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  1. What a shame ,its not being reported here in New xi Land by our arse licking media but our reputation as a tough tenacious people is in the gutter and some of our previous international partners are calling for NZ to be kicked from the 5 eyes group.
    This is unbelievable and the 120 bludging C_ _Ts in Wellington are saying nothing about the situation, our cowardly PM can’t even give her disgusting pervert of a speaker the boot so how is she ever going to fix these coming international firestorms?
    Oh yeah that’s right Mahuta will fix them, Fuuuccckkk.



    • revtech.
      Sorry but you are wrong.
      We are but fart in a typhoon and you and a lot of others now depend on the owners of the typhoon for our standard of living.
      This is the dynasties defending themselves against the Muslim hordes. hordes who have been doing in China what Muslim hordes have been doing around the world since child brides became permissable.
      In January I had a long conversation with two people who had recently come back from 18 years in China. You would accept that they might know a bit about the place.
      One of them worked for our exporters.
      I specifically asked about our relationship with China and this issue.
      The answer, so long as we kept our big mouths shut publicly we would be fine.
      Now you can rant and rave and claim that we are the trend setters of the world and once we were because we didn’t have ye old world baggage of centuries to drag us down.
      But that’s no longer the case.
      And you know the same old rules remain.
      He who has the gold rules.

      Much like our finance Minister. He has our gold and the key to the vault so he makes the game. (unfortunately) and so it is with China. China pays you wages whether you like it or not these days.

      Seymour and friends, who I have supported for years, was bloody foolish to do this just to gain a few talking points in Parliament.
      And as he said yesterday they usually look to see what problem is they are trying to solve. Well they got the problem and the solution wrong. Badly wrong.
      Lord help even naaska if China stops our exports. That would break NZ and China has no loyalty to anything but China’s ruling dynasty so they wouldn’t give a stuff.
      Now I have no idea how old you are but if you are around my vintage then you will remember perhaps what happened to NZ when the poms joined the EU. Despite a lot of pleading and bargaining we lost our meat sales, our cheese sales, our fish sales and lots of other things that made our standard of living before this event. I can tell you that it screwed us for a longtime. Its not something we want to repeat with another 2.5 million mouths to feed.

      So, yes we dislike what they are doing perhaps and certainly dislike their interference in our own country, which by the way we haven’t dealt with, but we can never slay the giant. we are better to ensure our place at home remains our place and we are careful who we sell our science and technology to. The USA and Japan have the same problem there as us.

      As long as Xi and co remain the leaders in this dynasty they will remain the way they are, But China isn’t one tribe, its just ruled by the strongest faction currently.

      Be careful what you wish for. (they make most of our medicines for example. Fortunately not the condoms), If you want to protest stop buying made in China (briscoes, Wharehouese Countdown Foodstuffs and many other places and charge them more for what we sell.

      A real world example of their contempt to others is the way Fonterra, Zespri and others have been treated. Zespri are never going to recover from having their plant rights stolen. and propagated in china. the last estimate that I saw was around 6000 hectars of the gold are now planted and increasing almost daily. Its now suggested that Kiwi’s stole the original plant material from China. Surely they jest but that’s the game. The only thing helping Zespri right now is that they are picking in opposite seasons and the quality is not quite so good but when you are competing in millions of small shops that matters not.
      Zespris next problem is how to stop them stealing budwood from the new varieties. They can’t and just like this one someone will take some to China.

      Its a war out there. t\Think about whose side you are on and the consequences of your actions.
      Have a good day thinking revenge.



      • Our biggest exports to China is food. Their population needs to be fed to keep the CCP in control. It’s been said that China is always only 6 weeks away from a revolution.
        They will always buy our food. Trump knew this when he put tarrifs on US soybeans and other grains. The Chinese sucked it up and paid billions in tarrifs just to continue getting the food.



        • China’s import surge exposes dependence on pricey overseas resources

          April imports jump 43% in dollars, even as iron ore and soy volumes stayed roughly flat
          A tanker docks at the Port of Qingdao in China. Crude prices have more than doubled from a year ago, boosting Chinese imports by value. © Reuters
          IORI KAWATE and ALEX FANG, Nikkei staff writersMay 8, 2021 04:16 JST

          BEIJING/NEW YORK — China’s imports grew by their fastest pace in more than 10 years by value in April, fueled by the nation’s economic recovery from the pandemic as well as the rising global commodities prices.

          Imports increased 43% on the year in dollar terms, the General Administration of Customs announced Friday.

          “The recession in early 2020 distorts the year-to-year comparison,” Brookings Institution economist David Dollar said. Compared with 2019, total imports through April were up a “healthy but not extraordinary” 24%, he pointed out.

