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  1. EEEWWWWWWWW that was not a good start for the day Ed.
    Heard Antony Fauci on the radio this morning saying the virus is going to kill more than the total killed in the first and second war. So interesting then, I bet they won’t play anyone saying an opposing view to his, just so there is a balanced view of it all and people can make up their own minds.



  2. I was watching an ad for The Warehouse last night with Stephen Tindall and Grant Dalton grinning and pointing into the distance which must be what you do when you’re bank account is full. Meanwhile, the voice over was going on about how wonderful the Warehouse is and how sustainable and carbon neutral they were becoming. The only thing missing was Cindy flying by on a unicorn. Have they stopped bringing in crap from China by the container load and undercutting everyone else? Surely this is some kind of bad joke? Most of their products would appear to be made by people one step above slavery and have a lifespan of about 2 days.



    • Tarquin Come on mate Dalton needs to boost his wealth somehow he’s only on $3000.000 a year , I’m not being unpatriotic but I hope Spitall hands him his arse on a plate ,either way he’ll be ok because he’s a sitter for a government job in horse faces administration.



      • Daltan was the Dolt who allowed the Americans in 2013 an extra day or two to perfect their boat and make the great comeback.

        He acts like a tough guy much of the time but rolled over to be tickled there.
        Did he get a backhander for that?
        Normally he drives people into the ground.
        Why not then?

        Surely it is time for this sort of yachting thing (flying boats like they used in the 1940s) to pay its own way.
        Sir Peter Blake won the Amcup in 1995.
        When Ardern was a 15 yr old schoolgirl.

        Surely if the taxpayer sets up the infrastructure in 2000 for the first defense then 20 years later this mob need to pay their own way.
        The Govt said they would fork out $30 million but it escalated to more than 10 times this.
        Enough is enough.

        PS Will the women’s rugby world cup (I cant contain my excitement // ) still be held in Sept 2021 in NZ.
        It would seem incongruous at this stage.



  3. Still trust Government scientists?


    The Dorset Biological Warfare Experiments were a series of experiments conducted between 1953 and 1975 to determine the extent to which a single ship or aircraft could dispense biological warfare agents over the United Kingdom. The tests between 1971–1975 were known as the DICE trials. The tests were conducted by scientists from Porton Down, initially using Zinc cadmium sulfide (ZnCds) as a simulated agent. Early results clearly showed that one aircraft flying along the coast while spraying its agent could contaminate a target over 100 miles away, over an area of 10,000 square miles. This method of Biological warfare attack and the test program to study it was known as the Large Area Coverage (LAC) concept.

    In the early 1960s, Porton Down was asked to expand the scope of their tests to determine if using a live bacteria instead of ZnCds would significantly alter the results. Scientists from Microbiological Research Establishment at Porton Down selected South Dorset as the site for this next phase of testing, with Bacillus subtilis (also known as Bacillus globigii or BG) selected as the test agent.[1][2]

    This bacteria was sprayed across South Dorset without the knowledge or consent of the inhabitants.

    Similar tests[edit]
    In Operation Sea-Spray, unsuspecting inhabitants of the San Francisco Bay Area were sprayed with Serratia marcescens and Bacillus globigii, pathogens that were then implicated in some unusual outbreaks of illness, including pneumonia, and urinary tract infections, and even some deaths.

    In Senate subcommittee hearings in 1977, the US Army revealed:

    Between 1949 and 1969 open-air tests of biological agents were conducted 239 times. In 80 of those experiments, the Army said it used live bacteria that its researchers at the time thought were harmless. In the others, it used inert chemicals to simulate bacteria.
    In the 1950s army researchers dispersed Serratia on Panama City and Key West Florida with no known illnesses resulting.
    In the 1950s army researchers dispersed zinc cadmium sulfide (now a known cancer-causing agent) over Minnesota and other Midwestern states to see how far they would spread in the atmosphere. The particles were detected more than 1,000 miles away in New York state.
    Bacillus globigii, never shown to be harmful to people, was released in San Francisco, New York, Washington, D.C., and along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, among other places.
    In New York, military researchers in 1966 spread Bacillus subtilis variant Niger, also believed to be harmless, in the subway system by dropping lightbulbs filled with the bacteria onto tracks in stations in midtown Manhattan. The bacteria were carried for miles throughout the subway system. Army officials concluded in a January 1968 report that: “Similar covert attacks with a pathogenic disease-causing agent during peak traffic periods could be expected to expose large numbers of people to infection and subsequent illness or death.”
    In a May 1965 secret release of Bacillus globigii at Washington’s National Airport and its Greyhound Lines bus terminal more than 130 passengers were exposed to the bacteria traveling to 39 cities in seven states in the two weeks following the mock attack.[3]



    • Jacinda has one of these. Betcha she hasn’t been vaccinated! Apologies for the long post. Be kind!

