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  1. The two Ethnic ladies on TV1s breakfast show don’t like their Co host John Campbell at all,the ex netball player looks at him like he’s dog shit on her shoe but they both still laugh at his stupid little jokes so it must be in their contracts LOL.



  2. This is going to get legs..
    A major leak containing a register with the details of nearly two million CCP members has occurred – exposing members who are now working all over the world, while also lifting the lid on how the party operates under Xi Jinping
    The leak is a register with the details of Communist Party members, including their names, party position, birthday, national ID number and ethnicity.




  3. Apologies if this has been previously linked.

    Jovan Hutton Pulitzer is the person who invented scanning technology, like airline boarding pass scanning on smart phones etc..

    He impressively explains in this video about his ability to digitally examine millions of ballots to scientifically prove if ballots are authentic or fake. He says we need to access the physical and digital ballots and within seconds can determine authenticity. His technology and approach have nothing to do with accessing the actual Dominion or other vendor machines.




  4. Academic had ears of prime ministers
    Forum on Australia China Relations Under the Shadows of the Trump Presidency at NSW Parliament on Friday, 28 April 2017. Hon Prof Bob Carr, Prof. Hong Chen, Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane and Mr Tim Harcourt

    Among millions of names on the Chinese Communist Party’s leaked Shanghai membership database, one stands out for Australia.

    Paywall after that.
    \some interesting other subjects there as well.

    Exposing mystery and menace of CCP membership
    A general view shows delegates attending the opening of the 19th Communist Party Congress at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on October 18, 2017. The Chinese Communist Party opens its week-long, twice-a-decade congress in the Great Hall of the People. / AFP PHOTO / NICOLAS ASFOURI

    Revelations about party insiders in the ranks should prompt serious questions about how to do business with — and in — a one-party state.
    By Robert Potter, David Robinson 3

    Levy on iron ore exports would test China’s mettle
    Bottles of Australian wine are displayed at a supermarket in Hangzhou, in eastern China’s Zhejiang province on November 27, 2020. (Photo by STR / AFP) / China OUT

    Beijing’s trade action has hurt our beef, barley, seafood and wine industries. To avoid further harm, we need to make it pay a price.
    By Matt Canavan

    Time to force VCs to take leave of their censors

    Only nine out of 42 universities have adopted a freedom of speech code. Linking compliance to funding might convince the stragglers.



  5. “Islam is Right About Woman”

    An expert on far right groups says the message left outside a mosque in Christchurch would not meet the definition of hate speech but is still racist.
    The words ‘Islam is right about women’ , were written in chalk outside Al Noor mosque on Saturday.
    The police are investigating and officers have been stationed outside.
    Professor Paul Spoonley, told Conan Young says the same statement has appeared in various forms around the world.


    An oldie but a goodie.
    The truth will prevail. 🙂

    And our NZ police is wasting, time, money & resources, enforcing sharia law in NZ!



    • Is Professor Spoonley, an infidel denying the “most perfect man” Mohammad?

      Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri:-
      Once Allah’s Apostle went out to the Musalla (to offer the prayer) o ‘Id-al-Adha or Al-Fitr prayer.
      Then he passed by the women and said, “O women! Give alms, as I have seen that the majority of the dwellers of Hell-fire were you (women).”
      They asked, “Why is it so, O Allah’s Apostle ?”
      He replied, “You curse frequently and are ungrateful to your husbands. I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you.
      A cautious sensible man could be led astray by some of you.”
      The women asked, “O Allah’s Apostle! What is deficient in our intelligence and religion?”
      He said, “Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?”
      They replied in the affirmative.
      He said, “This is the deficiency in her intelligence. Isn’t it true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?”
      The women replied in the affirmative. He said, “This is the deficiency in her religion.”
      Sahih Bukhari 1:6:301

      The NZ police are investigating Mohammad, the most “perfect man” who has a billion followers.



    • So an “investigator” and just what is he investigating?
      Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri:- ?
      -: Sahih Bukhari
      Mohammad, via the hadith above, who has said by his own eyes he saw, and so understood woman’s “deficiency of intelligence”

      “We take any messaging that has any concern to it extremely seriously and a report has been completed and that has been assigned to an investigator,” he said. …..

      …… “No matter what time it it is, any messaging that has an undertone that is not right for us in New Zealand is concerning,” he said. ,,,,

      And so they continue to build up the “story”. so that sensitive skin people who live in a “sand paper” world have some painful feelz , feeling that they are being polished in the general world.



    • This is the reason the police are working to enforce sharia.

      “Whoever amongst you sees an evil, he must change it with his hand. If he is not able to do so, then with his tongue. And if he is not able to do so, then with his heart, and that is the weakest form of faith”.[2]
      A standard medieval interpretation of this Hadith is, as Al-Nawawi had explained, that such passages of scripture had to be interpreted in accordance with established Shariah principles, such as the state’s sole prerogative in declaring jihad.
      ‘Changing the reprehensible by hand,’ or by compulsion, was the purview of the state alone.
      ‘Changing with the tongue’ was the right of the ulama.
      Ordinary, individual Muslims should only reject the reprehensible with their hearts.

      So the police have stepped up to be the “state” to enforce sharia.
      If they did not, then that vacuum would eventually be filled, to enforce “must change it with his hand”
      This is called “keeping the peace of islam”, at this stage.



    • I am puzzled how they could say it is hate speech or racist, if one were to believe that religion or the beliefs of that religion how can you turn around and say it’s wrong to say that? They believe that, so it’s actually the truth for them anyway or is it not? It’s very confusing to me this hate speech rule. It would be like writing God says you shall not sin outside a church, well its all the same to me anyway. Are they saying that Islam is only right about Muslim women is it offensive to all the rest of women?



    • This feels like all part of a very well laid out plan by the Trump administration to set the scene for invoking the 2018 EO on foreign interference on US elections.

