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  1. “Life or death”
    I forced myself to listen to parliament yesterday.
    The above words keep coming back.
    For NZ’s PM to claim in parliament that the climate change situation is one of life and death , is absolutely out of order.it is shades of Thunberg ,alarmist , irresponsible and unacceptable.
    Worst Government ever.



    • Thats the next narrative, climate change is more deadly then covid so we have to go harder.
      I give it 5yrs and the world will have its 1st climate lockdowns… id hate to say it but its probably a toss up between canada and nz being the 1st to go full retard on it.



      • PDM, I’m just the same. I would always check out QT at the end of the day. But National have got nothing. For all Ardern’s bullshit and failings, they can’t nail her down. They let her run her tangents, and provide answers for questions which were never asked. Thought Judith might be up for the task, but unfortunately not. The only one who’s all over it, is David Seymour. And the fact that Mallard is still there, makes the whole show a farce. I can’t be bothered anymore.



    • The cold and hungry times of the GSM over the next 50 or 60 years ARE a matter of life and death for our children and grandchildren. The effects of the colder times are beginning to be very evident and food shortages are becoming more and more apparent not just in the rising prices in the supermarkets. What preparations are the government making to help New Zealanders cope with the changes and difficulties ahead? Here is a comprehensive list that I have put together:



  2. It’s all about buying votes.

    DL knows that ultimately she has the unions in her pocket and that they will always support her financially (even when she doesn’t obey them or give them what they want), while the Latte Liberals in Auckland will also support her, especially financially, ‘cos they (the ‘liberals’ think it’s ‘cool’ to be ‘radical’ and anti-conservative.

    If by promising a bridge, she can extract more ‘Liberal’ money from those whom ideologically she regards as being ‘useful idiots’, then so be it – when said bridge doesn’t eventuate, she will, of course not be responsible for that, but thanks for the money any way.



  3. Graduate nurse in our family already talking about Australia. “Fuck you Cindy” is the general feeling amongst her peers; money for beneficiaries and cycling lanes but not for frontline healthcare workers.

    Horse Face has lost the room.



    • People will vote by leaving the country. The productive people are always a minority, so it doesn’t take for many of them to emigrate to have a significant effect on the economy.
      Will we replace 10 productive people with 10 liquor store workers?



        • I do not expect my youngest daughter to stay in NZ after she graduates from Massey. She will have a large student loan to pay off.
          As I told her. A half-completed degree is worth nothing, but $57,000 in student loans is real (and will get bigger by the time she completes her 5-year course). She knows that she must complete her degree to be able to slay the debt monster. Working in Australia or the US will enable her to do that much quicker.



    • A golden rule in politics is don’t mess with Health or Education and this collection of clowns infesting parliament impersonating a Govt will hopefully discover in 2023 this by returning to parliament in a mini bus – all of them in one van.



  4. $700 M for the cycle bridge. Pffffft. By the time it’s completed, that will just be the deposit.
    However, I don’t think Bozo and the Bozettes have any intention of this ever being built. They’re just shutting the mouths down.



    • Let those wokey bastards in Greylynistan pay for the cycleway, while you’re about it send the bill to all ratepayers in Ponsonbistan as well. Another yapyap vanity project from that imported Kanaka she beast in WGTN. It will never happen



  5. The wheel is staring to turn.
    Sack Cindy is becoming a daily refrain at last.

    If you would like to barter with our people’s lives, you should start by bartering your own. Send your child away and have her only come home when the last immigrant family’s child is finally reunited with their parents in New Zealand.

    I would strongly advise you to accept not seeing your child for the next three years at the rate you are going. We challenge you to live without your child for two years, Jacinda.


    And no, we will not accept your apology, we will not accept your excuses, but we will accept your resignation and then allow you to contact the best legal representation you can find — because you’ll need it.

    No ma’am, we will not foot the bill for your lawyers either.



    • What a load of rambling bullshit from some weirdo

      “Not too long ago, Jacinda, did the government you represent treat Māori like immigrants, like people who have no right to call this home, but rather just happen to live here; and they were forced to accept your apology. ”

      Sounds like the writer likes the lawnmowers



  6. Cindys just starting to realise what its like to be a farmer, a really bad cropping farmer… reap what you sow bitch! Shes going to cost more lives with nurses leaving then what covid ever wouldve.
    Cindys mouth wrote cheques her arse couldnt cash, im waiting for teachers to have another crack at her now. How many strikes has their been under 4 looong years of labour vs 9long years of national?



