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  1. Is anyone really sure prince Phillip died of old age? He might have had COVID, in fact I think in all probability it was, and they’re just not telling us/// have a great day out there, it be careful the woke doesn’t get you



    • Very difficult, as a payer of fuel and road tax, that the NZ Transport Agency should have allocated funds, partly collected from road users by legal threat, for an outdated train service instead of road works.. Even worse we hear the plan is to improve as time goes on. Surely this outfit currently running the show should realise that customers once lost are hard to get back. A start up needs to be ready and functional from the outset. This train is a half baked scheme to waste money while virtual signalling.

      Another fail.



    • Mike Hunty@0625

      We’ve been here before – the old Blue Streak service was launched for exactly the same reason, and it too had a relatively short life (three years?) before being quietly withdrawn.

      This one will possibly last for 18 months, before it too will quietly vanish leaving only the buildings behind…

      One thing which no-one in media is yet asking is ‘Are the greens (and their self-serving political fellow-travellers) who advocated for this over all who knew the realities, totally and absolutely committed to using the service to get to meetings in Auckland’?

      Dollar to a donut, not one will be-so, since ‘cars are SOOO much more convenient….

      Another case of ‘A rule for thee but NEVER for me…’



    • Floyd@0634

      Give them their due, the political organisers of such riots are really on the job and can have a full-blown riot up and going in 15-20 minutes.

      That DEFINITELY takes some doing…

      Having done so, of course, such people then quietly vanish back into the darkness while the whole riot becomes self-perpetuating.

      A question:: Can anyone explain what it is about young males in both Arab and US ‘Black’ societies which makes them so amenable to such ‘manipulations’?

      I’ve seen it in Aden and Cairo and the Gazza, as well as on the various US news channels, so have to ask ‘Is it genes, is it culture, is it simply boredom, or…?




    • Yea she blamed them… for not relentlessly spoonfeeding govt vaccine propaganda to their employees until they submit.

      Give it 3-6 months and mandatory vaccine brainwashing meetings will be compulsory for all businesses not just border staff.
      This is just a rung lower on the ladder then north korea load speakers spewing bs propaganda 24/7



    • Why would anyone be surprised at the incompetence of our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern when she more interested in her image than listening to common sense from those that know about safety.
      MIQ Covid -19 cased security guard raises questions on use of Ministry’s testing register.
      The Governments move to make it mandatory for all testing of border workers to be recorded in a central is being derided as months to late.
      Quarantine MIQ Security Guard, who last week tested positive for the virus flew under the radar for at least.a month, but it seems the mandatory message isn’t hitting home with MIQ head Brigadier Jim Bliss yesterday revealing the security guard who worked at the Grand Millennium appears not to be having regular tests.
      National Party response spokesperson Chris Bishop has long called for the use of a register to be made mandatory.
      This is just another example of a incompetence Government and Prime Minister not prepared to listen to commonsense as our Celebrity Prime Minister is more interested in herself than fixing the issues being made through her poor Leadership.



  2. How long before cindy and her arse lickers fire this fellow.

    Critics who think the new passenger rail service between Hamilton and Auckland is a bit slow and ineffective have found an unlikely ally: Patrick Reynolds, a member on the board of the Government agency that bankrolled the service to the tune of nearly $80 million.

    In a tweet, Reynolds said the service was the “worst of both worlds” and it is “[v]ery hard to see how it will attract much ridership”, until problems with the speed of the trains were fixed.

    The train, known as Te Huia opened earlier this month and runs two return services between Hamilton and Auckland each weekday.

    But critics have noted the train takes far too long to be a serious commuter service. A journey on Te Huia to Auckland will take about 98 minutes to get from Hamilton to Papakura..

    Critics who think the new passenger rail service between Hamilton and Auckland is a bit slow and ineffective have found an unlikely ally: Patrick Reynolds, a member on the board of the Government agency that bankrolled the service to the tune of nearly $80 million.