          “I take the price increases as a positive sign that the world economy is recovering well, though unevenly,” said Dollar, who characterized the new numbers as reflecting China’s “solid growth.”

          But as imports of natural resources and natural resources grow more costly, there is concern that they could drag on corporate earnings and consumer spending.

          The surge in commodities prices was a key factor behind April’s surge. West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures now trade around $65 a barrel, more than double the levels from a year ago. The value of China’s crude imports rose roughly 70% on the year in April while volume remained largely flat.

          Imports in the “iron ores and concentrates” category and of soybeans increased around 90% and 50% in value terms, despite rising only 3% and 11% by volume. Soybeans were a key topic during the negotiations for the “phase one” trade deal signed by China and the U.S. in 2020. China imports about 60% of its iron ore from Australia.

          By country of origin, import values from Australia and the U.S. — both major commodity exporters — jumped around 50%.

          “The percentage increase in U.S. imports continues to outpace global imports, partially due to rising commodity prices, but also suggests China is continuing to implement its purchasing commitments under the U.S.-China phase one deal,” said Wendy Cutler, a former U.S. trade official who is now a vice president at the Asia Society Policy Institute.

          Sino-Australian trade relations have deteriorated rapidly in recent months, with China announcing Thursday the suspension of their economic dialogue. Beijing has been applying pressure on Canberra over political issues including the latter’s support for an independent probe into the origins of COVID-19 by slapping tariffs on such Australian exports as barley and beef.

          But iron ore has been spared China’s tariffs so far, thanks to the country’s high demand, and rising prices of raw material have blunted its economic pressure on Australia.

          As the Chinese economy recovers from a coronavirus-induced chill, overseas purchases of production equipment and components have also risen. Imports of semiconductors more than doubled by both value and volume. Though the U.S. has barred shipments of cutting-edge chips to Huawei Technologies, many industry watchers say China has been snapping up other semiconductors.

          Chinese imports of machine tools climbed 28%.

          Imports in the “motor vehicles and chassis” category more than tripled, while imports of cosmetics and toiletries rose 30% or so. The boost in consumer goods is driven partly by wealthy consumers unable to travel because of COVID-19 restrictions.

          April marked the sharpest year-on-year monthly rise in China’s import value since January 2011. The country’s gross domestic product at that time was growing at a double-digit clip, thanks largely to a 4 trillion yuan ($618 billion at current rates) stimulus package launched in response to the 2008 global financial crisis.

          But the latest boom does not fully parallel to the one in 2011. Nominal disposable income per capita grew 3.5% in Chinese cities in 2020 — far below the 14% logged in 2011. Even the pre-pandemic figure of less than 8% fell significantly short of 2011.

          Consumers and downstream companies could suffer should businesses decide to pass on the rising costs of imports. Companies that target households as opposed to corporate clients stand to suffer in particular.

          China’s exports increased 32% on the year in dollar terms in April, leading to a 5% decrease in the trade surplus.



        • Which is why there is a concerted global plan to secure food sources and vertical integration. In NZ this can be seen with the Chinese ownership of non Fonterra dairy companies and processing companies, e.g. baby formula,
          Elsewhere it is controlling the government to get fishing access, or just helping themselves in the case of the Philippines.



      • I disagree viking, i believe its time the world turns its back on china.
        We exchange precious resources like food and water for cheap poorly made plastic shit, if a few major playors banded together they could get a stranglehold on china and reign them in.
        China simply cant support its own population, at any one time china is less then 3weeks away from starving so if a few main exporting countries do a big fuck you then theyll realise they need us more then we need them.

        The world csn survive without plastic but not food and clean water.

        This will have to happen soon, the moment things turn hot in south china seas, taiwan etc some contries are gunna have hard choices to make and i hope their leaders dont just look at the $$$$$.

        I dont care much for their treatment of the muslims, infact theyre probably the only country in the world to take the right stance against them… i bet france wishes it done the same many years ago. What i disagree with is their constant bullying of other countries and the suppression and control of their own people.

        FUCK CHYNA



        • You missed the important bit. The dynasty is what matters, people don’t and if you look at North Korea they don’t either. So if half the population that is not of that dynasty starve to death XI would bat an eye lid.
          You are dealing with megalomaniac here not stupid Cindy.

          The Japanese also once had that trait. May still do underneath. ( not our friendly one of course.)
          When push comes to shove their are no human emotions involved. Feed them on meth and they will do as they are trained. History repeats.