  7. We should start calling the labour party the “nz oilers” all cindy and co do is oil the squeaky wheel, the cuzis, greens,cyclists… cindy couldnt hear the nurses yesterday so best they strike again.
    Maybe newshub/reid should do 1 of tgeir rigged polls but only survey nurses, i bet with the popularity plummet by the end of the day cindy will do an anouncement of an anouncement about nurses pay… oh yea and reveal full wedding details.



  8. This seems to be why some people have found they have become “magnetized”.
    Sort of triggers perhaps the iron in your blood & tissues to become magnetized.
    The video shows why this component is added.
    Despite claims of “fact checkers” that it does not happen.

    EXPOSED! Magnetism INTENTIONALLY Added to ‘Vaccine’ to
    11 mins 40 secs.

    Dr. Jane Ruby …. ….. regarding the ‘magnetism’ videos circulating the world of social media in self-recorded videos of people sticking metal objects to themselves.

    The CDC has said receiving the ‘vaccine’ will not make you magnetic, including at the site of ‘vaccination’ which is usually your arm.

    Dr. Ruby says, “They’re lying”, and provided evidence in support of her claim, as well as a disturbing warning about the ingredients in the jab, directly from the source

    Yet the here it shows the “fact checkers” say it is not so.

    Maybe it is to the ones that start having major side effects?

    Tempting to carry a button magnet, and try it on the ones that declare they are vaccinated on their injected arm? 🙂
    Or just try a key?, which shows the person is even more magnetized.
    Though I certainly do not take it as a joke to do.
    Down right scary.

    Can we get a journalist to do this to Ardern with in a few days of her jab?



    • Is that what they were like?

      I never went inside one.

      Back then Foodtown was actually well run.
      When Ted Van Arkel was running the show.
      Up to 2005; then it turned to shit.

      Van Arkel- Now that is the sort of immigrant we need.
      And, he left school at end of 4th form. No poncing around in commie universities getting his head full of muck.



  9. We need to move faster’: Climate Commission lays down challenge in final advice.
    Are the people of New Zealand going to put up with being told what sort of careersor work they will be able to do, how much they can earn in business’s they have owned for years and what they can eat without interference from others well this will be the likelyhood if Rod Carr, James Shaw, Mike Joy, Jacinda Ardern our Prime Minister with the help of the Labour Party and Green Party are working towards.
    Let’s face it climate change does exist just not in the form that many activists would have you think and if they get their way on these maters and it is passed into law you will have no say and many will be out of work because of it, already it has been noted that over 2,000 mechanics will lose their jobs and be out of work with many other trade more than likely facing the same scenario.



  10. I was reading an article on rnz yesterday about how Maori discovered Antarctica in the 7th century! I was most impressed to hear about this incredible feat, being a sailor I’ve been to quite a few interesting and dangerous places but there is no way I would go down that way in anything less than an icebreaker. Obviously such an impressive journey in a poorly designed boat with no engine through the roaring forties would be well documented, but no they have this thing called oral history which now days appears to be taken as gospel. The woman who wrote the article is not surprisingly a professor from Otago University. I can see a claim coming up here. Why do we have to finance this tripe?



  11. Went to a club with my wife. There was a guy on the dance floor going mental twerking, breakdancing, spinning, moonwalking, back flips, the lot .
    My wife turned to me and said, “See that guy? 25 years ago he proposed to me and I turned him down.”
    I said, “By the looks of it he’s still fucking celebrating!”



    • There used to be red haired people in Tahiti, have a watch of “Skeletons in the Cupboard” it’s a good documentary and the lefties hate it. The other thing is, if you were sailing down from Polynesia to Antarctica would would have been unlucky to miss N.Z or Australia particularly as it sounds like they did it all the time.



      • They would have died of hypothermia. Being in an open craft in the Roaring 40s, Furious 50s and Screaming 60s, in subzero temps, in the type of clothing they had available, they wouldn’t have got near the place.



      • Tarquin@0814

        Then there are the Moehau (sp.?) on the Coromandel (completer with a mountain named after them)- all ‘Maori’ redheads and noted for being so, while there are also tales of red-headed fairies in various parts of the country (and NO we’re not going there).