    In a tweet, Reynolds said the service was the “worst of both worlds” and it is “[v]ery hard to see how it will attract much ridership”, until problems with the speed of the trains were fixed.

    The train, known as Te Huia opened earlier this month and runs two return services between Hamilton and Auckland each weekday.

    But critics have noted the train takes far too long to be a serious commuter service. A journey on Te Huia to Auckland will take about 98 minutes to get from Hamilton to Papakura.



          • It’s getting that bad.

            Take a universal term like “software.” In Japanese, this English term is simply transliterated into “so-fu-to-ue-a” (ソフトウェア). As for Te Reo, oh no! They can’t transliterate, it seems. Their mana is insulted! They need a completely made-up term “rorohiko” just for them alone.

            It takes a certain amount of nationalism, pride, arrogance, hubris, and government funding for a language not to take the quick and easy way and transliterate loan words from the culture that develops them. There are many advantages to borrowing: it’s instant, it’s universal, the concept behind the new term is exactly the same as in the source language, it doesn’t need government approval, in fact, anyone can do it! By sharing the same concepts, communication between languages becomes more precise. What’s not to like!

            But oh no! Te Reo has to cloth itself in a bespoke cloak of unique terminology that will isolate it more and more from the living languages of the real world.



            • Borrowing words? If that’s the issue, then the answer is surely simple. As there were only around 150 original words in the Maori ‘language’ (eat, kill, house, tribe, sub-tribe, war, threaten, kill, eat, war, fuck, kill, threaten etc) then presumably full transliteration wouldn’t make any sense as the concepts expressed by most words in English would be a totally unknown quantity.



  3. As the housing market continues to spiral out of control, it’s clear that New Zealand’s addiction to house price inflation is holding back our economic recovery and tearing apart our social fabric.

    It didn’t have to be this way – these consequences are the result of political decisions. Let’s rewind and take a look at how Finance Minister Grant Robertson got it wrong.

    The United States has introduced stimulus cheques (also known as helicopter payments), in which more than 85 per cent of American households will receive cash payments of US$1400. It’s not often people look to the United States as an example of fair wealth distribution, but for nearly 280 million Americans, these cheques will have a real impact.


    Sadly another person who has got it wrong as well.



  4. Judge Ian Carter was welcomed to his new role at Whanganui District Court with a mihi whakatau on April 12.

    He arrived with his wife, son and friends, called into Courtroom 1 by a karanga. Kahurangi Simon gave the welcome speech on behalf of Whanganui Iwi, with briefer replies from Judge Carter and Chief District Court Judge Heemi Taumaunu.

    The newcomers were then greeted in a hongi/hariru line before taking their seats on the other side of the courtroom.

    In his speech, Simon welcomed Judge Carter to the Whanganui River and the river city. He spelled out the values of this place, as represented in the Whanganui Land Settlement Negotiation Trust’s Agreement in Principle – integrity, authority and sustainability.

    “When you pass through our gateway, you accept those values and everything that comes with them,” Simon said.

    He went on to talk about the values of Te Awa Tupua, and to say that Whanganui Iwi aspired to doing justice differently.


    The last two sentences tell the Judge that the Law is to be fucked around with to suit the locals.



  5. I think its time jacinda, chippy and boomfield solidly endorse the vaccine.
    To alleviate any fears of vaccine death etc they should put their money where their mouth is, if the vaccine is so safe then they shouldnt have any problem in standing at the podium of truth and stating they will happily serve life sentences for murder charges if anyone dies from being vaccinated for covid.