        • I try. but thanks.
          Learnt by blogging. Started way back on Muriels blog.
          Spent a bit of time at that other blog that is now on the FB news feed today.
          Got feed up with the shitkicking from uneducated moderators and moved here asap.
          I read a lot, hardly ever watch tv. FB and neighbourly. Neigbourly is interesting. Use it for advertising as I thought it was a cool idea. But its infested with lefty be nice censors now unfortunately. Say something they don’t like and wham you are in isolation comment removed. But we battle away with the lies told by the council. Sad as challenging the narrative necessarily means challenging others.



      • Viking ,I for one go out of my way to not buy anything Chinese, eating anything grown in that putrid tip in my opinion is poison and anything designed and built entirely in the place is bound for the dump very soon after purchasing it.
        Nothing good without outside input is yet to come out of the place ,even with 60 % international input their cars are utter crap that’s why they keep rebranding the rusty junk and selling it cheap to fools in this Country.



  2. Biologists reel in 108.8kg fish that likely hatched a century ago from US river
    Paulina Firozi19:07, May 07 2021

    This time, the crew had reeled in a 108.8kg (240-pound) lake sturgeon, a 208.2cm (6-foot 10-inch) female they believe to be
    about 100 years old. It’s the biggest fish any of them had ever caught – the team’s previous record, before he joined the crew, was 55.7kg, Fischer said. It also may be one of the largest lake sturgeon ever recorded in the country.

    In a post on Facebook announcing the “once in a lifetime catch,” the conservation office noted the 100-year-old sturgeon “likely hatched in the Detroit River around 1920, when Detroit became the fourth largest city in America”.


    Did they give this feela funeral?
    No they put it back where it belonged.



  3. I caught up with a mate last night who is a ngai tahu member, i told him the turtle story and he said “thats nothing, wait until you find out what they charge when cindy comes to town”.

    His family was part of some karakia crap at cardrona skifield pre election, 30 of them plus whanau all expenses paid for 2 days, all you could eat and drink, ski passes and other activities all paid for… all for a 30min screech fest and a haka when cindy and special k turned up. To add to it there was a hefty koha to the marae.

    TPU need to OIA request how much koha has been paid from taxpayer money, it will be an absurd amount but id bet my left nut that the response will be “we dont know because we dont record it”



  4. I am very sorry I’m unable to post Asian Invasian’s post of last night. It is regarding a beach wash up of a turtle and the palaver associated with giving it back to the Maori tribe who demanded it after it had been delivered to at reasonable expense and was sitting in Te Papa freezers for a year or so, it is so worth a read, please could someone post it? And so it goes on and on and on. This is so unbelievable for a person my age, to see it happening within our country, it is all new age ridiculousness. It has become all so out of control now that I don’t see it ever being bought back into line with normal thought. Once a country we could be proud of, is no longer.



      • Based on responses to several Official Information Act requests, plus earlier media reports, the Taxpayers’ Union can set out the timeline:

        In March 2019, a dead leatherback turtle is found on the shore in Banks Peninsula. He is never named though he is known at the Taxpayers’ Union as Michelangelo.

        DOC advises Te Papa that the local Banks Peninsula marae, Koukourārata, has provided approval for Te Papa to receive turtle.

        A DOC ranger uses a tractor to transfer the turtle to the back of his ute, then commissions a truck belonging to a pet food company to keep the turtle chilled. The ranger warns that transporting the turtle to Wellington will be a “logistical nightmare”. The ranger’s wage costs are $200.

        The turtle is collected by Te Papa from the Department of Conservation office in Christchurch and driven up to Wellington in Te Papa’s Toyota Hilux, at a reported cost of $475.75.

        The turtle arrives at Te Papa’s Tory Street facility, where staff plan to perform a necropsy, check its gut for plastic, gather biological information for “the global turtle research community”, and ultimately skeletonise the corpse.

        In an apparent change of heart from the local iwi, Ngāi Tahu representative Matui Payne tells media of “a sense of grief and sadness that we didn’t have the opportunity to grieve for our kaitiaki, for our tipuna.” Te Papa cites “issues relating to consultation and support” and enters into discussion with Koukourārata “regarding the return and repatriation of the honu [turtle].”

        The late turtle spends 21 months in Te Papa’s freezer.

        No scientific research is conducted. Te Papa explains, “To enable scientific research to be undertaken, the turtle would have had to be skeletonised (i.e. processes undertaken to reduce the turtle remains to a skeleton). In conjunction with tikanga, it is usually important that all parts of the taonga or specimen (in this case, the turtle) should be buried, if possible. . .In terms of science objectives, Te Papa has not conducted any research on the turtle during its time at Te Papa so has not gained any research insights.”

        At some point, Te Papa staff build a “te honu crate” or turtle coffin, with materials costing $580.85.

        On 11 December 2020, Te Papa staff are joined by a contingent from Koukourārata for a karakia (prayer) in Wellington.

