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  1. Thank you for the image Ed, I will not be able to erase this site from my minds eye for the rest of the day. Very bloody attractive. Up and at it today all you working people. No matter what hits us today I am NOT going along with it. I’m going to ignore it all. Have a great day out there.



  2. That is a photo of 3-pies Woods. Her undies are stuck
    permanently up her fat ass.
    Oh, I almost forgot,, Jacin-DUH, you are a useless, nasty
    communist troll. Fuck off with your lies.
    Let’s be careful out there you deplorable miscreants.



  3. Trump & Kushner nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


    Former President Donald Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on Monday morning by an Estonian member of the European Parliament, Jaak Madison.

    In a post on social media, Madison said: “In the last 30 years, Donald Trump is the first president of the United States, who during his tenure, has not started a war. Additionally, he signed several peace agreements in the Middle East which have helped provide stability in the region and peace.”

    Madison was referring to the Abraham Accords, a joint statement between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States–and later, with Bahrain and other Arab countries.



  4. Climate change report: Gas-fueled barbecues and commercial kitchens to be snuffed out

    The sear of a steak is a sound that’s here to stay, but how you cook that piece of porterhouse, scotch or eye fillet could be about to change.

    The Climate Change Commission, in its draft plan for cutting the country’s emissions, has advised that it is time to cut gas.

    Its plan suggests no new natural gas connections to the network or bottled LPG after 2025.

    By 2050, the commission says existing natural gas in buildings should be phased out.


    Stupid is as stupid does.
    Gas is going to run out just like oil has or was going to or may never.
    Do any of these wankers have a brain in their head.

    Fire up the Barbie lads. Time to go toward against these ttreacherous overpaid wankers.



    • If the world woke up tomorrow, to find that NZ had completely submerged to great depths, it would make virtually no difference to global emissions. And we’re all going to have to suffer for no other reason than virtue-signaling.
      Poorer people are going to have to be hugely subsidised to be part of this nightmare; no guessing where that money’s coming from.
      They’re coming for your BBQ? FS, that’s a bit low. I can’t see living in the new NZ is going to be much fun.
      At the rate we’re going, in five years time 50% of all males will belong to a gang. It’ll be interesting watching them hand over their Harleys. Maybe they’ll take the opportunity to hand in their guns as well.



    • When we run out of gas, we will be exporting it from some shit hole country that has 3 times more emissions to produce than us.
      Alternately, we get expensive gas from WA bought to us in a tanker that produces never ending emissions.
      This government is bullshit on this stuff, as long as they aren’t causing the emissions for their self congratulations !~



      • Chris has been quite busy on social media. Most of what I have seen is trying to keep the public informed about the stupid decisions Labour make in relation to C19, some profile building and a bit to support his local community and what they do. As far as I could see, he took a normal, Kiwi break but worked the rest of the time even though Parliament was shut. He is one of the very few politicians I have some respect for.



        • Bishop is merely a list MP.
          No constituency.
          He is in Notional which is a zero opposition.
          They are not notable as an opposition because they oppose nothing.

          -Has Bishop called out climate bullshit?
          -Has he called out Covid Bullshit?
          -Has he called out Ashen Bloomfailed and demanded the liar’s resignation after so any many lies.?
          Senior public servants should not lie wall-to-wall.
          Bloomfailed LIES pretty much ALL THE TIME.
          -Has Bishop demanded free speech especially of the tertiary shitholes – as they have become?

          Until we see action he is a paint by numbers List MP.



          • Howitis ,I’d have been more impressed if Bishop had stood up for law abiding gun owners when the creature decided to confiscate 10’s of thousands of them .
            Instead he folded like the rest of the national circus ,a bunch of Cowards all of them .



          • As of the most recent election he is a list MP. Up until that time he held the seat, but a useless tart from Labour rolled him. He still works as an electoral MP though (not in an official capacity) and takes care of the people in his electorate. His view and dedication to his electorate has not changed.