      Diseases with horse to human transmission

      Can you get a disease from your horse? Yes, but the bad news is that direct horse to human disease transmission is common. Here’s a quick refresher on some bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral diseases that can potentially be transmitted to us directly from the equines in our lives. This list does not include diseases like West Nile that can be passed indirectly from horses to humans, for example through an insect bite.

      All those who spend time around horses should take precautions against the following conditions that are commonly transmitted from horses to humans:
      Dermatophilosis – Dermatophilosis is caused by the bacteria Dermatophilus congolensis, which enter the body through an open wound such as a skin abrasion, laceration, or insect bite site.
      Horses: Dermatophilosis is common in horses and is often known as ‘rain rot’, ‘rain scald’, ‘mud rash’, or ‘mud fever’. It is most often associated with prolonged exposure to moisture in the form of rain or sweat under blankets or tack. The disease can result in painful lesions and swelling on the back, muzzle, and limbs that characteristically form dry, ‘nobbly’ crusts.

      Transmission: The bacteria can be transmitted from horses to humans through direct contact with infected animals.

      Humans: In humans, lesions typically occur on the hands and arms.

      Ringworm – Ringworm, or dermatophytosis, is caused by an infection of the skin or hair caused primarily by the fungi Trichophyton equinum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes.
      Horses: These fungi live in the soil and horses can be exposed when they dig, roll, or lie down in dirt. The fungi can be transmitted between horses by contact with infected individuals and contaminated objects such as grooming equipment and tack. The clinical signs of ringworm in horses usually consist of patches of crusty, dry skin with hair loss, and circular lesions that are itchy.

      Transmission: The fungus can be transmitted from horses to humans by direct contact with an infected animal’s skin or hair or touching contaminated objects.

      Humans: Similar to horses, humans often develop a scaly, reddened, circular rash.

      Salmonellosis – Salmonellosis is caused by the bacteria Salmonella enterica and causes diarrhea in horses and humans.
      Horses: In horses, the bacteria are transmitted through contaminated feed or water. Transmission can also occur by direct contact with infected individuals or surfaces that have been contaminated with manure from an infected individual. Some horses are carriers that do not show any signs of disease but can actively transmit the organism. Carriers can become sick when under stress from surgery, transportation, changes, in feed, etc. Severe cases can be fatal if not treated.

      Transmission: People that work around horses can get Salmonella by touching contaminated surfaces and accidentally transferring the bacteria from their hands to their mouths.

      Humans: Many people show no symptoms of Salmonella infection. Others may develop fever, abdominal discomfort, and diarrhea. Clinical disease can be mild or severe and severe cases can be fatal if not treated.

      Conditions that are less commonly passed from horses to humans, but still warrant appropriate biosecurity precautions are:
      Campylobacteriosis – Bacterial species in the genus Campylobacter can cause irritation and inflammation of the stomach and intestines (gastroenteritis) in animals and humans. In fact, it is globally the most common bacterial cause of gastroenteritis.
      Horses: Infections in horses cause inflammation of the small intestine (enteritis) which leads to diarrhea.

      Transmission: The bacteria are typically transmitted through fecal contamination of the environment and subsequent ingestion through food or water. People can become infected through horse-related activities, including cleaning stalls and grooming. However, you are more likely to be exposed to Campylobacter in uncooked or undercooked chicken or unpasteurized milk.

      Humans: Symptoms in humans include abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, fever, and vomiting.

      Cryptosporidiosis – Parasites in the genus Cryptosporidium are an important source of gastrointestinal disease in humans and animals globally. These highly contagious parasites infect the intestine and cause diarrhea and weight loss.
      Horses: Cryptosporidiosis is most commonly seen in foals, especially those that are immunocompromised or stressed. Horses become infected by ingesting the parasite in contaminated food or water.

      Transmission: The parasite can be transmitted from horses to humans in contaminated water, soil, or surfaces and can survive in the environment for long periods.

      Humans: In humans, ingestion of the parasite can cause watery diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps, and weight loss. Symptoms may last up to two weeks.

      Giardiasis – Single-celled organisms of the genus Giardia, most commonly Giardia duodenalis, attach to the intestine, causing problems with absorption of vitamins and other nutrients, often resulting in diarrhea. Contaminated water and soil are the primary sources of infection.
      Horses: Giardia can cause intermittent diarrhea in some infected horses, as well as poor hair coat and weight loss. Foals are frequently infected but often do not show clinical signs.

      Transmission: Infected horses can transmit the parasite to humans indirectly through fecal contamination of water, or directly through handling or on contaminated surfaces.