        DOC transports the turtle from Wellington back to Bank Peninsula in a refrigerated truck. The three-day journey includes reported costs of $940 in mileage, $448 for the Cook Strait ferry crossing, and $500 in wage costs. A Koukourārata representative accompanies the turtle during this journey.

        Eight Te Papa staff, including members of the Board and the senior leadership team, fly to Canterbury for the deceased turtle’s powhiri.

        Domestic travel, car rental and accommodation: $4,327.77

        Powhiri and kai for 40 people: $880.00

        At the powhiri, the eight Te Papa staff are joined by seven DOC staff.

        Four of the DOC staff are paid by the hour, for a total cost of $600.

        DOC pays a $200 koha to the Koukourārata.

        DOC spends $130 on mileage.

        The turtle arrives at its powhiri, is removed from its coffin, placed on an altar to thaw while speeches are given, and eventually strapped to a crate and flown via helicopter to its burial site: a hilltop on a nearby island. DOC pays $1600 for the helicopter service. Video and photographs from the day capture these events.

        Two DOC staff conduct an archeological survey of the burial site, and three staff dig the hole. Reported wage costs for these activities are $900.

        I cannot believe it. This is a fucking TURTLE.

        Yet I can.

        It is an incredible piece of research by the Taxpayers Union who must all have been in stitches as the tale unfolded.

        We are however now just having the complete piss taken out of us in New Zealand.

        This ladies and gentlemen will only get worse until we all grow up and say no more.

        The turtle represents what is “evolving” out of Te Tiriti perfectly.

        Ngai Tahu didn’t even have to fork out for the funeral, they definitely scored a point humiliating the silly wokey pokeys in DOC with this one!


        AnonymousMay 7, 2021 at 12:29 AM

        At this point NZ is a post-turtle of a country. You know it didn’t get up there by itself. It doesn’t belong there. You wonder who put it there. It can’t get anything done while it’s up there. You just want to help the poor, dumb thing down.

        But hey, St Jacinda of the Holy Pestilence has a wedding coming up!

        LOL. Glad I left that f***ing banana republic.



    • Lizziep,,absolutely correct , the slime, shit and cowardice has infected NZ faster and more deadlier than the pig farmer XI Jinpings filthy virus ever could..
      This was bought home clearly to me this week when a mate who hated Labour a year ago said “Jacinda has done the best job in the World as far as protecting us from covid”, it really shouldn’t have bothered me but it still does 3 days later.



  5. Hadnt heard from my rabid lefty mate for a few weeks and got a text… “44years ive voted labour if theres one more maori pandering shit im changing sides” my reply: ” i take it you dont like the he puapua being implemented” him “whats that”.
    I sent a link with a “you voted for this” so far no reply 🙂 i guess cindys in the dogbox with him now teehee.



  6. Sorry if already been posted, but worth signing at bottom.

    Dear Saggy,
    Thank you for signing our petition asking the Labour government to reject Maori co-governance.
    Petition: We, the undersigned citizens of New Zealand, demand that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Government reject outright and cease implementing all aspects of the two-government plan as described in He Puapua, the report of the working group on a plan to realise the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in NZ.
    That would mean:
    • No two-governments,
    • No written constitution based on the radical reinterpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi created by the Waitangi Tribunal in the 1980s,
    • Disestablishing the Waitangi Tribunal, which has shown by its decisions that it has outlived its usefulness,
    • Disestablishing the Ministry of Maori-Crown Relations, which is entrenching racial separatism,
    • No separate health, welfare, judiciary, prison, or any other such government agency set up for a single ethnic group,
    • Ending all dialogue between the Government and the Independent Monitoring Mechanism group.
    • A declaration that water is owned by all citizens of New Zealand,
    • Restoring the right for citizens to petition for votes on proposals for Maori wards in local government,
    • Holding a binding referendum on whether to continue with or disestablish the Maori seats in Parliament,
    • Suspending work on the proposed school NZ history curriculum, because the draft is flawed and politicised beyond redemption,
    • Restoring public ownership of the marine and coastal area,
    • Requiring the correct use of the name of our country, which is New Zealand, on passports, and all government documents. The Treaty-based Maori name for New Zealand is Nu Tirani.

    We, Maori and non-Maori alike, are in this together. We ask that we be treated fairly and equally.

    Please forward this email to your friends, family and colleagues so that we can get our message across to Jacinda Ardern and her Labour colleagues.

    Click here to sign our petition rejecting Maori co-governance:



  7. Wow it took me several attempts to find a media source that has been prepared to publish the dismal stories on the Governments poor attemptto vaccine hundreds in Auckland yesterday.
    The unorganized and inept attemp to vaccine people in Auckland yesterday has left several older people in limbo and upset at the way they were treated yesterday when showing up for their appointment to have the Covid -19 vaccine .
    This Government of one failure after another couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery so how can many New Zealanders a Government that fucked up the Meningococcal vaccines in Northland, exported the Measle Epidemic to Pacific Islands and now has put a major dent in Confidence that people will get vaccinated for Covid -19.