        • The ones in Tahiti were well documented. I think it was the crew of the Beagle who met them and by the sound of things passed on a european disease and by the time they came back a few years later they had all died. Apparently they also found some very tall skeletons in a lava cave down Taupo way a while back. I think this was embargoed like a truck load of other things relating to early N.Z history. There is also plenty of strange stuff out Dargaville way and stone walls in the Waipua Forest that nobody can explain. I personally believe that this country had more than a few pre Maori visitors and more than a few of them don’t want anyone to know. The funny one is Skeletons in the closet. It is a documentary that looks at the fairy people of Rotorua and suggests early Maori were actually from Persia via South America, nothing particularly offensive about it but for some reason lefties and activists hate it. As they say, truth is the enemy of ideology and maybe that is the reason.



  12. Lucky they’re so far ahead with the vaccine rollout.
    Matthew Hooton: Government data says Covid vaccine to run out on Monday

    Bit long but not a bad read:
    If the Government’s own figures can be believed, New Zealand will run out of Covid vaccines early next week.

    On Tuesday, Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins announced the Government was now administering 20,000 doses of the vaccine every day. The Ministry of Health’s data for the same day indicates only 120,000 doses remained in stock – enough to take us through to the end of Monday. There will not even be enough for the 220,000 people currently waiting for their second dose.

    There’s no conspiracy theory behind this. It’s just maths.

    According to Hipkins and also Jacinda Ardern at her press conference on Tuesday, New Zealand has only received around 900,000 doses from Pfizer, with no more to come until July. But the ministry says more than 775,000 doses have already been administered. Another 5000-plus are reported to have been wasted.

    It gets worse.

    Hipkins and Ardern made a big song and dance about the next million doses that will arrive progressively through July, but they also claim the numbers to be vaccinated through July will be ramped up “significantly”.

    Assuming that, by “significantly”, they mean numbers might be 30,000 doses per day through July, the million new doses will only take them through to the end of that month before running out again.

    And the first lot would need to go to the 100,000 people who will not get their second dose on time this month.

    Even if the Government manages to administer 1.9 million doses by the end of July, it will have been able to fully vaccinate no more than 950,000 people. That is just 18 per cent of the total population and just 23 per cent of the population aged 16 and above.

    It does not even include everyone in priority groups 1, 2 and 3, which include border and MIQ workers and those they live with; high-risk frontline workers and people living in high-risk places; and people who are at risk of getting very sick from Covid-19, such as those who are aged 65 or over, obese, diabetic or pregnant, or have a heart condition.

    Perhaps we should not have been so surprised by reports that more than 25,000 people in the highest priority group – border workers and those they live with – have not yet had a single jab. After all, more than 1000 border workers aren’t even getting tested within the required timeframe.

    But it gets worse still.

    Hipkins and Ardern go on to say the Government plans to administer an average of 50,000 doses per day in August and September. For that, they will need another three million doses delivered by Pfizer through those two months.

    Yet when asked how many doses they expect to have in stock at the end of July, and when – even roughly – they expect to receive further doses from Pfizer, they won’t say, citing commercial sensitivity.

    Strangely, Hipkins and Ardern didn’t consider it too commercially sensitive to crow to the whole world on Tuesday about the July shipment plans.

    Having tried yesterday to get answers out of the Beehive both formally and informally, my best bet is that no further shipments have yet been confirmed or scheduled. There is talk that t’s need to be crossed and i’s dotted, which suggests no contracts for shipments have yet been agreed.

    Yet the Beehive dismisses questions about exactly when New Zealand will run out of vaccines if no further shipments are confirmed as “hypothetical”. It says Pfizer has delivered on its commitments – whatever they are – and that it expects that to continue.

    It is startling that the Government thinks supplying only 900,000 doses – enough for just 450,000 people – in the first six months of this year is Pfizer “delivering”. Hipkins, after all, announced in November that the Government was “in a very good place to ensure … New Zealand will be at the front of the queue”.

    Hipkins is doing better than Phil Twyford building 600 houses after promising 100,000, but that won’t be much comfort if we get left behind the rest of the world.

    The Beehive legitimately boasts that New Zealand is Covid-free, but not even it says we always will be. Its goal is to achieve herd immunity through vaccination so that the border can re-open. It knows it is vital for New Zealand that this happens at least in line with the rest of the world. As a trade- and tourism-dependent country, we can’t afford to stay locked behind a border when the rest of the world returns to normal. Nor, aside from the economic considerations, do we want to.