      In the past few days we’ve had
      – the cracking open of media corruption on Hunter Biden and widespread coverage of the corruption and crooked behaviour of all the Bidens
      – Senator Swallwell and Fang Fang the Chinky honeypot spy
      – Feinstein’s loony tunes behaviour
      – another massive popular rally for Trump
      – Pentagon telling the CIA to fuck off and that they’ll get no further military support for CIA covert ops (what you say to a rogue agency)
      – breaking news about the Supreme Court and Justice Roberts increasingly desperate dictatorial behaviour re the Texas suit
      – information warfare about Pelosi witholding Covid aid for political spite against Trump
      and now
      – the “leaking” of a database that when translated will no doubt show just about every highly placed democrat senator, judge, justice, representative, governor is a Chinky asset

      This is what you would do if you were retaliating waging information war – using the DoD cyber soldier capability.

      I expect this to continue to escalate with ever greater revelations surfacing to fuel public sentiment to support Trump using his powers to address this obvious coup.

      Back to the chinese agent database. It will be interesting to see if any NZ names appear on the database. I feel completely confident that we can all be totally safe in assuming that there is no way at all that any names like Ardern or Clark will be appearing on that list.



  6. There has been a major breakthrough towards resolving the standoff over Ihumātao, with an initial deal expected to go to Cabinet today.

    RNZ understands the deal is for Fletcher Building to sell the land to the government, the first step in reaching a resolution; with agreement from Fletchers and Kīingitanga, on behalf of mana whenua.

    While this would remove Fletchers from the equation, more work to then decide how the government and mana whenua reach a final agreement about the land would likely still have to be done.


    In September last year, the Māori King, Kiingi Tūheitia, announced on behalf of mana whenua they had reached consensus over what to do with Ihumātao, and their position was they wanted it back.



    • The GOVERNMENT is buying Ihumatao. Translated as the TAXPAYER is buying Ihumatao. This is a major breakthrough? This is a fucking disaster. This is the “first step in reaching a resolution”? What a bloody mess Jizz has got us into by opening her gob and sticking her beak in where she had no business. Watch the floodgates open now.



    • It opens great opportunities. Fletchers are paid out, so glad to see the back of that. The government will own the land, which we are assured was stolen. The iwi can then take another case to the Waitangi Tribunal because the government owns stolen land, thus able to get another payout. Whether or not they can pull the same trick again after this will depend on finding another Fletchers to be the fall guy, and having Cindy as PM.
      I see Fletchers has just bought a big block of land for a housing estate. I hope they did their due diligence to make sure no Maori had ever walked upon it, otherwise they will be back here again.



  7. A deal is going to Cabinet today over the taxpayer funded Ihumatoe fiasco which the PM was obfuscating on Breakfast this morning.
    She doesnt know when the public should find out on the deal along with that prick Mallard with her saying, we are all being a bit fucking harsh on him..?
    This just before Christmas hoping the sordid issues go away over the holidays !~
    We here on YSB won’t forget !!



  8. It is the 1970’s, The height of the Troubles.
    A man is walking home alone late at night down an empty Belfast street.
    Suddenly a Man appears out of the shadows and presses a pistol into the small of his back.
    “What religion are you?”
    Oh Crap, he thinks. If I say Catholic he will be UDA, if I say Protestant he will be IRA.
    I am royally screwed…:/
    Then, he has a flash of genius
    “I’m a Jew”
    The gunman replies…
    “I’m the luckiest Arab in Belfast”



  9. “Thanksgiving fallout the US is currently suffering “. Forgive me my limited medical knowledge but aren’t viruses less likely to spread in warm weather while the USA Thanksgiving at the end of November was heading into the cold of a northern winter? This is purely scare mongering from the Ministry of Truth. How many Kiwis will cancel their holiday travels to mix and mingle with family and friends?

    While many Kiwis are probably looking forward to a summer holiday after a year of pandemic-related problems, health officials are warning it’s a potentially dangerous time in the country’s fight against Covid-19.

    To that end, the Government has launched a new ‘Make Summer Unstoppable’ campaign, telling Kiwis that if they forget the Covid basics, summer could yet come to a grinding halt.

    Citing the post-Thanksgiving fallout the US is currently suffering with its spike in cases, Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins says he doesn’t want to see the same thing happen in New Zealand.

    The holiday period creates more challenges for authorities if an outbreak occurs with extra large-scale events, more social gatherings and people travelling to holiday hot spots. Hipkins says the Government has been working through several resurgence scenarios for such instances.



      • Apparently Maggie Pie had Mallard at a Peking Duck restaurant last night:

        From Kiwiblog…

        Maggie Pie

        Headed up to Tindalls yesterday to get a few bits & bobs sorted prior to the holidays. I spent most of the day changing beds and washing the linen. Even washed the house down and cleaned all the windows. My partner managed to flush both of the Outboards on the boat and even took his new E-Bike for a trial-run out to the Peninsula.
        By the end of the day we were both pretty stuffed, so on the way home headed to our fave restaurant for a ‘Peking Duck’. The manager there knows my partner from getting takeaways and showed us to a table. We asked him what he thought about the current goings on with the Chinese government? He was quick to point out that we should call it the “CCP”, as it doesn’t speak for all New Zealand Chinese. (Interesting, eh).
        The duck was fab. Two pots of green tea, a shared plate of lychees, and we were out of there. Went to pay the bill and there were two really attractive Chinese girls standing behind the counter talking in Mandarin. My partner paid cash and added a $20 tip. They both bowed and put their hands together in a gesture of praise. Funny people.
        As we headed out to the car I remarked how polite they seemed. My partner replied that he wouldn’t trust them as far as he could throw them.
        Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0REPLY REPORTDECEMBER 14, 2020 8:44AM



    • That word right is the give-away.

      If you insist that your view is “right”, i.e. correct, then you are disrespecting the position of the thicko adversary who is WRONG entitled to his own personal version of “THE TRUTH”.



      • Therein lies the root of hate speech.

        If you insist that your view is “right”, i.e. correct, then you are guilty of “hate” if your view runs counter to the narrative. To question the narrative in any way is to “hate,” it seems.

        How then are people to engage in constructive discourse to try to overcome social issues? As Churchill is quoted to have said, “Jaw, jaw, is better than war, war.”



