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      • Biden has the dead man’s switch.

        He goes and Kamala Harris is Prez.

        I think the power brokers and election manipulators have realised that as unpalatable as Biden is, they can link him to Obummer’s universe and that gets a LOT of fools on side.
        Heels up has proven that there was a reason she failed in the Primaries.

        Biden right now is the ‘less unpalatable’ of two evils.
        To introduce Harris now after a half year of visible complete failure would really be pushing the envelope.
        It remains Weekend at Bernies.
        They could manipulate a ‘Spiro Agnew swap for Gerald Ford’ deal but that never worked out as history shows.

        Dan Quayle was the dead mans switch to the dodgy George Bush 41.
        Even Quayle was no-where near as bad as Heels Up Harris.
        Its a pickle.



        • I thought Biden would be gone by Easter. But now I think he is there while they bring the far left agenda (supported by Obama, the Marxist) . Anything that goes wrong will be all blamed on Biden while the manipulators try to get most of their globalist/marxist agenda in. Biden is the useful puppet who will take the blame just like Cuomo will get smeared with all NY States issues
          I also think they had Harris lined up to take over from Biden (because Harris is easy to control) but they have themselves in a corner now, as they realise Harris is a complete idiot who could never be the front person. (ie they did not realise how hopeless Harris is)



  1. Maggy W’s Captain Oates’ quote on Mondays HYS reminded me of an oil painting print that hung front and centre on the stage wall of our district hall when I was growing up.

    It depicted Oates heading out into the Antarctic blizzard and was flanked with a portrait of a youthful Queen Liz 2 and a large black and white photo of Winston Churchill, inscribed with his “we will fight them on the beaches…..etc”.

    Captain Oates’ self-sacrifice was seen as heroic and a symbol of what a young man of those times should aspire to…that same print graced the walls of many boys’ high schools around NZ back then. (An uncle told me that had he have been born 40 years earlier, he would have volunteered for that South Pole expedition, despite knowing its fate.)

    Those Oates prints on high school walls will be long gone…toxic white masculinity and all that…replaced with tribal art work for sure.

    When modern heroes include George Floyd, when kids are no longer taught about people like the Captain, when Olympic athletes are celebrated for their mental illness, and role models and inspiration are to be drawn from people like Greta and Dear Leader, we truly have become a stuffed up world…




  2. Oh dear, what can be the matter with Tim?

    Shadbolt ‘hoarding’ personal items in council buildings

    Invercargill Mayor Sir Tim Shadbolt is storing personal items – including furniture, mattresses and a large appliance still in bubble wrap – in council-owned buildings across the city.

    “Two boxes were full to the brim of business cards, some going back 35 years,” Clark said. “Every time someone gave him one, he kept it.”

    Later, Clark said the mayor accused him of “throwing away his life” which he felt “quite cut up about

    The clean-up even revealed old meeting minutes from Sir Tim’s mayoral days in Auckland which Clark believed the mayor was holding for posterity.



    • Well done.
      This kind of adds credence to the Boston Marathon bombing as having ‘crisis actors’.
      I have not investigated that to ascertain one way or the other if it was a fake.
      Not ruling it out.



      • Even her emissary and go-between for passing notes, creepy Colbert, was ‘uninvited’ when the numbers were scaled back , y’know, due to Delta and such crap.

        Re ‘the Bash’ (well what else would linebacker Michael Obama organise? )
        …an event originally meant for a reported 475 guests had been significantly downsized. Among the high-profile attendees to lose their spots were Obama strategist David Axelrod, Larry David, Conan O’Brien, and David Letterman, …

        So, less than 500 people invited from the whole USA and this includes the late show yik yak ‘hosts’




    “Posted by: gardenofearthlydelights

    Let’s think about this government and New Zealand today:

    Raging rent increases, raging property prices, stealth taxes, seperate development baked into all new legislation, tranny and gay conversion therapy banned (it didn’t really exist) to let government more power to take your kids, hospital waiting lists up, operations down, gang membership up, crime up, more victims of crime, inflation is on fire and expect 10% or more by Christmas, record job openings, but record numbers of beneficiaries, assets being taken from councils, arbitrary Maori words, erosion of democracy, Orwellian hate speech laws, insane Te Paupau plan to embed unfairness and racial discrimination into the whole country, unpopular Ute tax, raging fuel prices, power cuts, 4000 kids living in motels, record rates of homelessness and poverdy.

