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  1. Horseface and no eyeing my hooters can lie their arses off here in NZ and get away with it because their supporters are as thick as pig shit but FFS don’t think for a second you are going to get away with lying to the Aussies and their media as they will relish pulling you up and ridiculing you on it.
    We have conniving lying clowns in charge and they are being found out.



  2. FWIW: I (and no doubt others) recently received a request from Judith Collins to support a petition ‘…Calling on the Government to get a move on with the trans-Tasman travel bubble’ (actual wording of the advertisment / request).

    Although I don’t usually respond to such requests, herewith my reply which some might find of interest. I believe that it is self-explanatory , although I doubt that it will have any effect…

    Hopefully others will reply in a similar vein so that the ‘Nats will finally get the message that they need to change their policies and become(once again) a ‘Party of Difference’ when compared to the NZLP and it’s mates; a forlorn hope though that might be…


    18 March 2021

    Dear Ms Collins

    Your email of 16 March 2021 refers

    Thank you for your recent email and your request for my support to reopen trans-Tasman relations.

    Regrettably (and despite being a long-time supporter of your party), I must decline your invitation, noble though it’s intentions might be, as I currently see little or no difference between the NZ National Party (NZNP)and the current socialist coalition which is in control of New Zealand!

    A comparison between  the supposedly-different  policies of your party and those of the coalition (specifically the NZ Labour party) reveals that, regrettably, there is substantially no difference between the two, while a further comparison between current NZNP policies and those of the Party’s founding document reveals that the NZNP has become so ‘socialist / communist-embracing’ as to be unrecognisable to the Founding Fathers.

    On the basis of the above, I see little point in supporting your petition as it is merely window-dressing by a party which is no longer ‘Blue’ but has regrettably  become ‘Purple’, with this latter-colour being described as being a mix of both ‘Blue’ and ‘Red’ and of neither one or other hue.

    Until that situation changes and the NZNP has policies and intentions which are demonstrably-different from the coalition currently in power in this country, I will continue to decline any similar requests which might emanate from your organisation.

    Trusting that you will accept my comments in the spirit in which they are proffered, and make the necessary adjustments to your party’s polies and foundational documents.

    Kindest regards



    • Where we going to find this party.
      Act while much better are still not the party we need.

      Just replied in somewhat the same message, Also sent a copy of their founding statement which I have kept for posterity.



    • Very well said. I got the same letter and just deleted it, while I thought it was a great idea, they are so purple that I can’t find it in my heart to support anything they want to do. If they’d come back to their founding document I could but since spud burger I just can’t.



    • That’s a great reply Komata.
      The more people that give them a message like that the better.
      Mitchell was saying yesterday that the report about the Nets election failure is going to be made public.
      May be that will be an opportunity to respond and not hold back.



    • Komata, I hope you don’t mind.

      Dear Judith,

      I wasn’t going to waste my time replying to your e mail but this sums up so exactly how I feel too that I will at least take the time to copy and paste for you:



      • Alice@0846

        Thank you; ‘if imitation is etc,.’. I’m flattered.

        I doubt however that we will receive replies and indeed will probably have our names entered in some sort of file at Nat Headquarters as ‘Troublemakers’.

        But then again…



        • Da Pope will ‘say a mass for you’
          but not for a good outcome 🙂

          You may not have crossed the Rubicon…
          ….But you have crossed the Vatican.
          May god have mercy on your soul
          (if you have one, of course ! )



    • I went to a meeting where we were told of the review and were told how important the party vote was.

      I got up and said that I disagreed and that NZ has never had such a left wing government. I went on to say that I would rather National lost than listening to internal polling and focus groups and moving left to try and recover lost votes. I got support from an audience of I guess 2 or 3 hundred members. I also mentioned the firearm confiscation and the loss of votes to ACT by not listening to their base.

      Others were open an vocal about their views and I am sure they are being listened to.

