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  1. Hat tip to Braybots nememis, posted late last night.

    Andrews government now subject to ‘multiple criminal investigations’: Peta Credlin
    10 mins 13 secs : • Mar 11, 2021

    Just a brief summary,
    Peta Credlin says the Andrews government, now confirmed as subject to multiple criminal investigations, must tell us immediately who is involved, who is subject to criminal investigation, and for those people to be stood aside.

    “I have not forgotten last year’s disastrous hotel quarantine program,” Ms Credlin said.

    “Last year, the head of an employer organisation representing independent contractors – Mr Ken Phillips … wrote to WorkSafe Victoria”.

    Mr Ken Phillips, in his letter, detailed a “raft of alleged criminal offences” in the way Victoria’s hotel quarantine program was operated, according to Ms Credlin.

    “Importantly, in Victoria, not to provide a safe system of work is a serious criminal offence,” she said.

    “For months, information back from WorkSafe to Ken Phillips was scarce to say the least”.

    “In recent days, he’s now got further confirmation that there’s a formal investigation underway for breach of Victoria’s industrial workplace laws in relation to last year’s hotel quarantine breaches, that – of course – triggered the state’s second wave lockdowns”.

    “In other words, the Victorian government is now subject to criminal investigation.”

    Ms Credlin noted it was unknown which individuals are “caught up in this criminal investigation”.

    “But tonight it seems it isn’t just the events of last year’s second wave that appear to be before WorkSafe for investigation.”

    She revealed WorkSafe Victoria has now confirmed they are also investigating alleged breaches in hotel quarantine just prior to Victoria’s third lockdown in February.

    “Confirmed from Victoria’s Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Nick Wakeling … in response to a letter from him a few weeks back,” Ms Credlin said.

    “With multiple criminal investigations now confirmed as ongoing, the Andrews Government must immediately tell us who is involved, who is subject to serious criminal investigation, and for those individuals to be stood aside”.

    “On this and with so much else in this sorry, sorry mess, I am not going away and I am not giving up.”

    Whether that Premier and his administration plus officials are above the law, and Peta Credlin explains a lot more in that video. 🙂

    Now why did our supposed New Zealand inquiry flop?



    • Quite right revtech120, but nor is he comatose, and though he may still go through surgery.
      “Mr Andrews has sustained some serious injuries, and his condition is being monitored closely. At this stage there is no immediate plan for surgery.”

      Just to round up on Premier Daniel Andrews, a point is should he step down, if it is going to take months to recover from his fall.
      Is this a way of escaping questions about his administration and now the charges of criminal investigations.
      Why should people not protest how he is doing his job?

      Protesters REACT to haters of rallying while Dan Andrews is in hospital : Avi Yemini.
      2 mins 19 secs. : • Mar 13, 2021

      This week numerous commentators, including conservatives, CONDEMNED protesters who dared rally outside Premier Daniel Andrews office while he’s recovering from a fall in hospital.

      But unlike their critics, commenting from the comfort of their studios, Avi Yemini decided to head down and put it to the protesters directly.

      Those questions do not go away, and the protesters wish that he was at his offices.



    • It’s the limelight she craves. Negative coverage and difficult questions from the msm are a nuisance to the Mad Queen’s performance. From her pulpit of manipulation she showers her “team of 5 million” with kindness and covergirl smiles of encouragement. It’s all about the positive attention on her. Ignore those angry voices who keep asking difficult questions!

      “The Prime Minister’s press conferences usually begin with a sermon – it took eight minutes for her to get to the fact that she was moving the country down an alert level last Friday. When it comes to press conferences her forearm stiffens and her hand flicks to those she’ll take a question from. Some of us are left barking from the sidelines.”



        • Loved watching her squirming and obfuscating when asked how Fishboy knew about the covid level and tweeted it all over the nation! Nothing to see here as her arms twirled like a windmill and the crocodile smile pushed the teeth forward with max effort.



    • Ardern is cold imperious and remote. She is an aloof snob who is deeply insecure and cruel.

      The carefully staged photo shoots, of her bbqing etc, are a carefully contrived fiction.

      This woman is a dangerous fickle psychopath filled with malice.



      • So true. I thought that from day one. I find it frustrating that people cannot comprehend. Her waffle shows how inept and shallow she is, but loves the sound of her own voice. The public fawning has now turned her into a monster, who thinks she actually knows it all.