    Why do these idiots even have 40%,support? Tell me one thing they have achieved or done well?”



    • Last one out turn off the lights. The clown car have managed to trigger that process too with no idea how or where they went wrong…. Another FAIL!

      Bring back natural gas, clean burning and instant heat. Just stupid 🤬



    • Oh, Cindy was marvelous. Saved us all from Covid. Her family of 5 million will never be allowed to forget that//
      If you think that is great, just wait until the next election. Last year was just a warm-up to the next lockdown, so she can save us all over again.



          • Good idea.

            1) Cut the teddy bear’s head off using good kitchen scissors.

            2) Go to Bunnings and buy a garden stake.

            3) Secure teddy’s (former!) head to the end of the stake.

            4) Display in prominent place eg Tower Bridge, windows facing the street, on top of carports etc.

            5) Tell the gathering angry pitchfork mob of neighbourhood Karens and Kens that BG Rissole told you to do it.

            6) Run like FUCK!



        • I have family and friends in Queensland and NSW and some of the chats I have had with them indicate that the Fascists have thoroughly got to them. There’s widespread fear about the ‘spreading’ of this latest variant by ‘irresponsible people’. One of them even quoted 22 deaths among 15 million people in both states saying how terrible this is. He didn’t think it through enough to understand that this is just 0.00015% of the population!

          If the Aussies who used to be one of the bolshiest and independent minded people have been scared this badly, what hope is there for them?



          • Can someone explain to me how they are testing for this Delta variant? It cannot be by the PCR test. Have they just done a gene sequencing test on a couple samples and then said all positives must Delta variant positives?
            Also how many autopsy’s have they on the Aussie deaths?
            Eurokiwi –from recent discussions I have had with people the same thing has happened in NZ in relation to your “indicate that the Fascists have thoroughly got to them”



    • Let’s imagine that National win the next election.
      How many of the following would they turn around or repeal? (I have stolen and re-formatted the Brigadiers list)
      – tranny and gay conversion therapy ban
      – operations down
      – gang membership up
      – crime up, more victims of crime
      – inflation is on fire
      – record job openings, but record numbers of beneficiaries
      – assets being taken from councils
      – arbitrary Maori words
      – erosion of democracy
      – Orwellian hate speech laws
      – insane Te Paupau plan to embed unfairness and racial discrimination
      – unpopular Ute tax
      – raging fuel prices
      – power cuts
      – 4000 kids living in motels
      – record rates of homelessness

      If there was an ACT / National coalition, would there be a significant difference? If so, then where?



      • Well I know what will not change and thats the insistence on all of them to continue with this stupid mass clot shot drive. If ACT were in charge, I think they would have been more drastic than Liarbour.
        Fuck them if they are so stupid.



      • Bob Jones has articulated quite well in the last month with several posts on his blog that Notional are simply only ever a caretaker Govt responding to matters arising.
        They dont innovate, they dont reverse.

        eg. they never reversed the NZTA fiasco where NZTA was created from a merger only months before the 2008 election.
        Probably a bigger negative impact on Kiwi’s lives than the more high profile Railway ‘buyback’.
        Under Notional there were massive failures – fake drivers licence issuing that Notional never responded to and being perpetrated by Indians that Notional were flooding NZ with.

        They never responded to the corruption of Martin Matthews and Joanne (whatever ?? name) Harrison at MOT. It was in fact Labour’s Sue Moroney that pursued that valiantly- to her credit.

        Blinglish was busy putting some good metric recording in place; which was about the only innovation I can think of in nine years of largely ‘nap time’.
        The thing was his stuff was meant to work out over 20 to 30 years and that does not work in NZ politics where the metric recording has been chucked out the ninth floor window by financially illiterate plonkers and over-age student politicians.

        Let us not forget that when Nats did try things they fuck up, just as Labour do.
        Because they dont try much we dont see as many fuck ups.