      Humans: Symptoms in humans include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, bloating, and weight loss.

      Leptospirosis can be associated with equine recurrent uveitis (moon blindness).

      Leptospirosis – In the United States, equine leptospirosis is often the result of infection with the bacteria Leptospira interrogans through contact with infected urine, often in contaminated feed or water. The bacteria spreads rapidly to tissues throughout the body via the bloodstream.
      eye of a horse with moon blindness
      Leptospirosis can be associated with equine recurrent uveitis (moon blindness).
      Horses: In horses, the disease is associated with abortions, stillbirths, kidney disease, and equine recurrent uveitis (also known as moon blindness), although some infected horses show no clinical signs.

      Transmission: Humans can become infected when contaminated water contacts broken skin or mucous membranes (eyes, nose, or mouth).

      Treatment and prevention: Antibiotics and anti-inflammatories are used to treat leptospirosis. There are currently no human vaccines for leptospirosis, but one is available for horses.

      Rabies – Rabies, a highly fatal disease found worldwide, is caused by the rabies virus. All mammals are susceptible to rabies, but it is relatively rare in horses, with less than 100 cases reported annually.
      Horses: Clinical signs in horses include uncoordinated movements (ataxia), partial paralysis (paresis) of the hindquarters, a desire to lie down, lameness, difficulty breathing, colic, increased sensitivity to light and sound, and fever. Most horses die of cardio-respiratory failure within 2-5 days, but it can take up to 2 weeks in some cases.

      Transmission: The virus is found in the saliva of animals. Rabies can be transmitted from horses to humans through a bite or contact of infected saliva with the eyes, nose, or mouth, or broken skin.

      Humans: Symptoms in humans include fever, headache, itching at the site of infection, and pain. People that are infected can become hyperexcitable or suffer from generalized paralysis, and death occurs within 2-10 days. In rare cases of survivors, severe neurological disorders may result.

      In addition, those that import horses and/or travel to other countries for equine-related business and activities should consider precautions against:
      Anthrax – Anthrax is caused by the Bacillus anthracis bacterium, which can survive in the soil for decades. The bacteria produce a toxin that breaks down cells in infected tissues. Bacterial spores have historically been weaponized (in aerosolized form) and are considered possible agents of biological attack or bioterrorism.
      Horses: In horses, the clinical signs of anthrax vary depending on whether the horse ingested the bacteria, or it was transmitted through an insect bite. Fever, loss of appetite, inflammation of the small intestine (enteritis), colic, and bloody diarrhea can occur if the horse ingests the bacteria. Death typically results in 2-4 days. For cases in which anthrax is introduced via insect bite, clinical signs include swelling at the site of the bite, and on the neck, chest, belly, and genitals.

      Transmission: The disease can be transmitted from horses to humans through handling of infected animals.

      Humans: In humans, anthrax may be cutaneous, inhalational, or gastrointestinal. The cutaneous form is the most common (and the type that can be transmitted from horses). This form results when the bacteria enters the body through cuts or abrasions in the skin. Lesions with black centers appear on the skin of the arms, hands, face, and neck within 2-3 days. Death is rare with appropriate antibiotic treatment.

      Glanders – The bacteria Burkholderia mallei causes glanders and infection is fatal in most species.
      Horses: Infection in horses can result in pus-forming lesions on the skin and respiratory infections. The source of infection is discharge from the nose and skin of infected equids. The primary route of infection is believed to be ingestion of feed or water contaminated by B. mallei, although inhalation and skin exposure may occur. Infected equipment, tack and clothing can also transmit the bacteria. Some infected horses show no symptoms but can serve as sources of infection by shedding B. mallei intermittently or constantly.

      Transmission: People can get the disease through direct contact with infected animals.

      Humans: Symptoms in humans include fever, muscle pain, chest pain, light sensitivity and headache. If the bacteria gets into the bloodstream, the infection can be fatal without treatment.

      Vesicular stomatitis – This disease is caused by the vesicular stomatitis virus.
      Horses: Vesicular stomatitis results in lesions and blisters on the tongue, mouth, nose and lips in horses. Other clinical signs include drooling or frothing at the mouth, lethargy, fever, and loss of appetite. Mortality is rare. Horses typically recover within two weeks, but outbreaks can have significant financial impacts on the equine industry. Vesicular stomatitis has been reported around the world, with most equine outbreaks in the U.S. limited to western states.

      Transmission: Transmission to humans can occur through direct contact with the lesions or saliva of infected horses.

      Humans: Symptoms in humans resemble the flu and include fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, and headache. Lesions may form in the mouth and throat in adults and children may develop encephalitis, although it is rare.