    The Government won’t say what level of vaccination it believes would deliver herd immunity, saying the science community hasn’t settled on a number. It won’t even give a range. Nor will it say when it expects it will have achieved herd immunity.

    But we can do the maths.

    Assuming herd immunity is achieved with an 80 per cent vaccination rate across the whole population, and assuming the Government gets another six million or so doses, and assuming it achieves its heroic estimate of 50,000 doses a day from August, then with a bit of luck the job will be done just before Christmas.

    The tourism industry could open for summer and New Zealanders could finally visit loved ones outside Australasia. In fact, if we believe the Government’s data, everyone can start booking now. I strongly recommend you take out insurance. The current situation looks set to run well into 2022.

    Most astonishing of all, the Government refuses to commit to returning to its pre-Covid border policy even once herd immunity is achieved, whenever that is. New Zealand always accepted around 500 unvaccinated people dying from influenza each year as the price of an open border, but Covid seems to have changed the Government’s appetite for risk.

    Even when New Zealand has established herd immunity and the Covid vaccine can be administered on demand to anyone who wants it rather than being rationed in response to a national emergency, the Government will not publicly guarantee that New Zealanders and others will again be able to come and go as we please. Such questions, the Beehive says, involve “simplistic assertions” and “do not contribute helpfully to debate or planning”.

    Asked yesterday, Hipkins ruled out offering his resignation to Ardern if he fails to deliver herd immunity by the end of this year – or even by the end of next year. Asked whether she would seek his resignation under those circumstances, Ardern’s office would say only that she had confidence in him.

    Given the vaccination shambles over which they are presiding, those answers are probably prudent. And, if you are a border worker who hasn’t had your jab, best you get it today.



  13. More tinkering with tax changes for property investors. They can’t help themselves.

    Investors are being encouraged to buy new builds, with the Government today confirming more details of its changes to tax rules for property.

    It confirms anyone who bought a house before March 27 will see interest deductibility gradually phased out between October this year and March 2025. But if a house was purchased after March 27, that will immediately stop from October.

    Property development and new builds are exempt.



    • Well, that ought to push up the cost of a new-build no end (materials and labour are a real constraint). As if new-build costs are not going through the roof already. And the price of second-hand houses is only capped by the cost of a new-build. So off we go.



  14. Strewth Blue

    That’s not globby warming

    “Parts of New South Wales have registered their coldest day in over two decades with residents warned of blizzard-like conditions on the state’s roads over the long weekend.

    With a top of 6.7C, Mudgee had its coldest day in 21 years while
    Bega dipped to 9.4C marking the coldest day in 18 years.
    Cooma dropped to 1.8C, the coldest day in 17 years,
    and Dubbo recorded a minimum of 7.8C, the lowest daytime temperature in 16 years.”

    Ski resorts open 10 June:-
    ‘The cold front has driven a strong start for the 2021 snow season, with heavy falls of around 10 centimetres at resorts in Thredbo and Perisher.
    The BoM has forecast similar conditions for the remainder of the week in the Northern Tablelands, Central Tablelands and Southern Ranges.’

    Some serious Snow pictures



  15. The pyscho numpty who wrote this garbage needs to look in the mirror and decide if his own existence matches his disgust.
    What a seriously sick person.
    Must be a leftard.

    Medical Journal Labels “Whiteness” a “Malignant, Parasitic-like Condition” and there is “Not Yet a Permanent Cure”

    In the article, Moss wrote that “‘white’ people have a particular susceptibility” to the “parasitic” condition, which he claims “renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable, and perverse.” He explained he believed whiteness establishes “entitled dominion” that enables the “host” to have “power without limit, force without restriction, violence without mercy,” and increases one’s drive to “terrorize.”




  16. A Mexican, an Arab, and a Texan girl are in the same bar.
    When the Mexican finishes his beer, he throws his glass in the air, pulls out his pistol, and shoots the glass to pieces…
    He says, ‘In Mexico, our glasses are so cheap we don’t need to drink with the same one twice.’
    The Arab, obviously impressed by this, drinks non-alcohol beer, throws his glass into the air, pulls out his AK-47, and shoots the glass to pieces…
    H says, ‘In the Arab World we have so much sand to make glasses that we don’t need to drink with the same one twice either.’
    The Texan girl, cool as a cucumber, picks up her beer, downs it in one gulp, throws the glass into the air, whips out her 45, and shoots the Mexican and the Arab.
    Catching her glass, setting it on the bar, and calling for a refill, she says, ‘In Texas , we have so many illegal aliens that we don’t have to drink with the same ones twice.’