      • Maggy, Maggy, Maggy. Thicko. I am almost shocked at your descent towards the gutter. How the ducklings? I got baby chickens, but something is shnaking them as the numbers keep dropping and there is no evidence anywhere. I have set a trap with tuna, but it never gets triggered ( for rats or stoats) so I am a bit puzzled.



  10. This may be bigger than COVID19 and a Christmas present Xi Jiping would rather not have – the 3 Gorges dam system on the Yangtze river has been under pressure for some time due to heavy rain with the main dam close to danger levels and large vertical cracks and some undermining of the base. Now the Dam above the main one – Chongquing is at 191.55mm at the Cuntan hydrogic station and is still rising with inflows at – 76,000 Cumecs and is now at highest alert level. 250,000 residents have been re located to safe places, and widespread flooding in surrounding areas could become worse than the previous record in 2003 when 8,660 sq km of land was flooded. If Chongquing Dam overflows or bursts then the main Dam is likely to go as it is within 5m of its design capacity, if this happens there are approx 400m Chinese in its path and initial estimates are for a wall of water 250M high travelling at 100kmh and still at 25kmh at Shanghai 1000 kms away. Devastation on such a scale has no precedent and would likely change world events.Sorry to repeat what has major MSM for months now – what you didn’t see it in the Horrid or Labour Party TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Edit – more info on this site – it seems evacuations are even greater and even this report may under state the actual numbers –



  11. One of the Great Scams of COVID is the misuse of the term ‘non-medical interventions’.

    It is supposed to imply a medical ‘thingy’ that is non-invasive.


    A ‘non-medical’ intervention is a ‘medical intervention involving the unwarranted intrusion of police and other government officials’ and includes:

    – Unconstitutional detention of large sections of the community.
    – Forced wearing of masks
    – Unsocial distancing rules
    – Forced alienation of family, friends and the elderly
    – Potential fines and JAIL TERMS!!!
    – Killing of innocent sick people by denial of medial treatment to ‘save hospitals’
    – Patrolling of beaches and parks by uniformed pigs to create fear and panic
    – Allowing police unwarranted searches of homes
    – Closing of businesses leading to bankruptcies.

    My GOD Dr Ashley Bloomfield has blood on his hands.

    Dr Death eh! Utter bastard is guilty of crimes against humanity!!!

    The GREAT LIE: Non-medical interventions!



  12. More justification for the Donald to start ‘the Crossing’

    US treasury hacked by foreign government group –
    Concern that hackers who breached treasury and commerce departments used similar tool to break into other agencies

    The hack is so serious it led to a national security council meeting at the White House on Saturday,

    “The United States government is aware of these reports and we are taking all necessary steps to identify and remedy any possible issues related to this situation,” said national security council spokesman John Ullyot.

    There is concern within the US intelligence community that the hackers who targeted the treasury department and the commerce department’s national telecommunications and information administration used a similar tool to break into other government agencies, according to three people briefed on the matter. The people did not say which other agencies.

    The hack involves the NTIA’s office software, Microsoft’s Office 365. Staff emails at the agency were monitored by the hackers for months, sources said.




    • There will be a version of this in NZ too, most likely in house set ups, the “go to” all the talking heads stirrer of “virtue” climate porn etc..

      Media Alert – spokes available as wild weather hits QLD and NSW

      As residents in South Queensland and Northern NSW brace for damaging winds, flash flooding, heavy rainfall, high tides and disappearing beaches, the following spokes are available to talk about the impacts they are experiencing.

      Kerrie McMartin, custard apple farmer, Sunshine Coast. Kerrie’s farm borders the Maroochy River and is subject to flooding.
      She can talk about how fruits and vegetables are falling victim to climate change, and how the extreme weather is impacting on her Christmas crops.

      Mike Hayes, viticulturist for Sirromet Wines, Mount Cotton. Mike’s farm has been hit with fires, floods, frost and hail this year, with yet another bout of extreme weather damaging the fruit yet again.
      “The recent hail storm tore through the vines and badly damaged the fruit.
      Just a few weeks later we are seeing yet another extreme weather event as a result of climate change, and this one will likely lead to mould, and will mean the end to this year’s crop,” Mr Hayes said.

      Narelle McCarthy, Liaison, Sunshine Coast Environment Council, can talk about the impact of the extreme weather on river catchments and coastal habitats, including the loss of turtle habitats as a result of beach erosion.

      Johnny Abegg, Former Byron Bay professional surfer and co-founder of Surfers for Climate, can talk about the devastating impacts to the local beaches in Byron Bay as a result of the extreme weather and climate change, and how this impacts the community and his family life.
      “I take my kids the beach every day, but as a result of the extreme weather as a result of climate change, we are watching the beach slide away before our eyes.”

      PHOTOS and VIDEOS of main beach in Byron

      Jim Smith, Former Acting Commissioner, NSW State Emergency Service, can explain how emergency services respond to flash flooding and severe storm events, what some of the hidden dangers in a flood situation are (e.g. strong currents in flood waters, unexpectedly deep floodwater), and what precautions that residents in flooded areas should take to stay safe. Location: St Georges Basin, NSW

      Ian Lowe, Environment/climate expert with Griffith, USC, can talk about how climate change is making extreme weather worse, resulting in beach erosion and the destruction of coastal habitats, and how these impacts are only going to get worse.

      Andrew Gissing, General Manager – Resilience, Risk Frontiers, can talk about disaster management, the costs to property, business and insurance in the wake of last year’s floods, extreme weather and what we can do to mitigate the risks.

      I wonder also, how much do these guys get paid for being touched on?



    • What Greta thinks is not of any concern to me.

      What I do not want is to be levied with tax, levy, excise, whatever on fuel because Climate Change Commission Chair Rod Carr suggests we need to be taxed to alter our behaviour.

      I do not need to be taxed to alter my behaviour. I could not think of a more pathetic reason to justify an unwarranted and unwanted tax. Just loading up living costs with tax to satisfy Greta is not my idea of good taxation practices.

      Tax, levy, excise, whatever, taken by the government on fuel is already a substantial component of the pump price. This citizen is not OK to have any increase based on the theory this will alter the climate.



      • They claim it will improve the quality of your life. …… yeah right.