        • Pinky, ” the public fawning has now turned her into a monster” undeserved praise etc to anyone will create problems and it only gets worse the more it continues as the feel of entitlement for that praise grows.
          You can witness it in society now the generation of participation/ last place trophy kids are growing up, if they dont get recognition of the most mundane things they lose their shit all fall to bits.

          Jacinda will not handle a sustained barrage of negativity, if 3/4 of the media turned on her and done trump like demonizing pieces she would turn very very nasty and implode in a matter of weeks… the old mental health sob story would come out to guilt then into being nice and kind, we would need our own piers morgan commentator to cit through that one 🙂 im sure hoskings would do it.



          • Labour have become like a second year of a third term Govt already.
            In only 3.5 years.
            Their greatest achievement yet !

            Even bedda, they cannot blame it on anyone else.
            Not nine years of neglect (it is all covid19- 100%; not covid 2008 -2017) ;
            not Winston as a handbrake.
            They are hanging out in the wind now.
            The AmCup lockdown/late announcement will play very badly.
            The bitch will be seething and become more irrational (it is possible)

            The other thing we are not seeing is while there is incompetence in the ranks no-one is getting airtime apart from Ardern (and she only wants a one way waffle valve ) and Hipkins.
            Robbers son is plotting in the background. As usual. From a sneaky underhanded family.

            No-one else is getting exposure.
            The likes of Sepuloni has a huge ego and getting no exposure.
            Shipley was similar as Minister of Social welfare in the early 1990s and this gave her exposure that enabled her to pursue the PM role.
            Sepuloni will be getting pissed off and you dont want to piss off as 6 ft 2 Tongan woman.
            No sir!

            There will be a lot of internal dissent now and the Gaylord twittering will only make it worse.
            This is good news, people.
            Meltdowns at midnight.



  2. John Armstrong’s opinion: PM’s excuses to drop Mike Hosking’s show ‘nonsense’

    Don’t buy the arrant nonsense spouted by Jacinda Ardern by way of explanation for her cancelling her regular slot on The Mike Hosking Breakfast Show on NewstalkZB.

    The Prime Minister has done herself a major disservice by disseminating a convoluted and barely credible rationale for dumping the once-a-week exchange between her and the host of the highest rating breakfast session on commercial radio.

    Her decision to terminate an arrangement which, until now, had survived the clash of will and ego that underscore such verbal bouts between politician and major media personality for more than three decades is perplexing.

    Hosking rather regarded the slot as a means to put the questions to the Prime Minister that needed to be put to her. His crime has been to be more insistent on getting answers to those questions rather than the waffle she serves up to duck them.



    • They were obviously the right colour to have the bus ticket double soaked.

      I feel so bad for the family as its a total kick in the guts to have a piss weak sentence like that dished out. Be kind… to violent offenders who kill.



    • What kindness did the Judge show to this wonderful woman? It appears if you work hard and are an exemplary citizen. Your life is of no value. I’m sure the young ladies are feeling remorseful and will use this woman’s life’s example to emulate! ‘Sarc’ I wonder what sentence the family would get if they attacked these girls?



    • Appalling.

      A year of Home D.
      I got a couple months of Home D last hear and I did not bash an old lady to death.
      In fact in Home D their mates can visit.
      Last year people could not visit my Home D location .
      It is not a punishment ..in the slightest .. for bashing a person to death.

      The other – two and bit years in a ‘yoof facility’
      At sentence discount… out in 1 year.
      Will be more proficient at pool and golf.

      “Justice Cull said a longer sentence would be “crushing” for the defendants and would not help reduce their chances of reoffending.”
      Justice Helen Cull is an arze.

      This is a pro crime government in a pro crime country.

      The one thing facing more and more prison time in NZ in 2021 is free speech and truth.



  3. Ardern would have us believe that Jethro had no knowledge of Auckland dropping down a level before she announced it. One of the pathetic statements made by her was “I have not spoken to him”.

    What utter bullshit. They have a kid and I just cannot believe there was no communication between them.

    If you believe this person who is known to be very casual with the truth I have a bridge in Sydney that
    I have am willing to sell.
    In addition I heard “mirror O’Connor” this morning calling out Mike Hosking as a disc jockey that did not show respect to the PM. The West Coasters call him mirror as his standard reply to constituents questions is … I will look into it.