  17. Four people arrested in Whangārei, Christchurch following drive-by shooting

    Police have arrested four people following a drive-by shooting in Northland last month.

    An investigation called Operation Brantley was launched the following week, which targeted members and associates of the Mongols motorcycle gang.

    On Thursday, police in Northland and Canterbury carried out six search warrants – three in each region – with support from the Armed Offenders Squad, Detective Inspector Bridget Doell of Northland CIB says.

    Four men, aged 49, 43, 18, and 17 – were arrested and charged with a number of offences. They are: doing a dangerous act with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, arson, and participating in an organised criminal group.



  18. Fecking Nick Smith

    What a complete wanker

    ‘Retiring long-time National politician Dr Nick Smith has used his valedictory speech to apologise to the LGBTQ+ community for having voted against same-sex marriage – honouring a commitment to his son.’

    I would rather he apologies for spending at least 15 years too long in parliament .
    Probably the weakest of the 1990 ‘young turks’ and he stayed the longest.

    Is he now going to go line by line of his votes over 30 years and pick which ones he agrees with?

    He has been taking his holiday for years with Blinglish.
    Of course he was going to vote that way.



  19. Breaking news

    NSW woman’s death likely linked to AstraZeneca vaccine

    A 52-year-old woman from NSW is dead after presenting with a “severe form” of blood clotting in the brain “likely linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine”.




      • Here you are:
        Dear Primeminister

        I would like to thank you for your recent comments in response to my returning the NZOM. In your comments you spoke kindly of my contribution to mental health which I thank you for.

        In the same interview you spoke glowingly about the “Good progress” your government is making “rolling out a large programme of work that will see young people have greater access to and choice of mental health and addiction information and support”

        As I read your comments (and similar comments generated by the MOH PR department) I was reminded of the barber who is full of praise for his own haircuts after customers start complaining.
        Now I don’t know if this type of behaviour is exclusive to Wellington but in the real world it is widely accepted that the only person qualified to review a haircut is the customer.

        Last Monday I asked people who had been let down by the health system to make contact with me and share their experiences and I have been overwhelmed by the response.

        Here is but a micro-sample of what your customers are saying about your service.

        “I phoned the Crisis team three times to ask for help, but he was not emergency enough…. We told the crisis team and the police that my son was saying he was going to kill himself. At 3 my son drove his car into a brick wall. I am then visited by three Police Officers to tell me there was an accident and my son did not make it.
        I called the Crisis team one final time that day, and said – I have been calling today about my son Name Withheld, and when they yes, I said… too fucken late now, my son is dead, and then I hung up on them.”
        – Name withheld

        “My son has had mental health problems for months…. He reached out to us and went to his doctor. He was referred to a mental health nurse who appeared untrained because she spent most of the time talking about her problems… He then saw a councillor who zoom times him per fortnight. She was/is very worried about his mental health she referred him to a psychiatrist, urgently. That was last August, even his doctor referred him urgently. To date no appointment has been received. He has been told the only way to see a psychiatrist is to try and commit suicide!”
        – Name Withheld

        “I was badly let down by our so called great health system. Was without a doctor for 8 months no one helped me I wrote to our prime minister- there was no kindness their…”
        – Name Withheld

        “Two weeks ago my neighbour’s grandson visited, heartbroken after a relationship breakup.
        That night he took an overdose and his life was only just saved. But the next day the hospital sent him home to his grandmother, commenting that he was fine. She made him comfortable in bed, went to the shop, and came home he was dead!”
        – Name Withheld

        “I phoned the emergency mental health team first thing in the morning to be told that because he was not attempting suicide in that moment they could not see him. The man on the phone added in “oh mums always worry”. The next time he said he was ‘absolutely going to go through with it one day, not today but it will definitely happen’ I knew I couldn’t call the emergency team because he said today wasn’t the day. I made a GP appointment but couldn’t get in til the following week. Within 3 days he was dead.
        He was a beautiful, strong, gorgeous young man who will be forever 20 years old.”
        – Name Withheld
        “The best I can offer most patients as a G.P. is a referral for counselling where they get a maximum 4 funded sessions with a random counsellor. As a result I am probably putting more people on medication than I need to because it is so hard to get them the face to face help they need. Furthermore, there are turf wars between services like ICAMHS and adult mental health which mean that patients aged 14-18 often fall into a gap where they are “too old for ICAMHS” and “too young for adult mental health”.
        – Name Withheld
        “I work as the group education coordinator at -withheld-. I work primarily with Tamariki who have experienced or witnessed family harm. One thing I’ve noticed over the last year especially is the overwhelmingly long wait list time for our Tamariki – especially in location withheld. I can only provide so much psychoeducation and safety planning, but these are only a life raft to keep them afloat while they get help… but they aren’t getting the help they need. Continually, they find themselves under water again. And it just isn’t fair. They’re doing their part- and the best they can. The effort just isn’t matched by MOH.”
        – Withheld