        Improving people’s quality of life by pushing up their electricity prices, just so that it can be virtual signaled as being renewable. …. yeah right ….

        Trying to call it “inclusive capitalism” when free market is confounded with “crony capitalism”
        Inclusiveness is meritless as it has no responsibilities and no accountability than a figurative Carbon.
        Subsidies, cross supporting subsidies, means the market is not free, but the ones who can position themselves to clip the tickets will only get richer.



  13. Bloody hell. Just listened to 30 mins of post-cabinet press conference with Cindy. There were really only three themes. Travel bubbles, Mallard, Ihumatao. She effectively answered nothing on any of them. That’s it. Just head bobbing, jazz hands, and waffle. Don’t reporters realise they’re being played? FS,



  14. The year’s ending on a shitty note for Cindy. The talk around the barbie over the hols isn’t going to be all about her saving the team of 5M. Mallard has protected her from all sorts over the last three years. Great that he’s causing her some grief now.
    So in summary in the news today:
    Mallard in the shit
    Ihumatao getting bad press
    No movement on travel bubbles
    Greta calls her a virtue-signaler
    She is not invited to take a place in climate conference
    Adrian Orr has flicked them the bird
    No movement on anything to do with housing until next year



  15. We’re three passionate kiwi mums intent on making sure our beautiful country remains a safe and free place for our families and friends.
    Between us, we have a ton of skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm that we bring to Voices for Freedom.

    Our goal is to amplify the often-silenced voices who dare to speak up and tell the truth, even when their voices shake. And, we will strive to create an environment that fills us all with the courage to stand strong and speak out.


    Wow, wow, wow, what an amazing evening we had at our launch party on Saturday! With one week’s notice and at a crazy time of year, we weren’t really sure many would be able to make it. Well that answer was over 60 of you!
    So good to meet so many new faces – a few we knew from the online world, but many brave souls who simply turned up after hearing about us through one grapevine or another.

    Connections were made, plans were hatched and a community was born. I’m really looking forward to what comes next, the meetings, talks & training and the co-operative action planned for the future.

    Pencil in your diary for Saturday 16 January – TBC for our next in person meet up for Auckland. And we’ll be helping you co-ordinate for your own catch ups.


    Voices for Freedom is online and offline group with monthly meet ups planned NZ wide. It’s a place for those who question the official narrative on a range of issues including the global Covid-19 response & medical freedom.

    Join us on Zoom either Tuesday or Thursday this week to discuss where to from here generally and how we can help both online and in person. More specifically this week we are looking to help organise groups to get off the ground around NZ, to help facilitate get togethers and workshops etc.

    We’ll also be letting you know a bit more about what we have planned over coming months.
    Feel free to invite likeminded friends and family but please be circumspect about where you share the link in public.


    We will send a short survey document out in the next couple of days which will help us co-ordinate groups around NZ so keep an eye out for that.

    visit our website


    Looks cool. cool chicks.



  16. Scott Goulet, of Front Page goes plainly through step by step about the SCOTUS and then the other cases.

    In this episode of Front Page, we will be giving an update about the Texas case since the Supreme Court has denied the Texas motion. Many people had high hope that the Supreme Court Justices would uphold justice and would overturn the election results. Many attorneys and experts have also voiced their opinions about the Texas case.

    We will also discuss that “We the People” are taking a stand.
    People are standing united as the socialist forces try to tear us apart and try to take away our Freedom of Speech by censoring us.
    Tens of thousands of people gathered in Washington D.C. on December 12 to show their support for President Trump and to stand up for their rights and for the U.S.A.

    President Trump still has many options.
    There are many roads to victory, especially with the advice of people like General Michael Flynn and General Thomas McInerney.

    More lawsuits filed; Tens of thousands Americans rush to D.C. to support President Trump
    13 minutes 20 secs, : circa 3:00pm NZ time, Monday 13th December

    Mostly about the Texas case, SROTUS, even if listened to, would not rule on it.

    Still needs an open & free inquiry how the elections were run.

    To weigh up some of the choices, like secession, as they may be shortfalls.

    Supreme duty of President, is to defend the Constitution, referring to earlier Trump speech.

    Election “Fraud” word can not be used as You tube will pull video, and risks shutting down all, so change to Election “Irregularity”.

    Rigging election? , & investigate election irregularities. to consider treason?
    ————— – – – – – –
    Scott did not mention anything about China, but this new info, I would figure just may take a little putting put together with the names, who, where, the connections with who?.
    I am also looking forward to Anne Marie Brady, as her earlier report of this though questioned verifies all of what she said.

    I mentioned late last night about A-M. Brady, in conjunction with Vikings start of that thread.

    Then this mornings start of the Chineses issue with Toko

    NZ media has not said much either, and it seems like the MSM and the Big Tech 4 are keeping things buttoned down and here seem to be covering in the headline.
    May be they are, or ? ? ? they do not really want to say?



  17. Well we had 2 mp’s one from each side that had been in there massaging everyone they could. We had Mr BRowns chinkly lady who it seems has disappeared from NZ and there are plenty of others running around running gambling, drugs and imported goods to fund themselves. There are plenty of suddenly rich chinks around.
    We kid ourselves if we think we don’t have any.

    Mary Anne Brady was well informed even if Key and Ardern didn’t think so. Even the uni has rolled over and left her alone.

    Here’s a prediction.
    1. we will keep our steel mill
    2. we will keep our Smelter
    3. the Refinery will become important again.

    Lessons will be learned about selling your souls to the devil.



    • Thanks for keeping us posted on Brady.

      I guess life for her has been like swimming into a 6 knot current.
      She has remained strong among a bunch of cowards and traitors (some of whom do not even know they are traitors as their limited brain power can’t process it; Flattery gets you everywhere. )



  18. how does this work?

    Grainne Moss has been speaking to media after appearing before the Waitangi Tribunal as chief executive of Oranga Tamariki.

    Excuse me!
    But Mos answer to the govt. Not the waitangai Tribunal
    or did once upon a time.

    Does this mean we no longer have a Govt. that runs our affairs?
    Time to defund that bunch of two bit Maori’s.



