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  1. I’m glad I’ve got a job. It doesn’t pay much
    but I have a sense of satisfaction when I finish
    Have a great day folks, and don’t let the wankers
    get you down. In fact if you see a lefty or woke twat
    today, laugh at them.



  2. Hosking nails it. He’s now the defacto opposition in this Socialist Nirvana…..

    “I sadly don’t need the work of Haines Attract to tell me the brain drain is on.

    Their latest study suggests that, with the travel bubble, everyone from nurses to construction workers to professionals in general, will be heading west.

    Australia’s gain will be our loss.

    The brain drain has always been an issue, of course.

    But with our border closed, our economy going backwards, a level of dangerous socialism becoming ever more evident, the temptation of a country run by realists will be ever more tempting.

    Sadly, it doesn’t get enough attention, but if you think the Finance Minister writing to Air New Zealand and saying what he did isn’t something to be alarmed about, or his letter to Adrian Orr forcing him to take housing into account isn’t interference in independence, then we need to bang that drum louder.

    The tax deductibility on property investors based on no consultation, the extension of the bright line test, having promised not to touch it. The banning of oil exploration, the banning of cattle exports by sea, the repealing of Māori ward referenda based on no consultation.

    There is a dangerous growing list of decisions that stifle the country.

    And that’s before we get to the sheer comical incompetence we see, tragically almost daily, around the so-called Covid response.

    The leaking MIQ, the leaking border, the procrastination around the bubble, the dishonesty around testing procedures and regimes.

    The punching down by the Prime Minister against defenceless people, whether they be KFC workers or security guards.
    in Botany Downs which was one of the places of interest that has caused Auckland’s fourth Covid-19 alert level 3 lockdown.

    The simple lies around being front of the queue for the vaccine, or the Machiavellian attempts at avoidance around accountability at the select committee last week as headed by Labour MP Liz Craig (who should be ashamed of herself), stalling so National’s Chris Bishop couldn’t get a question off.

    For more than a year, what has saved this Government is the belief that closing a border is a trick of astonishing proportions and the fact we are not all dead is a miracle.

    The reality is – and it’s now that the evidence is starting to present itself, the simple truth is laid bare – dumb luck and geography are your reasons and little more.

    But with the bubble, and the growing stories of the plight of others, comes a new reality for a growing number of us.

    Australia is a real temptation.

    A friend sent this text over the weekend; he has just started a new job there having moved from NZ.

    “Greetings from Oz. Just an update at a headline level.

    “You and Katie need to get on a plane across the Tasman, have been in Sydney this week, so damn refreshing being out of NZ. More positive conversations and perspectives.

    “I have come across five highly talented Kiwis who moved here for work. And a more positive outlook in the past few months. NZ’s loss, Australia’s gain. I really do worry for NZ …”

    He went on to tell me about one of his kids, who is heading offshore to university for similar reasons.

    Another friend of ours sent a photo of the new house they’d purchased last week; they are also in Sydney, having moved from NZ in March.

    They report the same attitude and refreshing approach from the locals.

    Mood is one thing but Australia, economically, is in better shape. While we ban things, Australia is expanding.

    Australia grew in the last quarter of last year according to the latest data released, by 3.1 per cent … we went backwards.

    Singapore grew as well, they’re opening for vaccinated travellers.

    China is growing, America is growing, hell even Britain grew in February and they made a hash of Covid before the vaccine turnaround.

    We are treading water at best, slowly sinking at worst. The direction is anyone’s guess, the plan is non-existent.

    There is a malaise, because we have a Government that infuriates those of us who want better, who are aspirational, who see what we have been but sadly what we have become.

    In a locked-down world, people were stuck. Increasingly they won’t be.

    Increasingly they will have choice, increasingly the talented and the gifted as they have always been able to, will compare, they will weigh up opportunities and prospects.

    Some of our friends already have. My fear is they’re at the head of what might become a frighteningly large queue.”



    • Don’t you think that’s their plan?
      If all these people leave, that reduces the demand on housing and suddenly you have prices dropping.
      The dumb arses will see this and say Cindy and fat boy have done it again, saved us from the rich pricks.



    • Im off to Brisbane in 3 weeks for a month.
      I’ll be looking around…. won’t be going to the Goldy though because my brother-in-law lives there, he’s a C U Next Tuesday. A real biggly one.



    • You have been able to go to Australia – some states, mainly NSW, for 6 months already.

      Those emigrating or those going for a few years hoping this Marxist Mob will blow over have been going since Oct 2020.

      It has been getting (back) into NZ that has been the issue with the Wellington mob blocking it along with wankers from Akl and Otago Unis.

