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National Liarbour Coalition Is More Likely Every Day




Luxon disavows ACT Zero Carbon, Treaty of Waitangi policies

Anneke SmithPolitical reporter RNZ

National has ruled out repealing the Zero Carbon Act, and poured cold water on ACT’s proposal to redefine Treaty of Waitangi principles.

However, leader Christopher Luxon has stopped short of ruling out the ACT’s Treaty policy.

Last night’s 1News-Verian poll had support for both National and ACT up, giving the right bloc the numbers to comfortably form the next government with 65 seats between them.

Senior Labour MP Kelvin Davis said there was a lot at stake if his party did not win the election, adding he had a particular concern for Māori under a National-ACT government arrangement.

“One of the big things is that ACT wants to redefine the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Māori have always been firm and adamant about rangatiratanga as important to them and there’s no place for rangatiratanga under a National-ACT government – and that’s a real fear.”

ACT staunchly opposes co-governance and wants to change New Zealand’s constitutional settings by passing a Treaty Principles Act through Parliament, as well as putting it to a referendum.

Labour’s Willie Jackson said ACT’s leader David Seymour was “going down the same way as Trump” by trying to overturn principles entrenched by New Zealand’s top legal experts and successive Labour and National prime ministers.

“Luxon needs to rule him [Seymour] out. If Luxon wants to agree with Seymour he would be walking on the mana of Jim Bolger, of Doug Graham, of John Key and of Bill English.

“All of these prime ministers never had a problem with what Seymour’s got a problem with. Seymour’s not an expert on this; he’s not a top lawyer, he’s not a top judge. Every judge since 1987 has supported what this government is doing and what the previous National governments were doing.”

National’s leader Christopher Luxon was initially reluctant to comment on ACT’s proposal to redefine the Treaty principles, saying it was a conversation that would happen in post-election negotiations, not through the media.

“I’m not going to get into any of those conversations because that will happen as part of coalition negotiations when we think about that, but that is not our policy, it is not a National Party policy.”

Asked if National was aligned with ACT’s approach to Treaty issues, Luxon said his party did not support co-governance in public services but did not have a policy of redefining the Treaty of Waitangi.

“I’m saying to you that [redefining treaty principles] is something that’s not our policy and we don’t support it.”

Luxon was definitive when asked if his party supported ACT’s policy to repeal the country’s legislative framework to curb emissions, the Zero Carbon ACT.

“Absolutely not. We believe very strongly in net-zero 2050. The means by which we deliver those goals will be different from the government but we are deeply, deeply committed to that.”

Davis remained sceptical about National’s approach to race relations, saying Luxon should definitively rule out redefining the Treaty.

“I think that National needs to clarify where they stand because at the moment under a National-led government – I think that the tail will wag the dog, and National haven’t been clear on where they stand on kaupapa Māori.”


Fuck me, But I told you you couldn’t trust this bald-headed prick. If you vote for National, nothing is going to change. In fact, I would say it might get much worse.


  1. Thanks ED.
    So Luxon breathes new life into Zero Carbon & into Co-Governance, so they will permeate & cascade into the rule of all laws that Labour recently introduced with Farm Water Plans, Farm Emission Plans, etc.. in New Zealand. Aotearoa 🙁

    ….. National has ruled out repealing the Zero Carbon Act, and poured cold water on ACT’s proposal to redefine Treaty of Waitangi principles. ….

    Groucho Marx :—- “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them…well, I have others.” ….. many others that can be found scientifically in the Treaty of Waitangi.

    So No Coalition?
    Cross Benches then?

    “Believe it or Not”;– Is “The Grand Coalition” on a hidden agenda.

    One can smell the deadly Carbon on Luxon’s breath as he hongi’s with the Waitangi elite.



  2. Jackson and Davis are such intelligent people we need to take note of what they are saying.
    I mean look at their outstanding policy changes over the last few years.
    They are great leaders///////////////////.



    • Both, but especially Jackson are parnoid by the fact they will lose their grip.
      There are not such things as the “principles of the Treaty” They are not in the Treaty.

      I hope we see National heading below 30% just like Labour. Luxon has shown his true colours and I hope National supporters tell their MPs what they think of the idiot.



  3. It is more than just to finish off Labour Green Maori Parties now.
    National need to be actively finished off.

    Now looking forward to the big rally of “Stop Co-Governance” in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland.