      No party will have all policies to that we agree with. However, if you want to help get rid of this communist government then join National of ACT and become active. I prefer National as I am socially conservative.



    • A drop in the ocean but good on you Komata

      A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

      I told my Aunty in Australia last week that Notional are now the ‘Vatican Party’.
      She roared uproariously.
      She is her 80s



  3. They are still battling 🦠 COVID-19 in the UK 🦠, and the next thing is here already 🦠 🙄🦠

    The *NILE Virus, type C*

    Virologists have identified a new Nile virus – type C.

    It appears to target those who were born between 1940 & 1970


    1. Causes you to send the same message twice.

    2. Causes you to send a blank message

    3. Causes you to send a message to the wrong person.

    4. Causes you to send it back to the person who sent it to you.

    5. Causes you to forget to attach the attachment.

    6. Causes you to hit SEND before you’ve finished.

    7. Causes you to hit DELETE instead of SEND.

    8. Causes you to SEND when you should DELETE.

    It is called the *C-NILE* virus!

    And if you can’t admit to doing the above, you’ve obviously caught the mutated strain —

    The *D-NILE* virus.




    • I read in the Daily Express (it is still better than Stuff) that the Japanese Nipa virus is the next one we must start to be terrified of. 75% mortality rate, spreads like wildfire and a thoroughly nasty way to go etc. etc.
      I’ll be a nervous wreck if I start to believe any of this ridiculous nonsense.



      • Remember Zika just before the Brasil Olympics in 2016

        Much ado about nothing.

        The biggest virus there easily Ryan Lochte, the lying pissed yank swimmer that said he was beaten up when he was just pissed out of his gourd.
        Those roids can make you a little ‘off’



  4. Govt Tried To Hide Ihumātao Link To Treaty Settlements
    Tuesday, 16 March 2021, 2:42 pm
    Press Release: ACT New Zealand

    “Jacinda Ardern’s Government has been caught red-handed, saying one thing about potential Treaty of Waitangi implications of spending $30 million of taxpayers’ money to buy its way out of Ihumātao and trying to cover up the truth,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

    “When the deal was announced on 17 December Ministers were adamant this was a one-off deal that would have no implications on past or present Treaty of Waitangi settlement claims.

    “The Government was warned from the get-go that if it butted into the Ihumātao issue – a dispute over private land – other iwi groups would inevitably feel that their full and final settlements with the Crown were neither full, nor final.


    “The Land for Housing fund is money appropriated for Kiwibuild. Treasury advice was clear: using it for potential housing at Ihumātao was tenuous at best. If it’s not used for housing at all it will be more than tenuous, it will have been misappropriated.



  5. LOL, the wankers at TV1s breakfast program have decided to build todays show around the token queer weatherman having a hangover , give me a break the overt fagg probably had 2 beers and fell over.
    Who’s in charge of that station these days ? whoever it is they need a good kick up the arse, the “diversity of fools” led by the latte sipping soy boy Campbell spend most of their time laughing like hyenas at their own pathetic jokes.



  6. Crops ravaged, people bitten as mice plague overruns parts of rural NSW

    Farmers and people living in NSW rural communities are crying out for help to deal with an escalating mice plague that’s threatening their health as well as the winter crop.

    Mouse plague wipes out NSW paddocks, leaving farmers devastated


    “Mouse control is very costly. The severity of the current plague has resulted in the need for multiple aerial and ground bait applications in cropping regions,” Mr Jackson said.



  7. MIQ squeeze means mother will wait months to claim son’s body.
    Jacinda Ardern her Loving ,Caring and Wellbeing Government are a load of crap and full of hot air when it comes who gets on MIO.
    Obviously this is about who and how famous or how much wealth they have as Film Companies, American Cup Sponsors Musicals cCast have been given special exemptions on getting through MIQ without problems but a
    Mother whose son died in February and his body that is starting to break down quicker than usual because of skin grafts he had won’t get to see him of grieve for him and feels cheated as she has only been able to secure a MIQ Voucher for June 11th 2021.
    What is it coming to when a Prime Minister is able to turn Tragedy into votes and recognition while mother wanting to grieve and bury her son is locked of New Zealand.