      Those going for a ‘few years’ need to realise that the damage is wide and deep and Notional will not reverse anything.

      It is interesting to note a similar pattern to 1987/88.
      In 1987 people dopily voted in Liebour under Fat Guts Lange then the stock market crashed 2 months later.
      Many left NZ soon after then, when they released utopia was not being created.
      Crown removals had a good year or two.
      In fact there parallel is still strong in that it was the second term 87 to 90 where a huge amount of the Damage was done, driven by Merry Palmer.
      Flogging off state assets real cheap; a disastrous rehash of the pubic service to what we see manifesting today; messing up local Govt forever; Bill of rights; Amping up Maori sovereignty; laid the groundwork for RMA; set up the pathway for MMP and many other bad things.

      I suspect Angry Little_man may be an F grade version of Merry Palmer.

      The second term is where the damage is being done.



    • I am currently in a suburb of Perth working on some family affairs. I totally agree with what Mike says.
      This place is like paradise –very clean, clear blue skies, very modern, great roads , incredibly cheap high quality housing BUT the big thing is the people –positive, engaging, helpful, really tidy and well dressed. I said to the neighbours the other day if I was 20-25 years younger I would be here in a flash.
      There are plenty of Kiwis here including many young Maori people who obviously know an opportunity for them and their families when they see it.



  3. It’s all political with no support for the police to do their job

    19 Albuquerque officers resign from Emergency Response Team following protest

    Albuquerque Police Officers’ Association president Shaun Willoughby explains why several officers quit, noting that ‘morale is gone’ within the police department, officers don’t feel supported and ‘don’t trust their leaders.’



    • Posted late last night.

      This is how justice is perceived on the street!
      This is how it should be ruled on the streets.

      I went to the George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis to speak with protesters.
      2 mins 08 secs.

      Certainly some interesting facts, well different understanding is elicited from the person on the street.
      That philosophy seems representative and to be systemically deep through all parts of their government.

      So how far off in New Zealand are we off in going down this track.
      Already our academia, educational, judiciary, etc. have set us up for going this way also.
      New Zealand’s current government is putting the systemic systems in so many ways.

      It is a cult, as you will be more than dammed if found to be breathing contrary to its beliefs.



      • Sadly many Black Americans have been indoctrinated with lies being fed so they believe the cultural Marxism movement that they are victims by fact of race, and white supremacists are out to get them. Those interviewed above don’t appear to have the intellectual ability to think for themselves. Is it too late to turn the supertanker of socialism away from its set course?



    • The core problem for police in US is the lack of common sense and good judgement, the shooting of the black female just an example. Yes she did have a knife and was fighting with another female but the officer at that point was under no threat so good judgement would be to stand back draw your Taser, warn the knife wielder and use Taser if she does not comply. Shooting her 4 times indicates a lack of ability in using a firearm to disable a person at close quarters, perhaps the officer does not know how to operate a Taser and proficiency with a firearm at a level that hitting a barn door at 10 metres doubtful, otherwise his intention was to kill (Murder) and qualify as a cell mate for Chauvin.



  4. No wonder Trump wanted his space force.
    China can ‘grapple’ US satellites with robotic arm, commander says

    Space Command chief prepares for Day One of future warfare
    The robotic arm of the International Space Station: The U.S. military is concerned that a Chinese satellite with a similar arm may be used to grapple other satellites. (Photo courtesy of NASA)
    KEN MORIYASU, Nikkei Asia chief desk editorApril 21, 2021 04:08 JST

    NEW YORK — The U.S. military is concerned about China’s rapid development of space capabilities, especially a satellite equipped with a robotic arm that could approach an enemy satellite to disable it, U.S. Space Command commander Gen. James Dickinson told Congress Tuesday.

    “Beijing actively seeks space superiority through space and space attack systems,” Dickinson wrote in prepared remarks to the Senate Armed Services Committee. “One notable object is the Shijian-17, a Chinese satellite with a robotic arm.”

    China has said the Shijian-17, or SJ-17, is an experimental satellite used to run communication and broadcast services as well as observing space debris. However, some Western organizations, including the Washington-based think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies, have noted its “unusual behavior” while in orbit.


    China will stop at nothing and will leave the world with nothing.



    • I looked at a You Tube presentation on Rods from God, a US potential development of sending steel rods as weapons from space using their kinetic power instead of explosives. If successful they may be impossible to detect or intercept and a greater threat than Hypersonic Missiles.



    • Viking@0659

      Rule One of warfare (whether in space or on earth): NEVER tell your enemy your concerns!!

