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What’s The Difference?




Most of the Liarbour, National and ACT politicians have become part of a Uniparty. I don’t think that “picking a political party” is the answer anymore.

Personally, I find myself identifying with a common sense freedom party and as a conservative. I honestly wonder if National and ACT party completely represents either of these political and economic viewpoints anymore.

Being forced to pick a “side,” to fight socialism, means sidelining many important issues and the fact that the uniparty is supporting globalism and the United Nations. The UN/WEF is driving towards a new world order based around fascism (corporatism) and socialism (a global command economy).

After last year’s freedom protest in Wellington, it became clear that it’s no longer about them and us, left Vs. right, but about right and wrong.

Remember this despicable action by all our useless MP’S?

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  1. Yet now, BECAUSE IT IS AN ELECTION ((And they want to keep THEIR snouts in the trough), luxflakes and seeless expect us to have forgotten what they did and to act as if it never happened.

    Unfortunately, there actually are those who will willingly ‘forget’ what has gone before, and, after justifying it to themselves, will quite happily vote seeless and luxflakes back into parliament, a situation not helped by winnie’s self-serving posturing and the absence of any viable, likely to have an effect, alternative to the nats and act on the Right.

    The chorus to Larry Norman’s ‘Nothing ever changes’ does come to mind…



    • Rev, the best result is still Nats + Act with not quite enough to beat the cabal of hard leftists.
      That requires DNZ to have enough to carry the day.
      You could finish up with Nact + Maori Te Pati cakes being the Govt.

      Pati Cakes would prop up the Nacts because the Nats would sell their soul once more as would Act.
      Both abandoned their so-called principles over the jabs so they have a track record of failure to uphold even the Law as it was in NZ.
      They allowed Arden and Chippy to override the medicines Act, the task of Medsafe and Pharmac and so many other parts of our Law and many parts of our institutions leaving us impoverished with the largest debt load Kiwi’s have ever had.

      Why would anyone with even half a brain support any of them?



      • Vikey, serious question but whats your option if dnz looks to fail miserabley?
        Rcr has polling underway, i seriously hope theyre using a proper polling company and not just doing it themselves. But say it shows matt dosent have a chance in northland whats the point?

        Then theres the winston issue, say what you want but hes going to ger past 5%, probs closer to 7%. Imo winston will shit on his not going with labour claims, he will go with who offers him the best deal. I honestly dont see a govt with act and winnie 1st lasting 3 yrs either and i rekon nats know that too.

        You lot may well be forced to swallow dead rats and vote actto keep winnie out… wont that be a hoot 🙂



        • I believe you are wrong as far as Winnie reneging on his now stated position of not going with Labour. I also believe Viking is quite wrong with his assertion that National ACT could go with Maori, not a chance.
          Viking hasn’t answered your good question yet, mine is as yesterday, on October 13th should Democracy NZ appear to not be able to gain a seat/seats I will go elsewhere to a Party who will. Possibly ACT as against National but you know NZ First will remain an option. He has a declared anti co governance stance that far out weighs anything I have seen from National.



        • Absolutely NZ First will be closer to 7%. A mate was on a job yesterday, and the homeowner – an older, formerly extremely pro-Labour voter was saying how she couldn’t vote Labour but didn’t like Luxflakes.

          He suggested Winston. Apparently her face lit up and she was straight on the phone to her mate to tell her they could both vote NZ First.

          I think that will be a common pattern amongst otherwise Labour voting women



      • Good question. The answer is simple. The next gummint – probably National/ACT/ Winnie in some configuration- will be the last before true anarchy prevails in NZ. People who can think for themselves will see this situation forming on the horizon. They will need time to arrange their lives to accommodate a true third world NZ. Most will leave the country. HDA related how during her recent holiday she talked to person after person who are selling up and pissing off.

        National and Act will at least put a spanner in the spokes to slow things down for awhile. Ironically they will also start the process of true anarchy in NZ.

        Vote ACT and National in my opinion. And watch many YouTube clips on violence in South Africa to condition yourself to what’s coming.



  2. Viking@0643

    ‘Why would anyone with even half a brain support any of them?’

    Perhaps because there is currently no viable alternative ‘Right Wing’ party anywhere that has enough power to change things?

    Five percent of the vote doesn’t give you much influence.



  3. Which Parliamentarian Party in New Zealand is Not at WAR with Russia?
    Also a War on New Zealand citizenry.


    Is it really a different set of principles?
    Groucho Marx is attributed with the quote, “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them…well, I have others.”

    So take your medicine, and eat that dead rat, you will really feel good afterwards. //
    -‘What Difference Does It Make?’- Hillary Clinton



    • When did we the public ever give the OK for the government to support those Nazis in Ukraine? All in parliament would agree with the support given to them I am sure so it will not stop. It will be one.HELL of a war if Russia wins as Col McGregor talks about, and he seems to be the only person who knows what the hell he is talking about. Oh well we are down the gurgler anyway so it may not make any difference to our lifestyle. sheep/People are going to get one hell of a shock soon enough. At least we on this site are preparing ourselves for the fourth world situation we are going to find ourselves in after the election. You think 3rd world is bad its nothing to what 4th world will be like.



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