  6. Little Charlie and his girl friend Jenny are only 10 years old, but they know they are in love. One day they decide that they want to get married, so Charlie goes to Jenny’s father to ask him for her hand. Charlie bravely walks up to him and says, “Mr. Smith, me and Jenny are in love and I want to ask you for her hand in marriage.” … Thinking that this was just the cutest thing, Mr. Smith replies, “Well, Charles, you are only 10. Where will you two live?”Without even taking a moment to think about it, Charlie replies, “In Jenny’s room. It’s bigger than mine and we can both fit in it nicely.”Still thinking this is just adorable Mr. Smith says with a huge grin, “Okay, then how will you live? You’re not old enough to get a job. You’ll need to support Jenny.”Again, Charlie instantly replies, “Our allowance, Jenny makes five bucks a week and I make 10 bucks a week. That’s about 60 bucks a month, so that should do us just fine.” Mr. Smith is impressed. Charlie has put so much thought into this. “Well Charles, it seems like you have everything figured out. I just have one more question. What will you do if the two of you should have little children of your own?”Charlie just shrugs his shoulders and says, “Well, we’ve been lucky so far.” . . . . Mr. Smith no longer thinks the little bastard is so adorable



  7. A young man gets a gig singing and playing guitar in a countryside pub.
    During his first show, an old man comes up and says, “Lad, could ye play a jazz chord?”
    Odd request, but the singer responds by strumming Gm9.
    “No, boy, no. I want ye to play A JAZZ CHORD!”
    Thinking maybe the old man wants something more exotic, he strums G7b9.
    “Nae, that t’isn’t it. A jazz chord! ‘Ere, I’ll sing ye a bit of it:
    “A jazz chord…to say….oi love you…..”



  8. The art of control, is doing it so the “target” does not know, and believes it is his reason why he must to “whatever it takes”.
    Raised to further points by Frederick Forsyth, best known for thrillers such as The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File, and many other books.
    …. “It’s as if there is a little industry around pandemic management and it excludes alternative voices.” …
    Mr Sidley was so concerned that he and 46 colleagues wrote to the British Psychological Society (BPS) raising “concerns about the activities of Government-employed psychologists … in their mission to gain the public’s mass compliance with the ongoing coronavirus restrictions”. …..
    …. “Our view is that the use of covert psychological strategies –
    that operate below the level of people’s awareness –
    to ‘nudge’ citizens to conform to a contentious and unprecedented public health policy raises profound ethical questions.” …..

    In New Zealand,
    We know about the “communication degree”, blah blah blah.
    We know about the “go to experts” that keep popping up on the media like red coloured poppies..
    We know about the $16 million dollar advertising campaign, to produce memes etc.
    The director general has a health department, with many resources & unlimited money to draw upon in “people control”.
    I believe that like where Britain goes, we also have Government-employed psychologists who have remained behind the scenes, formulating the nudge nudge control, of balancing carrot & stick controls, whilst monitoring the effect on the overall flock of sheeple.



  9. We need to hang horse face from a tree if she ever tries on another lockdown. I will not be locked down again due to HER and HER muppets inaction and incompetance. I will die standing, NEVER on my knees.



  10. The Tennessee Knoxville School shooting.
    Not confirmed, but possible shooter.
    Or maybe controlling a totally upset supporter, or witness.

    36 secs.
    36 secs.

    It seems to be very low key action by the police, so I sort of have my doubts.
    It does not seem to be “intense” as the arrested hand cuffed guy is carrying a bag, behind his back across the lawn, then it is removed.

    Apologies as I do not use Face book, and refuse to click on other things they want me to do, but for the ones that do, I am reasonably sure that the first link is the one of the arrest.



  11. Mike’s Minute: “Govt sucked us all in with expensive Covid spin”

    (ON AIR MIKE HOSKING BREAKFAST Author Newstalk ZB, Publish Date Wed, 22 Jul 2020, 5:18PM)

    You want some numbers? $16 million. That’s what we have paid on consultants when its come to Covid. Ah, the old consultant.

    Some got $400 an hour, so $3200 a day. But what’s remarkable about the new numbers is that of the $16 million, about $15 million went on spin.

    They use other words in the industry like “marketing” and “communications.” But essentially all the hype you heard from Prime Minister, the likes of “the team of five million,” “the stay safe stay home,” the “be kind,” we paid for that and it came from advertising agencies. One got $3 million, another got $12 million.