        The Auckland Council fiasco merger was 11 years ago and has never been a benefit.
        That was a feeble response to the fact Notional in 1991 set about dissembling The Auckland Regional Council through a malicious and corrupt Act under Bolger.

        Notional gave us leaky homes and the power failure the other night has its origins in the Max Bradford Power Deforms.

        Maybe, over all, Notional are simply a ‘better clerk’ than Labour.
        They largely act as a ‘good clerk’ and dont rock the boat.
        Nor do they reverse what Labour has already done.
        In fact they carried through the RMA started, but not finished, by Geoff ‘Merry’ Palmer.



  4. Maths for Generation Z

    Ahkmad & Saleem are both at the market. Saleem has five chickens, two goats & three pelts but trades one chicken for a bag of flour from Ahkmad who has one donkey & four eggs.

    How many were killed in the blast?



  5. I got called into school by my 8 year old’s teacher. When I got there I found myself in a room with him and the headmaster.
    “We asked the class to draw something that they liked to do with their parents, and Tom drew this,” he said, sliding a piece of paper towards me.
    My blood ran cold as I looked at the picture. Despite the childish depiction, there was no doubting what the drawing was showing.
    “Look,” I stammered, “It was only the one time and I can assure you that it won’t happen again.”
    “It’s a little late for that don’t you think?” remarked the headmaster, “I think this is a clear case of child abuse.”
    “OK, OK! So I took him to see the Warriors play for fucks sake, but I got the tickets free from a bloke in work.”



  6. Lithuania.
    “F*CK THE NATIONAL CERTIFICATE!” Thousands of anti-vaccination pass protesters swarm Vilnius streets, erect GALLOWS for ‘TRAITORS’ (LRT)

    Several thousand people gathered outside the Lithuanian parliament, to protest against planned restrictions for people with no coronavirus immunity.

    Improvised gallows were erected near the parliament building, where the government is scheduled to consider a draft resolution on an “immunity certificate.” The document would be required to access a range of services, eg shopping malls, cafes, public events etc.

    Astra Genovaitė Astrauskaitė, one of the organizers, told the crowd that the planned coronavirus certificate would segregate citizens, adding that “statehood is in great danger.”




  7. Just out. Fruit loop fascist Greens have demanded a picture of Winston Churchill hung in our Parliament be removed as they don’t like his “fascist politics”. Disgustingly Mallard, Speaker, has acquiesced to their demand.

    The National Party have retrieved the picture of the great individual, statesman and PM of who saved Britain from invasion by the Nazis.

    David Seymour will be on Magic Radio after 10.30am and will be discussing this as part of his weekly interview.



  8. Hang on mate….. the covid hasn’t finished yet FFS.

    Guinea records first death by Marburg virus disease in West Africa

    According to the World Health Organization, health officials in Guinea have confirmed the first death caused by Marburg virus disease, a highly infectious disease that causes hemorrhagic fever similar to Ebola.

    The Marburg case was discovered in Gueckedou, less than two months after Guinea declared the end of an Ebola outbreak that began earlier this year. Cases of the 2021 Ebola outbreak in Guinea, as well as the 2014-2016 west Africa outbreak, were discovered in the same area.




  9. I see T.J Perenara is opening his mouth again over on newscrub. Apparently he doesn’t agree with Troy Bowker. Maybe he should voice his opinion with Troy rather than the media. He should also work out the difference between an employee and a board member. Troy is not an employee but he is part owner. If Perenara continues to attack him hopefully he won’t be one either in the near future.



    • Note that at the end he says the global temperature in 2021 has DECREASED to the same level as 15 years ago – but the IPCC has ignored that fact.
      And we are still being hammered by our politicians and those with vested interests in making money from climate change.



  10. Colour me surprised…

    “Mom just got herself arrested for creating a scene at the hospital…

    Mom of Brothers Charged in Shooting of 2 Chicago Officers Arrested During Attempt to See Son: Police

    The mother of the two suspects in the fatal shooting of Chicago police officer Ella French was arrested Wednesday morning following a confrontation with authorities at a suburban hospital as she attempted to see her son, according to police in Oak Lawn.

    According to authorities, the 41-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday morning following a confrontation with officers at Advocate Christ Medical Center.