  8. I’m sure you will have seen this by now but if not……..

    “The risk-benefit calculus is therefore clear: the experimental vaccines are needless, ineffective and dangerous. Actors authorizing, coercing or administering experimental COVID-19 vaccination are exposing populations and patients to serious, unnecessary, and unjustified medical risks.” Doctors for Covid Ethics, April 29, 2021
    “The vaccines are dangerous to both healthy individuals and those with pre-existing chronic disease, for reasons such as the following: risk of lethal and non-lethal disruptions of blood clotting including bleeding disorders, thrombosis in the brain, stroke and heart attack; autoimmune and allergic reactions; antibody-dependent enhancement of disease;and vaccine impurities due to rushed manufacturing and unregulated production standards….

    “…all gene-based vaccines can be expected to cause blood clotting and bleeding disorders…. The vaccines are not safe.”(“COVID Vaccines: Necessity, Efficacy and Safety”, Doctors for Covid Ethics)



  9. And it starts… https://i.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/125035281/covid19-vaccine-should-be-mandatory-for-health-workers-expert-says

    Next the pink haired land whale will chime in and cindy will have no option but to implement an order. Our already stretched health services dont need to risk large numbers ir any number really of staff walking off the job.

    The writings on the wall, employment law or and h&s will be rewritten to force every employee in nz to be vaccinated.



  10. Any more info on the possible vaccine deaths… its all gone quiet, remuera and palmy north? I didnt hear of the hubby getting charged with murder so wtf is going on… swept under the carpet i guess



    • This from GP just now:

      AljunioR • 18 minutes ago
      Started a new p/t job thjs week… the 4th time I’ve worked for this lady / company.
      At a printworks. Her former staff keep running away screaming or refusing some of the duties. It is tough, unless you’re some sort of duracell bunny.
      Anyway, she’s been at my throat from day 1…
      Found out tonight she lost her mum & her sister to the vax over the bank holiday w/e.



    • Remuera lady in the MSM the other day, I posted on it. Both Horrid and Stuffed ran stories saying police were still investigating.
      No vaccine death here move along.
      Linda Wharton has posted that she is aware of 8 suspicious deaths following shots. No doubt just another 8 of those pesky coincidences.



  11. Housing Crisis: Exclusive Data shows the Suburbs Aucklands new houses are being built in.
    More homes have been completed in Hobsonville in the last two years than anywhere else according to a property analysis.
    Auckland is in the middle of a building boom with more than 17,000 new homes completed across the City in the past two years, exclusive new data reveals.
    Does the Government not want to show what is happening in Hobsonville because it was a National Party project or did they have other intentions.



  12. Well, piss off somewhere else then.


    New Zealand welcomes refugees who are persecuted in their home country for being part of the rainbow community. But the experience isn’t always a safe haven.

    Once here they can experience a double burden, facing both discrimination within the refugee community for being LGBTQIA+, and within the LGBTQIA+ community for being refugees.



  13. Bover boy unionism, like it or lump it.


    “In the past year, we have all clearly seen the essential work that people working in our supermarkets, our cleaners, and security guards do. But they continue to be paid the minimum wage or close to it. Wages have been driven down simply to improve profit margins,” said president Richard Wagstaff.

    “Fair pay agreements will improve the lives of many New Zealanders and their families by lifting the wages of some of our lowest-paid.”

    The Taxpayers’ Union doesn’t, calling it “wage control” and suggesting “bureaucratic, inflexible wage agreements will create avenues for costly litigation”.



  14. “The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own.”
    Jacques Attali, former senior advisor to President Mitterand.

    In Auckland they are queueing to get in;



  15. Make it a direct hit of the 9th floor.

    Long March 5B: Out-of-control Chinese rocket tipped to be right over NZ when it comes down

    But right now, early Saturday afternoon, one tracker has it flying over Northland at its estimated reentry time of 4:19pm on Sunday.

    It’s about 21 tonnes and 30m long, and the US is keeping a close eye on it.

    “We’re hopeful that it will land in a place where it won’t harm anyone,” US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told BBC News. “Hopefully in the ocean, or someplace like that.”



  16. A longish read to figure what to the 2 theories of what started, the source of the CCP virus.
    Was it natural, is one thought, or had men dabbled with it and escaped.
    Looking at this from both sides, reflects closer to what may have happened, and what, who, and maybe why, that is involved in the pandemic.

