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  1. My hope for 2021 is that the people of China finally organise and force Xi Jinpings filthy CCP to change their M O ,there are definite signs that this is already happening and it’s the one thing that horrifies the communist dogs more than anything as they know that once it starts it will be unstoppable…



    • Time for China’s “V for Vendtta moment”? I have been waiting a long time for it. I was working in Bangkok in June 1989 when the Tianmen Square massacre took place and I wrote a letter published in the Bangkok Post hoping that this was the “dying swan song of the evil old men of the CCP” but it was not to be. I wonder if China’s current economic and social problems will be enough this time or will violent and ever more extensive repression win the day yet again?



      • Not sure where you get your information from Alice? The only “economic” and “social” problems I see living here in China are very minor and in general most people support the present government… why wouldn’t they?.. with a better standard of living, rising wages, very little crime and amazing infrastructure that is better than most developed countries.



          • Floyd, I live in a city of 15 million people, travel for business in the Pearl River Delta (about 60 million people) and all just a show put on for my benefit?.. all that infrastructure I use and still see constructed a mirage?.. all those factory bosses and workers I see are just plants?

            All I know from my time in China is that once a Westerner has their belief system about China “locked down”, inconvenient facts will not budge them and their beliefs. Even my family members back in NZ do not want to hear anything positive about the place. Just shows how effective the anti-China brainwashing has been in the MSM when Obama started his ” pivet to Asia “.



        • Towaka, China in Focus and China Uncensored are two good sources of information about the things the CCP doesn’t want people to know about especially their own citizens. Zooming in with Simone Gao and Crossroads with Joshua Philipp also regularly carry Chinese news that the CCP would rather was kept quiet. As a resident in China are you able to view these channels?
          I lived in China from 1985 to 1987 and it was virtually impossible to know what was going on there, I doubt much has changed in that regard though of course there have been staggering changes in other respects.



          • Hi Alice, not sure about the other sites but China uncensored is Falun Gong run.. will never get anything balanced from this source.Living in China is a bit like George Orwell writing about the Spanish Civil War. He was someone there on the ground actually fighting in the war and he said that everything the British papers wrote about the war was a lie. I think the fake news is even more fake than his days!

            1980’s China.. reminds me of a story when I first came here in 2006. My sister who had visited China in the 80’s told me “there was nothing to buy in China” when I told her I would do some shopping there. Also she told me about some fellow who was assigned to follow her around on her visit. Let’s just say things have changed a bit since those days!



            • I have not heard that China Uncensored is run by Falun Gong can you give me any evidence to support that? And even if it was I do not see anything wrong with the little I know about Falun Gong.
              Yes, there was very little to buy in China in the mid eighties when I was there and much of what there was was very badly made. We bought three bicycles to use about the place and had to repair two of them on the way back from the store to the hotel (The Holiday Inn on the way to the airport) where I lived in Beijing.
              When I was living in Hohhot I wanted to take a day trip out into the grasslands but that was not allowed.
              Since I read Seven Years in Tibet as a teenager I had always wanted to go to Tibet. When my hosts offered me a trip to Lhasa I declined, politely, though I would like to have told them exactly why I would not go there whilst Tibet was under the boot heel of the vile communist regime.



              • Look up Nathan Rich on YouTube Alice, he is an American in China putting out some good material about life here. He did a good video about China Uncensored and it’s ties to Falun Gong. As for cults like FG?.. (I mainly only have negative views about any cults) but this would be the last source I would go to for a balanced view on China.

                As for Tibet, do a bit of reading what life was like under the Lama’s.. and go deeper than “Seven Years in Tibet”.
                As an aside, a friend went there recently and said the native Tibetans get 10k/USD per year for each child from the Government. There was trouble in Tibet about 10 years ago but has now stopped most likely from using a ” carrot and stick” approach. Interestingly the same guy who made Tibet more peaceful has now been sent to Xinjiang and most likely will use the same approach. Hard core Jihadists will get hammered and the average Joe will get plenty of dosh to have kids and be happy.



                • trouble in Tibet about 10 years ago but has now stopped most likely from using a ” carrot and stick” approach.