      Properties that house horses with livestock should also take appropriate precautions to avoid:
      Brucellosis – Most cases of brucellosis in horses are due to the Brucella abortus bacteria, which is also the cause of the disease in cattle. Perhaps not surprisingly, cases of brucellosis in horses usually occur in horses that are housed with cattle.
      Horses: Horses become infected with the bacteria through ingestion, inhalation, or contact with skin abrasions. Termed “poll-evil” or “fistulous withers” in horses, brucellosis causes painful swelling at the base of the neck and sides of the withers, which can lead to abscesses. Joints may also become swollen and reproductive issues, including abortions, have been reported.

      Transmission: B. abortus may be transmitted from horses to humans through contact with contaminated body fluids, tissues, or carcasses, although documented cases of transmission are rare.

      Humans: In humans, the disease can mimic many other infectious and non-infectious diseases. Symptoms include fever, anorexia, headache, backache, joint pain, and weight loss. Even without treatment, most patients recover within 3 weeks.

      Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, breeding managers, and others that are more likely to come in contact with infected animals should take precautions to protect themselves from:
      MRSA (methicillin-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus) – Although Staphylococcus aureus often does not cause any problems for humans or animals, antibiotic-resistant forms are difficult to treat. Methicillin-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus are resistant to antibiotics that are often used to treat Staphylococcus infections.
      Horses: In horses, skin, soft tissue, joint, and surgical site infections can occur. Clinical signs may include wounds or surgical sites that discharge pus and fail to heal. Some horses carry MRSA without showing any clinical signs, but they can still transmit the bacteria to people and other horses.

      Transmission: People can get MRSA from horses through direct contact with infected animals, especially direct hand-to-nose contact.

      Humans: MRSA infections in humans often appear as a red rash or a skin boil. Symptoms may also include fever.

      Rhodococcus equi infections – Rhodococcus equi is a bacterium that lives in the soil and can cause pneumonia in young (1 to 6 months old) foals. In rare cases, immunodeficient adult horses and humans can also become infected. Disease prevalence varies, but R. equi can be detected on most horse farms around the world.
      mare nuzzling foal
      Foals can inhale R. equi or ingest contaminated soil.
      Horses: A foal can inhale airborne bacteria into their respiratory tract or ingest contaminated soil. Unfortunately, foals often do not begin to show signs until the disease has become severe. Clinical signs may include fever, labored breathing, cough, and depression.

      Transmission: Since it lives in the soil, R. equi can be inhaled in dust on farms or enter the body through broken skin. The bacteria can also be transmitted by handling infected foals.

      Humans: In immunocompromised humans, R. equi can cause lung infection that results in the formation of abscesses. Mortality can be as high as 50%. Among people with healthy immune systems, infections may only affect a small part of the body and are commonly associated with wound sites.



  4. Just love the girl who has such a hot snap move. 🙂

    Knowing THE PLANS Of Our ENEMIES + Bill Gates video
    10 mins 15 secs. : • Feb 9, 2021

    The WEF are working with the Biden administration to ensure that most people will survive the coming food shortages.
    Citizens that have up to date vaccination documents will receive regular packages of plant based protein products.
    Klaus Schwab

    Of course this is the Grant Robertson conspiracy Qanon theory as spoken by the organizer, Klaus Schwab of Davos and WEF, now in a strategic agreement with the UN.

    Bill Gates speech dissected from 3 mins 30 secs. onwards.



    • “Citizens that have up to date vaccination documents will receive regular packages of plant based protein products. Klaus Schwab”

      The bureaucrats are playing a dangerous game. They don’t seem to realize that we are only ever three square meals away from revolution.



  5. See how the friendly police play, they hear what you are saying. …. yeah right. ….
    Even the Health guy, did seem not to want to make too much of an issue whether it was in compliance or not and about the guy’s safety plan, that filled the states guidelines as worked out with his solicitor.

    With Avi Yemini in Melbourne where protesters were supporting a business.

    No one is going to trust the police after this
    10 mins 13 secs : • Feb 19, 2021

    So like authorities all over, they intend never to lose, and the enforcers came back.
    Just like in New Zealand too.

    A brief summation here.