    Well worth skimming through, so as to have a bit of background for the “Conclusion”.
    The problem being, are we from around the world prepared to question, to up the pressure to get the facts, data, to complete answers.


    It seems that ethics, like the Hippocratic Oath, honesty, truth, have by many reasons, been thrown out the window.

    A summation of that longish read, but for me, seems to be a trailer, to the real meaty point of the above link..

    That also goes about the push for vaccines.
    It seems in not knowing the truth of the source, continues to contaminate the vaccine system.
    Some of the same players.
    No real study, No autopsy reports, either hidden away, censored, glossed over, blurred.

    The vaccine is for EUA “Emergency Use Approval” by the FDA, as the original study test people, the trial is still being run, and will not conclude until mid 2023. The FDA sticker is on the bottle of the vaccine.
    Then medsafe says ignore that.
    Medsafe NZ has it own version as being “provisional” so also will be following that the same trial.

    “Medsafe [NZ] has placed 58 conditions on the approval for the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine.

    Evidence for linking the risk to the medicine:-
    VAED is considered a potential risk because it has not been seen in human studies with this or other COVID-19 vaccines being studied.
    It has not been seen in vaccine studies in animal models of the SARS-CoV-2 virus either.
    However, in selected vaccine studies in animal models as well as in some laboratory studies in animal cells infected with 2 other related coronaviruses (SARSCoV-1 and MERS-CoV), abnormalities in immune responses or cellular responses indicative of VAED were observed.
    Because of this, VAED is considered a potential risk.
    In the past, there have been other examples of particularly respiratory viruses where VAED has been observed.
    For example, some children who received an inactivated respiratory syncytial virus vaccine (a different type of virus), had worse signs of disease when they were subsequently infected with respiratory syncytial virus. ….. …..


    So why do the politicians, media, gloss over, and use a form of censorship by omission, and claiming ignorance of some of this information.



  17. A bit long but it’s gone quiet:

    Time to do the inner-blonde test!! Pay close attention! There are 10 questions, so you should be able to answer them all in 5 minutes. DO NOT look at the answers found at the end of this comment, that would be cheating! Write each of your answers down, it makes a difference!


    1. Some months have 30 days, some months have 31 days. How many months have 28 days?

    2. If a doctor gives you 3 pills and tells you to take one pill every half hour, how long would it be before all the pills had been taken?

    3. I went to bed at eight o’clock in the evening and wound up my clock and set the alarm to sound at nine o’clock in the morning. How many hours sleep would I get before being woken by the alarm?

    4. Divide 30 by half and add ten. What do you get?

    5. A farmer had 17 sheep. All but 9 died. How many live sheep were left?

    6. If you had only one match and entered a COLD and DARK room, where there was an oil heater, an oil lamp and a candle, which would you light first?

    7. A man builds a house with four sides of rectangular construction, each side having a southern exposure. A big bear comes along. What colour is the bear?

    8. Take 2 apples from 3 apples. What do you have?

    9. How many animals of each species did Moses take with him in the Ark?

    10. If you drove a bus with 43 people on board from Chicago and stopped at Pittsburgh to pick up 7 more people and drop off 5 passengers and at Cleveland to drop off 8 passengers and pick up 4 more and eventually arrive at Philadelphia 20 hours later, what’s the name of the driver?


    1. All of them. Every month has at least 28 days.
    2. 1 hour. If you take a pill at 1 o’clock, then another at 1.30 and the last at 2 o’clock, they will be taken in 1 hour.
    3. 1 hour. It is a wind up alarm clock which cannot discriminate between a.m. and p.m.
    4. 70. Dividing by half is the same as multiplying by 2.
    5. 9 live sheep.
    6. The match.
    7. White. If all walls face south, the house must be on the North Pole.
    8. 2 apples. I HAVE 3 APPLES, YOU TAKE 2, WHAT DO YOU HAVE?
    9. None. It was Noah, not Moses.
    10. YOU are the driver.

    SUGGESTED CAREER PATH based on grading scale  (out of 10):

    10 Nuclear Scientist
    9 Farmer
    8 Engineer
    7 Student
    6 Lawyer
    5 Primary school pupil
    4 University Lecturer
    3 Civil Servant
    2 Teacher
    1 Member of Parliament



  18. Simpleton1@1335

    Re: So why etc. etc…’

    Because it suits their narrative to do so, the whole ‘Covid’ exercise being all about ‘Control’ in all and any form that will get the ‘Lower orders’ to conform.

    As they see themselves as our ‘betters’ their actions do, of course, make perfect sense ‘- to them.



  19. Islamization of Europe a good thing’

    Rabbi Baruch Efrati believes Jews should ‘rejoice at the fact that Europe is paying for what it did to us for hundreds of years by losing its identity.’ He praises Islam for promoting modesty, respect for God.