    You astonished? Extraordinary, isn’t it? It shows, as I pointed out many, many times without the benefit of knowing the numbers, just how much we got played by a government that was as desperate to score points on this as it was to actually address a health crisis.

    Those ridiculous rules during lockdown. Supermarkets were fine, but butchers weren’t. You could walk, but only locally. What was local? You could surf, but only if you’d done it before. It will go down in history as one of the most made up, on the spot, nonsensical list of instructions ever.

    What was remarkable was how many of us acquiesced, without a single question as to why. In fact some of us were hypnotised into a soporific sort of state where we ended up taking instructions from the head spin master Ardern about putting stuffed animals in windows.

    The only thing that didn’t go to plan was the “be kind,” because we weren’t. We dobbed people in left, right, and centre.

    And unfortunately that was driven by the Prime Minister who forgot her be kind message by issuing yet more pointless instructions on what number to ring, or e-mail, to spring recalcitrants who had wandered a bit far from their front door, or weren’t carrying measuring tapes for their social distancing.

    Is communication important? Of course. But do you need to pay $16 million for it? No. Which is what makes this so egregious.

    This wasn’t simple instruction that any government or group or person can come up with, this was clearly a highly planned, seriously worked over piece of strategy designed for maximum political impact.

    And the irony is, from the advertising agencies point of view, it worked. We got sucked in, followed orders and came out hailing the Prime Minister with a 59 percent share in a poll.

    Value for money then? Or a master piece of fantastically expensive spin?

    Again, we were played like a fiddle.



  12. Extremely bad news for the horsefaced creature ,the Aussie federal Govt have announced they intend to proceed with replacing the use of coal in Australia with clean burning gas of which they have enough for approx 500 years .
    Good Grief she’ll be running around with the frowny look for weeks ,lets hope the Aussies tell her to F / O if she makes any comment at all, our Cousins over the creek will be in fear of the inevitable vicious attacks from that Alpha Mega Man Two mums Shaw,,,LMFAO.



  13. Procreating is serious business in the animal kingdom, and Mother Nature has gone out of her way to cleverly ensure the survival of her many, many denizens. From sex organs with multiple heads to prodigious shafts exceeding an animal’s own body length, here are 12 of the weirdest (and often scariest) animal penises on the planet:

    1. Mike Hunty’s penis.

    2. The sea slug’s disposable, regenerating penis
    The Chromodoris reticulata sea slug has the peculiar ability to discard its penis after copulation. But what makes this soft-bodied marine mollusk particularly different is its ability to grow a new penis within 24 hours. Sea slugs are “simultaneous hermaphrodites,” meaning they possess both male and female genitals and use both during intercourse. Once the slugs complete copulation, they “crawl away with their elongated penises still dangling,” and then the organs suddenly sever from their bodies and float away. Within 24 hours, the slugs regenerate the penises and are ready to do it all over again.

    3. The fish penis with four sharp hooks
    At first glance, this unremarkable freshwater-dweller from Mexico looks harmless. Yet the newly discovered llanos mosquitofish (Gambusia quadruncus) is in possession of some of the most “fearsome” genitalia on the planet, says Megan Gannon at LiveScience. North Carolina State University Researchers found a reproductive shaft equipped with four sharp hooks, which males use to grab onto resistant females during mating. It’s definitely an “unpleasant looking genital barb,” says Ian Chant at Geekosystem, but “when they’re trying to break through the tissue that blocks their mates’ genital pores, male mosquitofish are probably less than concerned with winning any beauty contests.”

    4. The sea turtle’s massive, terrifying penis
    Male sea turtles are “horrifically” well-endowed, says Darren Naish at Scientific American. Softshell varieties like the leatherback have penises that, when erect, extend to nearly half the animal’s 8-foot body length. The endpoint culminates in a five-lobed head that discharges semen from four different branches (think: Ridley Scott’s Aliens franchise). Scientists surmise that males evolved these “innovative penises” in order to inseminate females from long distances, namely to get past their protective shells and bulky, swatting tails.