    • Soon you too can fly a passenger jet under Joe BamaBiden’s administration.
      After all you were able to become an air traffic controller.
      the process excluded too many from minority groups.
      In May 2013, the FAA’s civil rights administrator issued “barrier analyses” of the agency’s employment procedures, which recommended “revising how the AT-SAT is used in establishing best-qualified lists.” ….
      …. quietly moved away from merit-based hiring criteria in order to increase the number of women and minorities who staff airport control towers.
      ….. The Obama administration, ….. … the process excluded too many from minority groups.
      In May 2013, the FAA’s civil rights administrator issued “barrier analyses” of the agency’s employment procedures, which recommended “revising how the AT-SAT is used in establishing best-qualified lists.”
      By the start of last year, the FAA was using a biographical questionnaire (BQ) to initially vet potential hires. The questions—“How many sports did you play in high school?”, “What has been the major cause of your failures?”—seem designed to elicit stories of personal disadvantage or family hardship rather than determine success on the job.
      “The FAA says it created the BQ to promote diversity among its workforce,” reported Adam Shapiro of Fox Business. “All air traffic control applicants are required to take it. Those who pass are deemed eligible and those who fail are ruled ineligible.” …..


      All take offs and landing will be deemed safe. 🙂
      Any disasters was created by a “white supremacist terrorist”.



    • Well written and shows that every one needs to challenge this insidious ideology.

      ….. a calculated hypocrisy frequently presented by those in fields of reduced value in academics like gender and race studies through a language of identity politics that is designed to teach racism. …..

      ….. the focus on contrived and incessant racism, bigotry, transphobia and Islamophobia is big business and one can make a hefty penny concentrating on the divisive and culturally destructive Marxist tenants of diversity, inclusion, and equity. …..

      ….. These folk only believe the science it wants to. ….

      …. “I know best” white progressives. They want black kids dumbed down in school. ….

      ….. The progressive liberal academic is a heretic – an unprincipled person …. …. thinks that some animals are more equal than others. …

      ….. I beg, teach your kids to seek the best teacher. … … Just the best. Because if we allow … … not only do we suffer and fail, America suffers and fail. Why? Because the rest of the world understands profiency, skill and merit are more valuable than feelings, emotions or immutable characteristics like sexual orientation or skin color in the valuation of performance and competency. …. ….but they also know as long as this continues, non thinking illiterates, in particular blacks, make them rich and we just get poorer.

      Yet it is spreading in schools, supported by corporations, pushed by governments, against all commonsense.



  6. The West is having its World War I insanity moment.

    In those days men rushed off to the glory for a war over by Christmas. Extra fun to kill evil Turks and Germans! Not one stopped to think they may shoot back!

    For ‘King and Country’ we now have ‘save granny’.

    People were manipulated by governments, the military, the arms manufacturers and the scientists making deadly poison gas.

    Today we are manipulated by governments, the police and scientists making vaccines.

    In the days of WWI it was the new technology of movies that spread the propaganda. Today it’s the internet.

    “Never again” become ‘again and again’ both then and now! WWII, the Suez Crisis, the Korean War, the Malay Emergency, the Vietnam War, the War against Terror…

    Now we have never-ending Lockdowns I, II, III…

    Does anyone else see these parallels?



  7. I am so sick and tired of the media telling us how the little brat schooled Scomo.

    That is so far from the truth and more lies dreamed up by her team of underlings.

    It’s a sad occasion in Christchurch today and she is heading there to put on her
    serious sad face with head tilted to the left.

    A truly pathetic individual



  8. Isn’t it amazing that they can count how many people got covid the day before and release it early the next day with out having to wait for the political broadcast at 1pm fronted by the PTPM, after having a lie in, hair and makeup done! The 1pm was always pure political bull shit, given by the horse!



    • Or James Ussher, science director at the Vaccine Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand and vaccine expert at the University of Otago. Ussher says, “the Pfizer vaccine and others that might receive Medsafe approval are safe and effective…These are very safe vaccines.”

      How can he claim that any vaccine that still only has “provisional” approval from Medsafe is safe or effective? We won’t know that for possibly years. He says the vaccines that “might” receive Medsafe approval are safe and effective but how does he know when the trials are still in Phase 3 (testing on humans)? It may turn out that the vaccines are no worse than other flu shots but what sort of “expert” would claim success before the science is in? I guess James Ussher would have been cool dispensing Thalidomide.




      • There was an article on a papers website how medsafe/ministry of health was up before the beak over them swapping some medication and killing half a dozen of them! Went back for a look but it’s gone. Think it was $tuffed.



  9. Today in a rare event I am pleased to record our clowns govts amazing sucess – when they were installed by the drunken dwarf national debt was $64 Billion (2018) and in 3 short years ardern & robbo have increased it to $136 Billiion and its growing faster than Jacks Beanstalk at $128 Million a day. Every kiwi now owes $63166 and growing. National failed to increase debt that amount in 8 years despite 2 major quakes and the GFC. the message is if you want more debt, less houses, unemployment & misery vote Labour Greens and your wish will be granted. If you want some hope for your children & grandchildren to have a decent life with pragmatic Govt vote ACT.