    What a useless wanker.



  4. Edward Snowden – is he a traitor or is he a HERO?

    Surveillance State: Why Edward Snowden Hasn’t Been Pardoned
    Russell Brand

    As the NSA and GCHQ hail the 75th anniversary of their alliance, successive presidents refuse to pardon #EdwardSwowden​ and a growing number of convicted whistleblowers. Were they traitors to their country, or is there another reason?



  5. Wheres all that gold gone?
    Josh Caplan
    ROME (AP) — The Vatican warned Friday that it has nearly depleted its financial reserves from past donations to cover budget deficits over recent years, as it urged continued giving from the faithful to keep the Holy See afloat and Pope Francis’ ministry going.


    Vatican admits it has nearly depleted its financial reserves and pleads for more donations from the faithful




    • And the local media went mental over Bishop Brian – who stayed within the law when he and Bishopess Hannah left Auckland recently.

      For an outfit that uses slave labour in the 21st century – no pay for any of yous – that is poor financial management of the ‘Holy See’
      …all at sea on lira and Euros.
      Still; better than hanging about from Blackfriars Bridge over the Thames *

      Have they paid out so much in ‘silence money’ to cover up their cult of kiddy fiddlers that they are seeing a financial deficit?
      Oh Dear.
      Did they maybe, just maybe, think about stopping the child rape ?

      They have enormous land holdings and over a thousand years of artwork and gold and silver and jewels collections – more than any monarchy – they maybe they need a bit of Thatcherism/Reaganomics and sell off some assets.

      …as it urged continued giving from the faithful to keep the Holy See afloat …
      This is what I said more than 10 years ago:-
      People are utter fools to give this lot any money – it is simply paid out to cover up their pedos and child rapists.
      But here they are, asking exactly for money for such nefarious purposes.

      The catholics that give money for this are basically endorsing pedos and rapists and encouraging more.
      They might want to go to confession on that one .
      Bishop Brian is hearing confession this Saturday morning from 10 to 12 !!!

      * the murder of ‘God’s banker’ Roberto Calvi, who was found hanging from a rope under Blackfriars Bridge in London in June 1982.



        • Biased media trash.
          As night follows day.

          They pick on Gloriavale but leave the Brethren alone.
          The Brethren will fight back!
          It is all selective.
          The 2005 election events showed this- they will fight back.
          Nonetheless I do think it is poor form that the Brethren – cant remember which branch and dont much care -will not vote but selectively chose to interfere/intervene in an election.

          Tamaki just copied the Mormon model – where Jacinduh Ardern came from and Ross Ardern still is – worship, tithing and the likes.
          Mormons get a free pass in NZ media but not Bish Brian.

          A part of the hate for Bishop Brian is that he is a real man .
          He is Maori so gets leniency but this is offset by his pursuit of Christian-based religion and the fact he is a man’s man .
          He rides motorbikes and while down South last week went hunting.
          These are many crimes in woke, lying media-land



          • So do you think supporting a political party is interfering/intervening [an election] generally, or only when Brethren do it?.

            It is irrelevant if they vote. That sleazy red herring was introduced by Clark and msm.

            The way the Brethren were attacked is a low point in NZ history. It was outright religious and political persecution.



        • John Hatfield, implementing his iwi blockades,

          Hone Harawira was never really questioned by the media when he slipped past official road block blocks and had breakfast with his sister

          Harawira stopped for a meal of bacon and eggs in West Auckland, at the house of his sister, who is a nurse.

          Seems to be officially condoned and given the ok by the media too, with only the merest wet bus ticket. so iwi ideology is all given the ok.

          An example that was set up in confirmation of the l report that had to be squeeze out by others using the “Official Information Act”
          I have high lighted just below.
          “We consider Aotearoa has reached a maturity where it is ready to undertake the transformation necessary to restructure governance to realize rangiteratangi Maori”.

          Denying He iwi tahi tatou



  6. This is the agenda of the current government based on this report completed in November 2019
    Worth a read up, as then we can see the ongoing, exposed, open & transparent moves of the government.

    5. We consider Aotearoa has reached a maturity where it is ready to undertake the transformation necessary to restructure governance to realize rangiteratangi Maori.
    This maturity is reflected in some existing governmental initiatives, laws and policies, the voices of Maori and jurisprudence.
    In addition, there is extensive literature and empirical evidence that demonstrate the positive outcomes realized when indigenous peoples make decisions for their own economic, social and cultural development.