            Recent activity:
            * Electoral survey to find out what needs to be done
            * Calling out vaccine nationalism from the EU
            * Support for a local charity
            * Attacks government for handling of vaccination, calls for greater transparency from officials
            * Tiktok / humour
            * Highlighting process failures in MIQ
            * Highlighting process failures in MIQ
            * Community support function (celebrating Indian Republic Day with members of the local community)
            * Calling out a Labour voter for wishing Covid-19 on people
            * Attacking Ardern / Hipkins for their opposition to a review on the MIQ / quarantine process
            * Post promoting a local business
            * Offering help to local business with setup of Covid-19 related scan / sanitation, etc. components
            * Attacking the messes made in the Pullman MIQ facility
            * Attacking Labour for their lies on the Flexi-wage subsidy scheme

            And we’re to about 4pm on the 27th of January now. He has a good mixture of attack, local community building and social elements on his social media. Again, I think this guy is one of the few strong MPs and is an asset to us overall.



  5. New Zealand does not need the covid vaccine.
    The various covid vaccines are expensive and of dubious effectiveness. This paper, published ten days ago, shows clearly that there is a better, much cheaper way out of this pandemic. Why does our government seem blind and deaf to what is going on in the rest of the world? If a layman like me can find this stuff why do our “experts” seem SO out of touch?




    • It is because Alice, the intellectuals (university graduates) are the new Catholic Church. Complete with dogma.

      Don’t forget the modern university arose from Church education establishments.

      King Henry the Eight, his six wives and Sir Isaac Newton would be mortified!



      • The origin of ‘mortified’ is
        late Middle English -in the senses ‘put to death’,
        From the source ‘mort’ as in ‘death’

        Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were indeed mortified – at the instruction of King Hank !

        Yes for over 1500 years the churches controlled knowledge and knowledge flow.
        They could read and write and passing the written word meant writing only by someone who could write.
        The invention of the printing press was a great liberating factor and the start of breaking away from religious tyranny.

        Another great step on this journey was the creation of YSB in 2019 !
        A great leap backwards was NZers voting in 2020 for a PTPM who cant speak English !!




  6. And don’t get me started on HCQ which even the WHO now admits offers very significant benefits in early treatment of covid, just as President Trump said all those months ago.
    Much of black Africa has been virtually untouched by the CCP virus and the main reasons seem to be two, a largely younger population with well developed immune systems and the fact that millions upon millions of them take Hydroxychloroquine weekly as a prophylaxis against malaria. In some countries, apparently, HCQ is known as the Sunday Pill.

    A UK correspoondent did a bit of research last Thursday and Friday. Took the 12 most malarial infected countries in Africa…Nigeria, Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya to name but 4…added their Covid deaths and got their populations care of Worldometer.

    Africa …8,205 deaths from a total population of 582.9 million

    UK…94,580 deaths from a population of 67.9 million



  7. Alice@0733

    Re: ‘Why does our government seem blind and deaf to what is going on in the rest of the world’?

    Because to do otherwise would be to admit that socialism / communism doesn’t actually work, and that the foundation of ardern’s belief system is a totally-false premise.

    That we are the unwilling participant is her efforts is a mere and minor detail…
    Being the Narcissist that she is, that is totally unacceptable, so ‘Must try harder’ to prove otherwise.



    • The people vote for Caligula’s horse.

      But all over the West the voters are polling for free shit and their media are as corrupt as New Zealand’s. And their universities are just as pathetic.

      Put it this way: where would you emigrate to to escape all this shit?

      At least the Chinese get shit done. Unlike loser Kiwis.

      -And they still call their country by the same name.
      -And they don’t hate the founders of their nation.
      -And don’t try to change their language.
      -And their standard of living is going skyward.
      -And they work hard.
      -And they don’t shoot their feet over global ‘warming’ scams.
      -And they defend their territory.
      -And they are proud of their achievements.
      -And they ain’t run by a FULLY AND FREELY ELECTED cabal of Queers, Greenies, Lesbians, gay men, neutered straight men and manly women and soy boys,
      -And they don’t have an immigration invasion.
      -And they deal to criminal scum.
      -And their streets and homes are safe.
      -And they don’t have ethnics manning roadblocks.
      -And they ain’t locking up their population anymore over the covid scam.
      -And they ain’t woke.
      -And they deeply respect education.
      -And they don’t sport tramp-stamps.
      -And there isn’t a war against males.
      -And there isn’t a war against success.

      I hate to be the rissole who tells you, but these are the definitions of a successful culture and a successful country!

      Cue the outrage 3, 2, 1…



      • You’ll get no outrage from me BGR. I agree with you 100%.