    • Keep in mind that when National came into government in 2008 our national debt was sitting at ~10.25 billion. When they left government in 2017 it was sitting at ~59.48 billion. National more than quadrupled our debt during their time in government.

      Of course, you’d be better off looking at a debt to GDP ratio. In that scenario we’re looking at growth under National from 5.4% of GDP to 21.7% of GDP. That looks better than the absolute number.

      The figures are not up to date for the Ardern government unfortunately, but if we look at the predicted GDP for 2020 that is sitting at around $205b. With debt at $136b that ratio looks fucking dire.



      • What government debt-to-GDP ratio (when you have borrowed offshore) is the economic Event Horizon?
        I know Japan’s gross government debt ratio of around 230% of GDP, but the Japanese government has borrowed all that in yen from Japanese entities, so they owe it to themselves, as it were.

        How would NZ do, if its government’s gross debt ratio of around 150+% of GDP, and the debt was in $US, $A, Euro, JPY, or other major foreign currencies? Things could get ugly and the NZ government wouldn’t be able to do much about it.



      • Notional was borrowing $300 million a week on average in its first 2.5 years in power after 2008.
        They did not curtail spending at all.

        Exhibit 1
        “In the letter Don Brash writes: “Dear John, It was with a very heavy heart that I felt obliged to resign my membership of the National Party and to seek the leadership of the ACT Party.
        “I reached my decision after watching with mounting dismay the performance of your Government.
        “You made great play of your ambition for New Zealand, and your determination to close the trans-Tasman wage gap and staunch the flow of our best young minds to more successful countries.
        “Yet you have done almost nothing to fulfill that ambition, and now appear to have given up on that goal.”
        “As a result, the Government is borrowing over $300 million a week. That’s $300 added to the debt of every New Zealand family, every week. That is totally irresponsible. It’s what Labour voters voted for, not National voters” Don Brash wrote.
        Exhibit 2

        Jun 08 2011
        “Overall, the $71.6b of gross debt was $19.6b higher than the same time last year, which added a further $559m in debt servicing costs.
        Net debt was close to forecast at $41.5 billion or 21.3 per cent of GDP.”

        The Canterbury Earthquakes only cost the Notional Govt a net $10 Billion.
        This was spread over 5 years so little impact on that debt level in mid 2011.
        Of the $40 billion rebuild cost, $ 20 billion from insurers; 10 billion private and net $10 Billion from Central Govt; the net being that they received benefit from GST on materials etc in the rebuild.
        The debt borrowed in those 2.5 years was to pay public servants and benefits.
        A few years later Notional raised benefits in real terms to great fanfare despite probably getting about three more votes from that ungrateful mob.

        If this was a Rock Star economy I think the rock star was Lou Reed and he was stoned out of his gourd on Heroin.



    • If you are the government, and you are about to grant a license to a smelter, how hard can it be to find out what hazardous wastes will be generated and in what amounts?

      They say the government didn’t know. Well, ask someone in the industry (a rival smelter, perhaps) and you will quickly find out. How hard can it be to do this?



      • Whats more important is what are they going to do with it now. They had it stored next to a river that had a major flood so lucky it stayed dry as is highly toxic if it gets wet. Still years later and now moving it back to Bluff. WHATS THE PLAN? //



        • The shits been stashed all over the place in the past, buried at edges of estuaries, backs of farms, filled storage warehouses etc etc. The bauxite ship heads back empty, why not load the shit on and send it back to rio stinkos mine in aussie and bury it where it came from?



  10. An excellent discussion.

    Critical Race Theory War: James Lindsay, Allie Stuckey, Christopher Rufo | ROUNDTABLE | Rubin Report

    Dave Rubin talks to James Lindsay, Allie Beth Stuckey and Christopher Rufo about critical race theory and Joe Biden’s reversal of Donald Trump’s executive order banning government agencies from receiving training involving critical race theory.



  11. Very telling that Ardern refuses to take the jab. She says she definitely will, but is just waiting a while until more exposed folk have had theirs. Yeah right! As if her one jab will make any difference in the distribution to front line workers.
    She’s a land of horse shit in neigh-atearoa.



  12. Interesting juxtaposition with NZ education and the NZ Wars but I’m unconvinced. It’s not a great start when you’re already admitting your choice of studies was decided by the best morning tea. Or that all the qualifications that now buy you the right to comment at all were gifted by an education system you do not value. Hypocrisy aside, let’s look at Joanna’s claims.

    Yes, horrors occurred but they have largely been compensated. No mention is made of the inter-tribal warfare occurring already. Are we to believe that everything was peace and harmony between my Maori forbears before my pakeha ancestors arrived?