    Note the steps, the time frames, the year to year implementation and just what it involves.
    The “road maps” “reviews” “remedies” “actions” “funding” “further legislation” “resources” etc., etc.. to be made “harmonious”.



    • The maori caucus, on the down low, is superstitiously running the New Zealand government.
      Those policies are being implemented.

      Can any one ask Ardern if the Labour caucus has ratified this “rangiteratangi Maori”?
      Who has she put in charge of implementing this range of policies?
      Is this the template that Nania Mahuta follows and implements?
      What other Labour policies using this as a guideline for their policies?



    • The slow pushing to get everything to align with the Pleiades, Subaru Matariki stars.

      A statement shared with Stuff by the school’s board of trustees, which was also sent to parents, referred to the “recent commentary regarding two student teachers and their request to be referred to as ‘Matua’ [uncle] and ‘Whaea’ [auntie] while on placement” at the school.

      “On behalf of the Board of Trustees and Principal, I would like to affirm that we take our responsibilities around local tikanga Māori, mātauranga Māori, and te ao Māori very seriously in our school.

      “Over the next few weeks we will take some time to ensure that our current practice is in line with best practice for New Zealand schools.”

      Surprised the education department were not further down the track on this, but basically it is there already, so just a minor gliche. 🙁
      Other parts will build up quickly into an avalanche.



      • Do people have the right to force a foreign language on to others?
        What if a ethnically Japanese teacher at a NZ school insisted as being referred to as “sensei” rather than Mr. Tanaka in ordinary school lessons (i.e., not in a Japanese language class setting)?
        Or is Te Reo allowed to do so because it is an “official” language?
        (A great way to put students off ever wanting to learn it.)



      • The civil war started under Obama. He openly supported terrorist groups even as they carried out their threats to kill “crackers and cops”.

        He supported extremist cells as they looted, raped, murdered and burned, their way through cities. He supported them when they carried out organised mass murders.

        The recent attacks are nothing new and started under the war criminal Obama’s rein of terror.

        Don’t let the media blind you. The American civil war is well underway and the good guys are losing badly.



  7. UK Government Report.
    Pfizer vaccine adverse reactions

    This weekly report summarises information received via the Yellow Card scheme and will be published regularly to include other safety investigations carried out by the MHRA under the COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance Strategy.
    This report covers the period 9 December 2020 to 28 February 2021.

    * Blood disorders: 2,033
    * Cardiac disorders: 1,032
    * Congenital disorders: 3
    * Hearing disorders: 713
    * Endocrine disorders: 10
    * Eye disorders: 1,242 (12 blinds)
    * Gastrointestinal disorders: 9,360
    * General disorders: 26,391
    * Liver disorders: 17
    * Immune system disorders: 466
    * Infections: 1,863
    * Injuries: 393
    * Continued Investigations: 965
    * Metabolic disorders: 525
    * Muscle-tissue disorders: 11,565
    * Neoplasms: 20
    * Nervous System Disorders: 16,107
    * Associated with pregnancy: 29
    * Psychiatric disorders: 1,235
    * Renal / urinary disorder: 187
    * Syst. Reproductive: 338
    * Respiratory disorders: 3,575
    * Skin disorder: 6,042
    * Vascular disorders: 992
    * Dead: 212
    * Medical and Surgical Procedures: 45




  8. Another wank woke company.
    “Consumer goods company Unilever have removed the word ‘normal’ from its products such as shampoo, soaps and beauty products because “normal doesn’t exist.”



  9. I can’t but assume that a few of my fellow commentators have lead sheltered lives. Some have suggested that the MSM scum have realised that Labour are idealogical incompetents headed by a congenital liar & that the tide is turning.

    Don’t be fooled. The Fourth Estate in this country are socialist in nature & hunt like schools of piranha. The one thing that the vermin hate is having any member of their fraternity attacked & isolated. It’s not so much camaraderie but a fear that if the tactic is allowed to be successful then they’ll be next in line.

    That the Mad Queen has a Weetbix degree in Communications yet failed to realise the likely effects of sidelining Hosking attests to her arrogance & stupidity.



    • Nasska is onto it.

      Any criticism of Ardern is carefully done to allow counter arguments to be presented, debunking any unfavorable claims.