      Unfortunately the US Military / National Psyche have never understood this principle and effectively ‘blab’ to all and sundry their thoughts ( ‘In the name of ‘freedom’ of course)

      This is, of course nothing new, but it does US international standing no good at all, since US ‘allies’ can never, ever, be sure that their ‘secrets’ won’t be (deliberately) sent to whatever media source is favoured, to curry favour at home.

      Vietnam was one example of such a practice,, but there are many others…



    • ‘China will stop at nothing and will leave the world with nothing.’

      Yes, but Russia bad !!!

      Same old trope for 100+ years.

      I have reviewed and think a huge amount of the great hype about nuclear war and the fear that escalated in the 1983 to 1985 was well planned fear mongering just like we see with covid today.
      It was a psyop.

      Russia is a regional power.
      It just covers 11 time zones including being able to see into Sarah Palin’s backyard.
      I hope that is all they can see!
      So it is big and has lots of neighbours.
      So it protects its borders.
      Like Now.

      For 200 years Russia and (associates) have intervened and sorted out the the true bad bastards of Europe – the French and Germans – going back to Napoleon and the perennial battleground that the Frogs and Gerrys use- Belgium. .

      The hype over the years is misdirection.
      When you look at the 2020 USA election who really interfered, bigly?
      And yet these same people (the D,Rats) , using misdirection, went on about Russia interfering in the 2016 election for 4 looong years of whiny bitch lies.

      That is why people need to avoid the scabby retards of MSM.
      They end up with heads full of mush.

      China was humiliated in the 1800s esp by Britain.
      They think long term.
      This has been on the drawing board for generations.



  5. Why I no longer call Australia home

    The Lucky Country’s unbearable slide into paternalism
    Ian Lloyd Neubauer
    April 9, 2021 05:00 JST

    Ian Lloyd Neubauer is a freelance journalist based in Southeast Asia.

    One of Australia’s most senior law officers, New South Wales police commissioner Mick Fuller, proposed an app last month that would enable consenting couples to formally record their consent before engaging in sexual activity.

    “Just as we’ve had to check-in at the coffee shop to keep people safe [from COVID-19], is there a way consent can be confirmed or documented?” Fuller wrote in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, adding that the tool could help courts prosecute rising sexual assault allegations. “The app could be a terrible idea, but maybe in 10 years’ time, that will be seen as the normal.”

    While the idea was rejected by women’s rights groups who said the app could make it harder for women to prove rape, for me, it was yet another reminder of why I quit Australia years ago and happily remained abroad during the pandemic, even though I would probably be much safer back home.

    You can no longer get drunk in a pub in Australia. You cannot take your dog in the car without a special harness. You cannot ride a bicycle without a helmet or lights on — even during the day. Australian police rarely mete out the brute force common in other countries, but they have a far more insidious method of breaking the human spirit: crippling fines.

    A Sydney man was recently fined 114 Australian dollars ($87) for accidentally leaving a car window down past the regulated 20-mm threshold. In the state of Queensland, you can be fined AU$112 for leaving your car doors unlocked. Honking a car horn without a good reason — illegal use of a warning device — carries a fine of AU$298 in NSW.

    According to Wheels magazine, Australians pay a staggering AU$1 billion in speeding fines every year thanks to so many speed cameras hidden in the back of unmarked police vehicles, often strategically parked at the bottom of hills to catch drivers at the exact place they might pip the speed limit.

    Before escaping the so-called Lucky Country, I gave up driving altogether in order to avoid all these fines. But one day, riding my bicycle 200 meters to the corner store, I was stopped by a police officer and fined AU$330 for failing to secure the chin strap on my bicycle helmet. I was then fined another AU$106 for failing to carry identification.

    There is a joke about overregulation in Australia, that “One day, you’ll need a license to fart.” But after Commissioner Fuller proposed regulating sex, I believe it is only a matter of time before this loony idea and others like it, cut straight out of the Netflix social-media horror series Dark Mirror, are passed into law.

    Think I am being paranoid? Well, consider the way Australian authorities turned the screws on rebellious subjects during the pandemic.

    In December, nine people were fined AU$349 for using their cellphones while waiting in their cars in hourslong queues to get tested for COVID-19 at Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach. “I felt like [telling the police officer to go] get stuffed. I am trying to do the right thing,” a woman in the queue told The New Daily. Had she done so, she would have been fined an additional AU$660 or sentenced to up to six months in prison for breaking the state’s controversial offensive language laws.