    5. The Argentine bluebird duck’s long corkscrew
    Most male birds don’t have penises. But a few, such as the Argentine lake duck, more than make up for it, says Miss Cellania at Mental Floss. The duck’s penis is shaped like a corkscrew and can extend to more than 17 inches. (The bird is only 16 inches tall.) Females are often observed trying to fly away from an eager mate, leading experts to believe that the long penis could be an evolutionary response that makes forced copulation easier. “Conversely, the long penis could be the reason the females try to escape.”

    6. The fish with a penis on its head
    Most animals have their reproductive organs located close to their tail-ends. But that’s not the case for a newly discovered species of river fish identified in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. Phallostethus culling’s penis sprouts, oddly enough, out of its head. More specifically, the reproductive organ shoots out from just under the fish’s throat, giving the fish the unique ability to grab onto a female with its mouth while fertilizing her eggs at the same time.

    7. The warehouse pirate bug’s dagger-like shaft
    The warehouse pirate bug is typically used to guard grain storage warehouses, where it chows down on threatening moths and larvae. The tiny 3mm (0.11 inch) creature also practices one of the animal kingdom’s most dangerous copulation methods: Its spiny penis is razor-sharp, and instead of inseminating females by traditional means, the bug uses its sex organ to violently stab through her exoskeleton in order to ejaculate. This leaves “gaping, seeping wounds” in female pirate bugs, who often die shortly after giving birth.

    8. Dolphins’ retractable “hand”
    The good-natured swimmers have retractable penises that are kind of like multi-tools. Not only does the male dolphin’s penis swivel around, but it’s often also used to feel out other objects, kind of like a human hand. This gives the dolphin a “ravenous sexual appetite,” says Neatorama, and could help explain why males are often seen trying to “hump inanimate objects” and “other animals like sea turtles.”

    9. Flatworms’ fencing penises
    Flatworms are hermaphrodites, meaning they have both male and female sex organs, which triggers some seriously odd reproductive behavior. When trying to impregnate another worm, for example, a flatworm tries to pierce the skin of the other using its penis. Experts term this heated competition “penis fencing”: The first to successfully impregnate the other while fending off advances becomes the de facto male, who wins because he won’t have to expend the energy required to carry eggs.

    10. The echidna’s turn-taking heads
    The echidna, also known as the spiny anteater, is native to Australia and New Guinea. Like its cousin the platypus, echidna females lay eggs instead of giving birth like other mammals. Scientists, however, have long been perplexed by the male anteater’s mysterious sex organ, which secretes semen from four different heads. Getting all four of these into a female is impossible when fully engorged, so the echidna only insert two at any given time. Studies suggest that going halfsies may make the individual sperm swim faster.

    11. The orb spider’s burdensome load
    Male orb spiders detach their penis and insert them in female spiders to impregnate them, says Jennifer Welsh at LiveScience. Having penis-detached intercourse allows the male spiders to not only escape the hungry female — who successfully eats the male 75 percent of the time — but also gives them a better chance of fending off competing males. New research suggests that without the extra weight bogging them down, the new eunuchs become “superior fighters,” with enhanced endurance that gives them a better shot at surviving.

    12. The barnacle’s accordion-like organ
    Though they don’t appear to do much more than stick to the underside of boats, barnacles actually possess one of the longest penises in the world — at least relative to their body size. The filament-like penis extending from its shell has an exoskeleton with “accordion-like folds” that stretch out to inseminate nearby females. Barnacles that live near shore breaks often develop thicker, heartier manparts to survive the crash of oncoming waves.