                  10 years ago, but just ignorant of the “genocidal practices” for half a century! but just a stick & carrot approach. …… hmmmm 🙁 or is truly supremacist racist arrogance!
                  Interesting forms of sticks & carrots
                  The use of electric cattle-prods on political detainees appears to be general practice.
                  Torture and other forms of ill-treatment occur in police stations upon arrest, during transport to detention facilities, in detention centres and in prisons.
                  The documented methods of torture against Tibetans include beatings with chains, sticks with protruding nails, and iron bars, shocks applied with electric cattle-prods to sensitive parts of the body, including the genitals and mouth, hanging by the arms twisted behind the back, and exposure to cold water or cold temperatures.
                  Women, particularly nuns, appear to be subjected to some of the harshest, and gender-specific, torture, including rape using electric cattle-prods and ill treatment of the breasts.

                  That quote is from just below in my comment
                  Tell me, has the tiger’s stripes really changed?
                  Doubt there was any carrot either.
                  Just “Arbeit macht frei” for other peoples and your cheap apple i pods etc..
                  Then like pulling down a Tibetan house then re-homing for a few $ where he is forced to go deep into debt.

                  Note what the supremacist Han Chinese did to the environment to wreck things for Tibetan farmers in my other comment.
                  Millions of Han Chinese have settled in Tibet and dominate the local government and economy.
                  Ethnic Tibetans are now a minority by many counts.
                  The Chinese government has recently claimed that it has reduced poverty amongst Tibetans by half over a three year period.
                  According to government figures, the poverty rate fell from 34 percent to 18 percent between 2010 and 2013.
                  It attributes this success to pension programs aimed at supplementing income and a housing relocation program.
                  But many are skeptical of the government’s claims and the housing relocation program has attracted a lot of outside criticism.
                  More than two thirds of the Tibetan population has been forcibly resettled and provided with a government subsidy to build a new house.
                  But in many cases the amount of money provided was not enough to pay for the construction and many impoverished Tibetans have been forced to go deep into debt to cover the cost.
                  Many resettled farmers have lost their source of livelihood and are struggling to find other ways to earn a living.
                  A lot of Tibetans are now completely dependent on government subsidies.

                  So the Chinese practice ” I am here from the government to help you” and now do it this way, be a zombie, “have a lot of nothing and you will be happy” as you can depend on us, or you are simply expendable if you are in our way. ….. yeah, right …..

                  So are you ok with that?



          • A good Chinese friend of mine ( has been in NZ for 25 years) who is really up to date on what is happening China tells me he reads online, a few Chinese papers, a couple from Taiwan and Hong Kong. He feels this gives him balance.



      • The CCP hide this from the rest of the world, and many parts of google can seem to be difficult to find, or has I have seen in the past altered.

        The Chinese practice this with no shame in Tibet, for murdering, torturing, starving to death, lack of medicines, enforced abortions, re-education.. replacement of population, etc. etc. etc..

        HOW can one support what the Chinese have been doing in Tibet for the past 60 years, plus breaking a number of agreements and not abiding with what they claim.
        Then to believe China is so kind, then beats up on Tibetans, time & time again, ! ! ! and committed WAR CRIMES ! ! ! and doses of “genocide”

        The earlier Commission of Jurists and the reports of what I read many years ago were particularly cruel, & gruesome.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        Tibet:- Human Rights and the Rule of Law
        International Commission of Jurists 1997

        [such kindly chinese environment practices]
        …. most Tibetan wildlife has been destroyed and much of the forest has been cut, watersheds and hill slopes eroded and downstream flooding heightened.
        The most extensive environmental impact of Chinese practice is the widespread degradation of the rangelands, resulting in desertification of large areas until recently capable of sustaining both wild and domestic herds.
        The extent of grassland deterioration has reached a point …. [page 16]

        …. the low enrolm ent and high drop-out rate among Tibetans, the low quality of education facilities and teachers for T ibetans, the d ifficu lties in edu cational access for Tibetans, as well as a TAR illiteracy rate triple the national average, are indicative of a discriminatory structure. [page 17]

        forced evictions of Tibetans and demolition of their homes, as well as preferences shown to Chinese in new housing [page 17]