      It is often called “controlled dissent” and is a propaganda tool.

      Make no mistake, the media march in lock step with the Party.



  10. A Kiwi friend living in the UK had the misfortune to recently see our exulted PMs face on BBC TV.

    He was shocked to see her skeletal gaunt looks and asked if she was ill.

    I told him that she was suffering from FITHs disease.



    • I say go for it. Double down.

      They manufactured this intolerant divisive culture of hate. Give the people what they want.

      Divide them all up on the basis of; skin colour, culture, race, religion, gender, sexuality, physical attributes. Then assign each group varying rights and consideration, based on accumulated victim points.

      Rigidly enforce it. That will create equality. Just as they say.



      • Who gets priority as the most prize victim? Definitely a squeaky wheel demanding attention but is it a black, sexually confiused non-male, disabled, ugly dwarf with mental illness that’s the one on the pedestal or will ‘she’ be torn down for someone with much greater victim status?

        It can never be satisfied which renders the whole exercise pointless and dangerous. Build people up, don’t break them down to their victim status.



  11. Need a laugh?

    Hemiandrus jacinda: insect named after New Zealand prime minister

    But just as jacinda had been discovered, Trewick warned it was likely to be already declining in abundance on the slide towards extinction. Wētā are threatened by introduced predators such as rats and cats, and habitat loss and modification such as farmland.




  12. Tanzania – The second Covid coup?

    John Magufuli, President of Tanzania, has disappeared. He’s not been seen in public for several weeks, and speculation is building as to where he might be.

    To add some context, John Magufuli is one of the “Covid denier” heads of state from Africa.

    He famously had his office submit five unlabelled samples for testing – goat, motor oil, papaya, quail and jackfruit – and when four came back positive and one “inconclusive”, he banned the testing kits and called for an investigation into their origin and manufacture.




  13. A serving Met Police officer has been charged with the kidnap and murder of Sarah Everard, who disappeared as she walked home in south London.

    BUT we need to start telling men to stop being violent. Like all men are potential rapists, murderers and paedophiles. I’ll tell you what I’ll go and cut my balls off and apologise on behalf of all men….

    Just FUCK OFF with this narrative. Yes there are bad men. Fucking sort them out. Telling those types to “stop being violent” is like telling White Sharks ( RACISM ALERT) to fucking stop eating meat. So, its important to tell woman to be safe, as we cant identify these fuckwits in society, if we could we’d euthanise them at birth.

    And I suppose Policemen will now have to be curfewed at 6 pm following the fucking stupid logic of that bat shit crazy Green MP…




    • How would the reaction have been different if the accused had been at or near the top of the intersectional victim totem pole?
      – No releasing of photos of the alleged murderer?
      – No calls for members of his cultural group to be placed on curfew?
      – No anguished articles about how it is important for men to “stop killing women”?



      • Yep this would all be reported very differently if the alleged perps had a dab of colour and/or Islam.

        I disregard everything I read, in msm, about men allegedly offending against women. It’s varies between outright lies to emotive misleading hype.

        In this case it’s probably true, as pigs are well known sex perverts. Pig fuckers are equally bent.

        But that’s where it ends. Probably a consensual sex romp gone wrong. The media will of course cover that up.



                • “Before the charges were confirmed, Mr Couzens was taken to hospital for a second time in two days after being found with head injuries inside his cell.”

                  So beaten senseless and tortured, in police custody, 2 days in a row:

                  1. Unfit to stand trial due to his head injuries.

                  2. Any statements are inadmissible as they were made under duress and/or brain injury.

                  3. $5 million dollars reparation to be paid to the victim along with an apology from the police.



  14. Many great specialists, well educated, intelligent with great philosophies and ideologies are making their way to Germany, & Europe. //

    …. German economy is urgently dependent on “qualified specialists” from abroad,
    at the same time well-trained specialists are leaving Germany and migrating abroad,
    and on top of that, paperless and predominantly male unskilled workers from incompatible cultures flow to Germany,
    who are sold to the citizens as specialists,
    but who are more likely to immigrate to the social systems …..

    ….. an army of millions of unemployed,
    the quality of the education system has been declining for years,
    pupils and students mostly barely meet the expectations of the economy,
    but more and more low-wage workers for low-level jobs.

