members of politicians, let alone a foreign government? Am I disturbed by that? Yes I’m horrified,” Twyford said.
      The names of New Zealand politicians, their family members, defence officials, diplomats, academics, business people, and sports stars are also on the leaked database.
      Among the names featured are Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s parents and sister; former Prime Minister John Key’s son, Max; Labour minister Grant Robertson; sportswoman Barbara Kendall; Chief Censor David Shanks; and former cabinet minister Ruth Richardson.
      National Party leader Judith Collins said she had not been briefed by Prime Minster Jacinda Ardern on Chinese intelligence gathering in New Zealand political circles, as she would expect to have been.
      “I would like to hear from the prime minister on exactly what she can tell me” – National Party leader Judith Collins
      “There are other MPs in other parties obviously, including the National Party, where apparently some of our family members – not mine as I understand – have been accessed or certainly been watched.
      “That’s something that gives me great concern and I would like to hear from the prime minister on exactly what she can tell me,” Collins said.
      However, Labour minister Grant Robertson said the opposition was briefed regularly by New Zealand security agencies.
      Collins said New Zealand had a strong trade relationship with China and people should not focus undue attention on the risks posed by Chinese intelligence gathering.
      “It’s important everybody understands it’s not only China we should talk about, but every country we have links to,” Collins said.
      “It’s important to understand our companies that are trading, that they often are subject to all sorts of activities, people trying to find out information about them.”
      Jacinda Ardern said the data leak, which includes the names of her mother, father and sister, highlighted the need for vigilance on cybersecurity.

      So who in the 3 Confucius Institutes on university campuses?
      Deans? Professors? lecturers?
      Who in the arrangement of “sister cities”?
      Then which companies?
      They may not be directly connected with China, but in other ways pushing an agenda that suits China, like pushing Scytl voting systems..

      I sort of have the feeling of Klaus Swaub and his WEF, that is now strongly connected with the UN and its other arms like WHO, are all to the CCP Chinese advantage.
      So why would they not be giving “seed” funding to some of those ventures?

      As the chinese say, “May you live in interesting times” but there is nothing better than the “truth will prevail” and so not to worry about “saving face” or “shame” and all the feelz of dancing on a pin.



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