  8. I was on a date with this girl when she started telling me about her past violent relationships.

    “That’s terrible,” I said, holding her hand. “How bad were the beatings?”

    “Well,” she replied. “I remember one really nasty time when I broke three of his ribs & punctured a lung.”



  9. Operation Ida: Ten arrested, $10.2 million seized in money laundering investigation

    The contents of 23 bank accounts, cash, high value items and cryptocurrency wallets, worth $1 million, have also been seized. This includes approximately $200,000 worth of jewellery.

    The three operations have seen in excess of $21 million seized by police, 28 people charged and 103 charges being laid.

    “Our enquiries to date indicate that funds were being laundered and set offshore by those involved in this operation to settle payment for illicit drugs and other illicit commodities being sent to our country.”



    • Shows how warped Mallards mind is. He sees things that aren’t there.
      Now if Soiman had asked of a certain cabinet Minister ‘who ate all the pies?’ then he may have reason to eject the member but Mallard is obsessed with PC and wokeness.
      National should make things as hard as possible for this biased idiot that sits in a seat he does not deserve.



  10. Cabinet signals $5m for Team New Zealand’s next America’s Cup defence
    7:05 pm on 17 March 2021

    The government has congratulated Team New Zealand, and reaffirmed its commitment to support the team as it prepares for the next America’s Cup.

    The minister responsible for America’s Cup support Stuart Nash said Cabinet has agreed in principle to use the under-spend from the $136.5 million set aside in Budget 2018 to support the successful team to stay together while it planned its defence.



  11. NZ’s GDP ends chaotic 2020 with 1% dip in final quarter, and largest year-to-year fall on record

    New Zealand’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) dropped one per cent in the December 2020 quarter. It also declined 2.9 per cent over the year to December 2020, which is the largest annual fall in GDP New Zealand has ever experienced, according to Stats NZ.

    Pascoe said in the December quarter there were falls in construction services, commercial building, and infrastructure — but that was partially offset by growth in residential building, with construction remaining “at historically high levels”.

    “Businesses ranging from hotels and motels, to restaurants, cafes and bars faced much lower activity in calendar year 2020 than in 2019, with far fewer international tourists in the country because of border restrictions.”



    • No problem! New Zealanders can simply keep on selling their houses to one another to keep GDP levels at an all-time high. House prices and the share market have never been higher. What’s not to like?!

      // (sarc.)



    • Waikatogirl@1128

      But, but, Grant will know what to do, ‘cos after all he’s got a PHD on the basis of a political thesis so must know ‘something’ even if it ISN’T how to create and balance a budget (even a domestic one).

      He has assured us that he knows EVERYTHING, and because he would never lie (would he?) it must be true…



  12. Trustee of UK climate sceptic group invited to speak at Wellington City Council meeting

    Professor Michael Kelly, former Prince Philip Professor of Technology at Cambridge University, has been asked by councillor Sean Rush to speak during the public engagement section of the meeting.

    In the past, Kelly has been a chief scientific adviser to the UK government and is also a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society of New Zealand.

    But it’s his position as a trustee to the Global Warming Policy Foundation has raised eyebrows. The think-tank, created by Lord Nigel Lawson, has been described as the UK’s most high-profile climate denier group by The Centre for Media and Democracy.

    The professor has also appeared on a climate-sceptic blog which has argued sceptics were being gagged in a similar way to Galileo.



  13. If a political group attacks and denigrates the culture and language that you have grown up with, then what are the possibilities?
    a. The political group wants to help improve things.
    b. The political group wants to take control.
    c. The political group has no clues and simply takes the easy path of destroying rather than creating and nurturing.



    • Since Labour Party now rule alone, this is what they will be implementing.