    Native schools were set up to educate Maori with the knowledge of civilisations far greater than our own. Our elders realised the benefits would be immense. We would have access to discoveries made nearly 5000 years previously, like the wheel, written language and metal-working. We could literally advance our race’s knowledge by 1000’s of years by signing a treaty. I don’t think our ancestors were as silly as Joanna Kidman thinks.

    Things Maori would take a back seat, of course, there was a hell of a lot more to learn and, just like Joanna, learn we did. “Everything changed.’ Of course it did, that was the point. Our families are still remain proud of our scholastic success. Unlike Joanna.

    The only people who ever “severely punished’ my now 80 yr old mother for speaking Maori were her Maori father and his sister. They often thrashed her for speaking Maori with her cousins. She went to school in the Bay of Islands and many of the kids only spoke Maori. Their pakeha teacher was also fluent and no-one got punished for speaking Maori. Their original school building was open-sided and, according to Mum, the birdsong was often deafening, not to mention the wood pigeons that would fly into them at berry time. They were greatly relieved when the parents eventually built walls on the schoolhouse with a government grant. The birdsong did not stop after the NZ Wars.

    Clearly, as a race, we Maori are still very much in our infancy. Are there any Maori discoveries that have benefitted mankind? Despite her own evidence based education, Joanna calls for unproven Maori beliefs to be incorporated into mainstream learning. However, she offers no reasons at all as to the benefits of suspending proof-led learning or why our ancestors got it so wrong in encouraging us to learn pakeha ways. Even if it can’t be proven, Maori beliefs have been held for a long time so it must be true?

    Before the wars, there were Maori orchards of peaches, apples, cherries, almonds, potato, kumara, wheat and maize – where did they come from?

    For me their is no difficulty. My Maori ancestors rightly made the call that we would be citizens of a far greater world than our own, with all the benefits and risks that would incur. They wanted us to overcome our tribal affiliations and ignorance of science and take our place in the world. Just as Joanna has done.

    Which leaves me asking, does Joanna really believe her own words? Did she just wake up today and say, “I’m going to completely destroy my own achievements and the faculties that bestowed them to insist on the supremacy of one of the few races that in 1350AD had still not even worked out the wheel, which was discovered 5000 years earlier. Written language, even longer.

    Why use quotes from a Viet and a Cherokee? Both are truly indigenous and may well find Joanna’s claim that Maori arrivals to NZ are in any way different to that of the Spanish, English, French, Portugeuse etc that decided to settle anywhere else as spurious.




    • Well said, Coral. Too much of the divisiveness being forced upon us is due to the actions and words of a fairly small but very, very vocal minority. More push-back would be welcome – although I suspect anyone pushing back will be vilified by those people.



  13. Cindy’s Stand-up today to announce the Auckland Covid19 Level moving to Lvl 1 started with at least a 5 minute preamble on Chch earthquake, Covid cases today, WHAT SHE PLANS TO DO THIS WEEK before getting to the more important Level announcement for Aucklanders.
    Fuck she is a media whore and it’s all about me, me, me!



  14. Joe Biden nominated a toxic, liberal conspiracy theorist to direct the White House Office of Management and Budget.

    The nominee, Neera Tanden, was one of the most vocal Russiagate conspiracy theorists. She not only attacked Republicans while she was working for Hillary Clinton, but also went for the throats of Sen. Bernie Sanders and his supporters.




  15. “I Don’t Want America to be Energy Independent; I Want America to be Energy Dominant” President Trump to Economist Steve Moore

    “The idea that we are going to eliminate fossil fuels is a pipe dream,” Moore said Sunday during an appearanc on “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM-N.Y. “We’re not going to go from 80% fossil fuels down to zero in the next 15 years, or else we will bankrupt our country.”…




  16. A US bloggers frustration.

    I never cared that you were gay or transexual, until you started shoving it down my throat.

    I never cared what color you were, until you started blaming me for your problems.

    I never cared about your political affiliation, until you started condemning me for mine.

    I really never cared where you were born, until you wanted to erase my history and blame my ancestors for your problems.

    I never even cared if your beliefs were different than mine, until you said my beliefs were wrong.

    Now I care… My patience and tolerence are gone.

    I am not alone in feeling like this.

    There are hundreds of millions of us who feel the same.



  17. Fuck this pathetic excuse of a government. My daughter was sent home from school because she has a sore throat. Get a Covid-19 test, said the school.

    I called Healthline who said White Cross Lunn Avenue can do tests (and they’re close by). Rode up there, tried calling them. After 30 minutes of calls to get to reception, I walk in and ask them where their drive-in station is. There isn’t one. They don’t do it.

    We go to the three other testing stations listed in Mt Wellington and one in Glen Innes. The Mt Wellington ones either do not answer their phones OR only do tests for enrolled patients (What in the actual fuck?). The Glen Innes one never answered their phone.