    With the help of God, the gentiles there will adopt a healthier life with a lot of modesty and integrity, and not like the hypocritical Christianity which appears pure but is fundamentally corrupt,” he explained.




  20. It isn’t until one reads the actual words uttered & written by religious nuts that their warped thinking sinks in.

    Nothing good has ever come out of the Middle East be its vehicle Christianity, Islam or Judaism. Four thousand plus years of religious gibberish & faith in what doesn’t exist has produced nothing except blood, misery, hatred & more blood.



  21. Jackie Clarke is racist and a raving nut job.

    Report shows shocking rate of violence experienced by wāhine Māori

    Jackie Clarke is the head of The Aunties, a group supporting victims of sexual harm.

    She is a victim of sexual harm herself and said it was time for the Government to listen to survivors and hear their stories.

    “You acknowledge those that didn’t survive, the dead, the mate.

    “There are so many women and kids who haven’t survived sexual and intimate partner violence and I want to pay tribute them particularly because hopefully this initiative leads us on a road to somewhere that makes it better for women and kids in the future,” Clarke said.

    Clarke said she has been led by and follows Māori women within her work and said the effects of colonisation has been a leading factor for ongoing violence.




    • “… and said the effects of colonisation has been a leading factor for ongoing violence.”

      Okay. So as “colonisation” recedes into the past, it’s effects should lessen.

      How do you explain the alleged effect worsening?



    • Colonisation be fucked. Half of the violence suffered by wahine would vanish if they’d learn to control their big, loud mouths.

      I worked as a part time bouncer in the local pub for five years to keep the bills paid when the kids were small. Most of the time it was drama free but you could usually see trouble coming. Too often it was when a Maori woman got a few on board & started abusing her partner goading him into giving her the bash. The closest I ever got to making sense out of it was that by their warped thinking “if he hits me he must love me”. The boss had seen it too many times & out to the footpath they went but you could guarantee that they’d have a rerun later.

      Sometimes I’d get home & watch my kids sleep knowing that at least they didn’t have to watch their parents fighting like animals.



          • Wish I knew Odakyu-sen. If it’s sexual it must be masochism or maybe a desire to be dominated as what other kinks in their right minds would beg to be hurt?

            Otherwise it could be cultural. Something along the lines of Grandad bashed the shit out of Nana just like my parents & the rest of the whanau so I must get knocked around too?

            Or perhaps they’re just fucked in the head primitives.



            • Perhaps the non-Maori left-wing Jackie Clarkes of this world are not able to comprehend or to admit that this “if he hits me he must love me” aspect exists, and so they feel compelled to blame the violence on the usual suspects.

              Perhaps Jackie Clarke should stop looking at the world through her own political lens and instead try to better understand other cultures. She might not like what she finds, but that is part of the learning process.



    • This type of experience, reasoning has been totally revised out, to bring in the new freedoms of liberty, from colonialism, which had in part a concept of the “white man’s burden”.
      Now it has been twisted over and used as an anvil for other illusory purposes to pulverize western civilization.

      Dr. Albert Schweitzer (the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize laureate) stated in his 1939 book African Notebook about Blacks:

      “I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa.
      There is something that all white men who have lived here like I must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race.
      They have neither the intellectual, mental, or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with White men in any function of our civilization.
      I have given my life to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and they the inferior.
      For whenever a White man seeks to live among them as their equals they will either destroy him or devour him.
      And they will destroy all of his work.
      Let White men from anywhere in the world, who would come to Africa, remember that you must continually retain this status; you the master and they the inferior like children that you would help or teach.
      Never fraternize with them as equals.
      Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you.
      They will destroy you.”

      Albert Schweitzer gave up what could have been a great career in Europe to become a
      medical missionary.
      He went to Lambarene in 1913 and stayed there, with breaks for fund raising until 1949.
      His aim was to serve his fellow man and to encourage others, by his example, to do likewise.
      The main thrust of the medical mission was to combat leprosy.

      Of course that time, he was also able to figure other things, observing & experiencing.
      These days this debate, discussion, learning has been stopped, so it can be leveraged for other purposes.



  22. Couldn’t happen to a more despicable fellow!

    “Fauci is done. He’s actively being hunted down now, even by the US media. Twitter is exploding under him. Yet just the other day the BBC was fawning over this corrupt wanker.”

    Fauci didn’t just send millions of taxpayer dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to fund risky research.
    He sent his researchers there for conferences – now wiped from the internet – too.