  19. By Anne-Marie Brady

    In the last few months, China has singled out and humiliated Australia with targeted economic sanctions and verbal attacks. Canada and Sweden have also been the subject of similar bullying in the last two years.

    In Chinese this is called “killing the monkey to scare the chickens”.

    Pundits in Aotearoa New Zealand have been nervously observing China’s hazing of Australia, fearful that we will be next. So far, New Zealand exporters are actually profiting from China’s spat with Australia. And there are no signs of a significant deterioration in the broader relationship. Yet the New Zealand media jump at any indication of the Chinese government’s displeasure.

    Why is commentary in New Zealand so jumpy about our economic and political relations with China? Australia doesn’t have much to worry about from an economic point of view and just needs the courage to ride out the political noise.

    Sure, the CCP government has imposed punitive tariffs on Australia’s wine, beef and barley exports, and held up shipments of lobster and coal. But Australia’s iron ore exports to China are the second highest ever recorded. Prices reached a seven-year high last week.

    China relies on Australian minerals for stimulus efforts to kickstart their Covid economy. Westpac chief economist Bill Evans says the Australian economy will do well in 2021, thanks to strong consumer spending, falling unemployment and four per cent economic growth. He says that this will offset China’s sanctions on agriculture; which will find other markets. China’s economic sanctions against Australia hurt Chinese consumers and also have a wider economic cost. While the CCP government’s tariffs on barley will cost Australia around $330 million, the impact on China is estimated at about $3.6 billion, as Chinese breweries rely on Australia’s quality barley for beer production.

    The CCP’s actions are also damaging China’s already weak soft power. We can expect the bullying to fizzle out, just like other times when China targeted states like Norway and Denmark. Meanwhile, Australia has attracted strong international support and sympathy in the face of China’s bullying, with efforts such as a global campaign to buy Australian wine launched by the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China.

    We are positioned in a better place

    New Zealand has a solid foundation of positive political relations with Beijing, which should mean that any matters of contention can be discussed and resolved amicably. When then National Party leader Simon Bridges visited China in September 2019, he was told by a senior Politburo leader that New Zealand-China relations were at a “historic best” – under the Ardern first term government.

    Last week, in his first phone call to New Zealand’s new foreign minister, Nanaia Mahuta, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi repeated an often-said flattery that New Zealand-China relations were an “example” to other states.

    New Zealand’s relationship with China is certainly unique, and unlike any we have with other states. But China is not as some would have it, New Zealand’s “friend”. Nor is it an ally.

    “Friendship” (youyi) is a loaded term for the CCP. “Friend of China” is a phrase used to describe foreigners who tow the Party line or cooperate on specific policies. In 2003, New Zealand signed a Comprehensive Cooperative Relationship Agreement with China. Then in 2014, New Zealand and China signed a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement. In March 2017, under a National Party government, New Zealand signed the non-binding Memorandum of Arrangement (MOA) on Strengthening Cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – essentially an agreement to discuss.

    Since the MOA was signed, New Zealand diplomats and politicians have discussed BRI with China on a number of occasions, but it has not gone any further than talk – to China’s barely veiled annoyance. BRI is an effort to create a China-centered global order, which CCP analysts refer to as Globalisation 2.0. The Ardern government has adjusted its thinking on the extent to which it wants to get involved in BRI. In response, China appears to be delaying signing the FTA upgrade, which would grant New Zealand the same terms of trade as the Australia-China FTA. In 2008, New Zealand rushed to be the first Western country in the world to sign an FTA with China, but Australia held back and got a better deal in 2015.

    Nonetheless, in the twelve years since the New Zealand-China FTA was signed, New Zealand has expanded relations with China well beyond trade, to finance, telecommunications, forestry, food safety and security, education, science and technology, tourism, climate change and Antarctic cooperation, as well as military and police cooperation. In December 2019, New Zealand’s China trade peaked at close to 30 percent of overall exports. Rather than being a good thing, increasingly it is understood that too much exposure to the China market brings many risks for New Zealand.

    Assessing our trade dependency

    The recognised definition of trade dependency is when a nation is 50 percent dependent on one market. New Zealand is dangerously dependent on the China market in some sectors. New Zealand is strategically dependent on China for 513 categories of goods; and 144 of them have applications in critical national infrastructure. New Zealand is the second most dependent on China for strategic goods of all the Five Eyes states (0.1 of a percentage point behind Australia). Meanwhile, 33 percent of New Zealand’s dairy exports, 41.9 percent of meat exports, 80 percent of logs and timber exports, 95 percent of lobster exports, and 46.5 percent of wool exports go to China. 28.5 percent of New Zealand’s international education income comes from China. This matters, as we know that more than any of our other markets, there is great political hazards in dealing with China. While there are also many opportunities, it is wise not to be over-dependent on it.

    Though many worry that a negative turn in political relations with China will effect New Zealand’s economic relationship, a 2014 report for New Zealand’s Reserve Bank pointed out that the economic importance of China to New Zealand is actually less about direct trade links. Rather, of greater concern is China’s impact on the terms of trade – the global prices of the things New Zealand buys and sells. Thus the extent to which the Chinese economy slows or rises, has a direct impact on New Zealand’s prosperity, regardless of the extent of New Zealand’s exposure to their market.

    Assessing the political risks

    New Zealand does have some political differences with China. Several of them are so sensitive that our politicians actively avoid discussing them publicly.

    China’s political interference is one of New Zealand’s top national security concerns. Yet the minister in charge of national security, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, has said very little about it in public, clearly preferring a policy of do and don’t say. The first term Ardern government shepherded a quiet case-by-case recalibration of the New Zealand-China relationship, passing a series of new legislative changes on overseas investment and political donations but calling them “country agnostic”. We can expect to see more such legislation in this second term Ardern government.

    A further sensitive issue in New Zealand-China relations is the extent to which we allow Chinese telecommunications access to our telecommunications network and market.

    Under the terms of the Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Act 2013, passed under then Minister of Communications Simon Bridges, New Zealand excluded Huawei from the core of first 3G and then 4G for telecoms companies Spark and Vodafone. Only 2degrees has full Huawei kit.