    Highly qualified people tend to steer clear of Germany,
    but at least Germany has not lost its attractiveness for all those who should feel comfortable in the social systems, …..


    Possibly we may dare hope in New Zealand that we will do a little better than Germany?



      • MMT is supposedly going to be controlled by government taxes, fees, levies, etc.. that supposedly will mop up surplus money.
        It is also believed it can be also controlled by interest rates, but that may take a life of its own.

        A ten million dollar house may appear to be very cheap in the near future. 🙂

        It is all good in Frisco as they are not propping up house prices or hotels.
        If one can not afford to rent as that sky rockets, then tents may be the way to go as San Francisco does.
        The price of tents seems to be affordable? so long as some one else pays.

        ….. six villages are essentially tent encampments spread across the city, made up of 262 tents that house about 300 people each. …..
        ….. a yearly cost of $61,450 per tent.
        That calculates to $5,120 a month.
        The average cost per night is less than what the city has been paying to put the homeless in hotels. ….


        Thank goodness the wise Councillors of Frisco are making some savings by putting people in tents. //



  15. Seriously folks if you want to know how much we are being fucked around just listen to the crap that TVNZ are letting us hear with the BRRRRR. BRRRRR BRRRRR SHIT they are fucking us over with. Fucking bullshit
    Even with a drone at 2000 feet its Brrrrrrrr,Brrrrrrr,Brrrrrrrrrr.
    NZrs are such fucking morons.



          • May the Mythical Deity spare us Kea. I recall many years ago two blokes who drank in the local pub, both of whom had spent time in Aussie gaols though neither knew each other until moving to the Wairarapa. Australia didn’t have our “enlightened” attitudes to young buggers terrorising their fellow citizens in the late 60s, early 70s & both had served hard time (Pentridge & Long Bay from memory) before being unceremoniously released & deported.

            Anyway, their experiences doubtlessly had their effects on both of them as after a session on the sauce the conversation always dwelt on prison life & the morning ritual of emptying the slops bucket.

            One of Terry’s favourite expressions was that “he’d been fucked & liked it & anyone else had been fucked & looked like it.”

            Though I doubt that Hunty is young nor blonde we’d better not be too hard on him. 🙂



  16. The Prime Minister has a new Weta named after her “Hemiandrus Jacinda”. Ain’t she lucky!
    Personly, I think they were taken the piss out of her!
    Who would want some ugly bloody thing named after you. Mind you, she’s no centrefold!



  17. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. from his website shows the plans how to coordinate censorship and information about Covid vaccines etc., and such were to be done.
    11 March 2021
    ….. how to censor vaccine safety advocates from social media during a table-top simulation of a worldwide pandemic, known as Event 201. ….

    ~ The participants discussed mechanisms for controlling “disinformation” and “misinformation,” by “flooding” the media with propaganda (“good information”), imposing penalties for spreading falsehoods and discrediting the anti-vaccination movement.
    ~ Jane Halton, of Australia’s ANZ Bank, one of the authors of Australia’s oppressive “no jab, no pay” policy, assured the participants that Gates Foundation is creating algorithms “to sift through information on these social media platforms” to protect the public from dangerous thoughts and information.


    Many different major companies, tech, pharma, banks, all inter connecting with links.

    The this is all being set up “Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA)”

    Planned for America, and easily including much of the rest of the world.

    Noting that Ardern has her own scheme, developed from her adhan, the “Christchurch Call” that would fit right in.



    • The part it may seem that we are bit naive, like about election integrity, and the power of some wealthy megalomaniacs with using digital, Big Tech. Banks, UN, etc.
      Then the power struggles with the CCP that sets up and uses so many through greed, sex, narcissism, vanity, virtue signals, etc..

      First, I have been shocked at the enormous power of the government, to unilaterally decree, to simply close businesses and schools by edict, restrict personal movement, mandate behavior, and eliminate our most basic freedoms, without any end and little accountability.
      Second, I remain surprised at the acceptance by the American people of draconian rules, restrictions, and unprecedented mandates, even those that are arbitrary, destructive, and wholly unscientific.
      This crisis has also exposed what we all have known existed, but we have tolerated for years: the overt bias of the media, the lack of diverse viewpoints on campuses, the absence of neutrality in big tech controlling social media, and now more visibly than ever, the intrusion of politics into science.
      Ultimately, the freedom to seek and state the truth is at risk here in the United States.