    • Fauci moved covid/DNA research to Wuhan when Obumma shut the research down in the US with a nod and a wink to Fauci for it to continue. The left are eating their own. It was inevitable they would turn on themselves but they’ve done a lot of damage in the meantime. It’s great to see it when it happens. Biden is crashing the US economy so watch this space…



    • Trust my luck. From Newshub:

      …..”one tracker has it flying over Northland at its estimated reentry time of 4:19pm on Sunday. “……

      Up until now, when considering travel, I’ve concentrated on predicting when the Mad Queen will schedule the next lockdown. We’re in Northland right now so it seems I have to dodge Chow rockets as well as predict the ravings of an unhinged Prime Minister!



  23. Cheers Cindy poo.

    Whangārei power cut: 9000 households told to head out for dinner, others told to conserve electricity

    About 9000 Northland households have been told to head out for dinner on Saturday evening as a major power outage on Saturday evening is expected to continue for another few hours yet.




  24. NZ Herald Censors Comments on Possible Pfizer Deaths

    “Health officials are investigating the deaths of two New Zealanders in their 80s who have died since having the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 jab under “an abundance of caution”.

    Both deaths have been reported to the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring.”

    Vaccinologist Helen Petousis-Harris said:

    ‘People need to understand that we’re going to see lots of events occur after people have the jab.’

    ‘That’s because around 80, mostly elderly, people died in New Zealand every day.’




    • You cant have it both ways

      …‘That’s because around 80, mostly elderly, people died in New Zealand every day.’…

      And yet large amounts of the overseas stats for elderly people deaths are allotted to the ‘rona

      Instead of just dying of old age; it was their time etc

      They are trying to have a quid each way
      When the ‘rona was lurking on door handles and toilet seats last year they blamed as much as possible on the ‘rona

      But now they are injecting people with a commercially-oriented concoction the deaths are……
      ….oh well, that happens to old people, they die.

      Lying fuckers.



    • Not exactly clear explained timing is it?

      ….. Details of when the duo where given the Covid-19 vaccine were not yet known. That includes the timing of their death after being vaccinated. …..

      ….. Ministry of Health data shows that in the week leading up to April 3, there had been seven serious adverse reaction cases reported. A further 196 non-serious cases had been reported in that period. ….

      Now what is the date today ? ? ?
      Something seems blurred? or omitted?



  25. Last item on Newshub tonight ministry of health admit that 2 people in their 80’s have died after receiving the vax.
    Have been reported to CARM with “an abundance of caution” but not thought to be a result of taking the vax,
    Yea right as Tui would say.



    • Article in the Horrid very revealing:

      “Medical staff believed the deaths were not related to being vaccinated.”
      “Details of when the duo where given the Covid-19 vaccine were not yet known. That includes the timing of their death after being vaccinated.”

      A bit hard to figure out how they can know it’s not related to the vax when there are no details available.

      Helen POS-Harris is also quoted

      “She was “not at all” worried by tonight’s news, vaccinologist Helen Petousis-Harris said.”
      “She didn’t have all the details about the deaths of the two people in their 80s, but “I know enough to know they are not in any way related to the vaccine”.

      God the woman must have supernatural powers.



  26. First stage of Mercury’s Turitea Wind Farm to be switched on in October after year-long delay

    All so the blades can get around the tight turns of the Pahiatua Track.

    “There was a geotechnical issue. When they started excavating it there was a slip that filled itself back in again and the conditions certainly weren’t as conducive as hoped for building that track. Blade access is a big concern,” says Mercury generation development manager Dennis Radich.

    That slip is causing big delays for the half-a-billion dollar project with only 15 of the 180 blades on-site to date.



  27. Documents reveal China discussed weaponisation of coronaviruses prior to pandemic
    Documents obtained by the US State Department reveal Chinese military scientists discussed the weaponisation of SARS coronaviruses five years before the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Top scientists outlined their ideas in the document predicting a third world war would be fought with biological weapons.
    1 minute quick teaser.

    What does this make the supposed Dr. Fauci in shifting his staff, US $ to Wuhan?
    What does it make it the administration that continues to support Dr. Fauci?



  28. …… Six people who tested positive for COVID-19 in hotel quarantine in the past three weeks had already been fully vaccinated overseas, revealing the difficulties with implementing a vaccine passport system. ….
    ….. One had received a one-shot vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson, and the remaining cases had received both doses of a two-shot vaccine, such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Moderna. …..


    Seems like the protection of vaccines and then to be used by pass quarantine, will be a waste of time.
    Looks likely quarantine will need to be kept on, and nor will one be able to really freely travel on the supposed vaccine passport.

    Just what point is a vaccine passport, or the vaccine?
    Less likely to transmit, so they say.
    So what about all the positive tests for the asymptomatic people that created the concept of “super spreaders” that then created tracing people and lockdowns?



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