        The problem is, of course, that China won’t allow virtually any immigration because of the risk of polluting their culture. Why would they want flood of pooftah greenie socialist (oh the irony!) wài guó rén coming and fucking up their country?



  8. A man goes to A&E with a dildo stuck up his arse.

    He said, “I feel so embarrassed.”

    The nurse said, “Don’t be … you’ll be surprised how often we see this.”


    “This is Wellington, Mr Thew. You’re our fifth this morning.”



  9. A movie is already in the works about the shorting of GameStop shares v the little guys. The film will be produced by the guy who made ‘The Social Network, FB movie’, and ’21’ about MIT students who worked out a system for winning blackjack.

    Democrats are using the GameStop, Reddit saga to CRUSH the underdog

    Glenn Beck explains how — despite what Democrats will tell the public — they care NOTHING for the little guy…all they want is control, and the GameStop & Reddit saga is showing us how much control they want.



  10. Now listen here you lot –Kerri McIvor has spoken and told everyone to stop thinking for yourselves, just do as she says. Arrogant bitch! We are not allowed to question this BS report from the Climate Commission because she says so. ( and no I did not read all her column, I could not get past the first quarter of it, before I gave up)


    Here is a question for McIvor and her beloved Climate Commission —where are they proposing to build NZ nuclear power plant , because we will need one ?




    • What Kerre is saying is absolutely correct: the age of democracy and independent thought is over.

      Just like the last Ice Age and the Copper Age and the Age of Reason.

      Gone. Never to come back.

      The only opposition to the Government establishment in ‘Aotearoa’ are the gangs. REALLY!!!



    • Kerri can go fuck herself.

      The science is not settled. For one, the Paris Accord if fully implemented by all nations until 2100 without fail will reduce the temperature rises by a measly 0.17°C. Bjorn Lomburg calculated this using the Paris Climate summits own dataset.

      The world is heading into a Grand Solar Minimum. It’s part of the natural cycle. Globally, sea ice is growing again. Temperatures are lowering. The shit they predicted is not happening.

      In fact, their predictions are shockingly and laughably wrong. You have to be a fucking idiot of the first order to listen to these demented fuckers. Take this article from 2004. (And fuckit Ed, give me blockquotes that are not Labour Party Red, please!)

      warns that major European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged into a ‘Siberian’ climate by 2020. Nuclear conflict, mega-droughts, famine and widespread rioting will erupt across the world

      An imminent scenario of catastrophic climate change is ‘plausible and would challenge United States national security in ways that should be considered immediately’, they conclude. As early as next year widespread flooding by a rise in sea levels will create major upheaval for millions.

      Now let’s say you still believe all of that bullshit. Then you have to acknowledge that New Zealand’s alleged contribution to it is 0.1%. We are a a tiny fart in the world that nobody else cares about. Rather than cutting our own throats, we should re-plan our response spending and use that to invest in building up research facilities and tech firms that are actively engaged in finding low emission technologies, tech to help clean up the planets, better battery recycling, etc. Let’s rather turn our collective wits and money to building something we can sell back that will help the large global emitters reduce their contribution to our level.

      Of course, none of that helps Ja-fucking-cinda Ardern get her seat on the UN. Fuck.



  11. Once they ration how many vehicles can be on the road, then you will join with the frustration of your fellow travelers, “and you will like it.”
    Something to look forward to, as perhaps we will all get like that? 🙂

    Not the reception you expect when riding the tram in Collins Street, in the world’s most liveable city? … Or maybe you should expect it, nowadays? NB – Abusive language warning!

    Welcome to Melbourne!
    1 min 34 secs. : • Feb 1, 2021

    Understandly upset because they did not have a “smoking section”?
    Security then Cops would dismiss this by claiming he hasn’t actually hurt anyone and is using “the language of the street”.



  12. A week ago, Majority Senate Leader calls for Biden to declare “Climate Emergency”.

    “President Biden should consider declaring a national emergency on climate change.
    This will give him more tools to deal with this emergency issue.
    It is really important—unfortunately there are too many in Congress who don’t recognize the gravity of the situation.
    Emergency powers would allow the president to move forward on his own and do all kinds of things that he could not do now,” Schumer said.