    Huawei has close links to the PLA and China’s Ministry of State Security. Its ownership structure links it to the CCP United Front Work Department, whose core activity is intelligence-gathering and running assets. Huawei Technologies NZ now holds 40 percent market share of New Zealand’s mobile network equipment.

    Huawei entered the New Zealand telecoms market in 2005, as the main financial backer of 2degrees, who are majority owned by a Māori consortium. In 2018, acting on the Telecommunications Act, the GCSB rejected Spark’s proposal to involve Huawei in their roll out of 5G. 5G poses new technological challenges that, unlike 3G and 4G, cannot be mitigated against. The Telecommunications Act provides plausible deniability for the New Zealand government. Spark and Vodafone are now working with Nokia for their 5G roll out.

    South Pacific tension points

    China’s growing military interests in the South Pacific and Antarctica are a further sensitive issue that can’t be discussed publicly. New Zealand diplomats have worried for more than fifteen years that China’s debt diplomacy and expansion of military links to our Pacific neighbours undermines New Zealand’s influence in the region. New Zealand security depends on our Pacific neighbours being peaceful and independent and Antarctica free of conflict.

    New Zealand is an export-based economy and relies on air and shipping lines being kept open. So the PLA’s announcement that it is planning an ADIZ in the South China Sea, where close to 70 percent of New Zealand trade transits, is a further point of tension between New Zealand and China.

    The Ardern government has spoken up publicly about several other issues of concern with China: the crackdown on the democracy movement in Hong Kong, the cruel treatment of the Uighur people, and the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson posting disinformation about Australia. Sometimes New Zealand has issued statements on these contentious issues on its own, and sometimes with other like-minded states. Each time New Zealand has emphasised the values that underpin our foreign policy and the multilateral rules-based international order, on which our security relies.

    The Covid-19 pandemic has strengthened the power of China, and greatly weakened that of the US, UK, and EU. New Zealand, like other small and medium states, is trying to survive in a dire strategic environment. Managing the economic, social and political fallout of the Covid pandemic is one of the top priorities of Ardern second term government’s domestic and foreign policy.

    How we are dealing with the threats

    The differences New Zealand has with China can’t be wished away. Unlike the 1987 anti-nuclear dispute with the USA, New Zealand is not dealing with a partner that understands, and however begrudgingly, accepts, the concept of “loyal opposition” and an independent, values-based foreign policy. The Ardern government, like previous governments before it, is using deliberately ambiguous tactics to deter an increasingly aggressive partner, at a time when the rules-based order is being eroded on a daily basis. Our exporters are right to be worried about market access to China. China started decoupling from Western economies more than 15 years ago, when it banned companies like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Now under Xi Jinping, China has adopted an ambitious plan to become self-sufficient in food and many other products.

    On multiple levels, New Zealand is now pulling closer to other small and medium states to provide economic, political, and strategic support, mitigating the China risk and the ongoing absence of US global leadership.

    In June 2020, Trade Minister David Parker announced a post-Covid long term trade recovery strategy, highlighting market opportunities in the EU, UK and South America. New Zealand has joined an informal group of “First Mover” nations, countries which had done well in suppressing Covid-19 and wanted to swap notes on re-opening. New Zealand was invited to join an agreement for essential cross-border travel between Korea, Canada, Singapore, and Australia. New Zealand is making good progress in concluding an FTA with the European Union, and an FTA with the United Kingdom will soon follow. New Zealand diplomats are continuing to work on passing a New Zealand-United States FTA. New Zealand with Costa Rica, Fiji, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are in negotiations for the Agreement on Climate Change, Trade and Sustainability (ACCTS), which uses enforceable trade disciplines on fossil fuel subsidies. New Zealand has partnered with Australia to offer practical assistance to Pacific island neighbouring states to help them deal effectively with Covid-19.

    The strategic challenges we face now are huge. Aotearoa New Zealand can maintain our independence and prosperity by forging new partnerships, strengthening bonds with like-minded states, and hedging on trade.

    @Anne_MarieBrady is an expert on Chinese domestic and foreign policy, NZ foreign policy, polar and Pacific politics. More here. Her most recent books are: Small States and the Changing Global Order: New Zealand Faces the Future (Springer, 2019) and China as a Polar Great Power (Cambridge University Press, 2017).