    During Melbourne’s second lockdown last year, nearly 20,000 fines of up to AU$5,000 were issued for failure to wear masks in public, failing to self-isolate, and other health protocols. These included fines for 3,000 people who breached a dubious 9 p.m. curfew, and an Indigenous man who was crash-tackled by police for the purported crime of riding his bicycle to work half an hour after the curfew had ended at 5:30 a.m.
    Police officers in Melbourne, pictured in September 2020: nearly 20,000 fines of up to AU$5,000 were issued. © Getty Imageshttps://www.ft.com/__origami/service/image/v2/images/raw/https%253A%252F%252Fs3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com%252Fpsh-ex-ftnikkei-3937bb4%252Fimages%252F_aliases%252Farticleimage%252F2%252F9%252F3%252F8%252F33508392-3-eng-GB%252FCropped-1617885358G20210408%2520Police%2520Elizabeth%2520Street%2520Melbourne.jpg?source=nar-cms

    Freedom of speech even became a crime in Victoria, as evidenced by the case of a pregnant woman who was handcuffed in her home in front of her children and charged for incitement after she created an anti-lockdown protest event on Facebook.

    Another pregnant woman was given a move-on order by police when she tried to sit down on a park bench for a break, while the small number of people who actually attended protest rallies were met by Victorian police with the same kind of unrestrained violence we were used to seeing in Russia. “Rights should be upheld and reinforced during a pandemic, not abandoned,” said Elaine Person, Human Rights Watch’s Australian director.

    In the face of such paternalism, is it any wonder that every single time a new COVID lockdown is announced Down Under, panic-buyers strip supermarket shelves clean despite repeated pleas by politicians that there is absolutely no need to hoard food in a country that produces so much of it that three-quarters of it is shipped overseas?

    In one incident, two women got into a punch-up in a supermarket over a packet of toilet paper. When toilet-paper hoarding continued, supermarkets were forced to impose legislation of their own, limiting purchases to two packs per customer. The lesson to me is clear: treat people like petulant children and they will act that way the moment Big Brother turns his back.

    Australia might still be the luckiest country on Earth. But for myself and tens of thousands of expatriates who have flown the coop and chosen liberty over security, Australia is also the most overregulated — and least obliging — nation on Earth.



  6. How bad is this. Clack bunt headbutts and kills an old guy in a Wellington supermarket. Has been let out of prison after not even serving half of his pathetic sentence. What’s worse is that he was on supervision for previously stamping on a guys neck so hard he left an boot mark impression. The bunt should be necklaced with a dunlop radial.



  7. Is this coming next?
    CANBERRA (Reuters) — Australia on Monday designated a right-wing extremist group as a terrorist organization for the first time, a ruling that gives Canberra the power to imprison members of the neo-Nazi group.

    The classification of UK-based Sonnenkrieg Division — also known as SKD — follows a similar ruling made by Britain last year.

    “SKD adheres to an abhorrent, violent ideology that encourages lone-wolf terrorist actors who would seek to cause significant harm to our way of life and our country,” Peter Dutton, Australia’s Minister for Home Affairs said in an emailed statement.

    The head of Australia’s ASIO intelligence agency, Mike Burgess, said on Monday that SKD and other right-wing groups accounted for 40% of terror-related investigations carried out over the past 12 months.

    Australia, a staunch U.S. ally, is on heightened alert after a series of “lone wolf” attacks in recent years.

    In 2019, a teenage neo-Nazi who called for Britain’s Prince Harry a race traitor months after his marriage to U.S. actress Meghan Markle was jailed in Britain alongside another member of SKD for terrorism offences.

    Of course dutton missed the one he sent us. Oh that’s right he wasn’t a right wing player he was a lefty just like that arsehole Dutton.



    • They shouldnt be going down that track but since they are and no control of it then i hope they target nutters at both the extreme left and right wing, some of those nutcase extinction rebellion folk are ticking timebombs.

      Once the alt right are go e then the next scary thing will be libertarians, “you want freedom, Youre a terrorist!!!”



  8. A man is drinking in a bar when he notices a beautiful young lady.

    “Hello there and what is your name?”

    “Hello,” giggles the woman, “I’m Stacey. What’s yours?”

    “I’m Jim.”

    “Jim, do you want to come over to my house tonight?”

    “Sure!” replies Jim. “Let’s go!”

    At Stacey’s house, Jim notices a picture of a man on Stacey’s desk and asks,

    “Is this your brother?”

    “No, it isn’t, Jim!” Stacey giggles.

    “Is it your husband?” Stacey giggles even more, “No, silly!”

    “Then, it must be your boyfriend!” Stacey giggles even more while nibbling on Jim’s ear.

    She says, “No, silly!”

    “Then, who is it?”

    Stacey replies, “That’s me before my operation!”