        The use of electric cattle-prods on political detainees appears to be general practice.
        Torture and other forms of ill-treatment occur in police stations upon arrest, during transport to detention facilities, in detention centres and in prisons.
        The documented methods of torture against Tibetans include beatings with chains, sticks with protruding nails, and iron bars, shocks applied with electric cattle-prods to sensitive parts of the body, including the genitals and mouth, hanging by the arms twisted behind the back, and exposure to cold water or cold temperatures.
        Women, particularly nuns, appear to be subjected to some of the harshest, and gender-specific, torture, including rape using electric cattle-prods and ill treatment of the breasts. [page 18]

        The Land and The People …..
        ….. In addition to the peasants on the big estates there were many smallholders who held land directly from the government.1
        Estate lords had a wide latitude in their treatm ent of tenants; however, all peasants had the right to appeal to higher authorities, up to and including the Dalai Lama.
        Landlords’ treatment of their tenants was usually tempered by the Buddhist religion and the value of the tenant’s labour.
        A tenant could easily run away and the landlord was powerless to bring him back.
        As Richardson wrote “Conditions of work were by all appearances easy.
        The Tibetan, although certainly not an idler, did not give the impression of being overburdened with work or with care.”
        Richardson testified to the Tibetans’ character, based upon his experience and that of other travellers to traditional Tibet:
        All agree in describing the Tibetans as kind, gentle, honest, open, and cheerful.
        They are humorous, able to enjoy leisure, intelligent, and self-reliant; and they accord a high position to woman. …. [page 29]

        In sum, prior to the 1950 Chinese invasion, Tibet had achieved de facto independence and all of the requirements of de jure independence except formal international recognition.
        In its 1960 report the ICJ found that:
        Tibet dem onstrated from 1913 to 1950 the conditions of statehood as generally accepted under international law. In 1950 there was a people and a territory, and a government
        which functioned in that territory , conducting its own domestic affairs free from any outside authority. [page 43]

        B. The Invasion and Occupation of Tibet…
        [it seems that China always knows best, so it is ok to break agreements and enforce its doctrines]
        The revolt in eastern Tibet soon assumed major proportions, with the Tibetans achieving initial successes against the PL A until the Chinese introduced overwhelming numbers of troops. [page 51]

        Chinese allegations that the Tibetans enjoyed no human rights before the entry of the Chinese were found to be based on distorted and exaggerated accounts of life in Tibet.
        Accusations against the Tibetan “rebels” of rape, plunder and torture were found in cases of plunder to have been deliberately fabricated and in other cases unworthy of belief for this and other reasons.79 [page 66]

        [From here and so many more pages, do you think it got better for the Tibetans. NO, only worse as indoctrinating chinese supremacist doctrine was practice and enforced even more]

        Taking into account the independent history of the Tibetans,
        their specific ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural identity,
        their connection to a well-defined territory,
        their common institutions and the position of the Dalai Lama as spiritual and temporal leader of Tibet,26
        as well as the Tibetans’ strong will to be identified as a people
        even after almost half a century of Chinese domination and the experience of genocide,27
        there can be no doubt that the Tibetans satisfy the requirements stated above and are a “people” for the purposes of international law.28 [page 325]

        New Zealand referred specifically to the prohibition against subjecting a people to alien subjugation, domination and exploitation.”41[page 329]

        New Zealand concluded that “the Tibetan people have for centuries preserved their separate identity; their own institutions of government and their unique way of life within the borders of their own homeland.
        It would be difficult to conceive of circumstances in which a stronger case could be made for the exercise of self-determination.”57 [page 332]


        One can read through this 1997 report and see the the ruthlessness of the Chinese.
        Some of the basis of the 1959 report was just atrocious ! ! and no doubt the tiger does not change its stripes. ! ! !
        “You will have nothing and You will be Happy” and most likely be dead. 🙁



    • I heard a story that when Beijing stopped the IPO of Ant on the Hong Kong exchange Jack Ma uttered a few choice words about Xi , in private. Some how those words reached Xi. I hope his suspected disappearance is just Jack Ma going into hiding.



  2. Morning to all you rissoles on YSB.

    I assume the cartoon above is our very own waikatogirl? How deplorable 🙂

    Britain now a police state. Probably for the rest of my lifetime and I’m 61 (the USSR lasted 70 years).