    Seems like another way of stepping around democracy.
    Lining their points up, making ready.
    It will be in the timing, the opportunity to make use of some crises to also include this.

    Emergency powers to stop some of the States push back like Texas.
    Go Texas.

    …… Gov. Greg Abbott, looking to show an early contrast with President Joe Biden, visited the Permian Basin on Thursday and announced a series of steps the state would be taking to push back against the new Democratic administration when it comes to the oil and gas industry. ….

    ….”direct every state agency to use all lawful powers and tools to challenge any federal action that threatens the” energy sector in Texas.
    And he announced his support for legislation that “prohibits cities and counties from banning natural gas appliances,”


    The only fear I have for Texas is the numbers of new people, fleeing from Democrat states that still carry the communist philosophy, and believe they can apply it in their new home, but this time, do it better.

    The ones in NZ will be watching, also figuring when they can go full on with “emergency powers”, to control, direct, and command.

    The number of interviews, opinion editorials, “experts” on full propaganda mode to convince every one that this Climate Change legislation. is the “very best of snake oil”.



    • Just not sure everything is happening in the right order?
      But then seeing the state of US politic, held up as an example, then one would wonder.

      Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun said at Tuesday’s press conference that the Tatmadaw would forward its findings of irregularities to the Supreme Court.

      Supreme Courts, do they have the “standing” to even hear a case to hear and test if democratic principles are abided by? //
      But the rest of the politicians pile in; like they have a fear they will also be revealed. 🙂

      Just like the iwi based Nania Mahuta, saying it is not democratic when a concern about election fraud, but then takes away democratic tools, like referendums to sort out “iwi” based seats.



  13. Rules for me but not for thee…


    The famiIy of a high profiIe New Zealand sports star have reportedly side-stepped their managed isoIation faciIity in favour of their Iuxury home.

    Stuff reports the wife of the sportsman complained about the state of her room in managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) and was subsequently granted an exemption from the facility for herself and her children.

    The family are now in isolation at their $3 milion property in a wealthy suburb of Auckland.



  14. doctor dies of massive stroke days after Pfizer vaccine.

    Doctor Dies After Getting COVID Vaccine || Florida Doctor’s Death

    An obstetrician/gynecologist (Dr. Gregory Michael) in Miami, Florida, received the 1st dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Dec.18th. Shortly after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, he reportedly developed acute immune thrombocytopenia. He died 16 days after getting the covid vaccine. Dr. Gregory Michael’s cause of death is a result of a brain hemorrhage.



  15. An opening soon for more meritless, inclusive diversity to push an ideology, whilst safeguarding themselves.

    … They would be pressing for that, and more – for instance, assurance that the sometimes high turnover of public sector staff would not erode progress . …..

    …… Shortly, they’d be able to do that with a collective voice more powerful than what youth had had up till now, via the new National Islamic Youth Association.

    “We all were doing stuff behind the scenes but … it was very much local,” ,,,,

    Where will there loyalty be?



  16. Maths decline – Ministry of Education calls in Royal Society to stop NZ mathematics rapid decline

    An expert panel has been called in by the Ministry of Education to improve students’ maths results, which have hit a record low.

    The decision to seek advice from a Royal Society of NZ panel looks likely to foreshadow a major shakeup of the curriculum and the way teachers are trained and supported across all subjects.

    The rethink is starting with maths because the latest Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) survey found NZ students’ maths knowledge in the first year of high school is now below that in all other English-speaking countries and the lowest it has ever been.

    Well surprise surprise.

    How about cutting the wages of the teachers who have failed their oupils.
    That would be fair.

    Oh and those in the Ministry who control this poor performance and then Hipkins for removing educational targets..
    Well, hospitals of course because they no longer are accountable either.



    • The Ministry of Edumication will be behind the issue.

      The similar problem occurred 20 years ago in USA.
      Bush 43 ‘no child left behind’ rhetoric.
      They cut out PE in order to have more subjects work.
      Obesity soared as waistlines expanded.
      More than a third of kids grow up without a regular male role model so school is where they would get the knowledge and enthusiasm for sport.

      Similar except useful things like Maths and English set aside for Te Reo and LBQRS gender bending shite edumication or- more to the point- indoctrination and misinformation.