    • Breathing creates co2, i suggest the green numbskulls lead by example and cease breathing immediately to save the planet from climate change… i wont hold my breath tho (pun intended)



      • IAASB@)923

        No, no, you’ve got it back to front; The GWEENS are the ones who want US to become extinct to protect their precious gaia. They are breathing to ‘Help’ the plants grow even better…//



    • They seem to ‘cooly’ get it, but do they really get why it has gone so far?

      Talk about “United by Love” and the effect of masking out white woman in Portland.
      Showing such wonderful clean up volunteers.
      Supporting the police., whilst getting mental health agencies.
      It would seem to be beyond that, and the police are in a no win situation.
      So they hope to weather through this with a few changes.

      Are they granting credibility to the protesters, but who along were cooly ok with and allowed this to be inculcated deeply, like allowing the boat to sail too close to the rocks like the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia that ran aground, capsized, or here in New Zealand, the Mikhail Lermontov,

      But it is deeply ingrained to be normal now, to come back to my above comment @ 7:25 am.

      Just which cult are they in?
      The appeasement cult? like “peace in our time” to cheers of grateful adulation.
      In a few years, had to fight, found the right leader, to unwind, where it cost “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat”.



  9. Dramatic Health changes are ‘bold’ and leave National in tricky spot says 1 News
    Political Reporter.
    Maliki Sherman forgets it is easy to make statements of what you are going to do with Health but a lot harder to carry them out.
    Labour is good at announcing what they want to do but their track record of implementing any policy in the last three and a half years has been pitiful and lacking the motivation to succeed, it has been all talk with no delivery .
    When the going gets tough labour loses its credibility as has happened in Housng, Tourism Immigration, Education,Transport and many other changes with promises they have made.



  10. Just a bit more on Acts Covid response document. How does their championing of free speech reconcile with their Covid plans of compulsory app use and vaccine passports? Discuss. I emailed my views but have not had a response, but that’s typical with politicians. I do realise that when looking for a party to support there may be a few issues that may not be to everyone’s liking, eg I did not support their stance on Euthanasia, but still felf the rest of the package made up for that especially the opposition to the gun laws and their stance on hate speech. But this may be a rat too far to swallow. Now I am not neurotic about downticks, but I noticed one yesterday on my post on this, but no comment to indicate why my comment was so unlikeable….. If you disagree so strongly that you downtick, at least engage in a debate ( civil or ottherwise, I don’t mind a scrap) so that divergent views, so critical to a working democracy may be aired, rather than Chippy Style “we tolerate no dissent” style Stalinism. And on that note Fuck You, Hipkins, just in case I forget to post a simar thought later….



    • …..”I emailed my views but have not had a response”…..

      Don’t hold your breath. I bitched, via email, when ACT advocated in their newsletter for “Compulsory COVID Tracer app use including Bluetooth functionality to improve contact tracing”

      Nine days later I received a form acknowledgement. Their “correspondence officers” are probably snowed under with complaints.



    • Im going along to david seymours freedom of speech tour, if hes open to questions i intend to ask him why the party of freedom is most stasi like and insist on so much govt tracking of citizens.

      I agree with act economically, freedom of speech and policy on beneficiaries but tgeir covid plan goes totally against what the supposedly stand for



  11. Former All Black Zac Guildford sentenced for ‘savage’ assault of woman

    The assault happened inside a car in the Napier suburb of Taradale on December 20, 2019, while Guildford was heavily intoxicated.

    Guildford was sitting in the backseat of the car and – without warning – punched the front-seated victim in the face.

    “This was a savage blow, delivered to an unsuspecting woman that caused significant injury,” Judge Spear said. “You could well have been charged with a more serious offence than this.”



  12. A friend up North e mails me this this morning which I think is worth sharing with you reprobates 🙂

    Comrade Jacinda is screwing up every single thing she touches. Housing first, now the Health Boards. How are a bunch of bureaucrats in Wellington going to keep a finger on the pulse of district hospitals? The present system is bad enough but what is coming will be worse. Doubtless a centralized system will be easier to tweek for the maori vote. Appointing bar code as foreign minister is crazy. What will a hundred million Japanese going to think when they see her face on the front page of their newspapers? Only gangsters have facial tattoos in Japan. What will that cost our tourist industry? She has botched the response to Covid19 putting the emphasis on vaccines which kill, sicken, disable and disrupt menstrual cycles rather than treatments which work. She meddled with the firearm licensing process which resulted in an Australian bypassing most of the process, getting a license and then shooting up a couple of mosques in Christchurch. Then she gives the police the power to persecute law abiding firearm owners here. And now the woman sides with China against Australia and much of the civilized world. We have crops of apples rotting on the ground because Pacific Islanders free of Covid19 are not permitted to come here and pick them. Is she actually trying to wreck this country? It certainly looks like it to me.