  3. My turn 🙂

    Two blokes went to Spain to see the bull fighting. At dinner that night, they ordered “El Toro Cajones” and were so impressed by the very large rissoles they complimented the waiter and asked what they were.

    “Bull’s testicles” said the waiter.

    Next night, they ordered the same meal. This time the rissoles were very small so they complained to the waiter and asked why the rissoles were so little.

    The waiter replied, “Ah señors, today, the bull won.”



  4. A guy was watching TV when the doorbell rang
    He opened the door to see his mother-in-law standing on the front step.
    She asked “Can I stay here for a few days?”
    He said “Sure” and closed the door.



  5. Killed my laptop last night. Knocked my glass of chard over the keyboard. Been with me a few years now. I’ve stood on it..dropped it ..knocked it off the chair onto a tile floor..but it still kept workin.
    RIP Lenovo 🙏😔



  6. Dr. Steve Turley; encouraging the populism against political oligarchy.

    https://youtu.be/8WPBTCNbWpg?t=109 [set to start after the ad blurbs]
    12 mins 52 secs.

    A lot of rhetoric.
    Josh Hawley joined by Ted Cruz + 11 senators will object.
    Mitch McConnell & his political oligarchy, pushed against.

    Vice President Pence has a number of options, and what will he do?
    A compromise? to work in with Ted Cruz’s group for a Commission to do a 10 day audit over all the claims?
    Then move on with that result.

    The House debates will bring out the facts, evidence will have to be laid out, and the media will have to show it.



      • I just had a catchup with a family member. Late last year after a brief discussion on American politics she asked me what I meant so I sent her some links for REAL news instead of MSM. Nothing heavy, Tucker Carlson, etc. She clearly never looked at them preferring the lies in the book Trump’s niece wrote about him. Today she looked appalled when I said the CCP is trying to take over the US politically.

        There is no one so blind as those who will not see. 🙄



  7. Uncle Kea’s dating advice 2021:

    1. Don’t settle with a woman from a welfare state.

    2. Don’t settle with a woman who speaks English as a first language.

    3. Ignore bitter harpies and soy boys who attempt to refute the above points.



  8. “Stay at home: Johnson announces severe national lockdown for England as cases spiral out of control”


    But it’s the totalitarian regime in UK that is spiraling out of control, NOT the virus.

    When you read the item, it’s obvious that these bastards are using classical ‘carrot-and-stick’ tactics to cow the population into obedience:

    He believes the country is entering the “last phase of the struggle” despite the weeks ahead likely to be the hardest yet.

    “Thanks to the miracle of science, not only is the end in sight but we know exactly how we are going to get there.”

    I’m not an anti-vaxer by any means and I think vaccines have been wonderful lifesavers in the fight against things like polio, chickenpox, diptheria etc , but I am deeply suspicious of any ‘vaccine’ for this faked-up pandemic which has been developed in just a few months rather than the normal 4 to 10 years of trials and medical testing.

    Unless the people rise up and literally overthrow these cancerous regimes which are seizing control of our world, our civilisaton is doomed to wither and die. I’m deadly serious about this. I can’t see why 90% of the world’s population are just meekly allowing this shit to be done to them. What the fuck is going on here?????



    • The goal posts have been shifted.

      Died of Covid?
      Died with Covid?

      Died due to the vaccine?
      Vaccinated person died because of heart attack ….. natural causes …. etc..

      If the “heart attack” person had tested +ive, with Covid, and not vaccinated, then that death would have been reported as? …. yeah right.

      Would it become that no vaccinated person, ever dies from Covid? or even with Covid?

      Science & Politics, all mixed up to give control & power to a political class of bureau-techno-crats along with the politicians, that terrorize the kevins & karens.

      No one seems to see that the whole world is still in a “petri dish” still observing, finding patterns, to see what happens, and then comparing to other points, or are they even doing this?
      History, information, & knowledge seems to be banned for consideration, unless it fits the agenda.



  9. If anyone wonders why the China flu is having a resurgence across the world with an apparent new strain again seeing lockdowns enforced, could it be so “Basement Biden” does not have to face the indignity of his supporters being overrun by the MAGA rally in Washington DC and can instead hold a “virtual presidentlal inauguration”? They will ramp up the urgency of lockdowns the closer the US gets to 20 January to hinder Trump winning the presidency and ruin his inauguration.

