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The Covid Backpedalling Race Hots Up

Dr. Tom Jefferson 

The last few weeks have seen a series of interviews, revelations and disconcerting findings from studies looking at the global catastrophe called lockdowns and the actions of some of the main characters.

For example, we have learned that, after a series of flip-flops on most aspects of lockdowns, Dame Jenny Harries thinks that perhaps, maybe, next time (as there will be a next time), we should take an approach similar to Sweden.

Then, the Telegraph informs us that low MMR vaccination rates may result in breakthrough measles epidemics. Then we have the same Telegraph airing the view that locking up and masking children may be harmful. Wow!

We are sure we will be treated in weeks to come to many more amazing revelations. For example, restricting access to cancer services led to diagnoses going through the roof when you reopen and more advanced stages than usual when first diagnosed. Or how about leaving the elderly in solitary confinement means they died of dehydration, loneliness and hunger? Or offering quasi-free billions in state aid without basic controls means you will be robbed blind – sorry – taxpayers will be robbed blind.

We are also expecting masses of observational data showing that masks do cut transmission of respiratory viruses down, and so do mRNA vaccines. We know, we know: there are already many trash studies of this sort.

The difference now will be that they will be packaged into systematic reviews led by friendly academics and authoritative new faces that will come to the correct conclusions. It’s amazing what a few quid will do to folk.

Last but not least comes the revelation that Dr. Anthony Fauci did not need to sign in when visiting CIA mission control, perhaps because he was a part of the intelligence club already – ah, sorry, ‘asset’.

All this flipping, backpedalling, hagiography and revelations based on the retrospectoscope lead us to suspect that the main people in the events of the last three years are increasingly nervous about their role and the consequences of their actions (or lack of).

Is it the Inquiry? Is it that they all have their knighthoods, damehoods and pensions and are thinking of their legacies now? Is it something in their tea? Or, is it they got it wrong but don’t want to ‘fess up to their errors?

We may be witnessing the beginning of the unfolding of the narrative, but whatever is going on, we will call them out one by one, ensuring that Trust the Evidence remains a witness to the folly of humankind.

Dr. Tom Jefferson 


  1. I think it’s brilliant labor electioneering to have Mr Covid himself come down with covid!
    You couldn’t ask for a better stupid ploy than Chris Hipkins to get covid!
    In the final weeks of an election. After been the covid minister!



  2. They are hiding the real truth of how bad their experimental drugs were so lethal and it is still not over.
    2023 is going to be a lot worse than 2022.
    I feel for for those that have suffered so much loss, but this must be discussed and stopped immediately
    Here are the statistics of “babies” buried in Auckland cemeteries from 2017
    2016 3
    2017 3
    2018 44
    2019 78
    2020 106
    2021 115
    2022 85
    2023 103
    2023 still has 3 months to to added, these figures are truly disgusting and someone needs to held for account what is going on here, it is the same in states in Australia, Victoria has reported a 27% decrease in Births.
    The TGA on its side effects site in Australia, clearly show the largest side effect is transmission of spike protein through the placenta. This has been common knowledge for many many months, and the authorities just completely ignore it.
    The vast of majority of these are “wog”, Weeks of gestation, New Zealand actually records these and months of pregnancy.
    If you want to view these, just link to; https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/cemeteries/Pages/find-burial-cremation.aspx
    “First name” put in baby then simply choose a year or years
    if you put in 20 years until Ardern took her socialist grip on power and truth, the total was just an average of just over 3, 65 records on 20 years.
    these people are just unscientific psychopaths that have no zero regard to the health of the population. Delusional Dangerous morons.



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