      Māori culture, identity, and language is what makes New Zealand unique in the world.
      Labour is committed to growing Māori language, heritage, and identity, including:

      ~ Recognising the important role our Māori boarding schools play in growing our future Māori leaders by investing $20 million into a fund designed to provide them with financial support to continue to house, educate and manaaki rangatahi in their care.
      ~ Realising the aspirations set out in the Māori Language Strategy.
      ~ Continuing to support and encourage more te reo Māori teachers and continue to integrate te reo Māori in our schools.
      ~ Continuing to support the revitalisation of te reo Māori and implement the aspirations set out in Maihi Karauna.
      ~ Integrating te reo into classrooms as we have a moral and Treaty obligation to protect te reo Māori.
      ~ Ensuring that Māori have the ability to provide guidance on the way we tell Māori stories when we implement teaching NZ history in schools.
      ~ Working with Māori to publicly acknowledge significant Māori leaders through statutes or symbols in places of significance.
      ~ Supporting significant Māori events across the country – like Te Matatini and Waitangi Day and Matariki.
      ~ Making Matariki a public holiday, beginning in 2022.
      ~ Continuing to strengthen the role of public media and Māori media in the New Zealand community.
      ~ Supporting the inclusion of indigenous collaborations agreements in the trade policy agenda that would create indigenous-indigenous opportunities.


      In conjunction with what can fly below the radar which took an “official information act” to be revealed.

      …. 5. We consider Aotearoa has reached a maturity where it is ready to undertake the transformation necessary to restructure governance to realize rangiteratangi Maori.
      This maturity is reflected in some existing governmental initiatives, laws and policies, the voices of Maori and jurisprudence. …..


      Is it officially in play?, or in play via bureaucrats., a techno class? etc..



  14. Went to the fan zone at Marsden Cove yesterday arvo. $8.5O For a can of Steinlager and we were searched on the way in by a grossly overweight early settler.Why do they always try to rip you off at these events? That was my first and last drink.



    • Not that expensive by modern standards.

      6 years ago at Eagles Concert $8 for a warm 375ml bottle of lion freaking red.
      No alternatives.

      Dreadful behaviour by these licenced tugs at the entry way.
      When you are paying $200+ for an average ticket there should be adult supervision of these thugs.
      They were taking off the tops of the drink bottles (pump, H2Go etc as you go in ) so these people who had paid avg $200 did not ‘use them as missiles’
      Meanwhile ‘Modi’ gangs can wander Wellington streets and beat up at will.
      More later.

      I am very cautious about events now . Overpriced, underwhelming esp where Auckland Council gets their skanky mitts on the event. (using ratepayers money against them)

      I have been all for concerts at Eden Park but seriously, it needs to be a good draw-card to get me there.
      The price one pays where it includes third grade administration leaves a lot to be desired.



  15. “Audi has confirmed it is ending the development of all new diesel and petrol combustion engines. However, it will continue updating the existing powertrains to meet future emissions regulations.

    That means future generations of Audi models will be purely electric, which might not come as that much of a surprise.

    Speaking to German publication Automobilewoche, head of Audi, Markus Duesmann, said it will be a “huge technical challenge” to update its existing combustion engine for the stricter Euro 7 emissions standards. He added that he thinks the environment actually has little to benefit from the cleaner engines.”

    Methinks Herr Duesmann is being very woke.
    Watch this space.

    I have had 3 Audis.
    The first was superb.
    1986 Audi 90. The square mid 80s style.
    Then an Audi 80 from early 90s.
    Not as good.
    Then an A4. Got rid of that in a year.
    Never gone back.
    Never will now.
    Asian for moi.

    My question- will the Krauts have yet another war in order to get all the trace elements and precious metals required for this folly?



  16. Fark me sideways with a broom handle

    Three Waters.
    It is happening.

    “The Government is taking control of water fluoridation from councils and giving it to health director general Ashley Bloomfield.