    • Ardern is our own resident communist who turns a blind eye to China’s atrocities and is screwing this country.

      She and her heavily tattooed mate are giving our 5 eyes allies the middle finger and this has gone down like a bucket of cold sick.

      I look forward to her being handed her arse…..



    • I am not assuming the barrier to Pacific Islanders coming here to pick fruit should have precluded a good majority of those on Job Seeker benefits from being given the simple message to lift their game and do the work as the benefit will cease forthwith if you do not. Malingerers, or failures to perform to standard, same message. If you wish to earn a place to live in the community, get picking.



    • The Japanese Foreign Ministry staff are sophisticated enough to have no problems with the NZ Foreign Minister’s facial tattoos. However, the average Japanese on the street who is not familiar with Maori tattoos will need to be educated in this recent political woke-ness (get a moko to show that you are “staunch”) or there will be misunderstanding.

      BTW, who authorizes female moko in New Zealand? I imagine that permission would have to be obtained to make the tattoo legitimate.



  13. Face mask news from Canada.
    Health Canada has issued a warning about blue and gray disposable face masks, which contain an asbestos-like substance associated with “early pulmonary toxicity.”
    (Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

    The SNN200642 masks, which are made in China and sold and distributed by a Quebec-based company called Métallifer, had been part of Canada’s public school reopening plan. Students were told that they needed to wear them in the classroom to prevent the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).
    Health Canada, however, discovered during a preliminary risk assessment that the masks contain microscopic graphene particles that, when inhaled, could cause severe lung damage.




    • It is just a short summation of what David Seymour says, e&oe as is my take of what is said.
      At 10:10 am. David Seymour comes on Magic Talk and this is the podcast.

      Starts at 1:11:05 on the podcast.
      First shows up there is no booking system for the vaccine by the government until July.
      The the vaccination rate seems to be a tad slow in roll out.

      from 1:14 : 00 wants the government to succeed to break out of lock downs & border closures etc.
      Noting the technology systems are not in place place or Doctor or Pharmacy centres able to vaccinate.

      1: 15: 00 the free speech tour, and the subjective test for “hate speech” the government intends to bring in.
      Much better to punch some one, than a ‘considered’ speech which could be deemed to be “hate” speech. Gaol time will be a lot less. 🙂
      A political judgement, not only police, but also human rights commission which is even more political, mediating and suggesting guidelines, and suggesting prosecutions.
      Still on Cabinet table, but we can still add pressure, as the government is polling, to decide how far they can go on this.

      1:21: 00 DHB topic. The point is being, do you even vote for a DHB nominee? or know their stand on things?
      Are the DHB practical? Merge DHB will it be all the problems centralized? Centralizing while creating and to spread out into Maoridom.

      Mandatory vaccines? Defends right of others requiring vaccines, as they may be a private shop, airline, as it is their private decision, and in whose private jurisdiction, respecting other peoples choices.
      [Not sure how he does not want the government involved, as department bureacracy will decide? ? like hospitals?]

      Testing caller:- about the effectiveness of vaccine , catching covid, then transmission.
      D,Seymour;- Vaccine works in percentages. [….hmm…]
      NZ has overwhelmingly chosen an “elimination stratgety”. and to maintain that.Then how to finish lock downs and open up the borders.

      1:35 : 35 Caller:- on Maori language. and the maorification.
      Private companies and free people are using the language, as they make the “free speech” “free choice” in a “free society”.
      Government departments, finds that people are opposed to the exclusion that governments do to others.
      It seems to be unfair and exclusive in how it is done.
      Sees this as more Collectivsm vs indivdualism.
      Professor Hugh Kawharu but sees property as being important.
      [I know nothing of this Professor Hugh Kawharu, but it seems to gain more background of David Seymour’s thinking you may need a bit of background on this in regards to the Treaty of Waitangi.]
      Court of Appeal, your rights are on which collective you are part of, which is more important than your individual rights.
      Peter Williams:- Passing laws in favour of one group and Labour were elected by a majority to that.

      Then goes on to about China, trade, and foreign affairs.

      This is so if you go to an ACT Meeting, then you can understand where they are coming from, and then can target your questions more effectively to where you disagree.
      In part of think ACT do want informed questions to test them, and to reflect if they are on the right track.



  14. Big load of quacking from the garden pond just now…

    We’ve had a resident male Mallard hanging about for the last few weeks and in the late afternoon his female mate flies in for a feed….but they both take off around dusk.

    Well, now we’re back on duckling watch… Mother duck has just brought over 8 ducklings (presumably from nearby paddock).