      Further on that speech.
      Bizarrely, though, many want to blame those who opposed lockdowns and mandates for the failure of the very lockdowns and mandates that were widely implemented.
      Separate from their limited value in containing the virus — efficacy that has often been “grossly exaggerated” in scientific journals, as documented by epidemiologists and biostatisticians Chin, Ioannidis, Tanner, and Cripps – lockdown policies have been extraordinarily harmful. …..
      ….. Perhaps that is why lockdowns were not recommended in previous pandemic analyses, even for infections with far higher lethality. …..

      This revolves around the Barrington Declaration and it seems others are recognizing and taking a stand with some of those truths.
      More noise, questions need to be stirred up about this.



    • So no science on taking the vaccine. No data, no evidence.

      Fauci, asked “what’s the science” for denying vaccinated Americans a return to travel, can’t explain.

      “When you don’t have the data and you don’t have the actual evidence, you’ve got to make a judgment call.”
      1 min 21 secs.

      So what the hell are they advising? and why do others go along with it?
      Particularly the ones declaring it is safe, no problem etc…

      So after that, what gives the likes of Utube to determine what is a questionable video about vaccines or medicines?



    • That money could be made far better use of.

      We seem to have our fools seeking to spend taxpayers money chasing rabbits through a rabbit warren.

      The National Health Service (NHS), that is behind Test and Trace, has not managed to provide proof that the costly system has actually resulted in curbing transmission of Covid in the UK – that was its purported goal

      So many points of failure, in so many different ways.

      NZ still seems to have exponents of money lotto to its favoured people to rort.



    • The questions of masks.
      Even Fauci keeps flipping and flopping.
      But what is the science?

      This Doctor does a bit of a hype rant, (lower the volume 😉 ) as one of his 4 year patients has ended up in hospital with a lung infection.
      Over exposure prolonged use of a mask.
      6 mins 50 secs. : January 11th, 2021

      Raises many questions, purpose of mask, and then how he views the purpose of vaccines.



    • So many points and interconnections that are being planned to be leveraged by just these 2 “algorithmic genome Big Tech” companies.

      ….. the partnership will “focus on exploring the utility of IBM capabilities in the U.S.,” such as a recently unveiled pilot program for a Covid-19 Digital Health Pass in New York, which mandates private businesses to enforce unconstitutional Covid-19 regulations. …..

      ….. Built on IBM’s Digital Health Pass technology, the QR code-based health tracking app is only one of multiple blockchain ledger applications the company will leverage as part of its partnership with Moderna.
      Others include their Blockchain Transparent Supply and Food Trust services, which use the open-source Hyperledger technology to share supply-chain and food sourcing “credibility” data respectively with enterprise customers. …

      …… part of a broader redesign of supply chain and capital organization structures — often referred to as the “new normal” or the “Great Reset — has been in the works since at least 2016. It began with the “Use of Blockchain in Health IT and Health-related Research Challenge,” …..

      ….. collection of our genomic data lies at the core of the fraudulent concept of creating financial incentives around human misery. DNA is the single point of data convergence across humanity ……
      … In 2017, Zacks delivered a TED Talk in which he plainly states what many of the mRNA vaccine detractors have been warning about. Namely, that these novel vaccination technologies are, in fact, mechanisms designed to manipulate the human genetic code. ….

      …. Conveniently, IBM’s strong presence in the law enforcement space, as one of the largest providers of digital profiling technologies and AI policing systems in the world, …

      Hacking your Genomes to tether you to the Blockchain with Moderna and IBM 🙁



    • It seems interesting that the vaccine may set up a bodies reaction that may happen in the future.

      …. husband [Miami doctor, 56] was completely healthy until he had the jab ………
      … a blood disorder caused by a lack of platelets …..
      …. striking on its own or in conjunction with other autoimmune conditions or certain cancers …..
      …. her husband did not have an immune disorder or any similar condition …..
      … husband had conversations with the doctors who said it was highly probable that the vaccine was the cause’ ….
      …. Pfizer …. … the firm was looking into Gregory’s death but they did not believe it had any link to the vaccine ….


      No view of the comments either.
      133 comments, The comments below have been moderated in advance.
      The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
      We are no longer accepting comments on this article.

      Yet the modellers like Professor Shaun Hendy of Auckland university or Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London do not seem to want to any modelling on vaccines.