    13. The argonaut octopus’ detachable worm
    Male argonauts are much smaller than females — only 3/4 of an inch versus a gal’s 4 inches. That’s why when attempting to mate, the dimunitive male argonaut octupus tries to maintain its distance, using a “special tentacle” that detaches from its body. The swimming penis squirms its way over to the female to deliver semen to her waiting eggs. The practice is so deceptive, in fact, that when Italian scientists first discovered it in the 1800s, they thought it was a new kind of parasitic worm.



  14. The devil will be in the detail, but this seems to be the initial proposed concept.

    • making amendments to clarify the definition of a “terrorist act”;
    • creating a new offence to criminalise planning or preparation for a terrorist act;
    • creating a new offence to more clearly criminalise terrorist weapons and combat training;
    • extending the eligibility for a control order to include individuals who have completed a prison sentence for a terrorism-related offence if they continue to present a real risk of engaging in terrorism-related activities.

    Control orders can be imposed by a court on a “relevant person” in order to protect the public from terrorism, or to prevent engagement in terrorism-related activities in a country.

    The bill also includes proposals that Cabinet has already agreed to including:

    • creating a new offence for international travel to carry out terrorist activities;
    • expanding the criminal offence of financing terrorism to include broader forms of material support.

    Justice Minister Kris Faafoi said the bill was the first step towards implementing the recommendation to review all legislation related to New Zealand’s counter-terrorism effort to ensure it is fit-for-purpose.

    What other aspects will be slid in on this future legislation?



  15. Hmm. He says “Polkinghorne said there were no problems in their marriage.” But if you read between the lines it seems they were sleeping in separate rooms. Either that or he is the most unobservant person in the world. I think I’d know if my wife was lying next to me , dead.

    “He said he found his wife of nearly 30 years dead early on Monday morning.”

    “”I said goodnight to her. I went to bed and she went to bed. That was the last time I saw her alive.”

    The following day Polkinghorne got up to make breakfast around 7am. The pair had planned to go to the gym after breakfast.

    “Normally I go before her but she wanted to go to the gym at 9am. I think she had a meeting at 10.30. I got up to make her tea and toast – that’s what she always had. She is the only person in the world that I know who can have a cup of tea lying on her back,” Polkinghorne said.

    “Then I found her dead. It was just horrible, horrible, horrible.”

    Suspicious? No wander the cops are still poking around.



  16. Just listened to Parliament to hear the tributes to Prince Philip. Warm speeches from the Labour, National and ACT Leader’s, and a small number of MPs. An appallingly cold and brief “speech” from James Shaw – sounded like I have to do this but I don’t want to. Nothing from the Maori Party. Stuff noted that they were absent from the Chamber – very rude. But I guess they don’t have the grace and courtesy to behave as the occasion required.



    • So theyre watering down the definition of rape now?

      Imo i would classify rape as involving force, violence, blackmail etc unwanted sex in otherwords. How do they prove a condom was removed as its purely he said she said?

      I pity the poor fool the poor fool that slays a karen and has the condom break, that bitch will scream rape untill youre jailed.



  17. Italy prosecutors: WHO exec lied about spiked virus report

    ROME (AP) — Italian prosecutors say a top World Health Organization official lied to them about a spiked WHO report into Italy’s coronavirus response, revealing private communications Friday that are likely to embarrass the U.N. health agency.

    Prosecutors in Bergamo placed Dr. Ranieri Guerra, at the time a WHO assistant director general, under investigation for allegedly making false declarations to them when he voluntarily agreed to be questioned in November. Guerra was the WHO’s liaison with the Italian government after Italy became the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in Europe last year.

    They have not charged Guerra with any crime, outlining their allegations in an interim investigative document sent to the Italian foreign and justice ministries that listed him as one of six people under investigation in their probe.





    • Posted by the AP, so not some nut job site!
      “Guerra had gone in his personal capacity and was questioned as someone informed about the facts, not as a suspect. But prosecutors ended up placing him under investigation because they said “he made false declarations.”