    Police say that an officer was guarding the room where Emonte Morgan, 21, is currently being treated after being shot multiple times during Saturday’s incident. At that time, Morgan’s mother allegedly entered the area via a security door, “causing a disturbance,” according to a report provided by a police source to NBC 5.

    The woman then allegedly “pushed into the officer” while trying to see her son, and was taken into custody.

    As of Wednesday afternoon, the woman remains in police custody, according to Oak Lawn officials. Charges have not yet been filed, but the investigation’s findings have been forwarded to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office…..”




  11. I subscribe to receiving a weekly email from a Chinese based marketing/ promotion company run by a guy from the USA. It is like Saatchi and Saatchi. They give interesting news on business developments in China.
    In todays issue it has a piece about an online fashion retailer and it illustrates the different approach between the Chines and western business

    “A good example is the mysterious online retailer Shein (pronounced She-in) – a brand that most over-30s have never heard of. Whilst China hasn’t traditionally been known as a fashion-powerhouse, it is making a massive impact with Gen-Z apparel buyers in markets such as the US. Shein counts 120 million as registered users of its app, of whom over 30 million are active daily. In May this year, it overtook Amazon as the most-downloaded shopping app in America. Most amazingly, it grew from 13% of the US fast fashion market in January to 28% by mid-June, flying past H&M (20%), Zara (11%) and Forever 21 (10%) to lead in sales.

    Shein’s impact is representative of the structural differences that Chinese businesses have versus those from other countries. For a start, Chinese brands focus on growing revenue and customer acquisition – largely fuelled by venture capital – rather than the profit-based approach that most western brands take. As a result, they invest a much larger share of revenue in marketing, and focus on hot platforms and KOLs. Shein has engaged Instagram influencers and celebrities like Katy Perry and Lil Nas X. ”

    The founder and CEO is 38 years old. Not a bad accomplishment so far.
    Further in the article it says they can 5000 new items on their site each day. So it is a bit of a scatter gun approach. If an item sells quickly it stays , if not dump it quickly.



    • ….Chinese brands focus on growing revenue and customer acquisition –…..

      China owns Westland Milk.
      They purchased a distressed asset just as they did with Fisher and Paykel.

      Fonterra has bled from about 95% of farmers to close to 80% since it was establish 20 years ago by David ‘ I’m a sorry arze man ‘ Cunliffe.

      When they decide to put the throttle down, Fonterra will have no response.
      Pre the 2008 market crash/GFC F+P was struggling and the Chinese (Haier) had a 20% shareholding.
      When the time was right-for them- they went to 100%.



  12. I’d buy that bloke a beer who punched Shaw on the nose a couple of years ago. 😏

    National leader Judith Collins is lashing out at the Greens over the shifting of a painting of former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill in Parliament.

    National MP Simeon Brown also hit out at the Greens.

    “The Green Party’s hatred of Sir Winston Churchill is born out of a hatred of the western values and freedoms that he fought for: Democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of Religion, freedom of association,” Brown said on Twitter

    Churchill is widely considered one of the 20th century’s most significant figures. He’s seen as a victorious wartime leader who played an important role in defending democracy against the spread of Nazi fascism.



  13. Well, I do. It says something about the awful woman when history and tradition is not even on her radar. I’m sure Winston Churchill would have a pithy reply for the grinning bubblehead PM if he was still alive such as: “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” ― Winston S. Churchill

    “I don’t care” – Ardern
    Jacinda Ardern derisive of Greens, National spat over Churchill painting



  14. YAHOO! The speaker Duck mallard is going to bycott the Hurricanes games!
    That’s exellent news, it means that someone else can go in the box and partake in in all that absolutely free piss and grub that he would be normally scoffing up large!
    He’s got his nose out of joint over the Huricane director telling how it is!
    The average Joe Blow agrees with him, that maori are getting a free run!



  15. “Covid 19 coronavirus: Delta variant has wrecked hopes of herd immunity, scientists warn” (from the Herald)

    I don’t think we can get herd immunity against this family of viruses. The coronavirus ( family Coronaviridae) is not the same as the measles (family Paramyxoviridae). The little bug (or bugger) mutates like crazy.
    Even after you vaccinate the population, a mutant unaffected by the vaccination will likely appear.