    If she’s the same Mother duck that we had here over spring and summer…this is her 3 rd clutch since the beginning of October and she’s hatched (at least) 25 eggs…and successfully raised the first 2 clutches – 6 & 11- to adult ducks.



  15. With the largest bank in Canada falling over does this announcement make anyone else nervous?

    Bank deposits up to $100,000 to be guaranteed by Government

    Cabinet has finalised new measures aimed at protecting New Zealanders’ interests in the banking and financial system.

    “While New Zealand’s financial system is sound and well positioned to withstand the stress posed by Covid-19, these reforms ensure the Reserve Bank is better equipped to protect and promote financial stability in the future.”

    Canada’s largest bank collapsed Friday after hours, dropping 64%



    • When i heard that on tve radio my alarm bells imediately started to ring.

      What robo just done is essentially given the banks and finance companies the green light to be reckless as 93% of deposit holders will be covered so i dosent matter if they go bust and tits up.
      Couple that with saggys post above and its a recipie for the disaster known as the great reset.

      When banks go bust itll likely be in a period of rapid inflation, your 100k will realisticly be worth fuck all.



      • “Worth fuck all” by the time over months, and more likely years trickle, drip feed the flow to you over decades, in the approved “hair cut” manner.

        Governments always benefit the most out of inflation as they have the most borrowed.

        Now they are setting up to tax inflation in your hands via versions and variants of capital gains tax and bright line tests.



  16. Courtesy of WTF#TurnArdern. Great F/BOOK page.

    The changing face of NZ — full speed ahead towards separatism and no democracy
    by Waikanae watchers
    Thanks to a reader. Roger Childs comments: “The sad reality is that the Mainstream Media will not tell the people the truth of what is happening. The newspapers are very much government papers as in authoritarian regimes around the world. Stuff is now the equivalent of Pravda of the Communist bloc.” We think the song at bottom is appropriate.
    Not in a ranked order, but those that have already happened or most likely, are listed first.
    • MATARIKI TO BE A PUBLIC HOLIDAY IN 2022 {a bribe to workers and a sop to Maori}
    • CO-GOVERNANCE OF D.O.C. {this is essentially in place now}
    • PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT FOR MAORI/PASIFIKA FOR SURGERY {already in place whether publically declared or not}
    • TE REO INSTRUCTION TO BE ESSENTIALLY COMPULSORY IN SCHOOLS {whether formally announced or not}*
    • ROAD SIGNS TO BE BILINGUAL {costly and just plain stupid} Which name goes first?
    • GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS TO BE MIXTURE OF MAORI and ENGLISH {not separate Te Reo/English versions}
    • ALL ENGLISH PLACE NAMES TO HAVE MAORI VERSION {but will Maori place names have an English translation?}
    • ‘HATE SPEECH’ LAWS (well under way and to include dissenting political views)
    • CO-GOVERNANCE (and/or OWNERSHIP) OF FRESH WATER (policies, departments & legislation being put in place)
    • RAHUI TO BE ENFORCEABLE ON NON-MAORI {power to impose Maori spiritual concepts onto everyone else}
    • MAORI CROWN RELATIONS, TE ARAWHITI, becomes MAORI-CROWN PARTNERSHIP {this name was stopped by Winston Peters}
    • REMOVE THE “EXCLUSIVE USE” SECTION IN THE M.A.C.A. (FORESHORE & SEABED LAW) {so as to enable most of the coast to be put under Maori control}
    • AOTEAROA TO BE OUR NEW COUNTRY NAME {Forced on the public, who are not going to be asked}
    • 4 YEAR TERM FOR CENTRAL AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT {4 years of a Labour-Greens–Maori Party Government? Great…}
    • 16 YEAR OLDS TO GET THE VOTE (so to benefit the Green and Maori Parties)
    • TE REO ABILITY TO BE COMPULSORY FOR GOVERNMENT JOBS {cultural training programs} *
    • MPs TO SWEAR PARLIAMENTARY OATH TO ‘HONOUR THE TREATY’ (not to accept the Queen as Sovereign)
    • TIKANGA AS LAW / BI-JURAL LAW IN N.Z. (Joe Williams, now a Supreme Court Judge, openly supports this)
    • DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE TO BE INCORPORATED CONSTITUTIONALLY (He Whakaputanga) {even though there was no congress, and it was made void by the Treaty of Waitangi.}
    • A NEW CONSTITUTION BASED ON THE RE-INVENTED TREATY OF WAITANGI {A fundamental change to Democracy. One person, one vote & Majority win to go}
    • ONCE ELECTED, COUNCILS AND GOVERNMENT BECOME DICTATORS {the public are only involved triennially}
    • WIDESPREAD PROPERTY OCCUPATIONS AS A TOOL TO EXTRACT CONCESSIONS {since the police don’t remove property occupiers now}



  17. Hmmm, not many people travelling these days. Is this a note to our minister of foreign concepts?

    United States upgrades advice for travel to New Zealand to ‘reconsider travel’.
    New Zealand was previously at level 1, meaning “exercise normal precautions”. However, as of Thursday, that has been upgraded to level 3 – “reconsider travel”.