      “Prosecutors laid out the allegations against Guerra in an eight-page formal request to the Italian Foreign Ministry, seeking its assistance in obtaining cooperation from WHO in their investigation.”

      This should be breaking fucking news, nut it out in public, investigate it.




  18. 1 News tonight:

    Long term Coronavirus
    Global warming
    National’s fucked

    Long term coronavirus lockdowns
    More lockdowns
    Too dangerous to travel
    Managed isolation



  19. I’ve spent the day with a fan of Cindy’s propagandists Suzy Wiles and Michael Baker. The fan is having the Covid vaccine because she is a true-believer and won’t hear any criticism as apparently I’m a conspiracy theorist. We don’t see eye to eye on much.

    Thank goodness for the oasis of YSB. I needed to read HYS so thank you everyone for a dose of sanity after a frustrating day.



    • Thank goodness for the oasis of YSB

      My thoughts exactly, waikatogirl. However, sometimes I wonder just what proportion of New Zealanders actually are deeply suspicious of this Covid/vaccine scam. To me it seems obvious that there is some deeply malignant force at work here, but I simply can’t for the life of me put my finger on what’s going on. On a rational level almost everything connected to this ‘pandemic’ is just crazy out-of-this-world shit. But so many people just don’t see it, do they?

      Then I listen to Peter Williams’ callers and most of them hold similar views to my own, and that gives me some reason to hope that it’s not just me who is going mad.



  20. “We need to use covid 19 tactics to fight STDs” https://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/national/gonorrhoea-and-syphilis-cases-surge-in-nz-report/ar-BB1fAQFX

    Ffs the last thing we need is the govt poking their nose into everyones sexlife, please stop suggesting retarded ideas. Contact tracing and std passports…yeah nah.

    Then going by this cindy will have to lockdown you aucklanders untill your sphillus infection rate drops… https://i.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/local-democracy-reporting/300276220/syphilis-epidemic-continues-to-cause-alarm-call-for-extra-funding-to-stop-spread



  21. Not a good look for a health Minister, still he is a greenie. Try eating some meat dude, cockroaches just don’t cut it.
    Puckered after just over a year…..soft.

    Austria’s health minister resigns, saying he’s overworked

    Rudolf Anschober, 60, had been health minister since January last year, when his Green party became the junior partner in a governing coalition under conservative Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

    Anschober, who suffered a burnout nine years ago, said he had suffered two episodes of sudden fatigue in the past month, as well as high blood pressure and tinnitus.




  22. So there is really no point in doing the vaccinations or doing a rapid roll out?
    This would seem to apply in New Zealand too.

    Mr Hunt suggested at a news conference in Canberra on Tuesday the international border closures could last much longer and stay in place even if the entire population had been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

    “Vaccination alone is no guarantee that you can open up,” Mr Hunt said.

    Australia’s hotel quarantine to remain for ‘years to come’ despite travellers getting vaccinated
    “If the whole country were vaccinated, you couldn’t just open the borders.

    “We still have to look at a series of different factors: transmission, longevity [of vaccine protection] and the global impact – and those are factors which the world is learning about,” he said.

    Mr Hunt said that it would be a joint decision made by the chief ministers, premiers and Prime Minister on whether Australia would ever depart from its zero-tolerance of the virus and said the country was “progressively” opening up under its current approach. ……

    ….. Health experts have repeatedly said that it was impossible for the world to eradicate COVID-19 as Australia and New Zealand had done and said the virus would be endemic around the world and circulate like the flu. ….

    So now we can figure, at the very most New Zealand will share in the shaky Australian bubble, and looks like no other real international connection.
    It will all depend on the flow through & bookings of the Monitored Quarantine places.

    It also seems that more powerful track & trace systems, along with vaccine, test passports, could be set for another push, sort of ratcheting things between vaccinations to be done to be rewarded by freer international travel,

    Or are continuing border closures an election winner as it has proven to be for some of the states.
    Federal elections will be held in or before 2022.



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