    A tractor convoy & rally going on to Auckland protesting the over regulations, will be in early October.

    The return of the TERFS; Posie Parker’s return to witness a court sentencing with the wizardy & support of J. K. Rowling in September.

    Avi Yemini, also here to support his book release.
    Auckland Friday, August 25, 2023 at 7:00 PM · $20.00 NZD
    Venue: To be announced to ticket holders
    …. Join us for an evening of insightful discussion and engaging conversation as Avi delves into his latest book, which unveils the truth behind the unjust travel ban imposed on him by the New Zealand government.
    Discover the motives and repercussions behind the ban, as Avi exposes the amplified claims made by his political adversaries. ….

    Wellington Saturday, August 26, 2023 at 7:00 PM · $20.00 NZD
    Venue to be announced to ticket holders.



  4. Luxon is a total knob, the absolute fucker is about all I can say about him. The ugly fucker cnut that he is turning out to be. I cannot stand the look of him and knew he is evil ,right from the start of his leadership of the National. I thought what a total tosser. Disgusting piece of shit that he is. Think I have had my say about him.



  5. So to sum things up. It’s as many of us feared- Luxon’s woke knees are wobbly before he’s even sworn in as the PM of NZ. ACT need to lay down the kaupapa or sit on the cross benches with Winnie?

    So funny how Davis and co have just woken up to the ramifications of a STAUNCH(?) ACT/ Nat government. These guys truly are naïve to put a kind spin on things. Of course the latest poll probably cleared their heads and sinuses enabling them to realise they will never get as sweet a gig in the private sector.



  6. Willie Jackson is a Drongo and here to prove it is the man himself.

    “Labour’s Willie Jackson said ACT’s leader David Seymour was “going down the same way as Trump” by trying to overturn principles entrenched by New Zealand’s top legal experts and successive Labour and National prime ministers.”

    Now, I was under the strange impression that a majority of 75% of the Parliament were the only ones who could entrench any Legislation, not the odd gravy train riding, “Legal Experts” or just any “Labour or National Prime Minister”.

    But to ensure everyone knows Bill Jackson is dumber than my email address, he prattles on about the “Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi”.

    Well pray tell William, just exactly in words of one syllable (so I can understand them), just what are these “Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi” how many Principles are there and when and where were they signed off by the 500 Chiefs who put their moniker on that piece of Parchment paper called “The Treaty” along with Capt Bill Hobson?



  7. I have been thinking a bit more about this. I do not really trust Peters but Luxon is so bad and woke that if I was forced to vote National or NZF I would vote NZF without a nanosecond of thought.

    It is a pity Seymour has written off working with Peters because it would be great to see National sink and NZF & ACT combined getting more than NN’s team



  8. Be interesting what the tpu/curia poll says tonight, check out the full results at the bottom…

    Even newZeal party registered at 0.2%, dnz got 0.0%. Unless its a protest vote you dnz lot need to rethink your strategy esp if youre pissy at the nats, labour appear to be out of the race but it also seems as if luxon is trying to throw the election with his woke shit.
    You guys may hate seymour and winne but in all honesty if you want the brakes put on nats wokeness those are your only 2 serious options that will have some effect.



  9. Who will be the media person with the backbone to front Luxon with ” Would you consider a grand coalition with Labour? ”

    He would probably ask what a grand coalition was, he is that politically thick. Or maybe he will say I’ll have to make a call to Klaus and give you a reply later.



  10. Why are you surprised?
    Said all this months ago.
    You should listen to your betters.

    Act hasn’t moved off 12% apparently.
    Labour is and will crash. Winnie can’t, won’t work with anyone and anyone won’t work with him. He is destructive and if they do make a deal it simply wouldn’t last. That’s the history. no reason for that to change.
    Labour and the Nasts are two sides of the same coin. If they don’t have enough between then they will drag in the greens and form a govt.

    Don’t encourage the stinking bastards.

    You should know by now there is a better option and instead of prevaricating over these shit choices get behind us and toss these toss pots into the privy where they belong.



  11. A joy ride on the $NZ?

    While some may get their nose in the trough, will anything be sorted?
    Who will really even want to be in a coalition?

    Will a snap election happen before Christmas after this election or in the New Year?



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