    Biden CANCELS Inauguration Parade as MASSIVE MAGA RALLY Sweeps Through DC!!!
    Steve Turley



  10. WTF? “courage and professionalism”? He drove into their stationary car and had to be cut out of his!!

    Yesterday evening 30-year-old man took at least two shots at police after a crime spree that ranged across the Horowhenua and Manawatu.
    It included firing at an officer, taking a second car before allegedly driving into a stationary patrol car at speed, while shooting at police.
    The acting central district commander inspector Nigel Allan described the situation as extraordinarily difficult and dangerous situation.
    The fact that police were able to successfully apprehend this person without injury to the public or police staff is an absolute credit to the courage and professionalism of the staff involved,” said Allan.



  11. I see woke Wellington has a – murder death kill – down the road. To go with assaults and sex crimes at 10 X [sic] the national average.

    Be kind 🤣

    The homeless wrecks are everywhere. They just have mattresses in the street now. Along with hundreds in flash hotels. Previously nice establishments have patched mobsters resident. The LOLs are stacking up fast.

    The place is a filthy broken mess.

    Caring 😀



  12. Clean your dirty beaches Auckland. You are quick to call out farming but have shit overflowing in your own sewerage system.

    National calls on Government to invest in water quality upgrade at Auckland beaches


    The Opposition says central government needs to treat the unhygienic conditions with some urgency, but the Government says it’s already doing it.

    Numerous Auckland beaches are deemed off-limits to swimmers after pollution from heavy rain. Some are red-flagged and have warnings for the public that the water could be contaminated with faecal bacteria.



    • Nah all they have to do is stop taking that stinking dairy polluted Waikato water. After all, its only the farmers who pollute the water ways. It’s true, Cindy and Jimmmy2vjjs said so. So it must be true. They wouldn’t lie would they?



      • I wonder if the immigrants are taking the same approach to public defecation that I have seen in many of their source countries? And by “I have seen” I mean I have been sure to detour tp avoid walking into a fresh pile.



  13. Front Page : Scott Goulet updating the what has been noticed and what it may mean.

    Senator Ted Cruz, posted on the U.S. Senate website on January 2 that he and 10 other senators will oppose the certification of the Electoral College vote results on January 6, and urge Congress to establish an electoral commission to conduct a 10-day emergency audit of the results.

    Patrick Byrne describes the 4 steps the CCP is taking to take the US from within.
    The final stage, Byrne said, was to force the public to reluctantly accept the tampered election results, in which the “media is just beating it into your head.”

    According to Epoch Times, one of few media outlets bold enough to stand for the truth, over 400 people from the Intelligence Community, military, law enforcement, and the judiciary, have formed a spontaneous network to investigate irregularities in the 2020 election.

    “152 Republicans join in action, Can they change the results?; Georgia state voting system hacked?”
    18 mins 50 secs : circa 1:00 pm NZT Tuesday 5th January.

    Data scientists notice certain anomalies in the running tally of votes, which should not be able to happen.
    Vote removal & switching, would do that.

    Fake ballots hundreds of thousands, photoed & videoed by Patrick Byrne and noted the shredding of them.



  14. “400 people from the Intelligence Community, military, law enforcement, and the judiciary, have formed a spontaneous network to investigate irregularities in the 2020 election.”

    (from approx 7mins30). Also noted that General Flynn called out Obama for “not acting properly with US intelligence” in 2014. That could explain why Obama hated General Flynn enough to set him up and had him arrested and warned the incoming Trump that Flynn was the 2nd person he should be concerned about, along with Kim Jong-un.



  15. Why? Is NZ now not honouring our extradition agreements? Is his home country of Australia not prepared to house one of their own citizens?


    After this development, Assange’s father John Shipton added his name to a letter calling for New Zealand to offer asylum to his son.

    The letter, provided exclusively to 1 NEWS, is co-signed by Greg Barns, SC Advisor to the Australian Assange Campaign, and Craig Tuck, a Tauranga lawyer who is part of Assange’s legal team.

    “Julian and his family have connections with New Zealand and New Zealanders – this country is well-positioned to lead the defence and be a masthead for what is likely to be years of litigation,” the letter reads.



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