      Kids are subject to a lifetime of misinformation now. The lefties have won.
      Testosterone-filled males have been driven out leaving only soyboys and the gender confused.
      Decent ‘testosterone compliant’ males would fight back.

      The problem lies with Min of Ed as they control the curriculum – with political BS influence.
      Make the pencil jabbing bastards own it.

      No teachers will be fired.
      The more insipid you are, the more secure your job.
      And NO Bullrush!!

      When a complete fuckknuckle like Kelvin Davis can become a headmaster you know the troubles run deep.



  17. Did I hear correctly? is Ardern heading up to Waitangi today? Is she going to spend the whole bloody week up there again? What a waste of time. Esp as it sounds like the Maori are going to be staying away in droves.



  18. More cancelling of Trump. No Presidential library and they want him out of his own club.

    The Washington Post saying Trump shouldn’t have a presidential library

    Suggestions for Trump Library:

    A witch hunt wing with Robert Muller

    A fake news wing with Jim Acosta, a laundry list of facts and real time fact checking by Hannity

    A Trump rally where you can chant “lock her up” and watch Trump dance to YMCA

    A social media wing with every Tweet, uncensored



    • There were predictions made several years ago that the USA would have two presidents. I can actually see that happening now. Texas is working on secession, there are rumours some other states are looking at it too.



  19. Cindy will be having uncontrollable orgasms ,that warmonger ex boss of hers “ratface Blair” is sticking his skinny necked head above the horizon again ,maybe he’s looking for a advisory position in the Biden clown show possibly, “procurer of little girls” to smuggle down to the Biden bunker where Hunter will look after their every need.



  20. Just recieved a telegram on Telegram from the office of Donald J Trump.
    Media advisory.
    David Schoen, Attorney to 45th President Donald J Trump will appear for an interview tonight at 9pm ET on Fox News “Hannity”.



  21. Did anyone else get a cap in hand email from david farrar begging for money for the maori ward thingy?

    I sent a nice email reply… it ends with “have a nice day go fuck yourself” 🙂 i doubt he will read it but in its entirety but at least i tried.



  22. Part two and three of Patrick Byrne’s writing

    How DJT Lost the White House, Chapter 2: Was there Foreign Interference in this Election? You Make the Call.

    How DJT Lost the White House, Chapter 3: Crashing the White House (December 18-22)

    If you missed chapter one in what a clusterfuck drunk Rudy is

    How DJT Lost the White House, Chapter 1: All the President’s Teams (11/3 – 12/17)



  23. Dems Want Troops To Root Out “Disinformation”
    “We must root out the dark forces of racism, white supremacy and disinformation that have created this moment.” Let that sink in. The military has been deployed to Washington to fight “disinformation.” Say something a governor doesn’t like, and he’ll send troops. Sound like the country you grew up in?




  24. This isn’t their treaty settIement this is the government shoveIIing $I50 m of taxpayer funding to Nga Puhi. Buying loyalty from Northland maori with our money.

    A $I50 million investment fund is being created to grow assets for Treaty negotiations with Nga Puhi, with the Government calling it a “significant step” in attempts to restore its relationship with the iwi.




      • Nothings been agreed about the NP treaty agreement. There are too many factions, egos, etc wanting to be the “top dog”. Instead Little has just given them a $I50m nest egg to keep them under Labour’s skirts.



        • I wonder why, hmmm

          Maori planning to no longer support national perhaps
          Ratana looking at forming their own political party perhaps
          Cindy has accomplished nothing for Maori in 3 years and needs to present a better image at Waitangi Day perhaps

          Hmmm, all of the above and so much more?

          I am all for this government helping iwi out, I’m proposing that for environmental reasons that the inter-island ferries be given to iwi on the condition they be powered the traditional way, sail and paddle.



  25. KIarke warning. She’s on board with the black hearted BBB future for NZ.

    Coronavirus pandemic a chance to ‘build back better’, ensure there’s future ‘pandemic readiness’ – HeIen CIark


    “We’re not short of agendas, what we’ve been short of is action. And one hopes the catastrophe the world’s been going through with COVID might be a catalyst for saying, ‘for heaven’s sake, we have roadmaps, could we get back and focus on what needs to be done’.”

    In the reset, health, environment, and sustainability need to be addressed holistically, Clark said.