    Associate Health Minister Dr Ayesha Verrall announced the policy on Thursday, dusting off a long dormant bill from the National government that was to give fluoridation power to local district health boards (DHBs).

    She will amend that bill so it will instead give the power to the director general of health, who is currently Bloomfield.”

    Why the hell did Notional not get it passed?
    They had nine loooong years.

    It is not like they were too busy giving us tax cuts or reforming the RMA.
    We did get cycleways. So many cycleways.
    Were they washing their hair for nine loooong years?
    It shouldn’t take Tony Ryall that loooong to wash his hair //

    Giving it to the lying failure scum bag, crooked Ashen Bloomfield.

    This is appalling
    Bloomfailed lies on almost every occasion.
    -About vaccine for Covid.
    -About regular flu vaccine in 2020
    -About testing of front-line staff at the borders
    -About MIQ staff not working other jobs
    -many more

    You name it, if this clown said it, it is probably …
    >>Bloomfailed Bullshit

    This failure at even being a good clown started in his role in July 2018.
    In the first year there was a Meningitis outbreak and a measles outbreak that was spread to the Pacific Islands ‘ that we care so much about’ where it killed more than 80 babies and young children.
    ..then Covid.
    Three outbreaks in his first two years and none in the prior three years.

    Ashen Bloomfailed sure is an unlucky prick.
    Would you have such an ‘unlucky’ prick as Head of Dept?
    Not me. Hell No!

    And, why is Verrall making all these announcements?
    Is it because she really is Health Minister and Angry Andy Little-mind is simply a sock puppet ?
    Such a transparent Govt. They cant even name the Minister of Health honestly.
    I suppose Verrall is at least a medical doctor.
    Little was a failure at a lawyer, so went into politics.

    Clearly Ayesha Verrall is Health Minister but they could not name someone who was in Parliament for 2 minutes.
    More dishonesty.



  17. Well isn’t that fine and dandy. Did Jethro donate his time for free to interview Rod Stewart 8n the million dollar down at the waterfront! Talk about jobs for the boys! I bet that the fact he’s Cindy’s partner had nothing to do with it and it could have been given to anyone! So that why she was hiding out in the bar!



  18. Queen tribute act border approval ‘kick in the guts’ for separated families – National

    This week it emerged border exemptions had been granted for 126 cast and crew of the Lion King stage show.

    In January, the Wiggles and their crew, who are starting their tour this week, were granted spots in managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) when spaces were officially booked out.

    Immigration New Zealand said it assessed that the seven crew for the Queen tribute had technical or specialist skills which were not readily available here.

    National immigration spokesperson Erica Stanford said among those waiting for a border spot was a New Zealander whose son had just died and who was facing a delay of three or four months before she could return.



      • Absolutely WG. In the real world where we live,
        life carries on with all it’s trials and challenges.
        That’s fine with me. Life was not meant to be easy.
        That is how character is made. YSB posters are a
        great example of that.



        • Is the gloss falling off? She has to get her media friends to give her partner a gig. Bet that upset a few that were in the running for earning some dough ray me and reckonition overseas!
          The rumours of a wedding to keep the Karens drooling!
          The rest are been warmed up with the possibility of overseas travel,
          But alot have been around NZ already and didnt find Gayotearroa and spent more money on home improvements!
          So the tourist towns had better hope for the aussies to come here, But they may have spent their money like our own people!
          Will the border opening be a grinner or a flop?
          Time will tell! Same as the glitter on cindy!



  19. Here is an article about the Norwegian welfare system that prioritises the housing needs of bludging refugees, over the medical needs of its own citizens that have contributed to the funding of their welfare state. The same can be said of New Zealand for exactly the same reasons.

    “The political elites who make these decisions derive immense self-satisfaction from helping down-and-out aliens. Helping ordinary Norwegians? Not so much. All too many of the people who run this country look upon ordinary Norwegians as deplorables. Besides, it’s those deplorables whose taxes fund the welfare system: how can you expect the political elites to derive any sense of self-satisfaction from giving handouts to the very people who paid that money in to begin with? No, in order to feel like saviors, the elites need to give that cash to foreigners – and the more foreign the better.”