        As you read this Primeminister hopefully you will see that not only is your system letting down the people of New Zealand, but you are letting down frontline workers who are buckling under the pressure of the MOH failings.
        By remaining silent you are allowing these heroes to bear the brunt of public frustration and turning them into the enemy of the people because no one will admit the system is broken.

        We need to take the pressure off our frontline workers by implementing an early intervention strategy that works.

        As a gesture of goodwill I would like to offer your government the rights to Gumboot Friday and all the data it produces on the condition that it is used and not tucked away in some middle management office never to be seen again.

        Through the generosity of ordinary New Zealanders my team and I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop a face to face counselling service that is second to none.
        Not only is it fast, efficient, and more cost effective than anything the Ministry of Health is offering but it generates data that will help us become proactive rather than reactive to the needs of our youth.

        And we will gift it all to you for free.

        I look forward to your response

        Hopefully we can build a bridge

        * All quotes printed with permission but I have chosen to withhold names and identifying comments

        Kind regards

        Mike King



  20. Two senators have asked the U.S. Marshals Service for information on where U.S. Supreme Court justices might have traveled, saying that it would improve transparency.

    “The justices of our highest court are subject to the lowest standards of transparency of any senior officials across the federal government,” wrote Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) and John Kennedy (R-La.) in a letter dated June 4, which was made public on Tuesday, according to reports. They asked the Marshals Service for “all documents” related to trips taken by justices over the past decade.

    The U.S. Marshals Service can be requested to provide security for justices for domestic travel outside of Washington. Normally, the Supreme Court Police handles their protection.

    The documents, according to Kennedy and Whitehouse, will “help us assess how disclosures by members of the Court accord with the judicial branch’s disclosure standards, and to improve the consistency of disclosure standards across the three branches.”Two senators have asked the U.S. Marshals Service for information on where U.S. Supreme Court justices might have traveled, saying that it would improve transparency.

    “The justices of our highest court are subject to the lowest standards of transparency of any senior officials across the federal government,” wrote Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) and John Kennedy (R-La.) in a letter dated June 4, which was made public on Tuesday, according to reports. They asked the Marshals Service for “all documents” related to trips taken by justices over the past decade.

    The U.S. Marshals Service can be requested to provide security for justices for domestic travel outside of Washington. Normally, the Supreme Court Police handles their protection.

    The documents, according to Kennedy and Whitehouse, will “help us assess how disclosures by members of the Court accord with the judicial branch’s disclosure standards, and to improve the consistency of disclosure standards across the three branches.”


    Oh ho off to an island we did go!



  21. A bit of comedy in these trying times, appropriate at the moment……
    A king wanted to go fishing, and he asked the royal weather forecaster the forecast for the next few hours.
    The palace meteorologist assured him that there was no chance of rain.
    So the King and the Queen went fishing.
    On the way, he met a man with a fishing pole riding on a donkey, and he asked the man if the fish were biting.
    The fisherman said, “Your Majesty, you should return to the palace! In just a short time I expect a huge rain storm.”
    The King replied: “I hold the palace meteorologist in high regard. He is an educated and experienced professional. Besides, I pay him very high wages.
    He gave me a very different forecast. I trust him.”
    So the King continued on his way.
    However, in a short time a torrential rain fell from the sky.
    The King and Queen were totally soaked.
    Furious, the King returned to the palace and gave the order to fire the meteorologist.
    Then he summoned the fisherman and offered him the prestigious position of royal forecaster.
    The fisherman said, “Your Majesty, I do not know anything about forecasting.
    I obtain my information from my donkey.
    If I see my donkey’s ears drooping, it means with certainty that…it will rain.”
    So the King hired the donkey.
    And thus began the practice of hiring dumb asses to work in influential positions of government.
    The practice is unbroken to this date…



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