  26. Avi Yemini questions, what is the breach of the peace.
    Follow up of Australia Day “kidnap” “detained” “removed” or “common law”? “safety” “can not go”?

    FULL VIDEO: Avi Yemini ARRESTED for journalism on Australia Day
    15 mins 02 secs. : • Jan 28, 2021

    No charges, no fines, but Avi adding this in bringing the police to court for previous “false arrests”.
    As the police interpret things?
    “Antagonizing people?” Who was triggered? Did they have standing? with the police? or courts?

    Police abuse of power, commanded by the leaders, and the rest of the police seem to unquestionably follow orders.
    They take an oath, to justly enforce the laws,
    Since they do not, then they are all complicit…

    The deeper part of the swamp is the judiciary legal system

    However the public should have surrounded the police, and asked what law the police were following.
    But yeah the Invasion Day idiot protesters do not believe in law.
    Just needed a few more like that guy with the tatooed Australian Digger on his calf muscle, but to be more aware and then to place questions to the police also.



  27. So face book actually acknowledges that this may be offensive to some, but not so offensive, so it is ok, so they will allow, all with in “community standards”, that show such great vibrancy of meritless inclusive diversity.


    As some say it is ok as it just sticks and stones. //

    Hanging an orthodox Jew after having the specific Quran punishment of cutting off finger tips (Surah 8:12) under a Palestinian flag by two jihadists, one armed with a gun, the other a sling shot.

    So the ‘perfect man’, Mohammad is right?
    Right, particularly in the abrogation verses, the sayings, guidance, deeds, actions & ongoing commands in the “holy books” for the ones who righteously & piously seek allah.



  28. Tomorrow I will be off to Queenstown and will return Sunday.

    I do not know how to log in on my mobile so no commentary from me but I will be checking in to read YSB several times daily as usual.

    Meanwhile, may I recommend to those interested the following documentary available for free on youtube. It takes my breath away:

    Bactrian camels plodding across the desert, and a sense of timelessness evoked by Kitaro’s theme music… NHK devoted 17 years to the planning, shooting and production of The Silk Road, which unearthed trade routes linking long-lost civilizations of East and West. A landmark in broadcasting history, this series told the story of the rise and fall of ancient civilizations.
    The NHK Tokushu and China’s CCTV documentary series The Silk Road began on April 7, 1980. The program started with the memorable scene of a camel caravan crossing the desert against the setting sun, with Kitaro’s music and a sense of timelessness. It was the start of an epic televisual poem.
    The first journey described in the series began in Chang’an (now Xi’an), at the eastern end of the ancient route. On 450,000 feet of film, the NHK crew recorded the path westward to the Pamir Heights at the Pakistan border and this material was edited to make 12 monthly broadcasts. In response to viewers’ requests that the series be extended to cover the Silk Road all the way to Rome, sequels were made over the next 10 years. Seventeen years after the program was conceived, the project was completed.



  29. The Jamie Glazov Gang interview with Peter Barry Chowka (Investigative Reporter) who has been disturbed by Fauci for decades.
    The one who wrote articles about Fauci last year, and then suffered major blow back by the main stream media covering for the Fauci star.

    The Real Story of Anthony Fauci.
    19 mins 49 secs. : • Jan 30, 2021

    Career with the government goes back to the 1970’s
    Then in the into the national institutes of virology, infection, allergies & infectious diseases.
    In the 1980’s as a globalist rode the AIDS wave, for 40 years.
    Comparison of deaths of aids is dwarfed alone to cancer by about 60 times or by heart.
    Fauci made AIDS the 2nd most funded disease in federal research and even more regulatory pushing for every one to be tested for HIV and then to prescribe preventive drugs.

    A blue print for CCP virus. Even the point of any questioning of HIV & AIDS orthodoxy.
    The issue of money, politicians keeps repeating and the protection of funding, not only on CCP virus. though the virus is now the ultimate pay dirt, with striking fear, even more than sex contact.
    So much fear that has changed how the world operates.

    The more bizarre, more humilation, masking etc. more easy to separate the ones who go along, & those that do not.

    Great recent back ground history of Fauci’s politics, the most effective planned take down of President Trump.

    The effect of censorship, re-interpretation of facts, offending some one, the algorithm take downs,

    Biden’s CoVid highest paid employee, so Fauci systematic ambiguity continues.



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