    Ain’t Mother Nature a bitch!



  16. Now this has got the local tangata whatsits in a tizz.
    First they wanted it all to themselves but then they lost and did everyone. Unintended consequences.

    Mōtītī Protection Area ‘makes it illegal for us to be Māori’
    From today it is prohibited to anchor on, or take any marine life from three reefs making up the new Mōtītī Protection Area.

    “It’s a single rule and what it says is that the damage or destruction of any plants or animals is prohibited,” Sarah Omundsen, general manager, regulatory compliance at the Bay of Plenty Regional Council said.

    “It’s a really wide-reaching rule. Ultimately it means you can’t take any plants or animals from these three off-shore reefs and that includes fishing.”

    The new protection was initially proposed as a result of overfishing after the exclusion zone was lifted from around the shipwrecked Rena in 2016. But while most regional council decisions are taken to the public for consultation, this one was different.

    Fishing banned at three Bay of Plenty offshore reefs
    Sam Kelway, 1 NEWS Reporter
    1:36pm • Source: 1 NEWS

    From today recreational and commercial fishers are now longer able to fish three offshore reefs under the new Motiti Protection Area.




  17. ed@1830

    Why no test: probably because the NZMSM are still being coached on the story line and on how DL wants the message presented for maximum ‘scare’ effectiveness amongst the sheeple…

    Fifty million dollars tends to buy a lot of influence….



  18. In the mid 2000’s decade there was a dodgy outfit selling “investment opportunities”.
    It was called Blue Chip investments.
    In 2008 it collapsed.

    There were 3000 people directly adversely affected. Nearly $100 million lost.
    This was worse than the so called finance companies like Hanover (Advertised by a a teeveescum newsreader) , Nationwide, South Canterbury, Bridgecorp and the likes because those people often placed (I wont day invested) cash they actually had.

    With Bluechip they often borrowed against a house they had to buy inflated property in Auckland.
    The areas targeted were Tauranga, Taranaki, and Southland.
    The collapse caused stress as people were indebted often in later years of life with no ability to make up the shortfall.

    There were likely of the 3000 ‘investor/victims’ about 3 to 8 direct suicides and many more adverse stress related effects.
    The cunt behind it, Mark Bryers, received a sentence of 75 hours community service and fine of $37,000
    He never served the community service nor paid the fine.
    He went to Australia and repeated his scummery.
    I was kind of hoping the fucker would get ‘underbellied’

    NZ courts.

    Leo Molloy provided to a private chat group the name of the alleged (at that stage) murderer of Grace Millane, one Jesse Kempson
    I had already found it easily online and it was widely available online via British media for days before it was severed to NZ ISPs

    For this, Leo Molloy has received 350 hours community service and a $15,000 fine.

    NZ courts are complete fucktards with no connection to reality .
    END OF



  19. Climate change lockdowns anyone?

    Covid restrictions help drive NZ greenhouse gas emissions down 4.5%

    Covid-19 restrictions drove New Zealand’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions down by 4.5 per cent in the year to March – their lowest point in seven years – Stats NZ said.

    The department said the year was one of “significant upheaval” for the economy and society, which flowed through to emissions.




    • rol very good.

      He speaks well, succinct & to the point, in just those 6 minutes
      Possibly a bit guarded, but then that is to have it remain on Utube.
      Knowing of him, easy to relax listening to him, as I read between the lines of what he has talked about on other Un-censored videos. 🙂

      A pity that some of the commentators on that video denigrated him, yet he is on the same side, and faced up early to the facts, to be able to do early effective treatments, and figured treatments even for later serious problems, Then stood up to the authorities to declare and freely give the protocols of treatment that he found to be successful.

      I still have not got just what is the NZ’s health policy, protocols, in treating people with early treatments, which is easily done and critical to do with in the first 5 days or so, or what to do in later stages.
      More to the point, are New Zealand Doctors able to follow the McCullough protocols for early and continuing treatment for Covid.