  18. The Actual Number of Unarmed Black Men Shot and Killed By Police Every Year Will Blow Liberals’ Minds

    Most Americans are convinced there is an “epidemic” of police shooting unarmed black males in America. This widespread misperception is reinforced with misreportage, sensationalized reportage, missing context, and the lack of reporting on analogous cases.




  19. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was happening here.

    The Postal Service is running a ‘covert operations program’ that monitors Americans’ social media posts

    The law enforcement arm of the U.S. Postal Service has been quietly running a program that tracks and collects Americans’ social media posts, including those about planned protests, according to a document obtained by Yahoo News.
    The details of the surveillance effort, known as iCOP, or Internet Covert Operations Program, have not previously been made public. The work involves having analysts trawl through social media sites to look for what the document describes as “inflammatory” postings and then sharing that information across government agencies.




  20. Good News Sue Grey update:

    “Vax Challenge Update: Excellent news. The High Court has confirmed an urgent fixture at 10am Weds 12May at the High Court Wellington to consider the lawfulness of the Medsafe provisional consent and the vaccination rollout plan to everyone in NZ aged 16 and over.”



  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3u5cMqItvCc
    Jordan Peterson Reacts To Marvel’s Red Skull Comic

    JP takes the trolling of lefties parodying him as ‘Red Skull’ the evil nazi in Captain America and has fun with it making memes such as Red Skull lobsters.

    Ta-Nehisi Coates has featured the philosophy of someone suspiciously like Jordan Peterson in Marvel Comics’ new Captain America. Is Jordan Peterson actually a magic super-Nazi? What do Red Skull, 12 Rules For Life and Order & Chaos have in common?



  22. Lawsuit launched to get 501 deportees sent back to Australia from New Zealand

    The 501 deportees are meeting in Auckland on Thursday night to mount the challenge, with the advice of a legal team.

    Australian deportee Ace, 28, is being forced to start his life over again. He arrived from Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre just two weeks ago.

    But now thousands of deportees like Ace are pinning their hopes on a new legal challenge. With the help of advocates and legal experts, they’re fundraising to launch the class action lawsuit.

    Law experts involved say they’re looking at options in the Australian courts. Any case will focus on inhumane treatment in detention centres and illegal family separations.



  23. Millions paid to motel owners to house homeless

    National is accusing the Government of running a “get rich quick” scheme for motel owners after new figures showed 10 motels and housing providers were paid $75 million in just over four years.

    “It shouldn’t be a get rich quick scheme for motel owners.”

    The Anglesea Motel is one of the 10 accommodations featured and has been paid $11 million since 2017, $5 million of which came last year.



  24. Posted on a NZ blog.
    Please read the whole thing before you answer.

    Can you tell me if this sounds abusive? 😔

    My friend’s husband won’t let her visit any friends or family. He has made her stop all contact with them unless it’s on the phone or computer. He reads and censors her comments on social media.

    He makes her feel like she’s going crazy for thinking he’s controlling, and that she is being ungrateful. (After all, he’s only doing this because of how much he cares about her.)

    He doesn’t want her going to the gym anymore, so she doesn’t go. He also doesn’t let her go to work anymore (he told her to only rely on him for income and that he will take care of her).

    She’s not really allowed to go out anymore, unless it’s for necessities, and when she does, he makes sure to have people guilt trip her about it and shame her for it.

    He wants her to have this medical procedure done and tells her that if she does it, he will allow her more freedoms.

    He constantly says he’s only doing all of this because he cares… he is just doing it for her own good.

    Oh wait….did I say husband? I meant the government.

    My bad.

    You have been conditioned to be outraged if another person did this to their spouse, but be passive & compliant when it comes to our government.

    Please wake up!😔



  25. Covid 19 coronavirus: Restaurateurs based at MIQ hotel going to court after business ‘just died’

    Bo and Edward Viterbo say they were likely among the longest-serving restaurant owners in Auckland, having launched three successful Thai restaurants since 1988.

    Their 13-year reign running Grasshopper on the ground floor of the Stamford Plaza Hotel has now come to a bitter end after the hotel became an MIQ facility in July.




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