    • Well put Toko. When all elective surgery is fully funded & no-one waits for life improving treatment, that will be the time to admit a few bludging refugees well schooled as to their “entitlements”. Ditto for housing.

      Or they could leave them where they are & lower taxes which would suit all net taxpayers even better.



    • Toko. FYI.

      Denmark plans to limit ‘non-western’ residents in disadvantaged areas

      Denmark has announced plans to crack down further on disadvantaged neighbourhoods by reducing the number of “non-western” residents, scrapping the controversial term “ghetto” in its proposed legislation.

      In the bill – a review of existing legislation on combatting “parallel societies” – the interior ministry proposed that the share of residents of “non-western” origin in each neighbourhood be limited to a maximum of 30% within 10 years.




  20. The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of “Positive Cases” are Meaningless. The Lockdown Has No Scientific Basis

    The World Health Organization (WHO) tacitly admits one year later that ALL PCR tests conducted at a 35 cycle amplification threshold (Ct) or higher are INVALID. But that is what they recommended in January 2020, in consultation with the virology team at Charité Hospital in Berlin.




  21. The Greens also voted against the law change to the paedophile register law so their details could legally be registered. The Greens claimed it was against the paedophiles’ human rights.

    Argument erupts in Parliament over accusation of ‘racist and classist undertones’

    Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson today accused National MP Nicola Willis of whipping up “stigmatising and dehumanising narratives around groups of people who need our support”, while Willis accused Davidson of “hurling unfounded slurs”.

    In response, Willis said Davidson needed to “stop hurling unfounded slurs and focus on doing her job of addressing growing concern about the conditions of emergency accommodation in New Zealand”.



  22. Stuff – 18/03/21

    “A Family Court judge has ordered that a 4-year-old girl receive the usual childhood vaccinations despite her father’s opposition.

    The father said he was concerned about the contents of the various vaccinations & who would take responsibility for the child if anything went wrong.

    He was not vaccinated as a child and believed the human body had its own natural immunity systems to safeguard against disease.

    He said he could not get sufficient information from the Ministry of Health about his various concerns.

    Oranga Tamariki wanted her vaccinated along Health Ministry guidelines.”
    Noteable: Stuff have put this article under the national, crime section.




    • ……”Oranga Tamariki wanted her vaccinated along Health Ministry guidelines”……

      What an example of circumstances changing opinions (& I’m referring to my own).

      Eighteen months ago my sympathies would have lain with Oranga Tamariki on the basis that no parent should be allowed to endanger the wellbeing of their child via their crackpot theories or religious beliefs.

      I now see how empowering the state could be used to enforce uptake of the untested & unwanted Covid pretend “vaccinations”.



      • I too was all for vaccinations and now….not so much.
        I did a first aid refresher yesterday and the tutor was dumbfounded by the influx of allergies and peoples intolerances to all types of foods etc.
        One of the stories she told was about a bloke who was allergic to kiwi fruit fur. WTF.
        A discussion ensued with attendees sharing their allergies and side effects especially Anaphylaxis.
        We had to learn how to administer an epipen because the rules have changed….again.
        (Side or top of the thigh for 3 seconds only)
        Anyways, I piped up and asked what the food is being sprayed with……..silence.
        No one wanted to address the possible cause, just wanted to know how to deal with the harm.



  23. I see clarke has likely got a sweet payday, guess his “rock the dock” event will repeat when he rocks up with a flash new boat courtesy of nz taxpayer funds getting frittered on him being MC.

    if he wasnt cindys pathetic guy would he have got the job??? I fucking doubt it, this is cronyism and a fraudulent use of taxpayer monies. Im guessing cindy gave frowny face look to theminister incharge to get him the gig.



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