    • Thanks Viking.
      This is also about Anne-Marie Brady that I found late last night, then lost.
      Apologies for length and putting it in full, but sometimes it is difficult to click back on some of these things.
      Anne-Marie Brady, associate professor in political Science, University of Canterbury in New Zealand, spoke on Xi Jinping’s ideology campaign, at the Wilson Center on April 2. Dr. Brady is the author of two books on Chinese propaganda—”Marketing Dictatorship: Propaganda and Thought Work in Contemporary China” (2007), and “China’s Thought Management” (2014). (Gary Feuerberg/ Epoch Times)
      Anne-Marie Brady, associate professor in political Science, University of Canterbury in New Zealand, spoke on Xi Jinping’s ideology campaign, at the Wilson Center on April 2. Dr. Brady is the author of two books on Chinese propaganda—”Marketing Dictatorship: Propaganda and Thought Work in Contemporary China” (2007), and “China’s Thought Management” (2014). (Gary Feuerberg/ Epoch Times)
      New Zealand Professor’s Research on CCP Influence Clears University Review
      BY ISABEL VAN BRUGEN December 12, 2020 Updated: December 13, 2020 Print
      New Zealand academic Anne-Marie Brady said there was nothing to justify the “complaints,” “gagging order,” and suppression of academic freedom that she had faced for months after she coauthored a report documenting the Chinese regime’s influence operations.
      The University of Canterbury (UC) said on Dec. 11 that a review of the report found that Brady and her co-authors had met the responsibilities of its policy as well as New Zealand’s 1989 Education Act.
      An internal review of Brady’s report (pdf), titled “Holding a Pen in One Hand, Gripping a Gun in the Other,” was ordered by UC after she presented the paper to New Zealand’s parliament in the summer, and a number of complainants challenged certain “assertions and inferences.”
      News of the review prompted more than 190 international experts on China-related matters to sign an open letter in support of Brady, with some saying that the professor was being administratively harassed by UC for her work. It also sparked widespread concerns over academic freedom.
      “The committee noted that professor Brady’s work was based on a lengthy period of research and cites extensively from other sources,” UC told The Epoch Times in an emailed statement.
      It noted however that as the report was intended for parliamentary submission and succinct, the committee leading the review recommended that some phrases could be amended to provide clarity.
      Officials at UC didn’t immediately respond to a request by The Epoch Times for clarification of its statement.
      The Report
      The paper is an investigation by the professor into how China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) exploited civilian channels for military purposes in New Zealand.
      Brady, who specializes in Chinese domestic and foreign politics at UC, wrote in her latest paper that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “is preparing China for what the Chinese leadership believes is an inevitable war.”
      “The New Zealand government needs to work with businesses and universities to devise a strategy to prevent the transfer of military-end-use technology to China,” the research states.
      It also claims that a number of universities in New Zealand have links to Chinese telecommunications company Huawei, and that some academics have participated in Beijing’s well-financed recruitment program, the Thousand Talents Plan, which has come under close U.S. scrutiny over possible threats to national security.
      The Thousand Talents Plan, which was rolled out by Beijing in 2008, is China’s most prominent state-run recruitment program. Hundreds of similar operations exist at the central and local government levels, aiming to attract promising overseas Chinese and foreign experts in the fields of science and technology to fuel China’s innovation drive.
      The CCP plays a central role in executing the recruitment plan.
      The report also pointed to UC’s partnership with Northwestern Polytechnical University to establish the Human Interface Tech Lab. Northwestern is designated as a “high-risk” institution involved in extensive military research, according to the Australian Strategy Policy Institute’s University Tracker.
      “By accessing universities or tech companies in states with an advanced technology sector like New Zealand, the PLA can get a foothold within the international network of scholars working on a given subject area,” the paper states.
      “New Zealand commercial and educational links with PLA-affiliated organizations and individuals raise national security, as well as reputational, ethical, and intellectual property risks. Some of these links potentially breach New Zealand’s international commitments and domestic laws.”
      A review of the report was ordered by university Vice Chancellor Cheryl de la Rey. She said the paper has “manifest errors of fact and misleading inferences,” according to UC’s deputy vice chancellor of research, Ian Wright.
      De la Rey didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment by The Epoch Times.
      Suppression of Academic Freedom
      Responding to the review’s findings, Brady told The Epoch Times that neither her lawyers nor she could see anything to justify the complaints or the gag order.
      “Staff and students at the complaining institutions, Victoria and Auckland universities, have as much at stake as me in knowing that their vice chancellors will also stand up for academic freedom,” she said. “They asked UC to suppress my academic freedom against a parliamentary submission. My submission contributed to better legislation updating the regulation of strategic goods.”
      Complainant Jennifer Dixon, deputy vice chancellor at the University of Auckland (UA), asserted that several “assertions and inferences” made about an academic identified in the report—Wei Gao, a materials science and engineering professor—were inaccurate.
      A spokeswoman for UA told The Epoch Times in a statement that UC’s review didn’t cover its specific complaint.
      “We stand by our original complaint, and are concerned that the review did not address the issues raised … relating to assertions and implications made about professor Wei Gao,” it said, asking Brady to amend her publication to reflect Gao’s “academic record.”
      Brady, in her statement, criticized the review process of her report.
      “We must know how it came to be that academic research can be attacked with disciplinary powers, instead of the normal transparent publication of competing views and claims,” Brady said.
      Anders Corr, principal of Corr Analytics, told The Epoch Times that the China Democracy Foundation welcomed the university’s decision.
      “Let’s hope it serves as a lesson to other universities not to try and squelch the freedom of speech of their academics with bogus investigations into their work. The proper way to dispute academic work is with better academic work,” Corr said.
      “The university knows this and was way out of bounds, especially as professor Brady’s article was in response to a request by the New Zealand Parliament and therefore had the protection of parliamentary privilege.

      Epoch Times is where Scott Goulet of Front Page, gets his info, and posts also.
      Doubtlessly we will hear a lot more about CCP influence in the US election, the world and New Zealand.
      Noting the push back in comments in Viking’s “interest” article in the comment section 🙂
      Also the Jennifer Dixon, deputy vice chancellor at the University of Auckland complained about Anne-Marie Brady’s report.
      So who else in NZ are bending, influencing New Zealanders for the CCP?
      Compradors in the making?



    The population gain from migration remains well below 1000 per month, and growth from migration is down by more than 90% compared to a year ago. In October, long term migration only rose +884, compared to the October 2019 level of +10,224.



    • 884 extra people at (say) 2.5 persons per dwelling = 354 extra houses we haven’t got. Since they’re doubtlessly penniless, uneducated, skill-less bludgers who breed like rats they’ll need social housing that ain’t there.

      Hooray fuck!



      • Auckland City have consented nearly 19000 residences this years and applied ccc’s to 17000.
        That’s on top of last years and fo course there will be more next year. Can’t book a house mover in Auckland and they have paddocks of houses to sell.

        Now add those numbers to Hamilton and the rest of the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Manawatu, Kapiti coast and tell me there is not going to be a crunch next year. Plain bloody madness or Labour will open the doors to their chinky mates again or 50,000 Somali’s.



  21. Bit of giggle.
    A pity it had to be said and by preference it would be better if there was not another shifty foreigner brought in to pollute our Parliament by the (once) Green Party.

    I read the octogenarian curmudgeon, Bob Jones, blog from time to time.
    I find I chuckle at a third of it, disagree with a third and find a little bit informative.
    He had a field day on the newly super-woke Stuffed.

    He has launched into a hit on the mexican green poof-in-parliament (the guacamole gay) in no uncertain terms.

    Wow, methinks after what he was able to do in dislodging Muldoon 36 years ago if he had that energy now I would not like to be the Green Party.
    He would, I guess, fund an alternative environment party for $millions and run these pricks off the road…for good.




  22. Bobbing Cindy looks desperate to explain.

    Speaker Trevor Mallard’s acknowledgment that a mistake has been made “serves as much” as an apology to Parliament, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said today.


    On if she had sought an explanation, Ardern said she and Mallard had spoken.