    Eventually got an appointment in Remuera for later tonight. But they only want to test her, they don’t want to test the rest of the family.

    How the fuck is Jacinda Ardern’s government this badly organised?



    • Wearing the make ardern go away MAGA hats

      I have found the medical fraternity divided .
      Some are very compliant but some strongly question.

      The basis for all ‘commands’ from the podium of truth (sic) now is political.
      It is not science.
      That door was closed nearly a year ago.

      The F word works for so many now.

      smart people will identify that the trifecta of evil is against you
      -The universities (bullshit artists from the NZ unis get front and centre, aided and abetted by…
      -Media filth That lot are so dumb they do not know which way is up. Only understand money scrambles.
      With govt handouts now for survival they are basically beneficiaries.
      No wonder they never did an expose on WFF. They are bigger takers than that.
      -The cops. Enforcement of the above. Some posted video links today of what happened in Melbourne over the weekend. NZ open the same instruction envelopes.



    • To explain this.
      The tart being booed is the Chairperson of Tennis Australia.
      She is a yankee tart by birth.
      Been in australia over 15 years.
      She was with Alan Joyce Qantas AU (the cancel on Israel Folau by an Irish queer ) for a number of years in between stints at Bain and Co
      She took over as CEO of Virgin airlines AU a few months ago .
      This was political broadcast at the closing /award ceremony at the AU Tennis Open.

      The paying crowd correctly booed her.

      Jayne Hrdlicka is an American-born(1963) business executive based in Australia. She is currently the Chairwoman and Board President of Tennis Australia, having been appointed in October 2017. In November 2020, she became the Chief Executive Officer of Australian airline Virgin Australia,

      With a name like Hard Licker one would think the tart might step cautiously !!
      Should have changed the family name to Vodka or Rum.



    • In years to come, this wokeness movement will be the subject of many PhD theses.
      The movement is driven by the notion that equality of outcome is somehow a good idea.

      Men are not all identical in terms of their mental or physical abilities.
      In a free society, outcomes are not equal.
      In an equal-outcome society, there is only limited freedom.



      • This is all part of the Great reset.

        Why Fatty Robber’s son does not want it mentioned.

        First they will disenfranchise white males – who have invented the majority of things in the world in the last 150 years.
        This is just howitis.
        Not meant to be derogatory to other inventors, explorers, and creators.

        Then they will disenfranchise white women
        Sadly, lots of silly bitches are cheering this on.
        This just underscores their low IQ.

        Take out the creators and the true leaders and REPLACE them with the likes of ardern and this will deconstruct very quickly.
        Trump has been replaced by fair means or foul.
        Harris as VP in USA. One heartbeat away.
        Most of the Scandinavian countries.
        Ursula von der Leyen at EU.
        Ireland has fallen.
        The list of fallen is far greater than the list of the still standing.

        The funny thing is the Women’s world rugby cup scheduled for Sept 2021 in NZ is self selecting.
        There will be a dominating factor of brown women and lesbians.
        No need to manipulate.



  18. No surprise there, pedo is worried he and his son might get caught


    In the first month of his presidency, President Joe Biden made it a priority to cancel Operation Talon, which is run by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and targets illegal immigrants with sex crime convictions.

    Now, 18 state attorney generals are urging Biden to reverse his cancellation of the ICE operation.



  19. Oh for god sake, fuck off

    Even the Muppets are “offensive” these days.

    Anyone who streams “The Muppet Show” on Disney+ will see a declaimer first — warning of “offensive content.”

    Disney released five seasons of the iconic show for streaming on Friday, allowing viewers to enjoy watching Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and their celebrity guests as part of its $6.99-a-month service.

    The disclaimer shown prior to each episode warns viewers that the show features “stereotypes” and “mistreatment of people or cultures.”

    “This program includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures. These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now,”



  20. Scott Morrison has been called out for his fake jab by a nurse on Telegram.

    “Ok people. So, I have been a nurse for 16 years. I used to work in Emergency for many years. Scott Morrison is a FRAUD. He is not getting the vaccine in this picture (Promo photo shown).
    The nurse is using a 25 gauge, 1 ml subcutaneous insulin syringe(Also the choice of junkies -for intravenous injections…straight in the vein). For any intramuscular injections a 23-21 gauge needle-3 mll syringe combo is used. With a green or blue cap, not orange….the joy of being a nurse. You don’t even have to smell the bullshit, you can see it from a distance.”



  21. Two cricket related questions, what possessed some idiot to make Suzy Bates a commentator and why did the Indians pay so much for Jamieson? This taking a knee bullshit and whinging about talkback hosts must really take it out of them.



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