  20. The hotel quarantine disaster WorkSafe action latest: the rule of law in Victoria is on public trial

    There has been a concerning development with the process to prosecute the Victorian Government over the 2020 Hotel Quarantine breaches that lead to 801 deaths in Victoria.

    By way of background on 29 September 2020 Self Employed Australia wrote to WorkSafe Victoria triggering provisions under the OHS Act. This effectively required WorkSafe to investigate for breaches of work safety laws by the government.

    As of June this year WorkSafe had failed to initiate the prosecutions, even though WorkSafe say they been investigating for more than a year.

    Triggering further provisions under the Act, on 29 June 2021 SEA wrote to WorkSafe requiring them to refer their investigation to the Victorian Director of Public Prosecutions. This then requires the DPP to review the investigation and make prosecution recommendations.   

    We’ve been waiting 6 weeks for action.

    Then this. Last Friday 5 August WorkSafe emailed saying that they have not completed their investigation. Further that the DPP has written to WorkSafe saying it (WorkSafe) has not provided the DPP with the investigative materials.




  21. Bruce Moon: Let’s Be Clear About Science
    Labels: Bruce Moon, Politics or Science?

    It is reported in “ideasroom” for 1st August 2021 that Professor Stephen May has explained “how mātauranga Māori is a complementary counterweight to the arrogance and insularity of so much European thought.” Now that is a bold and sweeping statement indeed and might even be asserted to display some of the very “arrogance and insularity” he condemns in others.




    • Agreed
      Nuremberg trials for all the ones who refuse to accept that Nuremberg Code, and later what became the The Helsinki Declaration.

      Plus the one’s who side stepped the direction about “gain of function” financing, and switching research around in the USA, Canada and China, to make the Spike Protein even more deadly to humans.

      The patent holders and those linked to it, going back as far as 1999 where really the patent should be null & void. should have their ill gotten gains stripped of them.



  22. Found this. https://assets-global.website-files.com/606d3dece4ec3c3866cc798a/60a5ff1fd9f50f42f696aec6_23%20Fifty%20Seven%20Top%20Scientists%20and%20Doctors.pdf

    Its technical but readable.

    Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, the race for testing new platforms designed to confer
    immunity against SARS-CoV-2, has been rampant and unprecedented, leading to emergency
    authorization of various vaccines. Despite progress on early multidrug therapy for COVID-19
    patients, the current mandate is to immunize the world population as quickly as possible. The
    lack of thorough testing in animals prior to clinical trials, and authorization based on safety data
    generated during trials that lasted less than 3.5 months, raise questions regarding the safety of
    these vaccines. The recently identified role of SARS-CoV-2 glycoprotein Spike for inducing
    endothelial damage characteristic of COVID-19, even in absence of infection, is extremely
    relevant given that most of the authorized vaccines induce the production of Spike glycoprotein
    in the recipients. Given the high rate of occurrence of adverse effects, and the wide range of
    types of adverse effects that have been reported to date, as well as the potential for vaccinedriven disease enhancement, Th2-immunopathology, autoimmunity, and immune evasion,
    there is a need for a better understanding of the benefits and risks of mass vaccination,
    particularly in the groups that were excluded in the clinical trials. Despite calls for caution, the
    risks of SARS-CoV-2 vaccination have been minimized or ignored by health organizations and
    government authorities. We appeal to the need for a pluralistic dialogue in the context of
    health policies, emphasizing critical questions that require urgent answers if we wish to avoid a
    global erosion of public confidence in science and public health.



  23. Fuck we dumb.

    China restarts coal mines to keep up with power demand.

    Operations at 53 shuttered coal mines in China will once again come to life, as China struggles to keep up with increased power demand, according to a statement by the National Development Reform Commission in China.
    Last week, China announced it would restart 38 coal mines in Inner Mongolia. Now, China has announced it will resume operations at 15 more coal mines, in the regions of Shanxi and Xinjiang. The mines will operate for a year and will produce as much as 44 million tons of coal, which China hopes will satisfy the growing calls for power amid an intense heatwave and tick up in industrial activity.

    China has struggled to answer the calls for both increased power and decreased emissions.

    The news coincides with a scathing UN report that suggested this week that unless the world takes immediate large-scale reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, there will be no way to limit global warming to 2-degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.




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