    “What is particularly important to me and also to him, is that he remains answerable to Parliament.”

    The Prime Minister also said it was “not for him to apologise to me”.



  23. FYI.
    I emailed the electoral commission yesterday to ask what happens to a vote once it is cast.

    Reason being, I was dicked around by polling booth officials on election day, and was curious as to why, after voting in all previous elections with no issues, until this one, I was required to cast a special vote.
    When I voted, my voting slip was chucked into a small box, which was situated in the corner of the hall, where anyone could have picked it up and walked off with it.

    Why wait until now, to do anything you ask?

    Well, on Saturday, I received a letter from the Electoral Commission informing me, I am now eligble to vote.
    I’m a fucking old white New Zealander, born and bred FFS.

    Anyway, I think I must have ruffled some feathers in the past and it was probably a lady wearing a Labour red jacket, that posed as a RNZ radio survey taker the week, before.
    When I answered the door to her knock, she politely asked if I would like to do a survey to gauge my radio listening habits. I said, “sure”, thinking it was a couple of sheets of paper.
    It turned out to be a 100+ page census.
    I said to her, (after skimming through some of the questions)”You must be bloody joking, how does my blood pressure readings affect my listening habits?.” I handed the tome back, and sent her on her way.
    After a couple of minutes, I went outside to see if she was knocking on anyone elses door.
    I couldn’t find her… after walking up and down the street for 10 minutes.

    Maybe I am just an old fool, who is at a point in his life where sodomising all communists with a cactus seems like a good idea and am being a tad conspiritorial.
    Pissed me off anyway.

    Anyway, here’s the Electoral Commission response:

    Thank you for your enquiry about reviewing your vote.

    The Electoral Act 1993 provides for a secret ballot at parliamentary elections and contains a number of provisions designed to protect that secrecy.

    Because it is a secret ballot, the Electoral Act does not provide a process by which a voter can request to see their voting paper after it has been placed in a ballot box or check how their vote has been counted. While it isn’t possible for you to check how your individual vote has been counted, there are many checks and balances in place to ensure your vote is counted and recorded correctly and these processes are overseen by independent observers.

    We compile a master roll for each electoral district after the election, showing whether persons on the electoral roll have voted or not. The master roll does not show how people have voted. You are able to inspect the master roll for the most recent election at your local Registrar of Electors office by appointment.

    After the official count, all used ballot papers are sent to the Clerk of the House of Representatives and stored in sealed packs in a secure facility. After six months, they’re destroyed under supervision from representatives of the Electoral Commission and the Office of the Clerk.

    I hope this information helps.



    • How do we become a scrutineer? may be tied to a party or not.

      Sort of independent, but a loose connection that we can report, compare notes, total things up,, and file anything of irregularity and dubiousness.



    • The way the census was ‘run’ in 2018 leaves me in strong doubt that the electoral process is run well.

      Where there is smoke…

      The ‘fact’ that Greens (marxist filth ) get a pick up every time in special votes remains a curiosity to me
      (read as, I don’t bloody believe this)

      AFAIR recounts alway come up with different number from the original.
      Ergo, the first count is never accurate.
      curiouser and curiouser.

      eg Landslide comber won Wellington Central in 1972 with a recount that reversed election night.
      Comber was Kiwi Keith’s son in law. (not relevant to his electoral battle, just FYI)

      From his wiki page- Landslide had foresight
      “He went as far as to resign from the National Party, to which he had belonged for 30 years, in protest calling the party “morally bankrupt” and glad that Holyoake was not alive to see the state of his old party.
      Comber said his disillusionment with National started in 1991, when it reneged on its pledge to scrap the superannuation surcharge, but was also disappointed by Prime Minister Jim Bolger’s decision not to fully endorse Mark Thomas, National’s Wellington Central candidate at the 1996 election.”

      I think he got that one right. 1991, Bolger, the start of the Notional rot.
      when you look at Wyatt Creech’s path to getting to Parliament. Also from his wiki page:-
      11 months of changing numbers.

      “In the 1987 election, Creech contested the Wairarapa seat for the National Party.
      On election night, Creech won on the provisional vote count by 65 votes, and attended the first National caucus.
      The official count (completed two weeks later) reversed the election night provisional count and the constituency was won by the incumbent Labour Party MP, Reg Boorman by seven votes.
      Creech challenged that result with a petition under the provisions of the Electoral Act; supported initially by MPs Roger McClay and Winston Peters (who had been involved in recounts in Taupo and Hunua ) but not the party hierarchy, according to Creech’s account in a book by Ross Meurant.
      A Judicial Recount, the initial step, saw Boorman’s lead reduced to one vote.

      Creech then launched a full Electoral Petition on two counts. First, that a number who had voted in the election were not qualified to vote in the Wairarapa constituency on various grounds (including failure to qualify under the residency rules),
      and second,
      that Boorman had violated laws that set a limit on election spending by candidates.
      Boorman in his counter challenge also challenged a number of votes on various grounds. In all, more than 200 votes were reviewed by the Electoral Court. The process took eleven months to complete. On 12 July 1988, the Electoral Court found in Creech’s favour on both counts in its judgement on the Wairarapa Election Petition, and he took his seat immediately with a majority of 34 votes.”
      So the numbers swing around a lot and election night and first ‘counts’ are dubious at best.

      So Braybots, you have every right to be annoyed at what are bunch of jobsworths in wellington.
      (like Worksafe, DOC, et al)



  24. New Zealand included in list of Shanghai embassies allegedly ‘infiltrated’ by Chinese Communist Party

    New Zealand has been included in a list of embassies in Shanghai that have allegedly been “infiltrated” by the Chinese Communist Party because staff members have been appointed via a government-run agency.

    An investigation by The Australian newspaper, citing a leak of official membership records of 1.95 million CCP members, found that at least 10 consulates in Shanghai have or used to have CCP members employed – including New Zealand.

    The leaked database shows one CCP member worked for the New Zealand Consulate-General in Shanghai for four years as policy adviser for trade and economics, according to The Australian investigation.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said there is nothing unusual going on. ( of course not. And We believe you).


    Taken them all day to wake up.



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