      But then would I listen to them, knowing there is a lot of money in the background for their “politically correct” answer.



    • Just what evidence?
      How were the vaccines tested?
      Considering the number of side effects, and one of them is death.

      …. Urgent Open Letter from Doctors and Scientists to the European Medicines Agency regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Concerns …

      … there has been and there continues to be inadequate scrutiny of the possible causes of illness or death under these circumstances, and especially so in the absence of post-mortems examinations.
      In particular, we question whether cardinal issues regarding the safety of the vaccines were adequately addressed prior to their approval by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). ….


      They bring up 7 main issues and questions about lack of evidence, issues, and safety of the vaccine.



    • What is going on in the Australian Navy when they give the jab.

      …. the UK’s Daily Mail yesterday pulled a story from their pages about adverse COVID jab reactions among the crew of an Australian war ship.

      Parts of the story has been closed down, and the some links now do not go to the story, though I have confirmed in finding other remmant links.

      Andrew Greene
      · Mar 11
      #breaking Defence has confirmed “some members” of HMAS Sydney experienced “mild side effects” after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, but illness has now been “resolved” and the ship has departed for the US this morning for planned exercises

      Defence sources have confirmed some HMAS Sydney crew members were admitted to St Vincent’s hospital in Sydney as a precaution


      I do not like conspiracy theories, but it is noticeable when things are hidden or deleted sometimes. Why?
      It needs to be debated, discussed, so facts may emerge, and knowledge is built.



    • Bear in mind the American public health experts are basically on board the Joe BidBama administration.

      …. public health experts say we do have an answer, and you’re not going to like it: COVID-19 is never going to end. ….

      …. Schaffner says it would be best to give up the idea of going “back to normal,” and instead settle in for the “new normal” where COVID continues shaping our lives.

      COVID vaccinations could become an annual ritual for millions. Masks might remain commonplace for the elderly and people with underlying conditions. Your family celebrations might be shaped by who’s vaccinated, while more vulnerable people only join by Zoom.

      “The third, fourth and fifth years of COVID should not be anywhere close to as awful as the first one was,” he says. But in this new normal, “many of us will no longer be quite as carefree as we used to be.”

      So it is all on the ride of “Build Back Better” with the “Great Reset”.
      The ramifications of Biden’s signed decrees will be far reaching as they manipulate scheme, create fears.
      To batter small business, rules, regulations, laws, costs, compliance, and set up “crony capitalism” the new fascist corporations.
      Then who will get subsidies, grants, and NZ cases, the glorified First Nations versions.
      Covid will be used against the ordinary citizen to bring about systemic government answers.

      To resist, like handful of sand in the gear box, water in fuel, slowing and bogging down their systems which also have plenty of flaws to be exposed.



  18. Just in after being put around Auckland.
    It is very, very quiet.

    Normally the second Saturday in March is cranking with Warriors games , Pasifika festival, concerts etc.

    There can be up to five major events on in this weekend…normally.
    The New normal.
    A reset perhaps, Grunt ?

    I remember one year being at Waikaraka park and seeing the lights on at Mt Smart for a Warriors game while Pasifika was also on. The Blues paying Sunday plus a concert at Western Springs.
    It was happening.
    The Eagles played this weekend 5 or so years back.

    Now, little can be planned.
    Esp the control aspect of ….we wont tell you our decision until 11.30 Friday so no-one can plan or buy in food or cionduct nomral commerce.
    Restaurants and other food places have chucked out enough food this year with fucknuckle lockdowns at a matter of hours notice that they cant afford to buy in food ‘just in case’ .

    This is the result of pure malice.
    A plandemic .



  19. Study in Nature blows lockdowns out of the water

    This research means the sole reason for lockdowns – saving lives – most likely hasn’t happened.

    Which means all that lockdowns will leave is their social, health and economic costs.

    It also means that whatever has kept the NZ experience mild from March 2020 to March 2021, has not been its fabled ‘elimination’ strategy.




  20. A tightening up of censorship, ratcheting up in many different ways.

    Twitter was now blocking all links, shared in tweets, to the BitChute domain.
    This is the case as of March 12.
    “Something went wrong, but don’t fret, – lets give it another shot”


    So the pressure is increasing, to shut down facts, debate, discussion, where people can evaluate, reason to gain knowledge.



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